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I can tell you that there is one thing that every skinny guy has in common, and whether they admit it or not, they see that big guy every time he shows up, they watch him and think to themselves “Someday I want that to be it or not, if you are one of those skinny guys, you aren’t alone. After reading this you should be ready to take the first steps in the journey from the skinniest dude in your gym to the are afraid to challenge yourself because what is challenging to you be most guys’ starting weight. It can be tough, but the sooner you get over that nervousness, the sooner you will start the weights that challenge you be warming up to others, you have to just go for it each time you train. You will be amazed how you feel and how much progress you make once you hit your first is a must, plain and simple.

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Supplements For The Skinny Guy

How many calories are you eating per day?. You won’t feel as full, because fats are more calorie you are having a hard time enough enough food, you want to increase your fat intake as high as 40% daily. Some will consider this rate “slow”, but it does add up to nearly a 25 pound bodyweight gain over the course of a year, and almost 50 pounds in 2 you follow this approach, and work hard to get a lot stronger than you are now using the workout plan below, your weight gain will be a quality weight gain. It following 3 step plan is merely one possible way to build muscle. what should i do to gain 21, 170cm, 54kg. So, please suggest me what diet should I follow and is this workout routine good for Steven. can i gain weight at this age?

As a former very skinny guy, Ive made all the mistakes one can make over the past twelve years. Its time to think in terms of months and years. If you can train three days a week, that should be MORE than enough to make you bigger. Since putting a focus on getting bigger and stronger, Ive had to considerably up my sleep time. I dont know what it could be but its annoying. My son is very frustrated and wonders how much more does he needs to eat because he cant eat more than what he its right now.

A fact, I personally believe the best routine mixes both weights and body weight training for my lower body, body weight movements for my upper day starts with either a squat/front squat or deadlift.A Each workout also contains a lot of olympic/gymnastic style movements and holds to build upper body it really comes down to is this:A no matter what you have access to (a gym, barbell, dumbbells, or just a pull up bar) you can find a way to build strength and muscle if you follow a plan and eat enough you want body weight routines and progressions specifically designed to build muscle and size, we have plans laid out in the Nerd Fitness AcademyA that dont require any equipment other than your bodyweight and a pull-up are plenty of out there as well (like our very own beginner bodyweight routine, advanced bodyweight routine, andA playground routine) just make sure each routine has you increasing the challenge and difficulty of the exercise, not just increasing the number of reps, and youll be on your way towards getting but not least, the other important piece to this triforce of muscle training, eating enough, and body builds and rebuilds its muscles during RECOVERY. Get stronger, and eat more food. A If you want to gain weight, lift heavy and eat a lot. A We still want to be doing compound, full body movements, and lifting heavy. Like Im 120lbs so .8g of protein times that is 96g of protein. I hope this works, thank you so much for the example routines and diet suggestions, so so Im 50kgs and Ive read this of yours and followed it, but Im starting to doubt if I really should follow this because I dont know if this will help me gain weight.

one question I get asked all the time is with the quickest and easiest way for guys who are skinny to quickly build muscle mass well in this video I’m going to show you three simple steps that if you follow these steps you will build muscle and you’ll build muscle just about as fast as as possible for you as you can see I used to be super fucking skinny but following these same three basic steps I was able to bulk up about forty pounds over the past four or five years so I know that these things work and before I get into the three specific steps that we’re going to be talking about I just wanted to say that you should watch the very end of this video because I’m gonna offer you a free gift it’s going to help you build muscle even faster at the end of the video step one the most important thing you need to do if your focus is on building muscle and getting bigger and stop being so skinny is to eat enough food to gain weight if you keep eating the same amount of food that you’re eating now doesn’t matter if you divide that up into six seven or eight meals if you just keep eating the same total number of calories that you’re eating now you’re not going to gain weight and you’re not going to gain muscle even if you’re lifting weights in the gym every single day of your life in my opinion the easiest way to eat more calories throughout the day is actually to eat three big meals rather than trying to stuff in you know six or seven little meals every two or three hours just eat three big meals wake up and prepare yourself a big breakfast with eggs and bacon or sausage a big thing a chocolate milk a bagel with butter on it that’s going to add up to a lot of calories you might not have that time to prepare lunch you can easily make something like a gainer shake with protein powder Oats oatmeal peanut butter even put some olive oil in there for extra calories in whole milk too to add even more calories blend that up take it to work and put it in the refrigerator or just blend it up at home that’s another 800 to a thousand calories right there those are just a couple things that are useful for me but at the end of the day you need to make sure that you track your calories and you actually eat enough calories on a daily basis and the easiest way to do this is to open up your smartphone and download a calorie counting app like My Fitness Pal or fad secret buy calorie counter and use that to track how many calories you eat on a day to day basis step two is lifting weights and this is the obvious one but still a lot of guys take the wrong basic approach to this and because of that they don’t get the gains that they should be making in the gym so the first key to lifting weights is you want to do compound movements this means movements that work multiple large muscle groups at the same time these movements allow you to move more weight and because of that they allow you to work more muscle fibers in your body and recruit more motor units and this stuff results in more muscle mass being built by your body examples of compound movements for the lower body are squats lunges and deadlifts for your chest it’s all types of pressing so bench presses incline bench presses dips for your shoulders it’s going to be military presses and overhead presses and for your back it’s going to be things like rows and pull ups now doing those little accessory movements for your arms like triceps extensions and bicep curls are still good to do but those should be the end of your workout they should be you know only a small percentage of the work you’re doing because at the end of the day those things are going to make only a very minimal difference compared to what these big exercises are going to do for you the second key is to use what’s called progressive overload what this means is that every time you go to the gym you need to be shooting to do more weight if you’re not getting stronger in the gym you’re not forcing yourself to lift more weight then your body is not going to be forced to adapt and to build new muscle mass the easiest way to do this is to try and add five pounds to every exercise you do each workout that you do so if today you go and you benchpress 135 for 8 reps for three sets then the next time you benchpress you should be trying to do 5 pounds more than that so 140 pounds for the same three sets of eight reps the third and final part of this is to rest your body builds muscle when you’re resting when you’re in the gym the muscles breaking down if anything and when it comes to resting there’s three key aspects the first one is to rest in between your workouts this means that you don’t work out every single day the second aspect of this is to not do too much cardio so that means even if you love doing stuff like playing basketball like those bros behind me you have to sort of sacrifice this and focus on lifting weights when you want to bulk up and build muscle cardio burns calories and this is going to make it harder for you to gain weight the third final aspect of this is to actually get enough sleep your body is in an anabolic state when you’re sleeping this is when your body naturally releases hormones like testosterone and HGH human growth hormone so you need to make sure that you’re getting a full seven or eight hours sleep minimum per night if you want your body to be optimally building muscle if you have trouble sleeping make sure your rooms cool if that means opening the windows or turning on the AC do that means the room should be dark so fully shut your blinds or your curtains so it’s dark in there don’t look at a screen within an hour before you go to sleep because the light from the screen has been shown to reduce our quality of sleep and do whatever else you need to do to make sure you’re getting those eight hours of sleep at night and that’s all I got follow those three steps eating enough food to gain weight lifting heavy compound movements and always trying to get stronger and resting whether that’s in between your workouts are getting enough sleep because if you follow these three things you will build muscle mass and you will get bigger so as I mentioned at the beginning of the video I have a free gift for you guys it is a muscle building meal plan that contains seven recipes that all are you know very easy and quick to prepare they’re all fucking delicious and they’re all packed with protein healthy fats and healthy carbs they all use very simple ingredients you can buy any grocery store for very cheap so it’s also pretty easy on your wallet and honestly these are sort of my go to meals every day for breakfast lunch and dinner just to get the calories in that I need to build muscle without breaking the bank and without wasting more than a few minutes of my time so if you want these seven easy recipes just click that big red box that just popped up or if you’re on a smartphone or a tablet and that didn’t pop up then hit the I little eye icon in the top right hand corner and when you click either of those things it’s going to take you to a different page we’re just going to put your email address in and then I’ll send you my muscle building meal plan instantly and you can start using these recipes otherwise if you enjoyed this video hit the subscribe button so you don’t miss out on any of my new videos you can keep up to date with all the latest how to beast videos that’s all I got for this video stay beastly.

oh you guys are going to be happy today I got it I found it I have found the number one secret the trick to gaining weight if you’re super skinny I’ve been debating whether to share this secret with you guys but I’m gonna do it I found this thing and all you have to do is take one pill a day it out of here with that there is no secret there is no trick there is no shortcut it’s actually very simple the one thing that you need to start doing to gain muscle if you’re skinny eat more I see in the comment sections I get emails about it who say how do I gain weight if I’m super skinny that’s the problem that I’ve had myself I’m a guy that has a very fast metabolism and naturally I’m pretty skinny to the point that if I start to stop working out I won’t gain weight I’ll just be a walking stick which is why we started this fitness series that we’ve been doing for this isnow week 5 I believe so as you can see right now I’m hitting 170 5 point 8 pounds that is amazing when I started I was at 170 pounds so I’ve basically had a little bit over a 5 pound increase in 5 weeks which is a healthy rate to gain weight as for my brother he’s doing the complete opposite so we’re trying to cover both spectrums of the guy that wants to gain weight if they’re skinny and the guy that wants to lose weight if they’re overweight my brother weighed in at 177 this week again an amazing transformation and we’re not even halfway done I also like the fact that I’m not gaining too much fat as I’m gaining weight the last thing I want to do is just become obese I want to do it in a healthy rate which is why I love this scale this scale breaks all that down for me it shows me my body fat percentage my muscle mass percentage my overall weight even my water weight which is something that I like even though it’s not a hundred percent accurate it’s a good gauge for me to see that I’m not eating a bunch of unhealthy foods that’s making me gain a bunch of body fat I’m maintaining if not increasing my muscle weight and I know I’m also increasing weight which makes it great as I’m going through this series if you guys want to check out this scale I’m going to have a link below there’s a special discount code that makes it super affordable everything’s going to be down in the description for you guys to check out but this brings me to the core of this video one of the most important things that so many guys seems to forget I’m going to include myself too this is your gangs are made in the kitchen it doesn’t matter if you’re trying to lose weight or to gain weight oh I would say 70 to 80% of your success is what you actually put into your body not so much the time you spend in the gym here’s my tip to you if you’re a skinny guy and you want to gain weight start tracking what you eat download an app called My Fitness Pal it’s completely free and it’s going to help you keep track of everything you intake instead of go for yourself as for how many calories you should take this really all depends on obviously your weight your current condition level and just to overall lifestyle you live but as an example say you make yourself a goal to eat at least 2,500 calories a day you’re going to do that every single day for a week and make sure you rate yourself every day it’s by the end of the week you haven’t gained any weight whatsoever then this is a clear sign to you that you’re not eating enough then add another 500 calories repeat the same process by the end of the week you still see you haven’t gained anything add another 500 calories if you had 3500 and you’re finally gaining then that’s when you know that’s what you should be eating every single day to start gaining weight ideally you want to gain around 1 pound of weight a week this will be a really healthy rate of increase where you avoid just ballooning up and building too much fat but this does bring you to a very important point just because you have to eat let’s say 3,500 calories this doesn’t mean you’re going to binge on ice cream and candy and popcorn and every other junk food you can think of for healthy weight gain it’s best to eat foods that support a healthy lifestyle overall healthy body so focus on Whole Foods a lot of fruits vegetables are important whole grains definitely enough protein you can get this from your eggs from your poultry from your beef from your nuts your fish so once you get that down obviously you’re going to need a good routine like I said in the beginning I would say 70 to 80% of your success of actually being able to gain weight will be done in the kitchen but if you want to build that into lean muscle you’re obviously going to need a good routine and that’s why we have that free pdf if you don’t know where to start there’s a free pdf down there with the whole workout plan for you guys it’s super simple not complicated it won’t take up hours of your time and it gets straight to the point it’s efficient I’m going to have it linked below Allen also program the last 7 weeks if you have been following along for the 12 weeks so far the last 7 weeks of the program are now in the PDF which I’ll have linked down below a little bit tougher and it started to get a little bit more advanced so I’m going to have that link to go you guys can check it out like I said it’s completely free to download and just to give you an example for one of the workout days for this week 5 which was a full day they consisted of starting with some rack pose it’s a great workout to build your back and also strengthening your deadlift here we started with 5 sets of 5 reps then we moved over to the barbell row again an amazing workout one of my favorites again 5 sets 5 reps thinking with the same weight and really focusing on the contraction with all of these moves then we move to the cable machine and we did some lat pulldown this is a great alternative if maybe you’re not strong enough to do a pull up yet this is a good place to start here we did four sets eight to twelve reps and finally we finished off the pulled a with some dumbbell curls where we did four sets eight to twelve reps that’s basically it as you can see it’s not super complicated the workout itself took around thirty five to forty minutes of intense work that’s more than enough to get yourself pumped and build lean muscle other than that that’s the secret guide you guys want to learn how to put on weight just eat more so that’s it for me in today’s video guys I hope you enjoyed it if you did don’t forget to drop us a like down below see you next.

these are the answers from the roundtable experts on how to gain muscle for skinny guys I’m here in Bangkok and there’s a lot of Asian guys that come up to me and say how do I put on muscle how do I gain weight like you I try to eat more and it doesn’t work well chances are they’re not eating enough so increasing appetite is probably the first thing to troubleshoot overactive thyroid is also a very common cause for people not to be able to gain weight so doing things to slow the thyroid if we’re looking into the steroid world then we’re looking at something like trend blonde which is able to build muscle off of less calories and even set to slow the thyroid down let’s get some more tips from the experts nutrition is key a lot of people these days get caught up in stacking this and not worrying about the supplements first and that’s not where it all begins so what would we do is eat six small meals a day most of the time people under eat as a skinny guy so we’d start from there they have trouble eating with increased cardio maybe about 20 minutes post workout or fast if that should help the metabolism get going so they could eat all the mills another thing would be doing a cheat meal on one of their lagging body parts and I like to put that in as the last meal of the day just so they get all the other calories in and they’ll be in a surplus of calories out there how to build muscle for skinny guys eat as much as you can train heavy five days a week give yourself two rest days and if you can’t eat force feed yourself or mass gaining protein shakes it’s a easy thousand calories per shake and you don’t have to chew it you just drink it you’re good to go growing up as an ectomorph I noticed that I had a high metabolism it was hard for me to sustain any type of weight no matter what type of food I ate I remember noticing the changes when I got a little older stay around around 23 or 24 I am actually eating lesser than I did when I was actually in my 20s and early teens and I had way more weight on me so it has a lot to do with genetics has to do a lot with your metabolism and honestly I was able to put on more when I started actually using hardcore steroids and pro hormones other than that guys I don’t know how that’s even possible to try to do it naturally based on just food you eat maybe somebody has different opinion about it but as far as myself and my own personal experience that was the only way that things actually changed it had to do with my age so now I’m gonna tell my metabolism and they have to do with actually using that supplements how to gain weight if you’re skinny bastard well duh take drugs the strongest thing the walls of your land will allow anabolics if you’re in the civilized part of the world if you’re in the Western world Psalms peptides the most potent thing you can nothings gonna gain and retain muscle mass like drugs ideally want to be in a caloric surplus meaning in in taking more energy or food than your body requires so it can synthesize new tissue meaning both muscle and fat and your training will dictate how much of that would be muscle if your training program is based around progression aka progressive overload meaning you’re doing more work for the same amount of time whether more weight or reps you will gain more muscle and always and also you want to be eating our short surplus in a small surplus and not going crazy but the problem with skinny guys is that they’re they cannot eat enough calories either way so they tend to under it so my recommendation obviously will be eat more and if we cannot then you can just drink your calories at high calorie shakes between your meals and like if you don’t want to by mass gainers you can just make some at home throw some oatmeal’s two spoons of peanut butter with yogurt and mix it up in a blender add some calorie free syrup and you have like a five concrete 600 calories shake right there and that will help you gain weight and as regards to what you can do enhancing enhancement wise if you’re doing steroids you can add baldon on which is obviously known that it increases appetite and it’s so versatile you can edit in your bulking or cutting cycle it doesn’t matter so and also you can you can take grps which are growth women using peptides GRP 6 is known to boost appetite a lot and also MTA 677 it also increases the grilling so that’s another thing that you want in your program so you can download calories it honestly the biggest thing is having them eat more calorie dense foods more often and cheating at least twice a week to get that calories in they’re trying to increase some a little weight on lift a little heavier than normal people eat what you gotta do is eat and eat your diet has to be 100% supplements hundred percent and training 100% that will equal muscle growth like keep the foods 90 percent clean and lean meats and everything you don’t want to eat too dirty or else you will put on unnecessary weight and that will equal fat and that’s what we don’t want to put on five categories number one is your nutrition you have to increase your calories especially from good fats and you have to increase your Omega threes make sure that all this is included increase your frequency up to five to seven meals a day we’re doing that much definitely get up to that point now number two train with heavy weight and train to failure in the same workout maybe not on the same set but in the same workout for example if you’re gonna pyramid up to heavy weight and squats then in these two drop sets on leg extensions if you’re doing the same to three quads number three get the proper amount of rest that you need when you’re trying to grow it’s not advisable to train every day of the week so Doering really got really good sign up a training four days a week two on one off two on two off that works really good for some people some people like to on one off two on one off and just keep rotating it but regardless no more than four to five days maximum if you’re trying to put on signs and I advise you take the rest thing after legs or after back number for supplementation this can be in many different forms I’m just going to name a few of them here wait protein isolates your meal replaces your post workout drink your inner workout drink glutamine creatine branch chains free for amino acids you get the gist of it each one does something different which one you want to find one for that works what you need it for so if you need recovery during that workout because your workout small you need a workout drink if you need help recovery and you don’t want to eat food right after your workout then you need a isolate you know to get inside and repair the muscle right afterward if you feel like you’re running out of gas during the workout and you need some more energy and you feel like you just don’t have quite a beautiful pump I recommend branch chains and also in a workout drink moving on to number five and this is where the threshold changes if your natural eye by just a natural if you’re not and everybody knows that performs enhancement drugs are one of the key factors into putting on muscle size regardless of how big were skinny you are if you are skimming they work well if you’re big well I’m just going to name a few of these arms steroids th and insulin how a skinny guy can get huge to summarize get the thyroid levels tested the insulin the blood sugar tested remember diabetics sometimes can’t gain weight because their body lost the insulin sensitivity or the ability to produce it so they can’t uptake the nutrients hormones that switch the body into building mode and out of breakdown mode so look into anabolics and research gear that converts to estrogen as being more effective at increasing muscle gain without increasing calories consider having more food more often and if you need to supplement it with weight gainer shakes or home made weight gainer shakes that have things like peanut butter macadamia nut oil whole milk protein powder even can be using isolator concentrate protein since you’re consuming it with fat it will slow down the absorption of the protein consider harder more intense but shorter training so you don’t break down the muscle more than it can repair and see they’re not burning too many calories but you’re still giving yourself the stimulation to grow muscle look into increasing your appetite look into boldenone or equipoise m’kay 677 or G HRP the growth hormone release peptide also rest the body grows during rest so consider adding a map in the daytime or taking things to help you sleep better make sure to subscribe so you see the videos that come out before they get banned bye.

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