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Check out my probably heard that big muscles require a big probably also heard that bulking is unnecessary and even counter-productive because of excessive fat there is truth in both of these you follow a bodybuilding bulking program, you will probably gain a lot more fat than said, if you want to maximize muscle growth, you need to eat a rather large amount of food (which requires a robust reason for this is growth is strongly affected by how much food you just protein (which matters too, of course)..but food bottom line is if you dont eat enough calories every day, youre going to always struggle with gaining the idea that you have to eat big to get big has been kicking around the bodybuilding space for isnt generally known, though, is how this works physiologically (and how to do it without piling on body reason caloric intake affects muscle growth has to do with something known as energy balance is the relationship between how much energy you feed your body every day and how much it quantities are measured in you feed your body less energy than it burns, youve created a negative energy balance or calorie is necessary for losing fat but comes with several is, when in a calorie deficit, your body cant build muscle tissue as efficiently as when youre not in a further decreases protein synthesis and increases protein degradation youre in a calorie deficit, you can expect a reduction in strength, muscle endurance, and overall energy in turn, impairs progression in your workouts, which impairs muscle do these three things tell us about diet and muscle gain, you want to build muscle effectively, you need to make sure youre not in a calorie you want to do the feed your body slightly more energy than its is known as placing it in a positive energy balance or calorie ensures your body can build muscle unhindered and results in fat gain as well (as a portion of the energy surplus is stored as body worth noting that some peoplenewbies, mainlycan build muscle and lose fat at the same time, but theyre a small minority. You want to gain thats why you want to maintain a slight calorie surplus when allows you to build muscle efficiently without gaining large amounts of I recommend that you maintain a 5 to 10% calorie surplus when is, eat around 105 to 110% of your total daily energy expenditure (and balance your macros properly) and youll be in the sweet spot for gaining lean know you have to right when youre gaining 0.5 to 1 pound per week (and about half that for in terms of the ratio muscle to fat gain, 1:1 seems to be pretty standard (for every 1 pound of muscle gain, 1 pound of fat is gained youre gaining more fat than muscle, youre probably eating more than you should (whether you realize it or not). And if youre gaining more muscle than fat, you probably have good this workout and flexible dieting program to lose up to 10 pounds of fat and build muscle in just 30 days..without starving yourself or living in the people will follow my advice above and still fail to gain gain strength but the scale just wont assuming theyre following an effective workout program and recovering adequately from their training, the solution is peoples bodies just have faster metabolisms and much higher caloric needs than learn this by trial and heres how you do it Keep your protein at 1 gram per pound of body no need to eat more than Increase your daily calorie intake by 100 to 150 calories by increasing carbohydrate is, add 25 to 35 grams of carbs to your daily If, after 7 to 10 days, your weight is still the same, repeat daily carb intake repeatedly until youre gaining weight at the desired If youre eating upward of 3 grams of carb per pound of body weight and still arent gaining weight, start increasing protein and/or fat a point where eating more carbs becomes unfeasible (and potentially people like to start with increasing protein intake before fat, but this too can become too burdensome once you reach an intake of about 1.5 grams per pound of body really that now know how to determine how much you need to eat to gain are thats not why you came to this probably here because you physically struggle to eat enough in this section of the Im going to share with you 5 simple tips for comfortably eating more said, realize that when you keep your body in a calorie surplus, its natural to feel like youre when youre overeating, its also natural to find less desire for and delight in see, your body doesnt want to gain or lose weight. It wants to balance energy intake and output to remain the same, and it has various physiological levers it can pull to accomplish is why people that maintain a weight by eating intuitively (eating when theyre hungry and until theyre satisfied) often have trouble gaining (and holding onto) just not used to overriding their well-functioning appetite and eating according to a plan as opposed to a just know that this is something youre going to have to battle following suggestions will help you win that more meals every day doesnt help you burn more fat, but it can help tremendously with eating more people I speak with that have trouble eating enough food eat just 2 to 3 larger meals per also skip an easy way to increase their food intake is to have them eat a larger number of (smaller) meals every example, some people find that eating five 500-calorie meals per day (2,500 calories) is more enjoyable than three 700-calorie meals (2,100 also often add snacks in between larger meals and a pre-sleep meal as some cases, people have started waking up earlier to eat a pre-breakfast meal and thus get in more food by the end of the of the most common mistakes I see hardgainers make is eating too many low-calorie especially low-calorie foods that are also very filling, like fruits and vegetables that contain a large amount of fiber (apples, beans, raspberries, split peas, bananas, you certainly should eat a few servings of fruits and vegetables per day, but the more you eat beyond that, the harder its going to be to gain of the reasons for this is satiety (fullness) is affected more by volume than example, in a study conducted by scientists at Pennsylvania State University, found that adding air to a milkshake to make it appear double the size (without changing its calories) reduced food intake at a subsequent meal by 12% and lowered reports of shows that even the perception of food volume affects study conducted by at the University of Bristol found that the more fruit subjects believed was in a smoothie, the fuller it made them is why many fruits and vegetables are often touted as great weight loss dont have any special inherent fat-burning properties, but they do provide a lot of volume for very little calories, which keeps you full and makes you less likely to obviously a boon when youre cutting but a barricade when youre should also talk about whole vs. refined probably heard that highly processed carbs like white bread, white rice, and white pasta should be avoided by all people under all circumstances because they make you is individual foods cant make you fat. I eat the same thing every day. Some faster weight gain at the beginning is normal due to water and glycogen, but you want to keep the weight gain within 1/2-1 pound a week other than Im okay with doing some cardio while bulking, but you want to keep it to 1-1.5 hours a week. I cant be losing muscle and gaining fat, Im not eating too much that Im gaining fat, I just dont get it.

what foods to eat to build muscle

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hey what’s going on guys troy here with weightgainnetwork.com i’m really excited to share with you guys five more foods it’ll help you guys build muscle increased strength and really pack on more lean muscle mass over the summer months these are actually five foods that I’ve been recently incorporating into my diet I’ve had some tremendous results I brought a lot of research on all five of these and they all serve a unique purpose when it comes to increasing strength building lean muscle mass and helping guys get ripped for the summer so let me get right into the list number one is Sam and now salmon is such a great protein source but it’s also really high in omega 3 fatty acids specifically you got your EPA and you got your DHA so omega fatty acids have been linked to higher testosterone production you’re just overall going to increase your health help you guys become overall freakin man children you guys will be healthier you guys will have protein in your system you got your fatty acids you’re really killing two birds with one stone because regardless of what your goals are you want to have a mega fatty acids and protein in your system and wild caught salmon accomplishes both you want to stay away from the farm raised salmon if you can get your hands on it go for wild caught salmon or if you don’t mind spending a few more dollars go for sockeye salmon really high in omega fatty acids next up we have Brazil nuts now Brazil nuts have actually been linked to higher testosterone levels they are absolutely loaded with monounsaturated fats and the micronutrients selenium now it’s been shown that diets high in selenium and zinc and magnesium this is you know linked to high testosterone levels so just a few presume of today and you will have your daily value of all the selenium you need help you guys get ripped from the summertime next up we have wheat germ now wheat germ is absolutely loaded with so many muscle building nutrients it has it has potassium it has zinc it has magnesium it has Argan on it has branched chain amino acids one cup of wheat germ has about 200 calories 13 grams of protein and I believe like 30 to 35 grams of slow digesting carbohydrates so it is a perfect pre workout carbohydrate source is basically going to you know your muscle glycogen give you that slow converting energy to get you ready for your workout it’s got some natural organized got some natural branched chain amino acids wheat germ is the perfect perfect pre workout carbohydrate I hardly know any guys to consume wheat sure you can even coat your chicken or your fish with wheat germ if you want to you know double up on your protein throw in those slow digesting carbs makes a really good coating if you still like fried chicken if you want a really healthy form of fried chicken just try coating a chicken breast with like some olive oil and wheat germ and you have a really healthy piece of chicken with slow digesting carbs healthy fats and protein next up is perfect for the summertime and it might surprise a lot of you guys why this fruit be on the list as far as you know food to gain way to build muscle but watermelon is actually a perfect post workout carbohydrate source along with your protein shake and I’ll explain why so I just read this really interesting article from bodybuilding. com by Jim Stefani and he was saying that watermelon is actually one of the highest glycemic fruits in the world so remember post workout we want to spike that insulin move we want to get that insulin spike you want that carbohydrate to be a nutrient activator along with our protein so instead of using dextrose powder you can drink your way isolate or whey concentrate protein shake and have about a half cup of watermelon so that’ll give you your high glycemic carbohydrate and watermelon is also really high in sit your line and set your line converts to argan on in your body which increases blood flow increases your nitric oxide levels so this is going to increase blood flow in your body it’s going to increase your human growth hormone levels and this is the perfect thing to do when you’re trying to increase strength build muscle and burn fat so we want our human growth hormone levels and our nitric oxide levels to be as high as possible we want to increase our blood flow so watermelon post workout is a perfect carbohydrate source that you just left alright last but not least we have broccoli now you know everyone always says eat your vegetables you never really you just saw those for your overall health but it actually can help you build muscle and increase your testosterone which you know is one of the most important anabolic hormones so I was reading in the article on bodybuilding. com by Jim Stefani that broccoli actually has anti estrogen properties meaning that a lot of times when you don’t diet that’s killing a lot of free radicals you’re not eating a lot of you know vegetables and dark leafy greens and natural antioxidants a lot of your excess testosterone can actually be converted into estrogen which is the female hormone which is going to be at fat storage hormone so this is the worst thing that you want when you guys are trying to get big you guys are trying to get ripped so by eating broccoli you’re basically you know it’s an anti estrogen forming food so you’re going to be increasing your testosterone which is going to be huge for you guys for increasing the lean muscle mass and getting really big for the summertime anyways guys those are five foods you can implement into your diet right away I also have a little bit of different purpose you know we got our omega fatty acids we got our protein we have our anti estrogen foods so these are all five really important foods that’ll help you guys build muscle in different ways I highly suggest you incorporate all five into your diet and lifestyle right away you guys are looking for more great tips on how to bulk up and gain lean muscle mass check out weight gain method comm C there guys are you still too skinny go to weight gain method comm and get access to a complete step by step plan for gaining weight and building muscle fast. .

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