Workouts To Build Muscle

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The result: bigger, stronger muscles. According to Nick Tumminello, the owner of Performance University, the key is creating a training plan that provides stimulus to the muscles and elicits growth. That doesnat mean zero cardio, just a different kind. This phase includes a reduction in the amount of weight during training sessions.

workouts to build muscle

5 Strength Training Tips To Build Muscle Mass

In those 2.5 years, I added close to 100 pounds to my bench and overhead and doubled my squat and better still, I did it in just 4 to 6 hours in the gym each I was baffled by my results because I had thought, like most people, that heavy weightlifting is good for building strength but not as you can see, theres more to that is one of the most important training questions you can it right and you can build the body you want faster than you it wrong and youll get partway there, plateau, and tread really that this is also one of the most controversial training questions you can ask, are many theories and many opinions, but the progression of scientific and anecdotal evidence is pointing in a clear you want to maximize muscle growth, you want to train with heavy loads and a moderate is, you want to emphasize heavy weights (80%+ of 1RM) and you want to do a moderate number of reps per major muscle group each example, one well-designed study earlier this year separated 33 physically active, resistance-trained men into two groups did the same exercises (which included the bench back squat, deadlift, and seated shoulder and both were instructed to maintain their normal eating habits (which was monitored with food the 8 weeks of training, scientists found that the high-intensity group gained significantly more muscle and strength than the high-volume no surprise that the high-intensity group gained more strength, but many people wouldnt have expected them to gain more muscle as cite two main reasons for why the heavier training beat out the Higher amounts of mechanical stress imposed on the high-volume training, on the other hand, caused higher amounts of metabolic Greater activation of muscle this, in turn, results in a greater adaptation across a larger percentage of the muscle what can we learn from this study (and from others like is more important than maximizing cellular fatigue through high-rep sets, drop sets, giant sets, and so the study outlined above, subjects increased weight after hitting their prescribed reps for two key here was an emphasis on increasing weight on the bar, not on increasing the number of reps Leaner that isnt to say that higher rep training and isolation exercises have no place in a weightlifting just shouldnt be the can read more about this people think that frequency alone is the key to maximizing them, its black and white: if youre not training major muscle groups 2 to 3 times per week, youre not going to get very makes for good one-liners in YouTube videos, but misses the forest for the frequently you can and should train each muscle group depends on the intensity and volume of your individual are many viable ways to lay out workout programs, but theres also an overarching, non-negotiable rule that ultimately governs higher the volume and intensity of individual workouts, the less frequently you can do is, you can only do so much every week before running into issues related to sure, you can squat or bench three times per week..but you cant do 10 heavy sets per is why popular powerlifting programs look so austere compared to the nonsense you find in most bodybuilding brings us to the next well-designed workout program not only emphasizes heavy, compound weightlifting for each major muscle group; it puts you in a sweet spot in terms of total weekly volume as you reach that volume in terms of number of workoutsone, two, three, of secondary is that sweet spot, there arent any studies that give a definitive, one-size-fits-all answer as to how hard and how much you can train to maximize your results, and there many never volume is modified by intensity, as you know, but there are many other factors that come into play as well including diet, training experience, sleep hygiene, genetics, and said, there is enough clinical and anecdotal evidence available to derive some sensible first look at a large and extensive review of weightlifting studies conducted by scientists at Goteborg found that, when using weights in the 60 to 85% of 1RM range, optimal volume appears to be in the range of 30 to 60 reps per major muscle group per workout when 2 to 3 workouts were performed each a total weekly volume of somewhere between 60 and 180 reps per major muscle you can guess, the heavier the training, the fewer reps you can and should do every you were training exclusively in the 80 to 85% of 1RM range, like you do on my Bigger Leaner Stronger program, youd want to be around 60 to 80 total reps per major muscle group per you were doing a low-weight, high-volume type of program, however, youd want your weekly volume for each major muscle group to be closer to 180 if you were doing something in between, like with my Thinner Leaner Stronger program for women, your total weekly reps would be somewhere in between as findings also agree with another large review conducted by at Arizona State lighter weights are used, more sets per week is optimal. Use the same weight for all sets. I have a question about the 5 day routine. i make sure i go up in weight though every week. In the book, in the 5 day routine, you said that I have to do a couple of incline bench after the shoulder day.

what’s going on nation before we head to the gym and Tara biceps and triceps wanted to share with you my results and I’m gonna look into the phone while I film this because I noticed that if I don’t I tend to swing the phone all over the place so I know it’s weird but I’m looking at you looking at me looking at you so that’s how it’s gonna be so I just waived myself in I’m at 177 pounds I haven’t really been 177 pounds for a while and why the last time I was 177 pounds I was kind of fatty throughout my core I tend to hold my body fat first on the sides of my obliques right here and since I’ve been really dialing my medial plan of focusing on my cardio you guys can see now even when I flex I’m able to get nice and tight do a side pose everything’s getting nice and tight obliques it nice and shredded abs are looking good everything’s really starting to pull together and I feel like now especially because my meal plans been on point I’ve been really watching my carbs I’ve interpreted you know making sure I get all my protein every day I’ve been doing my cardio two to three times a week I’ve been consistently deadlifting two to three times a week focusing on deficits rack polls and traditional deadlifts you guys know I’m trying to increase my max to 550 this year all of these things together have just felt awesome so the best I’ve felt in a long time and I’m pretty pumped about it so I hope you guys have been training hard and if you have any questions about your routine obviously you can leave a comment a comments section below but now we’re gonna head over to the gym then we’re gonna train biceps and triceps we’re gonna start this workout out with a warm up doing a warm up dumbbell curl two sets of eight repetitions per side really simple here guys I am doing some supinating so I’m going to twist my palm in at the top of the movement focusing on that full range of motion just getting the muscles warmed up I’ve actually started my workouts recently wearing my sweat shirt and just getting my body to warm up especially with the being so cold up here on the East Coast and I’ve actually found that it gets means my workouts quicker I feel better I feel a little stronger usually if I go in and it’s kind of cold in the gym and it takes a lot longer for my body to warm up I feel like I don’t get the most out of my lifts so quick warm up if you get a sweatshirt and it’s cold keep it on it does help and just like I said do eight repetitions all the way up all the way down each side go up those biceps the first exercise you’re gonna do is a dumbbell bicep curl and you’re doing 4 sets of 10 repetitions and so obviously guys 10 reps per side or per arm as you can see I’m not doing any swinging whatsoever I’m relying solely on my own power in my arm to bring that dumbbell up and then I’m controlling it on the way down fully extending at the bottom of the movement you could you know it’s a full extension because if you do a full extension you’ll actually flex your tricep and you can see all that engagement you guys have to remember the reason why most people don’t do full extensions on bicep curls isn’t because it keeps tension in the muscle it’s because it’s easier I don’t understand why you want to go to the gym to make something easy the point is to get stronger overall in any range of motion that you don’t train in you will always be weak and so as you guys can see right here I actually got a bunch of reps with the 55 and then I dropped it down to 50 to finish off the set and there’s nothing wrong with doing that I want you guys to push yourselves maybe if I had a spotter they could have helped me get those last few reps to 55 but unfortunately when you’re filming a set and your spotter has the camera you know you don’t exactly have that luxury which can be a problem a lot of time so bad you can see getting nice and vascular all the way up all the way down really flexing and squeezing you’ll notice sometimes I do lean back a little bit that’s actually a way you can kind of self spot as you’re doing the exercise just make sure you’re always controlling that negative on the way down moving on I’m going to be doing single arm preacher curls four sets ten reps per side this is actually an exercise that I haven’t tossed into a bicep workout in a long time and it felt really good I feel like this exercise because your arm is isolated like this you really have to focus on squeezing as hard as you can to get that full extension and bring the weight all the way up and all the way down with each repetition now obviously guys once again I’m fully extending on this exercise it’s kind of funny because I see a lot of people do this movement and they barely do any range of motion whatsoever the hardest part of this exercise is that last like inch or inch and a half at the bottom of the movement where you kind of disengage and have to re engage your bicep it takes so much more power you have to activate so much more muscle fiber to really push through that sticking point that I don’t understand why you would want to skip out on that because you got to make a lot more games when you’re doing full range of motion and as you can see you know how you stand in position is really important here as well you want to make sure the seat is at the right height so that you can stick your armpit right into the top of that pad and also you don’t want to be hunched over you don’t want to have your shoulders rolled over while doing this exercise even if you’re doing it with a straight bar you always want to make sure your shoulder blades are back and you have a nice solid stance the more solid your stance is the more you can keep your core nice and tight and keep everything upper body nice and tight the more you can focus on generating as much power as possible into that single arm with every single rep quick no see you guys if you’ve single arm preacher curl looks like this the only going about here and then going all the way up anybody can do this this required much effort you’re not lifting 60 pounds not really doing anything to do full range of motion the next exercise is the reverse barbell curl again four sets ten repetitions and remember you only taking about a 60 second break in between all the sets and all the exercises 60 seconds nation that’s one minute and it’s a lot short of a rest period if you really pay attention to the clock the whole point of this workout is to work on volume and so you can add more volume into your workout a few different ways two of which those ways are being done here more sets with you know a medium amount of reps so 10 repetitions and then also by shortening the rest period by only having a one minute rest period there’s not much time between sets so it’s like you’re actually adding more volume to the workout because the muscles are fatigued throughout the entire set especially after you finish the first exercise now as you guys can see here I wasn’t able to get all 10 repetitions and so all you gotta do is put the weight down lower the weight a little bit pick it back up and then finish the reps and I actually ended up doing 12 repetitions here because when I dropped the ten pounds off each side it actually got a little too light so what happens is instead of ruining those repetitions if it happens to be a little bit too light when you do your drop really focus on squeezing the bar as far as you can focus on squeezing your bicep as hard as you can and maybe even slow the tempo on the way up and on the way down try to go a little slower and make sure you push through those sticking points I was fried 11 I don’t like anything on an odd number the last exercise is more of a finisher movement for the biceps the dumbbell drag curl you’re doing four sets of twelve repetitions again a 60 second break in between each set at this point in the workout you’re gonna be pretty pumped from doing all those other exercises so your range of motion might vary depending on how bulky of a frame you have for me if I didn’t have a pump I could probably get the dumbbells up a little higher a little closer to my shoulders but as you can see I’m struggling really hard here trying to get the dumbbells as close to my armpits as possible and that’s what we’re going for the whole point of this is to get that pump beat that nice squeeze and give those biceps that final attack that they need in order to break down as much muscle tissue as possible so that they grow now moving on the triceps guys close grip bench press four sets ten reps per set now you get to notice a few things here when I do my close to a bench press number one my hands aren’t super close together that’s not proper form proper form on this exercise is you want to put your hands close enough together so that you can keep your arms by your side on the way up and on the way down you’ll also notice that I’m benching between what’s the bottom of my chest and my belly button you have to imagine if you were to do a dip the position your arms would be in it’s the same position that you want to have your arms when doing the close grip bench press obviously your palms are facing down instead of in but it’s the same thing guys squeeze out all those reps the next exercise with my favorite tricep exercise is the standing dumbbell overhead extension for sets ten repetitions on this exercise make sure you really focus on keeping your core nice and tight and flex your glutes as hard as you can that’s gonna help you be more stable as you’re standing up make sure you bring the weight all the way down and fully extend the top of each movement and what I like to try to do too is keep my wrists straight as I get towards the top of the movement as well next exercise v bar pushed down four sets ten repetitions by this point in the workout you guys should be feeling super fatigue you’ve done a lot of volume but that’s what we’re going for I want you guys to be sore tomorrow with this exercise it’s really important to try to keep your shoulder blades back and as you can see I’m pretty tired right here and I’m starting to roll my shoulders forward a little bit as I do the extensions I’m trying to reset myself as much as possible but when you only have two reps left you just get a push through and fight it and then adjust your form on the next set last exercise just like biceps we’re doing more of a finisher for the triceps so tricep kickback four sets fifteen reps per side the goal here is to keep your elbow as high as you can as you do the kickback you want to basically hit that 90 degree angle when you’re in a down position and have it so that your arm is parallel to the floor when fully extended now I’ve actually found that it’s more enjoyable for me to do this exercise when I can actually wrap my hand that I’m posting with around a bar so I’m sure why do you guys do this exercise on a bench and you have your hand kind of flat and one knee up I like doing I’m standing for whatever reason I feel a lot more stable and I can control the weight better and then if I wasn’t as fatigued as I am now I could go even a little heavier with that dumbbell but remember the goal here is to work with proper form hit as much volume as possible and really focus on those negatives as well to break down that muscle fiber and grow three more sets of that and complete your bicep and tricep workout hope you guys enjoyed the routine as always be sure to LIKE and subscribe for more great tips exercise routines and meal plans be sure to join us of muscular strength calm what’s your maximum output.

in this video I’m going to show you how you can train you full upper body with this full push up upper body workout hey everybody how you all doing now a few weeks ago uploaded a video where I talked about the only five push ups you’ll ever need to do and someone asked can I actually turn that into a workout an answer is yes it can actually be a very effective upper body workout I’m going to show you how to do this with just four variations of those push ups that I showed you in that video so we’re going to start with a nice wide arm pushup okay get yourself in proper position and I would do a nice two second down to second up ratio here as far as your rep so one two one two then we move it into a normal push up okay once again one two one two then you bring it in to a diamond push up once again one two one two and then we bring up the legs and we do a Pike press and then you will go back to the wide arm push up and in just those four moves you train your shoulders your chest and your triceps and I would simply say try and do as many rounds off all four of those push ups in five minutes and that will be a killer full upper body workout now if you want to take it a step further that will really complete this as an upper body workout to bring in also those lats and your back I would just bring in some dumbbells okay and when you are finished with the diamond push up okay I’ll move on to my dumbbells and I’ll just do nice renegade rows put those back come here and then do a normal bike press and then continue then you’ve got a 100% complete upper body workout so there you go guys very simple but very effective as always if you like this video click on the like button subscribe if you want to see more videos like this and if you have any comments or questions put it in the comments box below thank you very much for watching I’ll see you next one bye bye you.

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