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Complete strength exercises without equipment guide updated for 2018. No outdated bro science BS. You can skip looking around and build REAL muscle with our online course. Pennies compared to a personal trainer and a lot more flexibile.

If you want to train at home, you can get a set of adjustable dumbbells that donat take up a ton of dumbbells make it easy to add a small amount of weight to a movement, and dumbbell exercises can seem less intimidating than barbell training. When Iam at home with my gym, you better believe every morning the first thing I do is get under a barbell and go is because nothing can replace a heavy barbell squat and deadlift;A at the same time, thereas no barbell movement that can match the classic why the barbell and dumbbell routines in The Nerd Fitness Academy contain bodyweight movements as well a mix of all three options builds a well-balanced, functional are, of course, many other ways to get in strength training, such as rock climbing, yoga, and our purposes here, well stick to the basics, as they provide the perfect building blocks for adding anything walk into the gym without a game plan. or 4 Hour Body approach works well for most people when it comes to getting rid of the excess your body fat percentage is around 80% about nutrition and around 20% about exercise so if thats your goal Id suggest changing your Im doing a modified Paleo now. This seems to work very well for most people.

strength exercises without equipment

Strength Training Exercises

And if youre looking for a crazy-tough routine, rest for 90 seconds, then repeat the entire circuit one more in a plank position. Thats 1 rep. Be sure to keep hips still and facing the ground throughout the routine. Walk hands forward so that youre in a plank position. Keep back flat and walk legs out in front of body. Drop chest to floor, then jump feet wide, then to the sides of hands, then back to standing position.

The reason for its effectiveness: It takes full advantage of the scientific laws of motion and leverage, placing your body in a position that forces your back and arms to lift your entire body weight. The same is true of your body: Lengthen it and every exercise you do becomes harder. But you can boost your work output by moving a greater distance during each repetition. For many body-weight exerciseslunges, pushups, situpsyour range of motion ends at the floor. Then lower yourself again before pushing your body all the way up. Instead of pushing your body all the way up from the down position, do five smaller reps in which you raise and lower your body about an inch each time.

Of course you can do pushups, pullups, situps, and body-weight squats, but they do get boring after a while. Try performing sets of descending reps. Do a set of 10, then a set of 9, and so on down to 1 rep. As your muscles fatigue, the workload gets reduced, so you get just enough recovery to build up a good volume of exercise55 total reps, a number most of us never approach with three sets to failure. Do as many chinups as you can and then bring your hands in even closer so youre doing a close-grip chinup with hands nearly touching. When you cant do any more reps like that, place your hands on a bench or seat so your body is at an inclinea much easier position to do pushups in read here.

This adds additional weight to the exercise, making it a strength training exercise that continuously challenges your you begin strength training, youll need to prepare your strength training items. Unlike other strength training exercises, you can use a higher rep range with kettlebell swings aim for 20 repetitions as a general to Do It To begin, hold a water jug in each hand and keep your arms straight by the sides of your body. This is the starting position. Try adding a couple of these exercises to your strength training routine, doing them three times a to Do It Stand straight and keep your feet positioned shoulder-width apart. In addition, you can hold a weighted jug above your head, which also works out your to Do It To start, put your feet and hands on the floor. Keep your back straight. Keep your arms straight and bend your knees so youre almost in a seated position in front of the chair.

hey guys it’s Kelly with Fitness blender comm and today I have a body weight only abs and upper body workout for you so we’re going to be doing exercises and groups of three I’ve included your cardio warm up and like I said you don’t need any equipment at all for this let’s go ahead and get started we’ll be doing each of these warm up exercises for 30 seconds apiece and we’re just warming up nice and slow here focusing on the upper body a little bit of the core as well so stretching forward and then back you’re really going to exaggerate the most this motion reach forward and then stretch out that chest can even get your wrists into this motion you know they could use some stretches after sitting at the computer all day long so back and forth nice and smooth at whatever pace you like I have more seconds we’re going to switch to jumping jack arms plus steps so windmilling overheads going out to one side and then the other try to make sure this is a full range of motion try to keep your arms straight and if you need to move slower that’s totally fine focus on range of motion over speed pick up the pace as you start to feel a little warmer make sure you’re breathing right in five seconds we’re going to switch to ventral poles so this time in front of the body so you’re coming down and then overhead really gently push into each end of that range of motion up over your head and down below ten seconds left sorry about five seconds left and then we’re gonna switch into a toe touch plus a row so for this I’m gonna be warming up the ladies a little bit as well I’m down stare it here and then row up and squeeze those arms up and come back up squeeze your glutes back down row up and lower so pretend like you have weights you’re kind of working against yourself here is just really contract your muscles you might even see feel your arms start to shake a little bit five seconds left we’re going to do a torso torso twist chest opener so here I’m going to twist at the torso once you’re there open your arms up come back to the center go to the other side so try to keep your hips stationary facing forward and then get all the range of motion through that torso and you’re also getting to stretch your upper body a little extra with those arms alright this next one we’re going to make it X with our arms going to stretch them opposite so one lower one higher pull meet and Center do the opposite switching positions there feel free to turn on some music that motivates you especially once you’ve got the hang of exercises you don’t need to listen to me anymore alright five more seconds and we’re going to be doing overhead press and pull so this is another one where you’re working into your own strength so press up above your head pretend like you’re lifting and pull back down you can already really start to feel this try to make each motion count we have just one more warm up exercise after this and we’ll get into that routine five seconds I’m going to switch to an up and over toe touch to one I sit over down and touch your toes up and over so kind of getting a circular motion with those arms if you can’t touch your toe that’s just fine just keep a nice and shout if you need to keep it going five seconds left two one alright so that is our warm up if you need to feel free to do a little extra otherwise we’ll get right into that routine alright we’re going to start on the floor for our first exercise we were doing back bojack’s so you’re laying on your stomach we’re going to be arching our backs up off of that well pulling your arms back so make sure that you’re really focusing on squeezing during this motion make it count lift up lift your thighs up lift your chest up as far as you can and squeeze and bring those arms back before extending them out in front of you and lowering to the mat again so if you can’t come out very far that’s totally okay we’re also when you’re bringing your legs off the mat you’re working your button thighs too and your lower back which is great if you want to if you’re having trouble with this you can always stay down low and just lift up the top of your body if you want to focus more heavily on your core and upper body alright there’s one down already so next exercise is a walk down up down so for this one we walking our way out to a tall plank then going down on our forearms 40 seconds for these intervals 15 seconds for us just keep moving in between these exercises check your lock down inch your way out there once your whole plank down down up up and remember which arm you started with you’re going to want to switch it up every time we don’t want to lower yourself with a different arm so this time I’m going to go down my left side first press back up so keep a slight bend in your elbow during this entire range of motion so that you’re going to keep your upper body working more instead of just walking out we’re going to work your muscles more now as quickly or slowly as you need to try to pull in your core squeeze your glutes to bring yourself back up right alright so this third exercise is going to be our core component so I’m going to drop down to the floor we’re doing an oblique reach so on each side gonna lay yourself out flat on your forearms we’re gonna bring our legs up and reach over across the opposite side of the body so just keep it going back and forth try to keep that leg straight as you can if you need to if you’re really stiff you can bend for more range of motion if you like make sure you’re not holding your breath try not to scrunch your neck into your chest too much keep your neck in a healthy position it don’t cause any discomfort there five seconds left keep it going all right so that’s round one so we’re going to do one more of each of those and that’ll be Group one completely done so this whole thing is going to move really quickly so back out on your stomach okay so I’m gonna doing that back bow jumping jacks or back Bojack so up pull back down under 20 seconds left keep it going so any point can stop take a break if you need to just try to keep your break as brief as possible before you jump right back in alright there’s the last one of those we’re going to get back up for that plank walk down + up down so do at least a boxer shuffle while you’re waiting in between these exercises keep your heart rate up muscles nice and warm get a burn a few extra calories alright here we go so walking down oops down down up up squeeze come back up keep going this is half way right here under ten seconds to one alright so there’s that we’re going to go back to that oblique crunch and just suck it here take a couple good deep breaths get ready sort of that last herbal these here we go punch up squeeze good breathing pattern so exhale when you reach out for that toe and you know really quickly while you’re back on those forearms so there’s a little bit of legwork in here two touches on all the muscle groups just a little bit predominantly the upper body and some core about ten seconds left keep it going five seconds to one all right so next up we have a palm press plus an extension so this is one where you can target the chest really unique way it’s going to burn without any equipment so we’re gonna be pressing your palms together here we go so press those palms together as hard as you can and then turn your hand and go out extend out still pushing those hands together the whole time and then back together here so it’s all up to you to set the difficulty the thing is that this should be this should be difficult for the fittest of people on the planet because you’re working against your own strength so if I see in the comments section that this is easy you’re calling yourself out for slacking so I don’t want to see it press as hard as you can focus really squeeze make sure you’re not holding your breath it’s really easy to do alright so there’s one of those down so we’re going to work those complementary muscles this next time we’re going to do a bent over over burst fly so again you’re going to want to focus on squeezing your muscles so you the most out of this exercise it’s your strength versus your strength so come down here and bring those arms up this is a easily this is stolen from strength training so if you want to if you want to challenge yourself more grab weights grab books or water bottles and then just keep your back nice and flat bend over and bring those arms back in a really slow controlled fashion feel this through your shoulders or your shoulder blade the back upper back under ten seconds left two one alright so next up we’re doing a 3 way crunch so you’re going to jump down to the ground I’m going to crunching up in the center on the side and then the other side so actually you can do this with your toes up in the air as well so I’m going to reach for the outside ankle send her ankle outside ankle so just keep that going so you’re getting your obliques the side of your torso full of your stomach all kinds of good stuff in here so try to not relax in between repetitions notice how I’m not coming down here letting my muscles relaxed you can do that if you want to make easier you want to make it harder keep those muscles contracted the whole time keep them tight and tense can also bend your knees you’re not feeling very flexible alright there’s around one down so we’re going to do the second one back to that palm press extension so stretch those arms out in between shake out those muscles and bring your hands into your chest press get a good amount of pressure going and then keep it up as you go out and then back in I don’t know if you guys can see my arms shaking but they are very bad some of these um no equipment workout routines I love strength training strength training is the best way to change the shape of your body to help yourself burn fat all kinds of excellent health benefits there but some of these no equipment workouts with some of these different ranges of motion and exercises can be so humbling they’re very convenient while you’re traveling or if you don’t have any equipment so there’s one down so next up we’re going to be doing that bent over fly again shake out your muscles give them a little break kind of freestyle it wherever you’re feeling most tight alright so next up with me leaning forward again back flat butt and stick out behind you and bring those arms up if you want to make it extra really make it burn you can come up here and squeeze it a little before you slowly drop back down so kind of a really smooth pulsing motion there give it like three pulses drop back down or you just hang out here for the last 10 seconds or so so do pulses right here choose your difficulty level to keep going the regular repetitions to make it easier alright so back to that core exercise is our last one before I take a really quick water break and we’re already halfway done with this routine over halfway done so waiting here get your feet up in the air here we go center side center keep it going over halfway done five seconds all right so that is our quick break here so don’t stop moving don’t go too far away from your computer your TV or your phone or whatever you’re watching me on we right back you our next exercise is a sidewall push up so you’re going to want to find any open wall that you can lean against going to be putting your hand right here and we’re me leaning in this is the motion I don’t have a second camera today so I’m using a wall doesn’t do justice but flat against the wall here and then you’re bending at the elbow so you’re doing a side push up and you’re going to feel it I know it’s might be surprising that there’s actually a wall here a lot of people think that we’re just in some white space Zone in here let’s change but there is a wall here so hand flat against it and just bending at the elbow it might even be a very small range of motion you’re leaning into it with your bodyweight you can make it easier by standing closer to the wall makes for less body weight or you can stand further away and you’re definitely going to feel that the resistance increases there so any pace you need to any distance you need to any depth of range of motion that you need to but you will feel it make sure that you remember which side you’re on because we’re going to be doing the opposite one in the next interval next up we have arm circles so arms are going to come straight out we’re going to do half going forward and half going backwards so I’m going to start up early here just to make it burn extra otherwise right around the shoulder joint keep your circles nice and tight and clean try to control that motion I know it’s a lot easier if you let your arms just flail but you would work those muscles to do it slowly deliberately with control motion five more seconds four in the switch directions alright switch so I’m going backwards now kind of pacing my feet distracts me from the muscle burn a little bit keep it going ten seconds left five seconds these are always very humbling exercise alright and that is it so drop those arms shake them out we’re going to be doing a plank plus a row plus an extension for this next exercise so I’m gonna drop down be doing a plank with my weight in my toes and my forearms but you can make it easier by doing it from your knees you’re going to pull up and then out so squeeze that arm the whole way set it back down throw up and then extend out so you should feel the first part in your upper back and the second part and that tricep is you extend make sure that you are contracting your muscles you have to be working or else it won’t work this is another one that could be difficult for literally any fitness level just keep it going pull in your core definitely working our core here abs and lower back alright so remember which side you did that wall push up on the last time I’m gonna be working the opposite side this time shake it while your muscles and have five seconds this turns that wall push up flat on the wall and Bend so again remember you’re doing this range of motion just lean in as little or as much as you need to in order to make it difficult for yourself and then push away well you might as well sit up nice and straight squeeze your glutes pull in your core work all of your muscles even the ones that are not directly involved in the exercise it’s a good cheat to make your workout maximally effective 15 seconds left three two and one okay next up we’re going back to those arm circles so remember we’re going to switch halfway through whether you’re going forwards or backwards so shake them out get them ready and here we go with start backwards nice and controlled do a little pacing in place here don’t think about it just take deep breaths and reverse that motion so whichever way you’re going go the opposite way for these last 20 seconds if you need to you can shake your arms drop your arms very quickly and then get your arms right back up there before you know what you’re going to need fewer and fewer rest periods and shorter and shorter rest periods two one okay ouch okay so we’re going back to that plank plus a row plus an extension so you want to do each one of these movements with conviction make it count about five seconds of rest left so pick your difficulty on that core you can do the full plank for as long as you can and then switch to the easier version so try to keep your body facing down even as you’re pulling those arms up to do this motion and again you do have weights and you want to make it harder or more conventionally difficult anyway you can always hold on to those weights here five seconds left is our last one this group all right so next up we have pull downs plus steps so gonna be standing here and add an angle pulling pushing up and then pulling back and then switching sides so you can go into a lunge if you want to make this extra hard on the lower body it just depends on what you want so standing here you’re going to press up at an angle and then pull back down really squeeze then switch feet so like I said you can go into it’s deep or shallow range of motion you need to make it hard for yourself pretend like there’s wait there pretend like you’re pulling hard you’re pulling something towards yourself then pushing it away like I said you can go into a lunge if you need to here if you want to make it harder squeeze your glutes squeeze your thighs pull in your core squeeze those muscles as you pull towards yourself to one alright so next up we have tricep dips we’re going to hit up the back of those arms again so this if you have a chair a bench table you can always do this off the edge of it if you have you don’t have access to any of those you can do it on the ground like I’m going to you’re just going to come up in this crown position and I kick out one leg just to give me a little more range of motion so alternating back and forth but you want your elbows to go out behind yourself so directly behind your body so that you really hit the back of those arms you can squeeze work your quads the front of your thighs here five seconds left alright so next up we are doing a bicycle crunch so gonna be lying flat on your back hang on we going back and forth between those legs your butt your legs would be pedaling as if you’re on bike so hands behind your head crunch up to one toe pedal then crunch up to the other knee so keep it going like I said move your own pace and go as quickly or as slowly as you need to just make sure that your priority is on good form inhale on one side exhale on the other point your toes for extra credit really try to crunch upwards towards each side make it count five seconds left all right so one more round so we can start off with those pull downs plus the steps I’m having serious hair difficulties today my hair never likes to stay in anything very slippery because it’s healthy but it’s anyway pull back and press up switch back and press up when we have a couple minutes left so try to really stay focused stay present all right sodac down on the ground for that last group of tricep dips so finish up here we have under two minutes left you’re almost to that workout complete alright so here we go pick those feet up in turn make sure there’s arms going out behind you try not to completely lock out your elbows at the top of the range motion if you do that your arms are going to get even less rest in between each repetition which means more muscle work which means better faster results oh man that burns okay so last group of bicycle crunches is in our last exercise so if you’ve made it all this way I’d love to know if you’re sore tomorrow especially if you’re used to doing kind of or more traditional strength training be it just the C from you guys keep it going high strong movements smooth movements 20 seconds to work left keep it going to one right and that is it so that is actually the end of our workout so if you’ve made it this far good job congratulations go drink lots of water and eat a healthy meal as soon as you can a whole real food otherwise thank you for working out with me I really appreciate it good job guys this workout is complete you.

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