How To Lose Weight And Build Muscle

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They also need to eat right. Carbs not only help your body grow muscle, but they also provide you with fuel for your workout. Guys who work out but eat nothing but junk food will gain fat on top of their muscle and bulk up. “If supplements start to take over the diet, they’re not doing their job. “

how to lose weight and build muscle

Why Train Like A Gazelle When You’Re Built Like A Grizzly Bear? Here Are Five Essential Tactics A Naturally Large Guy Can Use To Shed Some Excess Weight And Get Even Stronger.

We also talked to Luke Pelton, C. S. C. S. , NSCA-C. P. T. Ten pounds of fat is simply extra weight and extra stress on the body, whereas 10 pounds of muscle can produce force production, stabilize the body, and can handle more stress or physical loads. That way, you can build overall strength while improving your balance and maneuverability, Schrimscher says. (As Pelton says, Healthy fats are necessary!) These are great ways to incorporate the muscle-repairing benefits of protein and the anti-inflammatory properties of healthy fats. It takes calories to be big, he says. Pelton recommends drinking least a gallon of water throughout the day. Dont even bother, says Totoro: This is extremely dangerous and not a permanent loss.

No reproduction, transmission or display is permitted without the written permissions of Rodale Inc. About Us. S. C. S. Everyone wants it, but it’s only likely to happen under a very specific and magical set of circumstances. You can often get the fat you need from your lean proteins or by prepping your veggies in a healthy oil, says Gans. If youre eating more than a quarter of your calories from protein, or getting full before youve eaten your veggies and high-fiber carbs, youre probably eating too much protein, says Gans.

If you’re still not interested in adding any lean tissue, following a low-calorie diet without participating in any formal exercise will help prevent the addition of muscle mass. Formal exercise helps you burn more calories to make creation of this deficit easier, but it also builds muscle. Use an online calculator that accounts for your age, gender, size and activity level. Minimize sugary sweets — especially baked goods and soda — processed snack foods, and saturated fats found in fatty meat and full-fat dairy. Moderate portions of healthy fats such as olive oil and nuts provide essential fats. As you age, you naturally lose muscle mass if you don’t actively maintain it through activity. To burn more calories without adding notable muscle, you could increase these non-exercise thermogenic activities, or NEAT.

how to lose weight and build muscle 2

Losing fat is all about burning calories through exercise and getting the proper nutrition to create a calorie deficit. To lose weight effectively — and build muscle — getting into the rhythm of working out consistently is vital for success. Start with 30 minutes of moderate exercise, five days a week. The American Council on Exercise recommends you alternate between 60-second sprints and 120 seconds of recovery at 50 percent exertion. Unlike cardio, you only need to perform these exercises two or three times a week. Your diet should consist of whole foods which can include seafood, lean meat, vegetables, lentils, nuts and fruit.

How To Lose Weight And Build Muscle

Now, Let’S Talk About The Second Piece Of The Lose-Weight/Gain-Muscle Puzzle: Strength Training. If You Want To Build Muscle On Top Of Burning Fat, You Need To Incorporate Resistance Exercises Into Your Routine.

But that’s only when you want to lose weight. If you’re looking to lose fat and gain muscle, your number on the scale might not budgeor might even go up!even though your physique is changing dramatically. To figure out how many calories you need per day to lose weight safely, you first have to find out how many calories you require just to maintain your current weight. Its important to distribute it throughout the day instead of cramming it all in at one meal so that your body can use it throughout the day.

In other words, don’t make any sessions arms-only. After this, have a protein drink along with some liquid carbs which would be equivalent to about half of the total 80-gram allotment of carbs for the day. Regular cardio is done earlier in the day not only to burn more calories and fat but, more importantly, to give a big metabolic stimulus throughout the day. If cardio and HIIT sessions are to be scaled back it is best to eliminate those sessions on the weight training days (regular cardio) rather than eliminating those done on the off days (HIIT).

I was going on everybody so a lot of you still struggling you’re losing weight lose body fat you know you want to lose man boobs etc you know you want to lose that weight and you want to build a little bit more muscle you want to build some muscle like that you don’t look you know flat and skinny you’ve been trying a lot of things over and over again but then it seems to work you know I’ve been there before I better a couple of times before and I’m gonna get I’m gonna give you a few tips just to see if maybe that works out for you guys you know something that you guys will notice if you do a research you do your research is everybody that has muscle everybody’s lean that’s you know has built they hit a certain number of macros you guys are more macro sense you know protein percentage carbs and fats you know the percentage of those three nutrients you know divided what’s your percentage how many I mean proteins you take how many carbs and how many fat you take you know look at what you’re eating now maybe some of you are doing a lot of cardio a lot of you are you know running a lot running miles everyday and you’re not focusing on weight training we want to build muscle but you’re not focusing on weight training you’re doing a lot of cardio you know you’re not hitting your macros you’re not hitting uh you know certain amount of protein to build that damaged tissue uh the petition you broke down you know running and weightlifting you’re doing a lot of running more running than weightlifting and you still don’t see no results so try that try hitting your macros you notice every body builder or everyone that’s you know that’s very muscular and lean you notice that they either have 40% protein 40% carbs and 20% fats and that’s what you have to do you have to get something like that if you’re not there that’s one of the reasons where you’re not seeing results that’s why you’re not building muscle and losing the fat it is possible to build muscle in fat at the same time but that only happens in the first or second year after that it becomes very very difficult so take that as a consideration look at your macros and there are calculators online they can do that I’ll leave a link below My Fitness Pal being one of them and there’s a lot of apps on the i.Phone Android that you could use but anyways make sure you’re eating enough protein protein is gonna help you build that muscle wanna clerk deficit so you don’t want to just lose the fact is you just lose fat you’re just gonna look skinny once you know you toned down everything and as you can see last year that’s what I did I was cutting the whole entire year and you see me getting more muscular a lot stronger and a lot of people told me all you can’t do that you can’t build muscle and cut at the same time but you can do it as long as it’s like in the first second year and or you’re introducing new stress levels your most what is possible it’s not very easy but it’s possible but anyways another thing you have to take into consideration is even though you’re hitting your macros what are your calorie intake are you eating enough calories are you eating too little or eating too much you have to think about you know if you’re burning let’s say a thousand calories a day doing workouts and training and it requires 2,000 calories for you to maintain your weight and your eating let’s say three dollars you know you’re just gonna maintain your weight because you’re eating 3000 calories you’re burning a thousand but you still have two thousand left over which you know your body is gonna burn but you’re not gonna lose any weight that’s that 2000s maintain your weight so you have to take account on the calorie game also you have to make sure your chloric deficit if you were to go down maybe a hundred calories more you know in about what is it thirty days you lose a pound a hundred calories times 30 days is 3,000 calories 3,000 calories equals a pound so you have to make sure that you know chloric deficit if you’re gonna diet and you’re not in a clerk deficit you know you think you’re eating a little bit but your eyes you’re maintaining weight you know the that’s your caloric maintenance you’re not gonna lose anyway you know you might build muscle so the scale will tell you you know you’re building you’re gaining weight that’s what I will tell you and you’ll be confuse because you have a fat layer around your body and you in your mind you’re thinking that you actually gain weight when you’re actually gaining muscle but you only notice the muscles you have fat on top so that’s what you want to make sure that you’re in a caloric deficit just the fact that the scale is going to confuse you two scales gonna drive you crazy you know you might feel different you but you might look the same just the fact that that fat layers covering out is covering you know that muscle a your gain it might be slowly but you will notice anything that’s why it’s important that you know you know how to count your calories you know counting your calories is nothing difficulty there’s a lot of tools that do it for you there’s a lot of apps like I said My Fitness Pal which I’ll leave a link below make an account there and start using it um that’s a few basic things you know do more wood weight training you know just look for a split you know you can check out my videos I have a lot of workout you use those those have been working out for me you know some of my clients that I use and that’s basically guys just try that out try out you know more weight training and then you can add the cardio later on or you could just you know really count and be specific keep your protein high try to hit your macros you know forty percent at least 40% protein 40% carbs and 20% thing that’s something that really works you want your protein high that’s what’s going to build muscle while you’re in a caloric deficit is very important and you can even what I do what I like to do I like to put it at 50% protein 30% carbs and 20% 5 I want my protein to be higher just the fact that I’m breaking so much tissue that I want to make sure that I don’t lose any muscle anyways I hope this helps guys just like the video and I know I’m renting the crazy but is a long subject and it’s not very easy to explain anyways like the video and I hope you enjoy it and it’s very helpful for you guys later. .

hey everybody welcome back so today I’m going to address some of the questions that I get asked again again and that’s how I track macros how to lose weight how to gain muscles I get all questions around how I track my macros lately and yeah this is a very very sensitive topic on the internet so in order to lose weight I have to say I have to say this again you have to be on calories deficits I know a lot of people are going to freak out when I say this but that is the truth like you’ve got to accept the truth the other way to put it the less sensitive way is to basically eat the same way as you used to but stops exciting so when you start exercising you’re burning more calories so if you’re eating the same way as you are before maybe a little bit more yes the own carries deficit like you may not know what calories intake is and what you burn but if you lose weight you are on calories deficit that’s just that’s just how it body works and also if you start eating more vegetables and fruits those are really low in calories and that’s the reason why like lots of people say just eat lots of fruits and vegetables and you don’t have to worry about counting calories I guess this really depends on your goals like I want to make sure enough protein intake is day because I don’t want to lose my muscle mass when I’m cutting and that’s the reason why I track my macros and count my calories because I want to know that I am not losing the hard work that have been working for basically today I’m going to show you what I eat a day to reach my goal so right now my goal is to gain as much muscles as I can and also minimal bad game and today I’m going to show you how I track my but my macros from my breakfast was 45 grams of carbs 25 grams of protein and 3 grams but my breakfast are usually quite high in carbs and protein and less impact because I want to get as much energy as I can to get my body’s that and also a lot of you guys asked me what app I used to trap my mappers right now I’m using the app live some I’m going to show you guys quickly so here’s the app that I’m using I’m using life some here’s the breakfast that I had it was 318 calories I had steel cut oats I had steel cut oats um 4 egg whites blueberries and maple syrup and also some almond milk which I didn’t add because it is really low in calories anyway so yeah that’s what I had for breakfast so yeah I hope that’s easy enough to follow 3 now I’m going to make myself some society banana smoothie so I normally carb up before a gym session especially late day and also my back day because I want to be able to do a pull up soon so I normally cob up before the gym session so I’m gonna have some banana acai smoothie and oh so probably some rice pea protein so yeah I don’t normally take protein powders unless I really don’t have any pre made food I do have like chicken in the fridge but I probably bought it hitting it up now so I’m just gonna have some people Jean and something in ice acai smoothie half an hour big why go to a gym and I’m gonna smash it at a gym get tracking a macro is not hot at all all you need is a weighing scale and also and now where you can enter your information it’s super easy and it only takes me a matter of seconds to weigh my food just enter an app and now it is even easier because I’ve made my common meals the pre made meals so all I have to do is to click a button to add it to my diary and that’s it that’s it super easy so yeah I’ll show you guys how to do that as well you can also add your own exercise which is really nice but the really nice thing about this is the favourites which is down in your profile go to your favorites so this are the recipes that I have made so I’ve entered all in here so I know how much calories it is per serving and meals this is what I was talking about this are like the pre made meals these are the things that I normally eat for example steel cut oats and eggs so this is what I normally have for breakfast so I’ve just entered it here so all I have to do is to click the add to diary button and add it to my breakfast so basically to create all me we just go to this section create meal blah blah blah I’ve also created one for side banana smoothie because I have this so often I had this for breakfast sometimes or after workout or pre workouts add this to my diary since I’m gonna have it for pre workout so that’s what I’m having and yeah that’s really really simple umm so going back to my diary so I’ve added my side banana smoothie I’m also gonna add my pea protein that I was talking about which is this one one and also once you’re more experienced with like tracking macros and stuff then you know I like this amount of food is probably around I like this amount of rice is probably like 50 grams of carbs it is a really nice skill to have like right now if I want to just go out and have a meal I can kind of gauge like ah this meal is probably like 800 calories that’s probably 40 grams of carbs 20 grams of fats stuff like that I can’t of gauge so it is it’s a nice thing to know right so now I’m going to make my smoothie I talk way too much okay here’s the acai berry smoothie I’m gonna go both really quickly have my protein shake and I’m gonna head out so that’s the protein powder if you’re interested in getting some and next I’m going to mix some of this BCAA to drink while I’m at the gym I just removed all my makeup and just put on some eyebrow because I look dead I’m heading the gym now and it’s pretty hot today 31 degrees it’s finally summer in Australia so I just got home and as you can see for my skin I’m really oily right now because I sweat so much today and also feeling really really tired right now and I normally feel that way after a gym session because I push myself really really hard at the gym so I normally feel quite exhausted after a gym session I normally don’t feel hungry after gym session but it’s time to eat so let me show you what I have you oh my god this lice horrible is so freaking yellow mmm it’s a bit dark whatever I just finished eating my lunch or dinner because it’s six o’clock pretty late lunch Anna yeah so I just finished eating my post workout meal basically and I was watching Zoe’s log her botanist her blocks are usually quite entertaining you know sorry I watch a couple lot meals like I choose between my Tanya bear’s Nikki Blackadder I just kind of choose a food every day yeah let me know what you guys watch because I love tonight I hate so girls and my skin too anyways I’m going to take a shower now and I’ll talk to you guys very soon hey so it has been three hours since my lunch and now it’s dinnertime and 9 o’clock I’m having some asparagus sweet potatoes and chicken from the afternoon and yeah so I normally feel quite full at around 1,500 2600 calories but now I increased it to around 1,800 calories a day so I do feel quite full all day and I know I shouldn’t be complaining I’m feeling poor but it’s just quite a lot food I have to eat so now I’m just going to dig in do some work I got some video editing today and also some photos too and I’ll check back in soon hello guys I’m back in my room I’m so tired I’m going to bed soon I was just editing my video and also my photos and then I snapped again because I was a bit under calorie so I ate an 8 and also a handful of almonds so now I’ll just give you guys an update my total calories today is oh my face is so green because the app is me anyway oh the total calorie intake today is a thousand eight hundred and twenty five which is pretty good and yeah I’m still pretty full I like to go to bed feeling like I’m not hungry because not gonna be eating for the next eight to ten hours so I need to make sure I’m feeling alright so yeah that’s about it and shout out to life Sam for sponsoring this video they’ve given us a 30% discount if you want to use the premium features of life some details are in the description box as always anyways I hope you find today’s video helpful I started tracking macro maybe like earlier this year cuz I lost a bit of weight and I was getting a bit annoyed and after a while I got quite relaxed because I got so used to it I know how much I’m eating and right now I’m trying to bulk gain so I’m tracking my macro to make sure that I eat enough food because it is quite hard for me to gain muscles today has been quite a relaxing day in a way that um I didn’t really cook I just cook one dish and just mix and match vegetables rice and stuff like that it was a pretty easy day now I’m rambling way too much anyway thanks so much for watching guys and I’ll see you very soon bye woo my voice bye.

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