Meal Plan To Build Muscle

Complete meal plan to build muscle guide updated for 2018. No outdated bro science BS. You can skip looking around and build REAL muscle with our online course. Pennies compared to a personal trainer and a lot more flexibile.

We’ve created templates to help you do all three, along with guidelines to help you track the calories, carbs, protein, and fat you should be shooting for each day. To get you started, we’ve also included sample recipes, plus plenty of options to swap in for added variety. This is your one-stop shop for what and how to eat in the new year. The meals in our New Year’s plan are divided into two categories: those with starchy carbs and those without.

meal plan to build muscle

The Get-Lean Meal Plan

And were not talking protein shakes and snacks between meals were talking 5+ meals a day, six eggs for breakfast, shakes containing 1200+ kcals apiece. If youre more of a southern fried chicken and oven chips kind of person, you might need to spend some time devising a simple meal plan that will provide you with the calories and nutrients you need. 7xweight in kg)+ (5xheight in cm)-(6. 7 Kcals a day to maintain your existing weight but thats without taking physical activity into account. Thats the number of calories he would have to consume on a daily basis just to maintain his existing weight. If youre doing the right kind of exercise and eating healthily, realistically you can hope to gain around 1-2lb of muscle per month, with the rest being a mixture of glycogen and fat.

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meal plan to build muscle ideas

Dont beat yourself up over it. Instead take this opportunity to get back to healthy, clean eating that supports lean musclebuilding. Normally we would recommend weighing out your food to ensure the portions are correct, however for this starter meal plan we wont take it to that extent. That might have been part of the reason you fell off track in the first place. Instead, focus on making the right food decisions and eating 5-6 small meals each and every day. In addition to whats suggested here, allow yourself one weekly cheat meal for some psychological relief and to get your metabolism fired up

Athletes have different energy needs and goals, so Burns creates a unique, detailed eating plan for each a high school athlete who wants to reduce body fat while increasing lean muscle, Burns created a sample plan. To maintain weight based on age, height, weight and activity level, the athlete has to take in 4,100 calories a day. “When I advise athletes, I first work with them to get rid of processed foods such as white flour, refined sugars, artificial coloring, trans fats, additives and chemicals,” Burns says. “We then replace empty calorie foods and unnecessary chemicals with whole foods. Think oatmeal versus Lucky every athlete should eat to build muscle Burns’ clients stock up on organic, meats, omega-3 fortified eggs, organic fruits and vegetables, and the healthy fats found in raw nuts, seeds, avocados, organic dairy (if tolerated), organic olive oil and virgin coconut oil. Most athletes are used to eating a highly processed, high carb diet. Their bodies need time to adapt to burning more healthy (600 calories) Smoothie: 3/4 cup organic fruit 2 tbsp ground flax seed 1 1/2 tbsp flax or borage oil 3 oz organic coconut milk 1 scoop (30 grams) protein powder* (high quality whey, egg, soy or rice) Water/ice as alternative 600-calorie breakfast without the protein powder: 2 large organic omega-3 fortified eggs 1/4 cup greens 2 cups organic berries 4 oz organic Canadian bacon 1 tsp ground flax (sprinkle on toast) 1 medium slice sourdough bread (whole grain ideal) 1/2 tbsp organic (90 calories) 2 scoops (60 grams) protein powder* (whey, egg, soy, rice) in water * The protein powder that Julie Burns uses has 11 grams of protein, 9 grams of carbs, 2 grams of fat and no fructose or artificial (900 calories) 8 oz chicken or other lean meat 1 medium piece sourdough bread (70 calories per slice) 2 cups tossed green salad with tomatoes, cucumbers and onion 1 tbsp dressing (Caesar or vinaigrette) 2 cups broccoli or other non-starchy vegetable 1 tbsp organic butter 1/4 avocado for sandwich spread or a bit less than 1 tbsp real (400-440 calories) 2 real food energy bars (nuts, fruits, etc.)

what’s going on guys Jeff here with water drug fitness and thank you for tuning into my 4400 calorie bulking meal prep series this is video 2 which is prep and packed so it’s going to go over cooking or prepping the groceries that you purchased in video 1 and then packaging them up so video one was called groceries and it covered getting all the groceries and then there’s one more video in this series which is called time to eat and that’s going to cover breaking down when I eat all the meals as well as all the calories the protein carbs and fats in each meal you can find links to all the videos in the description and also this video series is a little bit different than the other series I did a few months back which was the bulking meal prep 4400 calories a day for less than $70 a week that meal prep focused on keeping it under a certain budget where this meal prep focuses on giving you more variety and real quick pouring into the video there’s also a printable PDF that’s going to have all the groceries all the cooking utensils all the cooking instructions it’s also going to break down the day and when to eat each meal as well as what’s in each meal the protein the carbs and fats all those great things are in the PDF so if you want yourself a hard copy I personally like it so I can make my own notes or I can take the grocery lists the store whatever the case may be I made it available to you so you can check it out there’s a link in the description so if you want it go ahead and get it by don’t waste any more time and let’s just get into this video I have some brussel sprouts I have celery I have six sweet potatoes I have a pound and a half to two pounds of broccoli at six oranges six apples I have three packages of strawberries I have six bananas I have a bag of sharp cheddar cheddar strips I have some spray butter I have a package of whole wheat bread I have some large eggs a package of angel hair pasta I have a half gallon a chocolate milk a half gallon of 1% milk a large container of oatmeal I have extra virgin olive oil some maple syrup so peanut butter that over I have some cherries and berries and nuts mix then I have some flavor got seasoning which I bought online I have a garlic lover a everything spicy and a Chipotle then I have some grape jelly a traditional pasta sauce some parmesan center cut bacon two packages of chicken tenderloins two packages of top round steak and then a package of ground sirloin lastly water if you want to know the ounces and pounds that I got of each again watch the previous video and it goes in more depth about the groceries this videos focus on the prep portion prep and pack so now it’s time to get to the cooking utensils and then we’ll get to the prep I have some hefty gallon freezer bags those there then I have two baking pins I have a cookie sheet is what they call him I have a strainer I have a medium cooking skillet I have a larger saute pan I have a large cooking pot I have some oven mitts then I have my three compartments meal Taner meal prep containers they are BPA free dishwasher safe microwavable safe put them the freezer if you want you guys also get a discount on them so check out the link in the description you get a discount on these things I prep every week and I use these things that I love them so don’t beat yourselves up can I have another set of containers just in case they won’t all fit in these ones I have eight knife sets I have my weight scale I have a slotted turn this way wait I got a slide a spoon I have a measuring cup set I have a spatula and a ladle cutting board so that is all the cooking utensils that a little food now it’s time to get into the prep since it can take a little while to preheat the oven you generally want to do that first so we’re going to start by preheating the oven to 400 degrees then you’ll want to get your tinfoil and line the cookie sheet with tinfoil and then you kind of just want to do it I’m doing and Pat it down now you want to go ahead and place your sweet potatoes into your strainer run some water over them and then scrub any of the dirt or grime off of the potatoes because there will be some once you’re done with that you’re going to want to place your sweet potatoes onto the cutting board and with a fork pierce each sweet potato several times in several different spots you don’t have to use a fork you could use a knife but the objective here is to reduce the cook time and also make sure that they cook thoroughly place them in the oven and set the timer for 50 minutes then we’re going to move on to the green beans and Brussels sprouts you’re going to want to place the green beans as well as your Brussels sprouts into the strainer and then rinse them with water again just as we did the sweet potatoes after the rinsed off you want to place them into a baking dish and add extra virgin olive oil as well as some black pepper now you want to unpackage your bacon put it on your cutting board get a sharp knife and start cutting it into very small pieces probably less than half an inch maybe even a quarter inch the smaller you cut it the easier it will cook or the better it’ll cook I should say and the reason I didn’t add salt to the green beans is because the bacon is already pretty high in sodium so I didn’t want to add more salt now I’m going to turn the stove to a medium high heat add the bacon to my cooking skillet and kind of mix it around with a wooden spoon they sure that it gets spread out and it will cook more evenly and then I’m going to cook it for about five minutes shut the stove off place it onto a plate with the paper towel and then grab a paper towel and kind of dab it around a little bit to get any of the excess grease then I’m going to add the bacon to the Brussels sprouts and green beans and spread it around evenly moving on to the broccoli I’m going to place a strainer in the sink add my broccoli so that I can rinse the broccoli crowns it always makes me feel better to rinse my produce I rinse my vegetables because I don’t really know who touched it so that’s what I always do now I’m going to start chopping up the broccoli I’m going to chop off the end there and I’m not going to use that piece and then I’m just going to proceed with cutting the broccoli into smaller pieces how small is really up to you I just like to cut them so that I know that they’re going to fit into my containers obviously if you leave them larger they might not fit so that’s just something that I like to keep in mind and you might want to keep in mind also and once you get the broccoli cut up you’re just going to want to place it into your baking dish then have to have all the broccoli chopped up and it’s in your baking dish you’re going to want to add some extra virgin olive oil as well as salt and pepper the amount of salt and pepper you add is again completely up to you for your preference or you could add a different seasoning of your choice then with 25 minutes left you want to add the Brussels sprouts and green beans as well as broccoli to the oven then grab your oven mitt and begin to flip the sweet potatoes so that you can make sure they’re cooking evenly now while all of that is baking in the oven I’m going to start prepping the bananas and strawberries so really just getting rid of them ready for the freezer so with the bananas I’m just going to pull the peels off of each one place them into the freezer bag and then I will be able to move them to the freezer and you don’t have to freeze your bananas by any means I just think that they last longer so I do that every now and again so now that I have them all peeled and in the freezer bag I’m going to go ahead and just place them in the freezer and once I want my smoothie I’ll just get it out and be ready to go now it’s time to move on to the strawberries so I’m going to place the strawberries into the strainer and rinse them off because again I don’t know where they’ve been I don’t know who’s touched them so I want to place them in the strainer and get any dirt or bacteria off of them then I’m going to start to cut the tops off of each one or cut this cut the stems off because you don’t want to eat those obviously and then just like the bananas you’re just going to place the strawberries into a freezer bag you may need to use more than one freezer bag it just depends on how many strawberries that you bought or then you know the size of the freezer bag but once you have them all cut up I’m just going to go to the freezer again and pop them in there then what about 10 minutes left I’m going to check the broccoli as well as check the brussel sprouts and green beans and the broccoli will be done so I’m going to go ahead and pull that happen in additional 10 minutes I’m going to go ahead and pull the brussel sprouts bacon and green beans I just want to make sure that they were fully cooked and it didn’t seem like the sweet potatoes are done so I put them in for another 5 minutes and now they are and here’s just a quick shot of the broccoli the green beans bacon and Brussels sprouts as well as the sweet potatoes now moving on to the chicken tenderloins I’m just going to take the chicken tenderloin out of the packages place it onto the cutting board and then begin to cut off the little white tendon so on your chicken tenderloin is a little white tendon if you try to eat that without cutting it off it’s going to be very very chewy and hard to eat so you’re going to make sure you cut that off from each piece just want to make sure I point that out because I have ate it before and it did not taste very good so make sure you cut that little white tendon off and then you’re just going to want to cut each piece into about a half an inch to an inch maybe a little bit bigger if you’d like the size is really up to you and then as I cut it to make room on my cutting board I just throw it into the skillet I’m going to head over to the stove and turn it to a medium high heat add some extra virgin olive oil a little bit of flavor God garlic lovers seasoning again here’s where you could add your own seasoning but I like the garlic lovers and I’m just going to flip it around a little bit and let it cook and as the chicken is cooking I’m going to start spaghetti so in a large saute pan I’m going to add some extra virgin olive oil I’m going to add the beef and I’m going to add some everything spicy flavor guide seasoning again the seasonings guys are completely up to you then I’m just going to kind of chop it up into smaller pieces and it should take about eight to ten minutes to cook but really you want to cook it until it’s browned and there’s no more pink and then in a strainer I’m going to strain the beef or drain the beef whatever you want to call it to get that extra grease out because I don’t want that and then I’m just going to add it back to my saute pan and I’m going to add the traditional pasta sauce that I got here’s again where you could pick to eat your own kind of pasta sauce and then I’m going to turn it on low and kind of stir it around a little bit just really trying to make sure that it all gets mixed around together and now by this time the chicken should be done so I’m just going to shut the burner off and then I’m going to move the chicken into a container the container can is up to you it’s your choice wherever you want to move it but I will need that cooking skill again for the beef which is coming up right now so I’m going to start by trimming off the fat depending on how fatty the pieces you might not have a lot to trim off it’s pretty lean stuff so there’s really not much fat that I had to trim and then I’m going to cut it in two slices first and then after I have it all cut up into slices I will start to cut it up into little half inch to an inch cubes however big or small you decide to cut them just make sure you cut them all the same so that they cook evenly then after I have it all cut up into the skillet I’m going to place it on the stove add some extra virgin olive oil add some Chipotle flavor guide seasoning again up to you on what seasoning you want to use by this time the spaghetti is also be done so I can shut that off and after about 10 to 12 minutes it will be done it just depends all on how you like your beef cooked but I can shut that off and begin cooking the pasta so in a large cooking pot I’m going to add the water and I don’t measure how much water but I know that there’s a good one to two inches above the noodles when I put them in so then I’m going to turn the stove to a high heat put a lid on let it start boiling and as that’s boiling I’m going to get my container set up and ready to go and now that the water is boiling I’m going to grab my angel hair pasta and just dump it in I don’t break it in half you could break it in half if you would like but I just choose not to and then I’m going to grab some salt and add some salt to it I just read somewhere that you should do this but I don’t think you have to then I’m going to set the timer for four minutes and once that’s done the pastas done it’s pretty simple I’m just going to shut the stove off and then head over to the sink and strain it and now it’s time to start packaging up the meals so the first meal I’m going to package up is the post workout meal it’s going to be ten ounces of pasta and I know I’ve talked about this in my other videos if you don’t have a weight scale you can eyeball it that’s definitely an option but I have found it is just easier to get a scale you can have it you could go by digital scale or you can buy you know the type of scale I have it’s up to you but I think the scale is really helpful and I really do recommend it if you can get your hands on one then I’m going to add a ladle of the pasta sauce so this meal plan is a little bit different in terms of macros or calories because I’m not I didn’t add the beef and then add the pasta sauce obviously I don’t know exactly how much is in but I can just take the containers and the beef the serving size and just divide them I’ll talk more about that in a little bit but now I’m going to add seven ounces of chicken to the other two meals so three meals are the 10 ounces of noodles with the ladle of a pasta sauce and then two of the meals are going to be 10 ounces of pasta with 7 ounces of chicken but again I’ll explain that more a little bit later then I’m moving on to chicken for the lunches so I’m gonna have three meals of four ounces of chicken I want to package these up and then get to the sweet potatoes so now here are the sweet potatoes you’re gonna have to peel the skin off of each sweet potato they’re gonna be sticky they’re gonna be a little bit messy but I have yet to find a way to peel these things to where my hands don’t get messy or sticky but it’s fine anyways you’re going to want to package up for each lunch six to seven ounces of sweet potato so you’re going to have three meals of chicken sweet potato and veggies and then two meals of steak sweet potato and veggies so a little bit more variety than my other plan speaking of the round steak so what you’re going to want to do now is way out six ounces of round steak for the other two lunches and after you package up your six ounces of round steak for those two meals you’re going to have some round steak leftover and that is for breakfast so each morning I have it so I can eat two and a half anywhere from two to three ounces of round steak so that’s what I’m doing now is I’m weighing out two and a half to three ounces of round steak for each day and then I’m gonna move on to the veggies so I’m going to add a cup and a half to two cups of broccoli to each of my post workout meals and then I’m going to add about a cup and a half to two cups of the green beans brussel sprouts and bacon now again guys you want to stick around to the end of this video because I explain a little bit more you know the flexibility of calculating the macros and things like that because this one is a little bit more flexible with all the variety so stick around to the end so going over the lunches quick three days a week I’m going to have chicken sweet potato and veggies and two days of the week I’m going to have the round steak sweet potato and veggies and then for post workout meal three days a week I’m going to have the pasta sauce pasta and broccoli and two days a week on out of the chicken pasta and broccoli and I know that I didn’t put pasta sauce on the chicken but there’s a reason why so stick around to the end I’ll tell you and here’s just a shot of all the meals alright guys and that is all the meals now I’m sure you notice that we did not use all of the groceries because you only had to prep or cook some of the meals there are several other meals that I eat throughout the day to get to 4400 calories so if you want to see that when I eat each meal make sure to check out part three which is called time to eat and it covers eating each meal as well as breaking down the protein the carbs and fats of each meal and the total calories so again that’s video number three time to eat so check it out also there is a little bit more variety in this meal prep and when I was calculating the macros there is a little bit of flexibility in that so obviously the ladle of spaghetti with the ground beef I’m not going to have the exact 100% correct macros potentially but it’s going to be close because I just divided what was in the jar of sauce and the ground beef I just divided that into three meals so I just wanted to make that a point for you guys to know but again that’s all I had I want to wrap up this video now and please leave feedback let me know what you guys thought about the video it always helps to make them better and also please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more videos like this and that’s all I have thanks for watching hope you guys enjoyed.

what’s up gentlemen so have you ever wondered what I eat on a weekly basis to stay lean and maintain my muscle mass if the answer is yes you’re going to love today’s video I’m going to go over what I eat for a week a weekly snapshot as to what goes in this big mouth of mine the key for me in terms of dieting is the preparation aspect of it planning and preparation I suck when it comes to winging a diet and so for me the most important day of the week is actually Sunday so let’s shop one of the downsides to eating healthy is that it can be expensive especially buying fresh meat and so one of the staples in my diet is is chicken and fish most of the time it’s either salmon or tilapia so once a month I’ll actually take a trip stock up and today we’re at Costco Costco has the best prices on fresh chicken fish and so what I’ll do is once a month Oxley come and I’ll stock up I’ll buy a bunch and actually cook what I need for the week and then I’ll freeze the rest of it and grab them two packs of salmon I’m also going to grab two packs of the skinless boneless organic chicken breast they’ve got organic quinoa four and a half pounds $10 you really can’t beat it this stuff is pretty expensive when you go to like a Whole Foods or a regular grocery store and I eat it sort of like in replacement of rice or sweet potato it’s a seed but it’s got a low glycemic index it’s high in protein low in sugar and it’s actually pretty tasty it kind of tastes like whatever you cook it with and it’s awesome what’s up man how are you alright guys so I spent 125 bucks in Costco but I got a month’s worth of chicken and salmon along with my quinoa now it’s time to head to the grocery store and grab some of my other staples apples avocados sweet potatoes I also grab five or six of these prepackaged bag salads I love these because I don’t end up wasting anything smeg whites and oatmeal once I get home then it’s all about prepping and cooking the food for the week this week I’m doing salmon whole side of salmon along with I took two really large chicken breasts and filleted them now it’s time to hit the grill it’s time to make the quinoa make quinoa very similarly to rice Sunday’s also the day that I make my blue apron I’ve talked about blue apron before I did a video entitled how to cook like a jet there I featured blue apron I actually took you through the cooking process I’ll link to that video down in the description ever since that video I’ve been hooked three times a week I will actually make a blue apron meal in order to add a little variety into my diet and life if you want to check them out there is a special link down below along with an amazing offer the first 100 people to actually go to the link down below and to sign up they’re going to give you three meals off your first order and I’m telling you these guys are ridiculous in terms of what they actually do and I fell in love and the reason is because in each box they’re going to give you three super sexy pictures and all recipe cards alright all of the meals are super healthy they are between like 500 and like 800 calories per person they’ve got two different plans they’ve got like a two person plan which I signed up for and a family plan the other cool thing is that in each box they send you locally grown and source amazing ingredients that are super fresh and the other cool thing is that they give you just enough so if one of the recipes calls for cilantro they give you enough cilantro idea is that you’re not going to waste anything there’s nothing sexier to a woman than a guy who knows his way around the kitchen I don’t necessarily consider myself to know my way around but I’m able to be dangerous and blue apron has been helping today I’m going to be doing this bad boy the ribeye with spicy vegetable hash prep time is typically around 10 to 15 minutes and total cook time is only like 20 to 30 and you can make these awesome meals super quick check it out if I can do it so can you that was freaking delicious all the blue apron meals are to be honest guys if you want to check it out there is a link down below special link there’s no commitment you can cancel anytime and there is always free shipping back to my weekly diet like I said before it’s all about planning and being prepared first thing in the morning I always do fasted cardio seven days a week when I finished I eat breakfast I alternate between third of a carton of those egg whites that I scramble and I throw in half an avocado I’ll also eat a piece of fruit and then the next day I do chocolate oatmeal half a cup oats a cup of water and then what I’m going to add is a scoop of protein two teaspoons of chia seeds I get these from Whole Foods half a teaspoon of unsweetened cocoa 2 teaspoons of flax seeds and mix it up and delicious I’ll also eat a piece of fruit with my chocolate oatmeal typically breakfast is going to be between 10 and 11 a.m. my next meal is around 3 p. m. and typically I will eat a chicken or salmon salad like this I call this my power salad I take about a half a cup of plain quinoa add 1 piece of salmon f of an avocado scoop it out I add a bag of salad the seasoned it with some rice wine vinegar or red wine vinegar it is absolutely delicious and mix it up and enjoy and then around 6:00 p.
m.prior to going to the gym to lift weights I will have a protein bar or protein shake after the gym I’ll come home get a shower and then three nights a week I’ll do something like the blue apron the other three to four nights a week I will eat either a chicken breast or a piece of fish a sweet potato or quinoa also throw in some more vegetables like roasted Brussels sprouts are delicious asparagus is fantastic or broccoli which is I and seven nights a week after dinner I’ll have some type of low calorie ice cream because it’s delicious that’s it that’s what I eat on a day to day week by week basis now I used to eat a lot more red meat I still will have red meat on occasion but I found that once I hit 40 it was a lot easier to stay lean eating chicken and fish I personally don’t measure anything and I’ve got absolutely no idea what my macros are but I’ve been doing this a really long time and this diet works for me I’m not trying to get any bigger or gain a lot of muscle I’ve been there done that and really right now it’s all about feeling good and looking good with my shirt off in terms of seasoning what I’ll use a salt pepper I use a lot of fresh herbs lemon also the vinegar that I use in my salad is absolutely delicious and you save a lot of calories as opposed to using things like ranch dressing I also love Frank’s hot sauce along with sriracha is delicious and ketchup you can’t go wrong with ketchup guys here’s the deal it doesn’t take a whole lot of fancy meals or preparation it just got it once a week commit to yourself to make what you need for the week portion it out have things prepared the night before because the minute you try to just wing it is the minute your diet craps the bed. .

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