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what food builds muscle

91 Muscle Building Foods

Apples are a healthy snack for muscle building. This muscle building food provides a great carbohydrate, which is slow burning. Beef is a perfect food for building muscle. Milk is is nutrient dense, full of protein and contains essential amino acids.

But Its not good enough to simply train hard and smart; you must also back your training with a wise nutritional plan. The human body operates much like any high-performance machine it requires quality fuel sources to perform at its peak and rebuild itself. Even just 4 ounces of chicken breast or turkey breast, which is about the size of a fist, packs more than 20 grams of protein to fuel the muscle building process and has less than 3 grams of fat. These are outstanding sources of essential fatty acids, protein, and micro-nutrients like vitamin E, making them a great option when trying to build muscle.

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All natural always works working out to burn some fat but this working out will not burn some fat unless I help my routines with these foods. Does anyone know if soy protein is “bad” for fat burning/ muscle building? im a guy who weights 136kg and im about 50/50 i have muscles and i have fat i wonder what a tip might be for a diet in my case i go to the gym almost everday but most of the time its homework gettin in the do you burn off stomach fat to show off your is the best way for someone who is really overweight to get in shape?and the person has asthma and have a hard time breathing when doing aerobics and a hard time picking the right weight training and cardio all starts with walking! I want to lose weight, and I have been losing weight, but I want to know if I can take Isolate Whey Protein for my muscles, since I want to see results fast, but at the same time I dont want to gain fat. 3) Eat plenty of green food and reduce grains.

what’s happened in total fitness bodybuilders it is your muscle building coach Lee Hayward back again with another instructional video now today we are going to cover following a bodybuilding diet on a budget and I don’t think anyone’s going to argue with me that bodybuilding nutrition is the most expensive aspect of following a bodybuilding program I mean yeah buying your gym membership can be expensive initially especially if you buy like a year in advance or something like that setting up a home gym yeah that’s going to be expensive initially but it’s kind of like a one time thing but when it comes to food this is something you got to buy day in day out week in week out any month after month it’s just going to keep adding up and before you know it this is the most expensive aspect of following a bodybuilding program so what we’re going to cover here is some strategies on how you can be a smarter shopper make better food choices and actually follow a bodybuilding nutrition plan without breaking the bank account and I think this will be a valuable video for pretty much anybody watching it so what I’m going to do now is take you on a little virtual shopping trip to Costco and this is just happens to be where I like to get a lot of my groceries because you can buy a lot of the bodybuilding staples in bulk and it works out cheaper than a lot of the local grocery stores and stuff like that but not always you have to be smart when shopping at these big bulk stores like Costco or Sam’s Club or or whatever you have in your area you have to be careful because sometimes and they may have a big you know both pack of something and you think you’re getting a great deal but when you actually break out the calculator which I recommend you to break out the calculator and crunch the numbers on a per serving or proportions amount and sometimes you can get ahead cheaper at the local grocery store the you can at Costco or sometimes you get ahead cheaper at the dollar store then you can at Costco and I’ll cover that in our video sometimes where you want to be extra cautious when shopping but yet nonetheless we’re going to jump in now and do a virtual grocery shopping trip and cover some of the bodybuilding staples that you can be including in your own nutrition program now when it comes to bodybuilding nutrition one of the staple foods is chicken good old chicken and when it comes to buying chicken breasts generally speaking frozen is going to work out cheaper than fresh now the downside to buying frozen chicken is a lot of times it’s has preservatives added fresh is very often better in terms of quality but again you’re going to pay for that so if you’re on a budget frozen chicken breasts can be an option to go with and I know in my early days of bodybuilding I ate my fair share of frozen chicken breasts now another one that you may want to look into that’s a little bit cheaper than fresh chicken breast is to go with fresh chicken thighs chicken thighs they have a little bit more fat because it’s a dark meat but they very often work out significantly cheaper than chicken breast so it’s something you might want to look into either frozen chicken breasts or fresh chicken thighs it could be a way to save some money when buying chicken and continuing on with the whole fresh versus frozen debate when it comes to vegetables fresh is generally better but it’s going to be more expensive and of course you can’t really stock up on fresh vegetables you can’t buy them in bulk because they’re going to go bad but when it comes to frozen vegetables you can buy them in bulk and actually take advantage of some savings so when it comes to buying your veggies generally speaking you’re going to come out ahead and save some money by buying these big large bags of both frozen vegetables so we’ve got our chicken we’ve got our veggies and we’re going to serve that over a bed of rice and when it comes to buying rice you can’t beat these big jumbo boxes of rice that you can get at Costco and right here we’ve got a three kilogram box which is six point six pounds of rice for $7.99 and that is a lot of rice I mean you can make a lot of healthy bodybuilding meals with chicken veggies and rice and it’s not that expensive when you buy them in bulk like this now when it comes to buying rice sometimes you can get this at the grocery store even cheaper than you can at Costco I mean I’ve seen like as big as 50 pound bags of rice at the grocery store so it’s something that you want to look into and check out I mean break out the calculator and actually calculate out how much it’s costing you on a per pound basis and see if it’s cheaper to buy it at Costco or the grocery store whatever but again the good thing about rice you can stock up on it buy it as cheap as you can and you’ve got a staple source of carbohydrates for your bodybuilding nutrition program now when it comes to cheap sources of protein you can’t go wrong with canned tuna fish I mean I know it’s probably not the tastiest food but it is high in protein it’s low in fat it’s quick to whip up and prepare so again it’s a staple in a lot of bodybuilding nutrition programs now when it comes to buying tuna you can get this cheaper at the grocery store especially if you’re buying their own brand and you can also get this pretty darn cheap at the dollar store and from my personal experience I found that the grocery store brand and the dollar store tuna actually works out cheaper than buying it at Costco another great bodybuilding food that a lot of people probably don’t consider a bodybuilding food is beans I mean beans are cheap they’re high in complex carbohydrates it’s a decent source of protein and they are low in fat especially if you buy beans without a lot of extra junk added into them I mean I know you can get some beans with pork and fat added in but if you just buy plain beans and canned beans like this it’s actually a nice addition to a bodybuilding diet and it’s one that you can pick up pretty cheap again check at the grocery stores checkout the dollar stores because very often you can pick up the canned stuff like this cheaper then you will at Costco and another great source of carbohydrates that is very inexpensive is oatmeal and Costco has this Quaker Oats 5 kilo box for $7. 99 and that’s a lotto meal you can get a lot of breakfasts for not a lot of money but again I’m going to encourage you to check out your local grocery store because very often the store will have their own brand of oatmeal which is just as good as what mr. Quaker puts out and very often it can actually work out cheaper on a per serving basis so when you’re shopping I mean hey take your calculator with you or break out your smartphone and use the calculator app and actually figure out what’s the best deal when buying your foods and another great bodybuilding food is pancakes I mean I know a lot of people probably don’t consider pancakes of bodybuilding food but if you’re following a mass building or a bulk up program I mean this can be a cheap source of carbohydrates and it can just break up the monotony of eating the same stuff over and over again and when you actually look at the nutritional information I mean it’s high in complex carbs it’s low in fat so it makes a decent source of carbohydrates when following a mass building bodybuilding diet plan and to go along with those pancakes you can wolf down a protein shake so I mean hey pancakes and a protein shake or a bowl of oatmeal at a protein shake I mean that would make a very good bodybuilding breakfast high in protein high in complex carbs and when it comes to buying protein you can get some good deals at places like Costco I mean granted they don’t have a lot of selection when it comes to supplements but generally speaking what they do have will actually be cheaper on a gram for gram basis than what you’ll find in the supplement stores so again if you’re on a tight budget you know you can look into buying your protein powder at places like Costco another popular food among bodybuilders is peanut butter especially natural peanut butter because it’s a very concentrated source of calories when you’re getting some healthy fat you’re getting some protein in there but the main thing is again a concentrated source of calories so if you’re on a mass building program you can consume some peanut butter to help bump up your caloric intake without adding a lot of food volume now when it comes to buying peanut butter the natural one is going to be a bit more expensive than the regular peanut butter so it kind of depends on where you are I mean if you’re on a really tight budget hey go with the regular peanut butter I mean in this case Costco has got a two kilogram jar for less than six bucks I mean that’s 4. 4 pounds of peanut butter which is a lot of calories for less than six bucks so if you’re on a really tight budget go with the regular stuff but I would recommend spending the little tiny bit of extra money and getting yourself the natural peanut butter because it’s just got less additives and junk that your body really doesn’t need moving on in our grocery shopping egg whites Costco has the best deal on egg whites of any store in the local area around here anyway and so I always like to stock up on my egg whites at Costco and of course same applies for whole eggs as well generally speaking what I’ll do is I’ll mix up a combination of whole eggs and egg whites so again both of these you can’t go wrong when it comes to following a bodybuilding program there are cheap sources of high quality protein the same applies for dairy products like cottage cheese and Greek yogurt I like to buy this at Costco as well now here in Canada cottage cheese and Greek yogurt I guess just dairy in general is really expensive I’ve always noticed when I’ve traveled to the United States how cheep eggs and dairy products are but here in Canada they can be very expensive so that’s why I like to shop at Costco and buy these things in bulk to save some money in the process now we’re getting into the meat and potatoes of our shopping and when it comes to buying meat I recommend buying ground beef if you’re on a budget when you work out the price on a pound for pound basis generally speaking ground beef is less than half the price of buying the same amount of meat in the form of steaks or roasts so again if you’re trying to stretch your grocery dollar buy ground beef it’s the best value for your money and when it comes to potatoes hey you can’t go wrong there that’s another great source of cheap carbohydrates right here Costco has got 10 pound bags of potatoes for 550 and you know what you can probably even shop around and probably get better deals on potatoes at your local grocery store or farmers market or places like that but again you can’t go wrong when it comes to buying potatoes great source of complex curbs and it’s not that expensive so there you go hopefully enjoyed this video and picked up a few shopping tips that will help you save some money when you’re following a bodybuilding nutrition program and if you have any questions comments or feedback please feel free to post those in the comment section below and I’ll chat with you down there take care over and out and one more thing before you go make sure to subscribe to the total fitness bodybuilding channel and while you’re at it you can even like me on Facebook follow me on Twitter heck you can even join the total fitness bodybuilding inner circle coaching club and you know what I even have a free gift for you you can download a copy of my bodybuilding nutrition made simple e. Book the link is right there in the middle of the screen so go ahead click on those icons and I look forward to chatting with you in the next video you. .

time of year I get a lot of people asking what foods are best for bulking up because a lot of teens are trying to pack on some mass for football in the fall. So lets cover some excellent foods for bulking up, this is my top 10 list:

mass gain shakes
peanut butter
whole milk
fried chicken
trail mix
thick steak

Got questions? Ask me on on the AskScooby.

alright guys in this video we’re going to cover the nutrition portion of the truck of the strength training program now nutrition is one of the most critical elements to any training program but it’s also the thing that is easiest to screw up most people will tell you oh I followed the training program to a key but I really wasn’t so clear up nutrition so I didn’t follow that but I still got Eastern resorts well don’t get decent results get amazing results and that’s simply by following their nutrition foot but I’m going to break that down for you I’ve got my nine tump nutrition rules that help you gain more strength in muscle mass then I’m going to give you a macro blueprint to teach you how to get in another 15 carbs fat calories in your day and last I’m going to teach you how to optimize your nutrition around the most critical time window of the day that’s before and after you train and show you how to manipulate that based on what time of day you actually train let’s take a look at my 9 nutrition rules for building more muscle strength rule number one is to eat plenty of protein protein builds muscle and strength guys my recommendation of 1.5 grams per pound of body weight is ideal for maximizing gains and strength muscle mass my second rule is to eat frequently around every two to three hours you need to be consuming a high protein meal to maximize your gains and strength and muscle mass rule number three is to eat ample fat that is critical for your gains and muscle mass strength I recommend getting point 5 grams per pound of body my fourth rule is to manipulate carbs I recommend starting somewhere around 1. 5 to 2 grams per pound of body weight and then manipulating that based on whether you need to gain more mass adding carbs or lose more body of dropping covers I’ll cover that in more detail later on in this video rule number 5 is to consider your calorie intake now if you follow my macronutrient breakdown your calories will fall in place but calorie wise you want to be consuming enough if you really want to maximize your strengthening this is we’re adding more carbs is going to come in handy more carbs means more calories this will be discussed in more detail later on in this video rule number 6 is to use a protein powder blend you want to maximize your gains in strength and muscle mass and the only way to do that is to make sure you’re consuming a protein powder that not only provides way but also casein and ideally egg protein my rule number seven is to make sure you consume fast digesting carbs after every workout it’s the only way to properly recover and drive more of that carnitine and creatine into your muscle cells that’s going to help with strength gains and maximize your gains of muscle mass rule number eight is to always consume before and after every workout branched chain amino acids beta alanine betaine and creative these four nutrients are the most critical to consume around your workouts as they’re going to lead to the best recovery and that’s going to enhance your results now I realize that that’s a long laundry list of supplements to buy and consume but don’t worry you can get them all in one product and that’s pre gym the nice thing about pre gym is you know precisely what you’re getting every one of those ingredients is in there with the proper dose and it’s all listed on the label because it’s a non proprietary pre workout and last but not least is my rule number nine and that’s the final works best for you look I’m giving you all the information that you need to really maximize your results on this program but you might have a different schedule you might be allergic to milk proteins you might need to make adjustments to this program don’t overthink it use my advice as your foundation but then manipulate it to make it work best for your schedule in your body all right now I realize that a lot of information on nutrition but don’t worry I have the full details on my nine nutrition rules including the science that supports it in the article below now let’s pull up my shortcut the strength macro blueprint now as far as strength gains go all three macronutrients are critical but the ranked in the following order protein is first followed by fat then carbohydrates protein is by far the most critical macronutrient you need to be consuming 1. 5 grams of protein per pound of body weight that’s going to maximize your gains and strength and muscle mass next you want to focus on your fat intake that is absolutely critical to your gains you need to be getting point 5 grams of fat per pound of body weight now let’s discuss carbohydrates now you should start this diet somewhere around 1.
5 to 2 grams of carbs per pound of body weight it’s a good starting point to base how many carbohydrates you need based on the results that you’re getting from the program if you need to build more mass and strength simply add more carbs to that starting point if you tend to be a little carb sensitive you don’t want to avoid fat gain then you can do the opposite and actually lower your carbs as you go through the program as well the choice is yours based on the results that you’re getting and the results that you want to see all right now that you have an understanding of the macronutrient breakdown let me pull up the pre and post workout nutrient timing protocol now as far as nutrient timing goes there’s no more critical time of day than what you consume before and after you train it makes all the difference on the workout that you get and the results you get from that workout now my pre workout nutrition protocol is broken down into two phases you’re going to be consuming nutrients around 30 to 45 minutes before you train and then you’re going to be consuming different nutrients around 10 to 15 minutes before your trip now in that thirty to forty five minute window before you workout you want to be getting nutrients that are going to maximize your energy levels your pride your focus and your strength during the workout these come in the form of branched chain amino acids creatine beta alanine betaine tyrosine caffeine alpha GPC huperzine an acetyl cysteine taurine and bio pairing which is going to enhance the uptake of all those nutrients for max results now the second phase which is closer to the workout anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes you’re going to be focusing on getting your protein shake and a slow digesting carb preferably a fruit like apples and I also have you taking your vitamins three now there’s a reason for this vitamin D is absolutely critical for muscle mass and strength gains timing really isn’t critical would work out it’s just that this is when you’re going to be consuming your protein blend which also has calcium calcium uptake and utilization is enhanced by vitamin d3 so take your d3 with your protein shake now one question I get about the protein before workouts is why not whole foods like a chicken breast or eggs or a steak versus a protein blend protein shake it comes down really to timing and protein source the protein source that I recommend getting before every workout is whey casein and head those are the three most anabolic proteins that you can consume so stick with a protein blend like my project now when the workouts over you want to consume a protein shake fast digesting carbs and your post workout nutrients a.s. a. p I’m a firm believer in getting in your nutrients after you workout as soon as possible to maximize recovery maximize your results and strength and muscle mass gains do you want to be shooting for somewhere around forty to fifty grams of protein total after the workouts over the source is going to be the blend again that I talked about why is a blend so important after your workout it comes down to recovery and results when you consume a protein blend that has whey casein which is slow digesting your way is super fast you’re piecing super slow what happens is the way boosts your protein synthesis immediately after the workout but the casein maintains that protein synthesis for longer now this is the time you also want to be consuming certain nutrients this is going to come in the form of creatine branched chain amino acids betaine beta alanine glutamine carnitine taurine and bio pairing to enhance the uptake of all those nutrients now you don’t have to buy all these 9 ingredients separately because I provide them all in post chip each and greenie is listed clearly on the label in the proper dose right there it’s a non proprietary post workout blend and last but not least you want to consume around 30 grams of fast digesting carbs like dextrose so when the fastest sugars you can consume why is speed so important as far as carbohydrate and then workout is over it all has to do with recovery and insulin when you consume fast digesting carbs like dextrose it spikes in four modes now insulin is a hormone that goes to the muscle cells and helps to drive more creative and more carnitine as well as other amino acids into the muscle cell you get better recovery plus you burned up a lot of glycogen during the workout you need to replenish that muscle glycogen and that muscle glycogen gets replenished in the form of glucose and that’s basically what dextrose is it’s glucose blood sugar that’s what your body needs to recover that’s what’s going to enhance your strength gains and you’re dating SMS now because nutrient timing results is so critical to the results that you can expect to get for my shortcut the strength program I’ve designed for nutrient protocols based on when you train whether you train the morning could you train at lunchtime whether you train after work or school but before dinner or whether you’re training night after noon and you can find those for sample nutrition programs and the article below this video now I just want to make a note on the differences between when you train for those who train in the morning and also for those who train later at night the biggest question I get from those who train in the morning is do I have breakfast and then go to the gym and the answer is no you don’t have breakfast you actually wake up and start with your pre workout nutrient timing protocol then you go to the gym follow with your post workout retreat IMing protocol then you follow with practice about an hour after that the rest of the day looks pretty much the same as the other protocols now for those who train at night the number one question I get is if I’m taking a protein shake before bed what if I train right before I go to bed do I have to have a post workout protein shake and then a pre bed protein shake and the answer is it depends depends on how close to when you go to bed you train if you go to bed within two hours of training then you really don’t need an extra protein shake before you go to bed your post workout shake will be ample however if you go to bed three hours or more after you train then you definitely want to add another protein shake now in rest days you obviously won’t be following that very formal pre workout post workout nutrient timing protocol however you want to keep your nutrient levels of at least created betaine beta alanine high in the muscle cells if you skip too many days without taking them it’ll take longer to see the results and since you’ve only got six weeks for this program you really want to maximize your results early on so take either the pre workout or the post workout at least once on your non training days now I know nutrition is a complex subject and I’ve covered a lot here but don’t worry all the details are in the article below this video and that includes those sample diet plans that I included for those who trainees in the morning lunchtime late in the afternoon or at night now that’s all the nutrition info that you need for my shortcut the strength program but obviously you need to be familiar with the training program so if you haven’t watched my training protocol video I suggest you head there now and don’t forget now once you test your one rep max to update that on your body spaced account and also consider putting those numbers out there on your social media that way when you retest everyone will know what your numbers are and it’ll help you stick with the program and maximize your results now don’t worry this isn’t the end of the shortcut to strength videos I’ll be coming to you each week with a new video during all six weeks of the program alright guys the rest is up to you I look forward to seeing your results so now it’s time to get up and get it you.

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