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While you dont need to feel soreness to build muscle, it is generally a good sign that local muscles are being repaired and getting stronger. But the two biggest muscles in the body the glutes (the 3 muscles that make up your butt) and the lats (the widest muscles in the body that fan from under your armpit across and down to your lower back) will be difficult to challenge with just bodyweight exercises. You will build muscle. Focus on the eccentric (or lowering) part of the exercise. As mentioned above, the leg muscles are strong and powerful, which can make it difficult to get enough mechanical tension. Im 43 and not as interested or have the time to do alot of weight lifting to develop mass.

using body weight to exercise

Sample Bodyweight Exercise Workout

Or at least that is what many people think. But, if you want sculpted arms, your triceps are equally important as your biceps. The three-headed muscle makes up approx. two-third of your upper arm and gives the back of your arm its pleasing horseshoe shape. As the counterpart to the biceps, its main function is to extend the arm at the elbow joint. Check out the best bodyweight exercises below for strengthening and toning your arms. Do 8-12 repetitions.

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(Try Thomas Jones’ shoulder mass these five simple bodyweight shoulder exercises to get bigger and stronger shoulders without using equipment. Use a wall to support your body and maintain the position while you perform the the video below to learn how to perform Handstand you are unable to do a Handstand Push-Up or you’re uncomfortable with the exercise, Pike Push-Ups can serve as a great alternative. Assume a position where your legs are supported so you don’t have to their weight and balance your body. Your core must work even harder on this exercise than during Handstand the video below to learn how to perform Pike developed the Push-Back Push-Up at Performance University to convert a Push-Up from a chest and triceps exercise to a shoulder exercise. So this will ensure that all of your shoulder muscles are strong and will help prevent the videos below to learn how to perform the Shoulder YTL the video below to learn the best ways to perform the MORE ON SHOULDER the Best Kettlebell Exercises for Your the Right Way to do Lateral Raisesand Get Ripped!

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Do you prefer bodyweight exercises to weight training?. She is ridiculously strong and moves very second Zuzka Light, and also DailyHiit (formerly Bodyrock) for lots of videos of women doing mainly bodyweight is amazing, great to all Women here! more advanced bodyweight exercises were used, but you can get strong using bodyweight. Does anyone have any insight about whether suspension trainers are effective or about which trainer to Im going to try the Jungle Gym Gym XT looks good. Particularly lower body? I can do pushups and pullups with my full body weight which is a pretty good work out for me. That requires a great deal of strength as well as balance and flexibility, and works every muscle in your leg including the smaller muscles that weighted squats not hit due to the balance required.

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(Interval training applies to more than just running, of course, but thats another topic for another are several methods of running in intervals, but heres one example to give you an youre technically running about as fast as you can for that one minute, you only have to maintain that intensity for a very short period of time. This is a good way to work in a little exercise to your regular Stair climbing is also great for strengthening the muscles in your legs, so if they are part of your routine you choose to skip stair steps in the lower body were talking about upper body exercise, were primarily talking about working the muscles in your shoulders, arms, and chest. Keeping the body straight, lower body to the ground by bending arms at the elbows. While some exercises do not require a full range of motion, when youre doing curls it is vital that you go all the way up and all the way back down each time. If it breaks underneath you, youre obviously going to hurt perform the stair step exercise, youll want to do one leg at a time. Instead, you consider adding weight to your legs or your arms.

hi guys I’m Mallory with skinny miss calm I’m here today to show you another great workout today we’re going to do a workout that only uses your body weight so this is going to be great for you guys who don’t have any weights at home nothing like that but you can use no gym or anything so all I have today is a map which as long as you’ve carpet you should be fine for this one and then you want to have like a little stool or a step up like this something that you can step up on to because we will be doing an exercise that uses one of these we don’t need any weights today I just have someone here for looks and then also make sure you have a nice big glass or bottle of water cuz you’re definitely gonna need it so for this workout we have four rounds they’re long so you can get through it just push through stretch okay let’s go and get started we’re going to start out with jumping jacks let me show you how to do those real quick I know you might know how to do it but I have to show you just in case so you’re going to jump out with your arms up at the same time right back down let me show you again just like that make sure that all throughout these exercise you’re keeping your core nice and tight everything needs to be nice and tight no noodles I don’t want to see anyone what’s it like spaghetti noodles up here alright let’s go and get started so you’re 25 of these for this round let’s go and get started yeah 25 nicely done okay next up we have crunch up so this is why I have a math is I’d only be doing this push ups in the dirt here I’m going to go down into a plank position you want to make sure your hands right underneath your shoulders some of you might want to go out a little further but my mat oil up and go up so far make sure you back nice and straight your butt’s not up the air it’s not sagging down here keep an eye score and your body will be in perfect alignment then you’re gonna go down back up now I know some of you at home we’re gonna be like holy crap Mallory I can’t do that so what you can do is put your knees on the ground so this is just a little modification for you guys go down and up just staying on your knees okay I’m gonna try to do as many as I can the normal way and then I might have to go down to my knees we’re just gonna try to get 10 for this round okay let’s go good job guys make sure on those push ups that you’re breathing out as you push you up you always want to bring the help you’re exerting your energy when you’re going back down or release things that tension that’s what I want when you want to take a big nice deep breath in okay so I mixed up a pair squats so you’re going to stand with your feet shoulder width apart here hands out in front want to squat down Heiko to make sure you’re not putting your weight on your toes here do we know who’s up normos you’re pushing through your heels always standing nice and tall abs tight sometimes you can even hands up if you want to just like this all right so let’s see air squats we have 25 I know that sounds like a lot but they’re a little bit easier than you think let’s go ahead and do this picture when you’re doing these your shoulders are set back you’re not leaning over that’s nice and straight all this there can I see last one nicely done guys you should definitely be feeling that burn alright so next up we have a little exercise called butt burns and it’s going to do just that let me tell you you’re going to start out with whichever leg you feel more comfortable I always choose my left leg first I don’t know why you want to kind of put it in a squat position here you want to keep it nice and steady while you do that you’re going to take your weight onto that left foot bring that knee your right knee up to your chest keep your arms out for balance just like this so make sure you’re not bouncing this isn’t an aerobics exercise we want to keep everything nice and stationary just like okay and we’re going to do 25 of these and make sure that after you 25 on one leg you switch to the other one hey don’t forget that other leg is a little go weird all right let’s go well Marty all right switch if it gets a little bit too much for you you can just slow down the pace if you want I always like to start out really fast once I feel a little bit too tired I’ll just slow down oh nice job guys next up we’re going to do what’s called active breasts alright so that’s going to be our plank here we hope this point thirty Seconds you want to kind of go down into that push up position just like we showed you before just like this you’re going to hold this for 30 seconds okay starting down this also kind of gives you a good opportunity to catch your breath after everything we just did this gets a little tough for you 30 seconds a long time you just go down to your knees nothing was saved here a little bit extra work in there this job except we’re going to go back to jumping jacks we have two sets of jumping jacks within this complete circuit so I’ve already showed you how to do these let’s just get right in so we got 25 look good job to grab some water anytime throughout this because there are no great hot day out here on definitely my water okay so next up we have side plunges okay we’re going to just do 10 on each side keep it nice and light today what you’re going to do I always stand with my weight on my left foot first step out with my right squat down keeping that back nice and straight hands on foot power out back up we’re going to do the right first and then win with it when we do ten for instance all right alright that was ten one switch two more ah last one oh good job guys oh my god give yourself a paddle back to those I hope you are sweating at home because I know I am alright so we’ve just a few more exercises in this circuit we’re gonna do what’s called your stirs okay so it’s kind of like a crunch to go down low get your back like this now you’re going to put your knees out I’m like in a butterfly position your hands are going to go down and in front of you kind of it a v formation you’re just going to do a crunch and reach for your toe just like that make sure you’re breathing out when you go up inhale on the way down okay and we have 25 of these two more I left Oh 25 good job guys all right next up we’re gonna go over here to a bench because we’re going to do tricep dips let’s go over here to the bench I’ll show you how to do this all right so we’ve got our bench here if you’re at home you can use on the edge of your chair couch coffee table and get your stepladder out and use that sometimes they use my computer chair so anything you have put your hands the palms or your hands on whatever your surface is you want to kind of make like an L formation in your body here and I’ve got my knees a little bit of space in between them what you’re going to do you’re going to drop down so you’re making a 90 degree angle with your elbow and you’re just gonna push back up okay down and up if you have 20 of these okay let’s go ahead and do it Oh Lord you should definitely be feeling that your shoulders today let’s go back on over to our math all right so next up we have mountain climbers okay and I’m going to be those on my mat so it’ll by hands on three you’re going to go down once again in point formation and you’re going to take your knees up to your chest and you’re just going to turn your toe and then you’re going to alternate okay just like this and we’re going to do 20 of those now one rotation is doing the right and the left so that’s one right left okay don’t count each someone that’s cheating all right you ready let’s go and get started Oh nicely done guys alright guess why we’re on our last exercise I know you’re happy to hear that me too alright so our last exercise is called the Spartan bow so we do have a left and right on this one as well and we’re just going to do 10 on each side if these can get a little bit tricky if you require a little bit of balance if you can’t move these on your own I want to try and find like a table or a chair something you can do these next to so you can hold your balance so let’s do this stand on one leg pull that other leg up just like this take the same hand of the foot that’s off the ground you’re going to go down and touch the ground just like this back up like I said it is a balance thing I try to go a little bit faster because the slower you go actually the harder is so wait on left foot get that right leg off the floor can you can put your on left hand out for balance down touch the ground come out sanity there’s number two three 10 I know it didn’t seem like a lot but you should be filling that in your glutes here all right we’re gonna go and switch hand out for balance here we go good job guys oh my gosh guess what that was just the first round and you want us to pour around these well see if you can do it try it try try keep going remember going pace drink lots of water and don’t forget visit www.solarwinds. com. .

guys check it out today I’m bringing you guys a quick 15 minute Anytime Anywhere beginners workout now did it begin a workout a while ago and it got a great response people were saying they wanted me to make more so they had other things to go with and different variety whatnot so I’ve got my man JD beard gains right here he’s going to be helping me demonstrate this so you guys can see exactly what we’re doing but this is a super simple thing that you can do in 15 minutes anywhere you want to and you’ll be able to get your body moving building your fitness levels up losing body fat gain a little bit of muscle so let’s jump right into let us jump into exercise number one that’s very simple this is called an air squat so essentially gonna have to know the form of a squat what you’re going to need to do is press your chest up you’re going to try to keep your back straight and to make yourself start to lower don’t bend your knees actually bend at your hips it’s going to look like this we’re going to come down to the bottom but essentially going to try to get as parallel as you can and that’s where you want to stop so we’re going to hold this for two seconds one two and then we come back up and that’s one repetition so we’re going to start with three reps on this and the idea is to press through your heels that’s where you want to keep all your weight not in your toes because that’s where you’re going to want to put it but that’s gonna put dangerous stress into your knees and you could possibly be liable for injury so make sure you put in that stress that way into your heels pressing out three heels tightening your glutes at the top and feeling it work your legs if it hurts your joints then you need to adjust it and figure out why it’s hurting so you might need to widen your stance out a little bit maybe not go down as low now exercise you might have heard this before it’s essentially a plank just with a little bit of a twist to it so a plank starts by putting your elbows onto the ground directly under shoulders make sure it’s directly under your shoulders not in front of you not behind you because that’s going to hurt it’s gonna make it a lot harder and it’s not going to work correctly so directly on your shoulders then you’re gonna come up on your tippy toes and have your butt your hips just about even with your shoulders from here now what we’re going to do to count this is we’re going to bring either knee up to the elbow of that side so left knee up to the left side right knee up to the right side left knee up to the left side right knee up to the right side each time you do both that’s one repetition so left side and then right side that’s two left side and then right side that’s three try to keep your hips low not letting them come up because when you’re doing that you’re going to take a lot of the stress out of your abs and then also as you’re pulling your knees up to your elbows try to squeeze your abs try to press the air out and then breathe in air as you’re putting your knee back down putting your leg back down to starting position okay now when you finish that exercise doing three repetitions you might have noticed we’re doing threes everything’s starting at three then we’re moving four root of five but anyways moving on to the third exercise we’re gonna stay in the same position down here on the ground and you guys know exactly what this is these are push ups you’ve heard of this a million times very simple so if you can do a push up did you do a full push up on your toes come all the way down push all the way back up but if you can’t do a full push up maybe you know you’re too weak right now you’re gonna work your way up to a push up you can do a modified push up which means that you’re just pushing up from your knees instead of your toes so to set up for a push up all you’re going to need to do is place your arms your hands about shoulder width apart you’re gonna get up on your toes and then from there you’re just going to lower your chest down to the ground and then press back up now everyone has a little bit of trouble with whether elbow should go you should keep your elbows tucked in tight towards your body not letting them flare out when you flare them out you can put a lot more your shoulders into it you’re gonna be a lot more risking more injured injury so just try to keep those elbows tight to keep your your stomach tight go down press right through the palms your hands are the columns your hands read the apology it’s a very simple exercise but it does take a little bit time to master now if you can’t do the full pushup this is what the modified push ups going to look like you’re just going to set up exactly the same hands shoulder width apart and what not but you can be on your knees instead of your feet and toes and then you’re going to do the exact same thing keeping your elbows tucked in keeping everything tight try to keep your body in a straight line even come down and push up come down and push up breathing in as you come down breathing out as you push up and then as you get stronger in this modified position you can then slowly start to incorporate regular push ups until you think that you can do them you know adequately incorrectly okay so the last exercise of this whole workout cycle is I’m not really sure what I call these Judy we like bird dog flies yeah we’re kind of like a yeah birdy I got AB Superman half Superman we’re half Superman we’re gonna be half of superheroes right now laughs full superheroes we’ll work towards that but basically all this is is going to be on your hands and needs right and then you’re going to extend opposite limbs so if you’re going to take your left arm up you’re going to take your right leg up you’re gonna take your right arm up you’re gonna take your left leg up so it’s going to look like this you’re going to straighten them out so let’s go left hand and right leg ready yep so left hand straight right leg straight and then you just come back down same thing opposite side right hand straight left leg straight you hold it for a second maybe two seconds and then you come back down going up breathing while you’re up here you should essentially just breathe throughout this entire exercise try to keep your core tight as you’re doing this and you’ll feel this in your glutes and your hamstrings and your lower back you’ll feel it in your shoulders you’ll feel it literally over your entire body especially back of your body here but making sure that your hands are directly underneath your shoulders making sure that you’re trying to straighten out your arm as best as you can and straighten your leg out as best as you can and obviously as you do this you’ll become a lot better at it in terms of endurance as well as balance because this is we’re making it look pretty easy but the balance gets pretty hard once you go farther into this especially when you first started so there you have it guys there are the four exercises you’re going to do in this routine now to make this actually a workout what you’re going to do is start with everything at three repetitions go through all four exercises then you’re going to start again and exercise one but this time you do it four reps then everything you do it before repetition it’s gonna go through all four exercises then you start again do all four exercises with five repetitions you’re going to work your way up three four five six seven all the way up until you’re at ten repetitions when you finish that last exercise with ten repetitions that is it you have knocked it out of the park and you’ve done more repetitions than most people will be doing the entire week it’s very I want to say it’s easy it’s easy to set up you can do it anytime anywhere it’s not necessarily the easiest workout you’re gonna feel it you’re gonna be you know hearts gonna be pumping a little bit here lose your balance you me sweat all around sweat a little bit your muscles are gonna feel muscles that you haven’t felt before you’re gonna be sore in a couple days but all that stuff is good for you you want to start somewhere and this is a great way to start building your your leg strength your core strength your balance all the muscles in your body this way you can start to build a base of fitness and then from here you can move on to whatever you’re interested in whether whether that’s bodybuilding Cross.Fit powerlifting or even none of that stuff and just generally trying to be fit it’s a great starting point it’s a great workout to start you off with so if you guys are interested there are eight and sixteen week macro coaching plans on beyond the week comm basically this is a good way to set yourself up with the right kind of diet to pair with a workout system that way you can lose fat or gain muscle whatever your plan is you can find that on beyond the week comm we also have an entire line of apparel you can check out on beyond we calm as well as obese to beast clothing you can find all that on beyond the week comm if you’re not following JD be against his link will be the under description below you can find my Instagram under the description below that way you can follow us see the new workouts and whatnot that are coming in I hope you guys enjoy this I hope it was useful if you did like this make sure you share it with your family and friends on Facebook it’s great way for everyone to kind of get into a workout that is free and instantaneous so I hope you guys enjoy this make sure you get a thumbs up let me know in the comments below and subscribe if you’re not subscribed already team beyond the week see t lift heavy die. .

hey guys it’s Kelly from Fitness and today I have a body weight only hit workout for you I’ve included both your warmup and your cooldown and I’ll be providing low impact modifications all the way through let’s go ahead and get started all right for our warm up we are doing exercises for 25 seconds apiece no rest in between we’re going to start off nice and light I’m gonna be doing just a boxer shuffle so getting our lungs and our muscles warmed up for the work that we’re about ready to do like I said I’ll be providing low impact modifications all throughout so choose a level that works for you if you’ve been sitting for a long time you might want to do a longer warm up in this just don’t really get those muscles ready all right next up I’m gonna be doing toe touch circles so I’ll plant our feet face down to the toes on one side cross over to the toes on the other side and then come back up so do this do all of these at whatever pace you need to to feel good but you’re getting a nice touch through your lower back and your hamstrings the backs of your thighs here alright next up we’re going to be doing a reach plus a chest opener it’s going to work on our upper bodies a little bit alright so right here we’re reaching forward really dramatically really over exaggerate it and then back so you should feel this when you’re reaching forward through your upper back and then when you push back you should feel it through your chest you can even get your wrist in there a little bit then warmed up as well by pulling those hands back and next up we have a highly twist so bringing up one knee to time come across pull with your arms reach up high and pull down if you don’t have the same range of motion me that’s okay just go slowly is you need to get the most range of motion and then work on picking up the speed from there all right next time we’re doing a slow butt kicker plus the arm cost swing so you’re swinging your arms in the front a different arm on top each time and kicking yourself in the body alright just a few more seconds so maybe doing a basic squat alright so use our feet shoulder width apart you’re sinking back so you start this motion by hinging at your hips keep your weight in your heels and then squeeze your glutes on the way up keep your core pulled in nice and tight your eyes up on the wall in front of you flat back alright next up we’re gonna be doing walk downs this is more upper body where core work and we get a good stretch through our lower back and thighs again so you’re walking all the way down incrementally come here and then walk yourself back up try to remember to start with a different hand each time just to mix things up pick up the pace as you get more comfortable next step we’re gonna be doing lunges all shooting lunges so coming out dropping down right in between your body to the air between those two feet good posture yeah nice and neutral posture here and your weight should be roughly evenly disparate distributed right next up we have front kicks so here you’re just putting out one foot at a time you can even add your arms in there all right next up we’re pissin picking up the pace a little bit we’ve got split jumps come on here we go so just hopping your feet apart if you want to keep this low impact just go front and back front and back and there’s the pony tail always and everything makes it into warm alright next up we have Fred Jack’s coming out arms in front try to land nice nice and soft you want low impact just step out side to side pick up the pace 5 seconds left we’re switching to buck eaters so right here again you want to land soft if you want to keep it low impact just cut out the jumps get your arms in there I guess I’d try to pick up the pace as I get towards the Internet interval but stay controlled with nice and soft alright so that is our warm up keep moving and we’ll get right into that hit workout all right so our first exercise it’s going to be a jumping jack plus a touchdown so to be alternating which hand we touch down with in between each jumping jack so here we go so out for the jumping jack touch down to the ground jumping jack touch down the other sides if you want this low impact just come here out and down so like I said choose your own difficulty level you are free to move back and forth between the two of them as you need to we’re doing three sets of each of these hit exercises so yeah if you are doing the hard version before you stop completely always switch to the easier version and and go as long as you can if we take that right here we go try to move as quickly as you can with clean form only go down as low as you can for the squat with um clean form about five seconds left all right one more of those remember to keep your feet moving the whole time at least a boxer shuffle three two one here we go pull in your core make sure that your eye side is staying up so they’re not rounding your back on the way down remember that low impact version all right so next up we have a mountain climber plus a plank Jack so three mountain climbers plus the plank Jack to be working a little bit of coordination here as well so one two three and apart one two three apart so start with a different leading leg each time if you want low impact up and out one two three out out alright there’s one tonight nice deep breaths while you can two one here we go on two three four five seconds left all right one more of those left keep your feet moving or hold a plank while you’re down there here we go halfway done all right okay nice up we were doing a jump squat plus a front kick recover as much as you can here and here we go so down jump up as hard as you can and kick next up we’ll be doing with the opposite boy you want low impact down for your squad do a toe ease and then come up for that kick okay keep your feet moving I have seconds of rest left two one start it up so you’re jumping up as hard as you can and landing assault as you can so you’re working your butt and your thighs your entire core two one that’s two so one more of those to go Oh three two come on here we go make sure you’re not holding your breath 100 K next up we have high knees catch your breath here we go so in your knees up as high as you can as fast as you can if you need that low impact version stay right here you can even add arms into it do what you need to tell on yourself five seconds left okay there’s one of those down so don’t get discouraged because this is meant to be hard you’re meant to struggle during these workouts so just adjust it so that you’re pushing yourself but you’re not making yourself completely hati exercise it’s a fine line especially with it over halfway done keep it going five seconds okay one more of those three two one here we go breathe ten seconds five two one alright so next up we’re dropping down to the ground we’d be doing push ups hey man so the hardest version that you can you can do a full one for a half I don’t think my lungs are gonna let me to a phone right now this is hard because push ups aren’t necessarily high cardio challenge but when your lungs are completely tapped out from the head comes an entirely different ballgame right one down I can feel my face is purple here we go step flat back nice straight line through your body make sure that you’re not collapsing on yourself pull in your core squeeze your glutes can easily turn this into total body exercise make sure that you’re keeping a slight bend in your elbows even at the top of the range of motion so your arms keep working ok one more of those there’s a spider do not like that we’re about to do some serious hits friends in this garage keeping my eye on you okay I think we’re safe these are their next we have a jumping lunge these are way scarier than spiders anyways so your hardest version is me coming down switching so that your other foot is leading if you want to make it low impact just do a regular lunge cut out the jumps completely if you want kind of it in between can pop in into the middle so you’re breaking up that big one all right two more to go five seconds last under a minute left of work before we get a water break oh okay one more 20 seconds left of our work he’s got my back okay here we go to one all right so that is our first water break don’t stop moving it don’t drink too much water we’ll be right back you alright we’re already over halfway through this routine so we’re getting there next up we have three intervals of pop squats so we’re going to be dropping down between our two feet touching the ground and then coming back up with our feet together over our heads so here we go so down and back up so if you want the low impact version just break up heart down in the center back up move it whatever pace you need to to get it done five seconds to one all right there’s one so keep those legs moving your arms and your legs don’t hold still three seconds here we go down back up find a nice breathing pattern alright there’s two out of three nine one more of those left three two one here we go keep it going halfway or either low impact three two one alright so next up we have burpees plus a squat jump sorry squat jack so don’t hit me I’ll show you the low impact version so coming down kick your feet out come back up and hop your feet apart so low impact you’re stepping into put one step at a time just pick up the pace from there all right one down already two more to go calm your breathing here we go so stay low five seconds left all right one more to go three seconds rest start it up halfway three two one all right so next up we have Kirsty jumps curtsy lunge jumps so right here starting in the center coming down and coming up when a thought as hard as you can so the low impact version do that lunge raise up on your tiptoes three all right quick rest keep your feet moving three two one here we go just a nice and up and down on your torso here like I said jump up as hard as you can so as low as you can control it and up as far as you can three seconds oh okay one more of those left five seconds rest here we go last one all right we have one more of those set to me you guys know nobody else I will do one more for good measure keep it going five seconds remember to just cut the jump if you need to okay next up slowing it down a little bit we’re not lessening the burn so we’re gonna be doing squat pulses so holding it as long as you can it’s just difficult when you’re breathing hard from hiss so this is where you really work your control your breathing deep breath in and through the nose out through the mouth and just stay here you’re not jerking it’s go as low as you lays will allow you stay in the squat okay one of those down five seconds three two one here we go so drop down so again you should be able to lift your toes up off the ground erratically so all your waves in your heels squeeze your glutes your back flat pull in your core just hold it here go to your happy place against huh okay actually I’m curious if you’ve made it this far tell me what your happy place looks like for me it’s usually like warm beach somewhere possibly with an adult beverage I was in Miss and sort of thing maybe wake surfing keep it going remember it’s okay to stop and shake out your legs okay take a break there for a second okay one more of those sit down you’re holding it breathe ten more seconds so as much as his burns there’s a chance to catch our breath all right I stopped with dropping down for a bicycle crunch so I’m going to be alternating back and forth knee to elbow to one here we go threes nuts if I can keep count this time to find a breathing pattern that works so you’re not holding your breath can inhale at one knee exhale at the other eye one down two to go we are almost done with this whole routine hang in there here we go so try to keep your back flat on the mat nice smooth motion lifting up towards that knee as much as you can exaggerate the motion I don’t like you’re on a bike alright that’s it for that one more of those to go here we go one all right I can tell by my interval or the time I have left that I definitely must don’t follow the intervals but we were moving so the counts so next I’ll be doing a squatted sidestep lunge to squat down to the side stay low and jump up as hard as you can same thing the other direction if you want to make a low impact just come here do that toe raise otherwise jump up as hard as you can like I said stay low in between all right one down three seconds rest here we go so the floor is getting all slippery for my sweat ten seconds already halfway done okay one more minute left hang in there five seconds rest left three two one here we go ten seconds five seconds three two one alright so we’re gonna do just one interval of this last one in the interest of keeping it around 30 minutes but we’re gonna do up and out jumps sorry jack so here we go I want enough so alternating arm positions moving as quickly as you can ten seconds to one alright so that is our hit workout I’m going to do a quick cool down here so for a second just give yourself a moment to catch your breath thing get comfortable again and swing your arms around a little bit get moo ving deep breath in exhale out in through your nose out through mouth alright so I’m going to reach up overhead plant your feet take your time stretch your fingers get a nice wrist wrist stretch on this once we’re here come down to one side again take your time do this at your own pace and we’re going to walk across to that other foot so take your time and work through places where you find any tension I now come back up do that one more time is time in the opposite direction enjoy this full body stretch for just a second back and forth and come down to the other side so by now you should find that your heart is slowing down a little bit you breathing and starting to return to normal you’re probably still sweating but the more you work out the smarter you workout the fitter you get the faster you recover from these things and that feels really good to go from the point where you’re completely out of breath to feeling all right like you can do it again in a minute so next up we’re going to pull your foot up to your butt so we get a good stretch through your front of your thigh here can always hold on to something for balance if you need to still focusing on that deep breathing all right we’re going to switch sides all right next up we’re going to do that inside tie so plant one foot out here we’re going to be leaning away from it so come down as low as you need to to get a nice stretch through the inside thigh can even lean away from yourself and get a good stretch through this side as well go back and forth between sides changes the stretch completely it’s kind of a balancing act so do we can now in your switch sides so again if you want to add in that side stretch and balance yourself here need a way first and switch to lean towards that leg I have extended all right now I’m going to straighten out here for a good calf stretch so if you plant that foot on the ground that toe on the ground and act as if you’re trying to press your heel towards the floor should feel nice stretch through your calves I hate switch sides so you’re gonna want to make sure to drink lots of water after this replace everything you just sweat out all right now I’m gonna bring my feet together and come down act as if you’re trying to press your hands into the ground so you get a good shoulder stretch and if you kind of eat inch away from yourself a little bit you can get it starts through your lower and your upper back here alright now I’m going to come up place a hand behind myself and reach up here so you get a nice stretch through the fun of your body again to switch sides all right you do one more here and do next glute stretch so laying flat on your back cross one foot over the other and grab that leg supporting the other one you should feel a nice stretch deep into your gluts in the back of your thigh here all right switch sides just waiting to feel nice and relaxed now so we’re going to end off with a full body stretch so arms and legs arms and feet pushing in opposite directions again you’re kind of inching back and forth so you get a good stretch from your side all right and what it relax okay guys we did it so this is an awesome workout for around 30 minutes so like I said make sure that you drink lots of water eat a good healthy meal as soon as you can after this otherwise good job guys this workout is complete you. .

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