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Complete training program to build muscle guide updated for 2018. No outdated bro science BS. You can skip looking around and build REAL muscle with our online course. Pennies compared to a personal trainer and a lot more flexibile.

program is perfect for those who do not usually practice fitness but want to increase muscle mass and definition, slim people who want to gain some muscle, athletes needing more muscle mass or people who want to have a muscular you looking for a boost to help you increase muscle mass?. Find out the top-selling mass gainers with a 5-10 minutes warm-up running on a treadmill or using a bicycle. Afterwards, warm-up for 5-20 minutes the muscle groups to be trained using little weight, until you can feel your muscles hot and ready for more weight. Stretch correctly before Chest Exercise Incline Bench Chest Exercise Dumbbell Bench Chest Exercise Peck Deck Bicep Exercise Dumbbell Bicep Curl * Bicep Exercise Incline Bicep Curl Bicep Exercise Standing Barbell Bicep Curl Training: 20 minutes of low intensity cardio with a 5-10 minutes warm-up running on a treadmill or using a bicycle. Afterwards, warm-up for 5-20 minutes the muscle groups to be trained using little weight, until you can feel your muscles hot and ready for more weight. Stretch correctly before Leg Exercise Barbell Squats * Leg Exercise Alternate Barbell Lunges Leg Exercise Leg Extension Shoulder Exercise Side Lateral Raises Shoulder Exercise Front Dumbbell Raises Shoulder Exercise Barbell Shoulder Training: 20 minutes of low intensity cardio tag = document.createElement(‘script’); tag.type = ‘text/javascript’; tag.src = with a 5-10 minutes warm-up running on a treadmill or using a bicycle. Afterwards, warm-up for 5-20 minutes the muscle groups to be trained using little weight, until you can feel your muscles hot and ready for more weight.

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They did sets of 8-10 reps throughout the entire experiment for 12 Two: followed a linear periodized routine (LP): first four weeks the study participants did sets of 12-15 reps, four weeks following sets of 8-10 reps, and the final four weeks of sets of 4-5 reps per Three: was a non-linear periodized group (NLP). The program looked like so: Week 1: sets of 12-15 reps Week 2: 4-5 reps Week 3: 8-10 reps Week 4: Repeat week 1 This is done 3 times = 12 results were that only the NLP group made significant progress in their strength on the exercise tested, which was the leg and bench Interesting though not surprising there were no statistically significant changes in body composition between groups. 12 weeks is not a long time for an experienced strength athlete to make significant changes in bodycomp from a simple change in program, but they can make significant improvements in strength, which ultimately leads to changes in even the most sensitive methods for testing changes in bodycomp has its limits of sensitivity, and experienced strength athletes make progress measured in years, vs months, so 12 weeks is fairly small window of Brink Bottom Line: The concluded ..Our data clearly demonstrated that NLP is more effective than the LP and NP models to increase strength combined with split training routines. Beginners can benefit from linear non- periodized routines, so no one should see the above results as set in stone that its the one best way to approach a strength training this particular study, looking at those groups, under those specific set of circumstances, etc., the NLP was superior for increasing strength. The real take home here is, NLP type programs of which there are many are important to the continued progress of intermediate to advanced athletes, and getting beyond the classic western bodybuilding oriented linear non- periodized routines is going to yield superior results in the majority of strength trainers in the long run. There were no differences between the training groups in the exercise pre-tests (p 0.05) (i.e., bench and leg The NLP group was the only group to significantly increase maximum strength in the bench throughout the 12-week training period. The LP group demonstrated strength increases only after the eight training week (p = 0.02).

This guide for beginners you can see all of the factors which will help you achieve extraordinary results. The optimal number of repetitions in the series range from 8 to 12 to encourage muscle growth. No need to exercise for 2 hours, it is actually not recommended because it increases levels of the hormone cortisol (catabolic hormone that destroys muscle). As for breaks between series, keep them in the range of 60 to 90 seconds. are always a great choice for building muscle and melting excess fat. This does not mean that you should neglect isolation exercises.

hey guys coach Kassim Hansen here I want to talk to you guys a little bit about hypertrophy and specifically how most people are educating others on her per trophy training when you think about trying to build muscle a lot of people have you know an idea of like okay approach retraining is a it’s a set amount of reps it’s a between 8 and 12 hour purchase free training is this much time under tension you know if I’m personally training it’s XYZ exercises you know it’s not you know snatches it’s not power cleans it’s benchpress and it’s squats but really her perch free training is all about the net stimulus that you get okay and if you go to you know a lot of these camps that people are hosting now or you know you read a lot of these books people are trying to breakdown hypertrophy into these small elements that are further down the road and forgetting the very very base thing that you need to be concerned about okay whether or not you’re actually going to be building the muscle that you want is not it doesn’t matter if it’s a set rep scheme okay there’s million different rep schemes that you know will benefit her trophy there’s some low rep ones there’s some medium rep ones there’s try sets there’s giant sets there’s a lot of different rep schemes and learning all of those is not going to make you put on thirty pounds just because you know how to do a lot of rep schemes the other thing is that you know when people think about what you’re doing you know for her per to feet training most people focus on its what I’m doing with the weight okay it’s how fast I’m moving the weight where the weights going to position of the weight so there’s entirely too much focus on this where all of the focus for her perch of charity needs to be on the muscle that you’re working contradictory to weight lifting where the goal is to move the barbell the dumbbell whatever it is from point A to point B as efficiently as possible and her first free training you actually want to do it as efficiently as possible so that you only apply the tension to the muscle that you want if you don’t learn how to connect the brain to the muscles so that you can really just isolate that muscle and get every fiber to contract then it doesn’t matter many reps you do alright it doesn’t matter how much time under tension do you think you have because if you’re not able to control that muscle whether or not you’re doing work for 40 seconds I guarantee you the tension is not constant for that 40 seconds alright and it doesn’t matter where the weight goes because where the weight goes is just a byproduct of what you’re doing if you’re doing the right thing with the mind and the muscle then the weight will always take care of itself you know so people are always focusing on bar path you know they’re always focusing on body position they’re always focusing on all these small little tweaks rather than just thinking about I need to make sure that I’m squeezing the muscle that I want to squeeze as hard as possible and learning activation techniques to teach the body to be able to activate with that muscle initiate with that muscle keep tension on that muscle and control the weight the entire time especially in the eccentric with that muscle those little tips that come from here and not from anything else I want make all of that other stuff matter and that’s the biggest difference in how we teach our trophy versus what everybody else does is very going to teach you how to use your brain to train okay we’re not going to teach you how to move a weight we’re not going to teach you a of secret rep schemes we’re not you know we’re not going to teach you a specific workout we’re going to teach you how to change the way you approach every rep that you do so once you learn all the key concepts once you’re able to master training here every workout you do will be better every rep so you will forever change the amount of progress so the amount of muscle that you’re able to put on between now and whenever you decide to stop lifting will be exponentially changed when you learn that that philosophy for virtually whereas if you go and you just learn you know a few tips a few tricks a rep scheme all you’re doing is maybe doing a little bit better for a week or two change the way you train come to one of our purchaser camps.

good morning welcome to another video and since I made the switch to bodybuilding I’ve been inundated with comments and messages asking what does your new training split look like I’ve actually had a number of emails that just asked directly can you send me your training program that’s not gonna happen like if you send that message what is the best case scenario what you expect in there yeah no worries I’ve seen you my entire training program I’ll just send you some money as well in fact she Ardis walks your house and clean your shoes but with my toothbrush Rick you know anyway I thought would be interesting for that reason alone to do a video where I talk you through my current trainer spit I’m also going to do a session and walk you through it so give you like an example of what I do on a day to day basis to break it down into more detail for you so I’m gonna meet feeding at the gym shortly we’re doing a push workout today so it’s going to be chest shoulders triceps and a little bit of ABS which I’ll show you for the first time I’ve got like a super strong coffee here I have been drinking you please see in the video I’ve been drinking a lot monster like occasionally but because it’s early in the morning and because I want to get some photos during this session I figure like if I only look shredded drinking 500 milliliters of carbonated liquid it’s probably not the best way to achieve that so it’s just like a small I guess like essentially an espresso which although I did slate drinking hot drinks to get like hyped I guess it’s better than nothing right so I’m gonna have this and then I’ll see you at the gym well here I’m in the gym with the random self give me some motivational give the subscribers and motivational words of wisdom yeah it’s Monday which means it’s start of your illness that’s terrible already straight away never become a motivational speakers straight away you’ve lost the audience you need to hit them hard with something like you’re gonna die okay so we’re going through a push workout I’m gonna do it like raw so like I’m not going to do sick edit so I say I’m not feeling something to do sick it is just gonna be like a raw workout will I show you what’s going on I fully like talk you through it as well like a walk through is that a thing a walk through walk through it like a gaming thing right that’s my gaming talk yeah so be like pretend it’s like a game except for it’s not game it’s like a training session so if you’re excited to find out the inner workings of my training split give this video a like and let’s go okay so today is shoulder focus day so we’re going to go straight in with some over at bristle I can do my heavier compound type movements first which makes sense quick disclaimer my shoulders are unbelievably weak but I probably have the shoulder strength over 12 your girl so bear that in mind that’s why the way it’s very light I’m also trying to say to focus more in engaging my shoulders rather than like a typical powerlifting move which should be a little bit faster and a little bit less like engaging focus so see weapons okay so once I passed it back I was doing a pre like making a pretty massive error in that when I was looking out I was locking out here which is really really inefficient so when you look out any overhead movement you want to be putting it over your head because that puts you in a much stronger position and it takes purchase of shoulders so I’m gonna try again and try to get it right this time shoulders are so weak this is ridiculous right Dumbo Arnold press okay so Brittany mr.darling now moving on to the lateral movements side delt so side delts are really underrated of body rodeo remember your laterals down at your side they’re on the sidewalk outside put your shoulder gives you a wider lift so the bigger your side delts are the wider you are it’s a really good thing to the target is something that can get ignored in the training program so we’re doing dumbbell lateral raises and then we’re going to finish up shoulders with some table lateral raises this video it’s a 100% gain practical you are going to cancel out the actual this is nothing to give an abstract it’s probably more seeing a probably more releases in after tomorrow subtracting me but she is gonna catch me up on the shoulders soon but what is this this is embarrassing doing stuff in the mirror is really helpful when I was powerlifting I was really against looking their mirror because obviously when you compete there’s no mirror there and you become reliant on it and stuff but now that I’m bodybuilding is really helpful not just then for example the previous set I wasn’t looking at a mirror and watching the footage back I think it was my left side was coming higher my shoulder was coming higher so there in the mirror I can see that I’m correct and obviously it’s gonna be a lot better long term for addressing imbalances and stuff any right there to shoulder course of the work I’ve done four exercises we’re now going to move on to chest those in here from between the sexes really last this is the work probably I’ve ever seen that’s not the most impractical I don’t know what this week you literally think I’m dumb bug breath which like these train cycle this is the first time I’ve done this exercise I’d have put it on that back twice in my entire life so look I don’t really you can’t really isolate your yukon time i select your purchase while you can you can more interesting what i said that’s a myth fiber like my project is pretty rubbish so it’s worth you many long right absolutely classic hashtag intro hashtag 40 building motivation sweet dreams inappropriate okay so that’s been over cable flyes which i mean pretty similar to standard cable flyes the advantage for me is that when I find when you’re bent over up that it allows you to keep tension on that last part of moving I farm when I’m doing regular cable flyes from here in there isn’t much there where is there there’s more and plus you can even like crossover and get a real good like on track and towards the end of it like fraud Ebro signs but feels good can you actually turn around to each other so really what I need to go okay workout is nearing the end but moving on to triceps now so we’ve got overhead skull Crusher’s with a easy ball which just allows you to get your hands in there like the more natural position and then we’re going to follow up we’ll finish up there’s some machine tricep extensions though a good tip is if you’re going to combine free weights and machine weighs do the free weights first basically any exercise that involves more stabilizers so things whereby you’re going to moving around do that first and then when you’re fatigued you can be the Machine stuff because that’s not a slight risk you basically okay so that’s the Machine arises and I so I’m talking about with regards to doing machines or free weights because because this is a machine it’s stuck in that plane so that means even when you’re fatigued you can’t deviate from that position therefore you’re always going to be engaging your triceps whether you’re friggin destroyed or not first Brook you get it get it hydros oh right triceps done now on the show the metas fitness behind the scenes abs workout welcome to madness fitness does apps matter does apps so apps short for abdominals I’m joking like don’t follow me because I literally have no idea what I’m doing like we do an ounce for that two weeks so there’s literally pretty much anyone else on even like a friggin a gaming channel is probably going to give you better advice than me I’m basically going to do hanging leg raises and then cable out crunches just cuz I feel like doing something from the top and then doing something from the bottom is a good combination but I might be completely wrong it just feels good okay so by an executive call to switch from and hanging leg raises to those kind of dip position raise because some reason hanging leg raises is kidding my shoulders like 11 to stop my reps because my shoulders are hurting rather than my app so but then I why this but they feel better anyway so I’m making the switch you start stop doing it and you’re fine feels like you know if not the screaming full of twice a last exercise of the session last I’ve exercised payable Punky’s like I’m new to abs but this is definitely my favorite exercise definitely recommend it it’s friggin awesome that music is very loud like that’s outrageous the problem of doing things like sets up some body weight up stuff which module tend to do is that like when you get strong you’re doing like 100 plus rep it’s too many it’s not optimal rep range so by doing cable crunches you can obviously adjust the weight as you get stronger and it means to people always stay in an ideal rep range okay please this when you’re doing ever conscience like keep your hips fixed so like though your hips your knee angle so like you can obviously you’re hinging from the hips what you don’t want to do is start flexing and extending your knees during the replicas and that’s gonna bring other things into it’s the key big feet and you’re just moving from your waist right that’s how it’s done that’s the workout done it’s going to get stick and we are done that was a six session right am i right you’re very credit will you give it out of 6 if 6 is average 3 is really good and 0 is really good but 4 was terrible the 2 3 years probably set up for a year and nine then somewhere between nine and four so all right let’s go ahead and see what the lads okay says a Luger up to hello Duke are you having your lunch what’s that what are you eating puddin I’m idiots that’s not politically correct what you eating Clark chrome PRC that is why they for me Matt the chef that’s a joke non call from that only people in my head and probably because of things like this so this is a pretty standard sandwich but I’ve got a good like cross section of colors right so will salami cheese cucumber and then butter slash margarine just for more cows basically I didn’t tell you but this morning I weighed in at like ninety one point four kilograms now I know I’ve been ill for the last few days that’s probably accounted for some of that weight loss because obviously I’ll get dehydrated when I’m oh hi guys hello well I’m ill but also like I mean I thought I was eating quite a lot I had a massive relief dinner and stuff you saw in that video so I guess ah I guess I just need to like ramp up the cows a little bit like I said about how I wasn’t tracking that’s one downside yeah one downside of not tracking is that obviously you can make mistakes and then like lose weight like I’ve done here so yeah this is a pretty solid amount of calories not let him get my camera okay why don’t you do some sports squat like that’s the least deep squat ever seen all right this is the danger game what you’re gonna get new car I’m waiving this hazardous area I’m gonna pick my sound mood and I’m going to talk to you about my current training Smith oh my god that was mental I should be like I don’t know in the new like Street Fighter movie or something okay so I thought I’d come to the beach because it’s like a sick idyllic backdrop on the downside it’s about minus three and I’m gonna vests so that’s like swings and roundabouts you know plaster and flip flops and socks and they’re getting stones are like riddling my feet that doesn’t make any sense okay I’m gonna quickly talk about my training split because I know you guys are requesting that so here we go I trained currently six days a week Monday to Saturday might have it’s basically a push pull legs right so I have three push days two full days and one leg day I’m probably gonna increase the number of leg days like I would recommend unless you’re a complete beginner doing more than one leg day the only reason for me doing one leg days that I’ve spent the last year squatting in there lifting about three to four times a week which is obviously a huge amount of volume the frequency so a I’m bored of it and I want to break and be like that volumes gonna carry me through for a period of time anyway so on my leg day I’ll do squats and deadlifts and yeah I will increase that at some point in terms of the push workouts basically I think I’ve told you this before but I have like a chest focus day a shoulder focus day and then a mixed one so today is like push workout one which was more of a shoulder focus which basically means that I start with shoulder stuff because obviously got remember if you’re doing a push workout and you’re combining chest and shoulders if you always do chest first your shoulders are never gonna get the same focus as your chest this so it’s important that you vary that so today was for shoulder exercises followed by two chest exercises two triceps and then two apps and then in my second push workout it will be the same thing but with chest and a shoulder switch so chest first four exercises then two for shoulders two triceps two abs and in the third one it’s just a mix of both just to kind of level out the volume in my poor workouts it’s just back and biceps I put rear delts in my back workout so my poor workouts because even though rear delts are obviously technically shoulders for me when I do back exercises I fill my rear delts quite a lot and I feel that it’s a bit of a crossover if you start doing rear delts in your shoulder push work out so for me it works better put them in my pool days and then like I said on the leg day it is just literally squats deadlifts and a couple of accessories like legged centers and let curls and then happens again so I’m doing ABS currently three times a week pretty low frequency pretty low volume but that’s position I’m very new to them and I’ve said this loads of times if you’re doing something for the first time if you’re a beginner don’t just jump in and do huge amounts and volume and frequency because although you will make a lot of progress initially you’ll get stuck right and then where do you go from there you want to make progress on the least amount of already impossible this is the really really key message do the least amount you have to to get by right like if you’re running a race and you can win it by running at 10 miles an hour don’t run at 20 minor 20 miles an hour because that’s a waste of energy just run this is a rubbish nail dealer basically do the least amount you need to not skinny I mean you can keep making progress over a longer period of time and that is pretty much that in terms of things like sets and rep ranges and exercise selection hey I’m still kind of working those things out so I want to tell you that and be like I’m an online coach so I don’t give you all of my like secret inner workings but at the same time if you watch my videos like you’ll get a pretty clear indication of what I’m doing so obviously do that plus they’re sick so everyone’s a winner but yeah I’m gonna go home because I think I’ve started or I think I have started to lose feeling in my legs and the sea is creeping up life is basically touching me now that’s a joke I could probably light here for about six hours and they still wouldn’t be here but um yeah I want to go and do some fun stuff and I’m pretty sure his videos about three hours long so I’m gonna end it here so I sincerely hope you enjoyed you guys if you did enjoy it please give me a thumbs up and I will see you tomorrow. .

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