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So, selecting the best protein source for muscle building is likely to become more important as we get older and struggle to meet protein targets. So these findings from controlled laboratory studies actually suggest that animal proteins are better for muscle building than plant proteins. In general, animal proteins have a higher proportion (9%-13%) of leucine than plant proteins (6%-8%). Plus, animal-based proteins usually contain all nine essential amino acids whereas most plant-based proteins are missing one or more of these amino acids.

what the best protein to build muscle

Proof That Whey Protein Really Is The Best For Building Muscle

all protein is created equal, says a new you scoop protein powder into your morning or post-workout smoothie, you’re probably aware that there are many different kinds available, in terms of both flavors and ingredients. They also did a comprehensive review of past studies to see how different types of protein affected lean muscle mass. The study ranked soy, pea, and rice protein after whey (in that order), with rice protein being significantly lower-ranked in “quality.” In other words, out of all the amino acids, it makes the most impact on your muscles’ ability to actually use the protein you’re ingesting. They can still benefit from eating higher-quality proteins and improve their lean muscle mass, although those who lift weights do see much better and faster results. At the moment, more is needed to evaluate how other amino acids affect resistance training. But for now, Phillips recommends choosing a protein powder that is high in leucine (like whey) in order to see maximum benefits from your sweat 2017, Corporation.

Lastly, its okay as a taste. Hydrolysate is really fast absorbing so if you have a thorough session or youre doing two sessions in a day, it can be absorbed really quickly into the muscles. Hay suggests having a shake after the gym and at one other time during the day such as just before bed. They’ve clearly put a lot of effort into their produce, and the Diet Protein is no different; it’s a protein shake for those trying to lose weight.

What The Best Protein To Build Muscle

So yes, you do need to eat more protein when you’re working than a person who does not work out at all. 8 grams of protein per pound of body weight, according to sports dietitian Nancy Clark, which means a 180-pound lifter should aim for 126 to 144 grams of protein a day. A milk-based protein powder typically contains casein or whey — or a mix of the two — and provides all the essential amino acids you need for muscle building. This review study, which looked at nine earlier clinical studies, concluded that whey protein — either by itself or mixed with other ingredients — was better at muscle building than other protein supplements. Like whey, pea protein contains a high amount of the amino acids necessary for building muscle. To get the gains you want, NASM recommends you get 6 grams of essential amino acids, which translates into about 18 grams of whey protein, plus 35 grams of carbs immediately following your workout. Even those with very high protein needs, such as elite athletes, can get what they need eating a balanced diet filled with healthy sources of protein such as yogurt, milk, chicken, eggs, lean red meat, fish, beans and tofu.

But some supplements are being sold illegally and can be very harmful. Despite being illegal to sell, there is evidence that these are still available to buy online, mainly from suppliers based outside the UK. Although protein shakes are convenient, not all of them are suitable to be used as a meal replacement, because they don’t have all the vitamins and nutrients that a balanced meal would contain. The Department of Health advises adults to avoid consuming more than twice the recommended daily intake of protein (55. They are attractive because they are based on the male hormone testosterone and can therefore improve endurance and performance, and stimulate muscle growth.

Which is the best protein for me?. I workout a lot and Im not sure what protein powder is best for me..? You can go with any of the products I recommend here on the important, however, is going to be eating a lot of food and training your muscles. making sure I understand, whey protein or greek yogurt would be preferable to rice protein before would say Greek yogurt whey C Whey Soy Protein For Muscle Building Whey Protein F Whey The Best Protein For Muscle Building Whey Protein C Best Whey How Important Is Protein For Building Muscle Whey Protein B What Is Whats The Best Whey Protein Whey Protein C Best Whey Best Sources Of Protein For Building Muscle Whey Protein A Best Whey Best Vegan Protein Powder For Men Whey Protein E Whey The Best Protein For Muscle Building Whey Protein C What Is The Best Tasting Protein Powder Whey Protein A Best Whey Protein Powder For Muscle Gain Whey Protein Best Protein Powder For Muscle Whey Protein G Best Protein Shakes For Muscle Building Whey Protein D Benefits Of What Is The Best Whey Protein For Women Whey Protein D Whey Best Protein For Muscle Building Whey Protein A The What Is The Best Whey Protein Powder Whey Protein B Best Protein Powder For Muscle Mass Whey Protein Best Whey Protein For Building Muscle Whey Protein F What Is The Best Protein Shake Whey Protein A Whey Best Protein Powder For Women To Build Lean Muscle Whey Protein F What Is The Best Whey Isolate Whey Protein F Best What Is The Best Tasting Whey Protein Powder Whey Protein A Best Whey The Best Protein For Building Muscle Whey Protein F Whey How Much Protein For Muscle Building Whey Protein E What Is The Best Protein Powder Whey Protein E Best Whey Best Protein For Building Muscle Whey Protein D Best Protein Supplements For Lean Muscle Whey Protein D Muscle Muscle Milk Whey Protein Powder Whey Protein B Best Protein Supplements Whey Protein What Is The Best Brain Power Supplement Brain Mike. Well, Im 16. As long as youre able to eat the protein you need daily with food, youre good you might be interested in this.

hey guys welcome back my child this is ritual busy thank you for stopping by so today I want to do a very quick hopefully quick as you all know my spell that’s a little bit difficult but we’re going to give it our best shot I want to talk about a comment that I got on my channel when my previous videos here so what this was is someone commented saying that you know like a man like you know you did your whole full day of eating but in that video I didn’t talk about what I ate the entire day I also talked about pretty much every single piece of food or any anything at all that went in my mouth including supplementation now the individual comments is saying that um you know like hey man like you know this is great now but it’s kind of problematic because you know there are a lot of people who may not have access to these supplements maybe they’re in a different country where they don’t see if they don’t have access to these things maybe you know they can’t afford it and price wise we’re trying to you know I want boost myself up or anything but you know on these Fitness channels also times individuals are watching because they want to eventually perhaps look like that individual or look something like that individual that are taking advice for fat loss muscle gain so the problem is you know if I want to look like you or you know anybody in the fitness industry because you know there’s cuz it’s way better than my butt’s you know if I’m trying to look like you and you’re doing things which I physically can’t do for eating food chances are I can probably eat the same food right milk is milk rice is rice chicken is chicken if you’re training chances are as long as I have access to a gym I could do the same things as you it gets a little sketch when it comes to things like supplementation because it is not Universal in all countries and you know prices at all these different things so there are two problems with this way of thinking right away so number one is the notion that my physique in any way shape or form even like 1% is directly correlated to something with use and let me stop you guys right there any of you guys you know think that way how do I put this nicely that’s bullshit guys I’ve been trained for like you know 10 to 11 years and I can also say beyond a shadow of a doubt that’s you know all those supplements help from a convenience standpoint they make this whole journey a little bit easier especially from the nutritional side they do not provide on a physiological a biochemical level they do not provide anything that you could not otherwise get you know from a basic die pretty much you know they’re just easier ways of getting things you can naturally get from the grocery store in some ways it a little bit easier a little bit quicker a little bit more convenient and you know in many cases they are in fact less expensive but nothing in my body 100% is attributable directly to supplementation anybody on the face of the earth as long as I have access to a basic grocery store and a basic gym could be right i think build a physique maybe not exactly I find because of the own kinetic differences but you know relatively similar guys in my opinion nutrition is the most important thing you can do whether it be building muscle losing body fat recomposition you know doing both simultaneously whatever it is you may do nutrition is in my opinion 50 60 % of the equation after that you know coming in a close second is training which is obviously very important but you have like you know you all of your other stuff sleep hydration recovery genetics is this thing that overlooks everything let’s be honest and then finally at the very end like less than 1% in significance like a tiny tiny fraction is supplementation and if any of you guys get a different idea based on my videos and whatever jack I apologize that is not the case do I use them absolutely do i you know recommend them to my clients or you know people watch my channel you can afford it and you want the convenience factor 100% yes but are they necessary no that’s why they’re called supplements they’re not called requirements and so I thought I would talk about this video and you go over every supplement that I use why I use it which ones are you know very helpful and which ones let’s be honest are what 100 percent option all right guys before I begin also for full disclosure purposes I do want to mention that I actually sponsored by a supplement company I am with my protein but throughout the course of the video we’re going to be talking about supplements not specifically which company to go with now do I like my protein yes do I recommend them absolutely and you know do I recommend you use my discount code down in link below otherwise known as big 24 the Canadian and USA websites and the ten for their UK website yeah I do but you know you can go and use anything Yelp any supplement company you want we’re talking about general supplements here a lot of the stuff is actually based on just you know the molecular structure we’re talking about an item here not a specific product you know there’s certain supplements out there which you know it’s like you know if you use our patented special formula now creatine is a very basic you know compound it’s like I forget a much good formula but it’s like see carbon hydrogen something something I’ll put it up here once I can yell google it but at the end of the day as long as you get you know something basic like creatine monohydrate doesn’t matter you know which company you get her from which is why I like my protein because if it’s all you know relatively the same then just go with the cheapest which my protein seems to be that’s why I used to buy their stuff before I went with them before the new boy wasn’t before they sponsored me because you know I was a broke you know student coming out of college so I’m not going to spend a lot of money on you know stuff like this number one a creatine guys we’re going to do this video in order of decreasing significance which means that you know but gonna start off with stuff that I do recommend if you are going to do supplements again entirely optional if you have like you know enough money put one or two supplements to stuff in the beginning this video such as creatine this is a stuff that I recommend buying it as we go you know further down the video we’re going to get to stuff which is more and more optional and the final few somethings we’re going to talk about are not only optional but for a lot of individuals you know based on their specific circumstances may be completely useless alright creatine I’ve talked about this in my video before creatine 101 it is a helpful supplement it is the one supplement which you know it may be difficult to get from you know nutrition right protein you can just go eat food right at BCAAs like protein again you can just go eat food creatine is actually naturally found in certain meats for example fish beef chicken but sometimes it’s a little bit hard to get the adequate amount of creatine you would need for example if you were to consume creatine is supplement you need about 3 grams per day a standard scoop of female creatine is usually about by the gram so you’re getting more than enough and um it’s kind of difficult to get this throughout you know a natural diet you have to eat a lot of like chicken fish and beef and this is especially difficult for people like you know women who may not eat as much meat or vegans or vegetarians you know it becomes a little problematic or just no general individual’s cuisine is a scientifically 100 percent proven supplement is one of the rare supplements out there which has like a lot of 100% consistent science behind it it helps with endurance a little bit you know you’re training together egg wraps start preaching supplementation and maybe on the same week you might be able to get like 9 10 reps in you know a few weeks has a little bit of lean body mass gain but that’s not through muscle gain that is through simply water retention creatine retains water in your muscles so don’t worry I can give order and y’all can get fat and then I take a scoop of this everyday doesn’t matter when you take it you know it’s not a pre workout supplement has to saturate your muscles which actually takes weeks and then once you do you just keep up the saturation sorry keep up the concentration and that should be done you know a scoop with your protein shake two birds with one stone a scoop before bed scoop at night I don’t care when you take it but it does help next up protein this is probably the you know the the thing that I do take the most creatine I get like an order and I’ll have it for like you know like a bag will last me like four or five six months this stuff I do get on a relatively regular basis because you know depending on what time of the year I may be taking as much as one to two scoops every single day so you can take you know whatever kind you want in a way testing soy rice pea protein is especially popular amongst vegans or people who may have issues with their skin you know like a dairy based supplements for example whey and casein might cause some people to break out so you know the vegans or the people with no skin issues maybe they want to stay away from dairy or lactose based protein supplement this one is 100% convenience and cost based it’s convenient because you know some of us don’t want to sit there eat chicken breast right if you actually look at like two scoops of this stuff mix it with water you can down it in like five seconds versus chicken breast you have to sit there and eat like like like two medium size converse to get like 50 or 60 grams of protein is just a hassle sometimes you want something on the go sometimes you want it a shake you want to cook with it which is awesome for casein protein and also cost base if you actually look at a protein grams per dollar basis there’s no food on the entire base the earth which is cheaper than basic protein supplements what kind doesn’t matters protein supplements in general that is why I recommend them purely for price and convenience standpoint okay next up pre workout now if your workouts are a tricky one because they’re you know theoretically there are optional you know you can go to the gym you do not need to things like wake you up and pump you up but not all of us are you know blessed with having the ability to work out you know when we’re perfect on you know full sleep in the middle of the day lots of times you know there are individuals who sleep like five six you know hours a night and then they have to go to work out there and then it’s like 6 p.m. and then you know they may not feel as up and ready to go as they want so if you work out supplement can definitely help you know give you in that mentality whether it be through energy or just you know that like a concentrated tunnel vision that sometimes you get one a pre workout supplement yeah that’s why now what I have been doing you know someone recently actually is instead of getting the pre made pre workout supplements which are fine and they were but some of them work very well I know my protein does have one in the UK it’s called my pre I’ve never tried it because they don’t have it at the USA website which is where I actually get my stuff from that’s what I’ve been doing which is a nice cheap alternative especially for you guys out there rolling but cost conscientious is actually making my own pre workout supplement so I just take water and then I put some like mio flavoring in there just to make it like taste nice and pretty and then I take some of the main ingredients which I find you know I get out of actual pee workout supplement guys you have to understand that sound these things like you could be rated by the raw ingredients independently you know individually put it together and it may cost a lot less for example beta alanine one of the ingredients I use I got like month’s supply of this before like eight bucks you don’t have to get you know the pre made thing all the times they just take all these amazing ingredients put them together and then charge you like twice as much as it originally cost because they give it a pretty like package and you know pretty colors you don’t need that that’s another reason why I like my protein because it’s so plain right here’s like a bag right you just take it you use it I don’t want to pay like three four five dollars extra for some pretty colouring and packaging I really don’t care this stuff I’m just like you know downing before I go to the gym I don’t need to look that pre then I take a caffeine pill now you can take a coffee you can take our community if you workout supplement which will have usually about 200 milligrams of caffeine in it well like I said you can take a caffeine pill it’s all the same thing I just like combine them together another supplement which I have been interested in purchasing is a citrulline malate this is one that was kind of controversial in the past but recently it has been you know recommended by a lot of you know top individuals in the industry such as I believe it was Eric Helms I have tried it a couple times and like I do get a little bit of a more like a pump feeling than you know had I not taken it so I definitely want to start including that in my pre workout step for the future but again you workouts entirely optional do I recommend them probably yeah if I were to have three supplements which I recommend to all individuals optional supplements creatine protein supplements and a little bit more optional but still why not you know why not have a great workout pre workout either way guys thank you so much for watching I appreciate each and every one of you I apologize if this video I’m very long I think it’s too long folks not long but I’m I just want so you know show you guys that supplements can they help sure don’t recommend a couple of them absolutely but none no supplement on the face of the earth will give you something that you know you cannot already do you know essentially growing biochemically from just regular food exercise and at the end of the day it’s like less than 1% of the equation any of you guys out there who think that I can achieve so and souls physique because he uses the stuff that I can’t have access to I’ll be honest that’s just a fucking excuse you. .

so you want to find the right natural supplements that help you build muscle faster but you find yourself stuck and confused because of the absurd amount of supplements and supplement companies out there to choose from between muscle tech optimum nutrition gas fari MHP new tricks and the list can go on and on and this is without mentioning the fact that each one of these companies also have a bunch of different forms of protein different forms of creatine and a whole ton of additional supplements that you can choose from and it makes it really confusing now out on top of that the fact that you have supplement advertisers with some of the biggest pockets in the fitness industry if you know what I mean blasting you with ads telling you that you need certain supplements you also have some fitness experts and fitness gurus that are sponsored and they depend on that money so they have to push their supplements this leads to many people especially young guys buying a whole bunch of different supplements that they do not need but regardless they wind up easily spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars just to have expensive piss not kidding trust me I know about this because I’ve been there I used to have a whole dresser with every supplement from A to Z now I want to share with you guys exactly what I learned and exactly what natural supplements you actually need that will have minimal side effects and maximum gains before I start I just want to say I do not have any kind of spot sponsorship whatsoever not supplement wise or anything I don’t need it because I own a couple of gems so I’m able to come here on and speak very freely about which supplements you should actually take part of that freedom allows me to tell you right off the bat that building muscle is way more dependent on your nutrition what you eat and how much of it you eat is so much more important than the supplements you take supplements will give you a boost of maybe they might they might make up for 5% of your results that’s it 5% could be all you need to take it to the next level so supplements have their use but you will never take it to the next level with supplements alone ok so now that you know the truth about supplements the first one that you wanna get is protein powder when you do intense bodybuilding workouts in which you’re trying purposely to break down your muscles you’re going to need around one gram of protein per pound of body weight now anything more than that has been shown in studies to not make any kind of real difference and in fact a lot of studies show that you could drop even a little bit lower like down to three quarters of a gram of protein per pound of body weight and you’ll still be fine taking protein powder is not just gonna build muscle all by itself magically I know that might seem obvious to some of you but trust me I work with a lot of people so I have to clarify it’s not just gonna build muscle just by taking it the protein shakes are just there to help you meet your protein requirements for the day keep in mind the protein that you get from real food is a lot more beneficial for building muscle so the majority of your protein should be coming from real food I definitely don’t recommend that you take more than two protein shakes a day max as far as the protein shakes you can choose from so many different ones and I don’t want to confuse you so I’m just going to keep this super simple if you’re looking for a protein powder to take after your workout you want to go with a whey protein isolate if you want a protein as more of a meal replacement you want to go for the casein because it’s a lot slower digesting sometimes taking up to 46 hours to digest so the protein will release slower more like real food as far as hard gainers you don’t need them please don’t waste your money on the hard gainers on the mass gainers all of that is just taking protein powder and combining it with very cheap carb sources usually sugar I would recommend just trying to eat more instead but if you want to make your own hard gainer mass gainer shake you can combine your own ingredients you can start with your protein powder in a blender and then add a cup of oatmeal three to four pulled soft boiled eggs a tablespoon of regular sugar for flavor and a tablespoon of coconut oil and then add some high calorie cashew milk or almond milk or even whole milk if you’re not lactose intolerant it’ll be a lot cheaper and a lot more effective than the hard gainer shake you buy at the store the protein powder that’s rated number one again again is Optima nutritions whey protein powder but most respectable brands will make a protein powder that will work just fine next we got creatine creatine is going to help you enhance your performance during your workouts it’ll also fill your muscles up with some water so it will make you look a little bigger give you a little better pumps something that most people won’t tell you about creatine is that some studies have claimed that creatine can potentially cause male pattern baldness that’s pretty serious now I don’t really take creatine regularly and I never really have what I mean is that I’ll take it for like four to six weeks where I’m trying to work on a particular area of improvement whether it’s aesthetics or building strength or muscle and then I go off of it sometimes for a whole year I have friends that have been taking creatine without cycling at all for a long time but they still have a full head of hair so it’s not conclusive that creatine causes male pattern baldness but it’s just something that you should definitely be aware of and if male pattern baldness runs in your family maybe skip out on the creatine but if it doesn’t you can pretty much get any brand of creatine monohydrate and that’s all you need creatine monohydrate is the one that has been most studied and all these new creatine’s that keep getting released then like this is why creatine hasn’t worked all those creatine’s don’t have years of proven performance boosting research speaking of performance boosting let’s talk about testosterone supplements a lot of guys trying to build muscle get into that don’t do it it’s a complete waste of your money and your time testosterone supplements do not increase your testosterone enough to cause any kind of significant noticeable effect just expensive pee branch chain amino acids Ribisi double aids will help you decrease soreness and sometimes even help you recover faster but they’re not necessary when you’re trying to build muscle as long as you’re in a calorie surplus which again you should be if you’re seriously trying to build muscle right you’re going to get so much protein from all the food that you’re eating and you’re probably getting all the B C double a’s that you need from the protein shake that you take alone actually glutamine for that same reason is another one that’s really not necessary when you’re in a we surplus when you’re bulking the next natural supplement that you should get is beta alanine or regular baking soda believe it or not they both have a similar effect when taken before your workout beta alanine is going to give you a lot more pins and needles that kind of feeling but they both help reduce lactic acid buildup which allows you to squeeze a couple more reps out and fatigue a little later in your workout keep in mind taking too much baking soda will lead to digestion side effects especially when starting out someone starting out should just name for 200 milligrams per kilogram of body weight you can work your way all the way up to 500 milligrams over time all the things you can have pre workout our coffee B complex vitamins or you can even have a premade pre workout just make sure that it contains a short list of natural ingredients like the ones that I just talked about and most people work outs don’t they’re full of chemicals and all types of garbage as always I want to mention that with pre workouts I believe that they’re more effective when you don’t take them all the time have a supplement company take you to tell you that if you take them all the time your body will develop a tolerance to it just like with drugs so let’s review when trying to build muscle you can benefit from protein powder creatine as long as you don’t have a history of male pattern baldness or if you want to take the risk beta alanine baking soda a stimulant like coffee and a b complex vitamin that is all you need to give you that 5% edge I promise you everything else you’re just going to lead to expensive piss at best the supplements that you want to avoid when trying to build muscle are testosterone boosters mass gainers and as far as branching amino acids and glutamine are concerned they’re just straight up not necessary when you’re bulking they’re good for cutting we offer basic supplements at my gym and right now we’re in the process of adding these basic supplements to the online store on gravity transformation calm I made this video to help you guys out for real I’m not trying to sell you guys supplements but if you’re buying your protein powder or creatine from a major supplement company that uses the majority of that money to advertise bs supplements that you don’t need right back to you and instead you want to support this channel with actually gives you the truth you’ll be able to get just as high of a quality of protein powder and creatine and even BC doublea’s when you actually need them for when you cut you’ll be able to get them from my online store without being charged an arm and a leg when those supplements are available you can get them from me by visiting a link that will be available in the description below but I’m cool with whatever you want to do even if you don’t want to take supplements all the more power to you in either case I really hope this video has helped you guys out and has helped you guys save some money if you enjoyed this video make sure you subscribe to this channel and click that Bell icon to be notified when I release new tips and tricks just like this I’ll see you guys soon.

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