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And that in itself will help you get more done in every gym is all about making the right basic food choices, and then eating those foods in the right quantities. people worry that eggs can be harmful for your health. Because casein is a slow-digesting protein, it plays an important role in metabolism. Any whole grain food is a good source of nutrition.

how to grow muscles faster

Eat Your Way To Bigger Muscles

That way, over time, you lift more and more also want to make sure youre eating enough. Diet is very Mike. When you say 4-6 reps at 9-12 sets per workout is that 9-12 sets for each exercise ex. i have started lifting heavy in small reps however i would like to know, 1:- can i increase the sets with 6 ot 8 reps?

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How To Gain Muscle Fast

How can one boost endurance and build muscle mass at the same time?. Let me tell you how I managed to achieve great results in building muscle and running a common mistake among runners to eat too little when trying to build muscle mass while working on their running performance. If your goal is to build and tone muscles while being an active runner, you need to keep this in mind. Make sure your nutrition provides your body with at least the calories you burned when running. Theres no magic cure, but supplements can effectively boost your training my training, three supplements play a major role: as soon as your glycogen reserves are empty during a longer endurance training, the body resorts to protein stored in your muscles. Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) aid regeneration and help maintain muscle tissue. Empty glycogen reserves mean less energy for your training, and thats something you want to avoid.

List your event on and gain more participants via results and a custom landing 5 Exercises to Gain Muscle is more frustrating than slaving away at the gym, and not seeing results. Too often, people hurriedly scramble from machine to machine without a second thought towards compound exercises. Bring your glutes down as close as possible to your should never reach a dead stop, as soon are you approach the bottom of the movement you should be squeezing your glutes and using them to help power yourself back up for the next 3 Squat Variations and Proper Technique Tips steely sinews of the back can be especially resilient to training and growth. It is much more common for forearms to fatigue and give out before the back does. After loading a comfortable weight on the bar, keep your feet about shoulder-width apart with toes pointing How to Do a Deadlift Safely Tabata workouts with in-app coaching in the worlds first community-based fitness More Fitness family members helps ACTIVE find events specific to your family’s interests. see your Privacy Rights for how your information is Are you sure you want to delete this family member build muscle.

Rather than progressing in a linear manner in terms of both actual growth and the amount of time it takes muscle growth tends to happen in bursts. Most of the time, this is an issue with a guys diet more than training; these guys are often not eating enough. or a functional passenger side seat belt, but it sure as hell had personality. This must be avoided, and to do that, you need to learn to activate your muscles to get them growing again. Nothing crazy, no groundbreaking secrets from some Eastern Bloc black ops training camp. Just five tried-and-true methods I use with my clients to get their stubborn muscles growing like (insert simile of something that grows fast). Ultimately, youll have greater activation, recruitment and development.

You have to lift heavy, eat your carbs and protein, and make sure you get your sleep, because without it your body wont recover. Keep it simple, when building muscle, you need protein. When hitting the gym, exercise the larger muscle groups first to kick-start the muscle building process. The days you let your body rest is when you get the most muscle growth. If you dont feed muscles the carbs they need during workouts, the workouts will be no where near as effective as they should be and you risk overly tearing down muscles. Sleep is very important for muscle growth and recovery. A lot of people train at the same intensity for every workout.

okay guys you’re ready to change your body well in this video I’m going to show you some of the secrets that I used to change mine fire away looking sexy looking black come on baby I could ask the buy guys new to lifting what do to grow as quickly as big as possible I’m no guru on bodybuilding but I have learnt my fair share stand progress so you follow some of the truths that I athletes my suggestions you guys new to bodybuilding are always the same you will not grow no matter how hard you lift if you do not get your train eat rest cycle sorters point number one do not over train this is the easiest ways for your muscles to shrink literally the best growth usually occurs when you work a muscle group intensely once a week you have to rest about two days a week your body must have time to grow and recover muscles do not grow in the journal they actually get torn down in the gym the girl outside the gym while you are sleeping recuperating and resting overtraining is by far the biggest mistake people new to the sport makes point number two no matter how hard you train if you do not eat correctly you will not grow die determines easily 80 percent of your bodybuilding success eat seven small meals a day each meal must have a good clean protein source your first meal must be when you wake up in the morning something like a fast uptake protein shake like whey and your last meal just before you go to bed must be a slow release protein shape like casein protein 0.3 lots of water and you must use a potent multivitamin no less than three despite preferably between four and five meters water attack use clean water faulted if you can your body is going to require serious recuperating from all the training if you want your body to function optimally for muscle growth you must take a potent multivitamin some good examples out there although there are others is the universal animal pack and optimum point number four the type of exercise you do is not that important what is important is that you do the exercise with a heavy enough weight so that you can reach muscle failure by approximately rep eights if you focus on slow controlled movements and forcing the muscle with intensity to failure a trip eight you will grow obviously if you rest enough and you eat correctly if you follow the above rules make sure you cover all the muscle groups once a week and you train with the highest intensive density possible then the type of exercise does not matter so much anymore because the fact is you will grow. .

what’s going on guys this is Vince with be shred calm and today I’m gonna be showing you guys one simple way to build muscle twice as fast all right so when it comes to building muscle you have to understand what method is going to really build muscle rather than strength so you can do want to think when you lifting weights in the gym you can either build strength or you can go more for muscle building another name for that is hypertrophy and the main difference between these two is when you’re training for strength you’re going to be doing lower reps with higher weights so you’re just going to be lifting heavy and then when you’re going for hypertrophy you’re going to be on with lighter weights for more reps now I hear people all the time tell me that well I’m going to the gym and I’m doing however many reps I’m supposed to do and I always talk about how I like lifting until failure and they even say and I’m going until failure the last two to three reps always get hard and then I can’t do another one and I put the weight down but I’m still not getting sore in the specific muscle that I’m trying to target and this and it sucks because I can’t be there in person to help them out and that’s why I’m glad you’re watching this video because there’s one simple way to make sure that you are optimizing your time spent in the gym because one of the biggest issues when you go to the gym is that people don’t really have a set method that they’re going about when they’re doing any kind of exercise I’m gonna be performing this on a EZ bar curl I’m just going to be doing some curls and I’m gonna show you a ball to show you real quickly this is what you see a lot of times someone doing curls and you seem just going like this and I mean to be honest there’s a lot of issues with this curl form right now but there’s one main one that I’m gonna point out and that’s just the fact that there’s no tempo to this set I’m just kind of doing curls so with that being said I might as well just get into what I’m gonna be talking about I’m gonna be talking about time under tension I’m sure you guys have heard of time ministers before but I want to emphasize how important it is in one way to take advantage of your time under tension to optimize the amount of muscular gains that you get when you go to the gym so time under tension is just a term for how long your so is actually being contracted during a set and it has been shown that forty to sixty seconds is the optimal amount of time to optimize how much how much muscle that you are stimulating and breaking down that can grow bigger and stronger it’s actually it was proven that forty to sixty seconds it increases tissue synthesis by fifty one percent compared to just lifting heavy and throwing the weights alone so I want to take you through a quick way something that you guys can go through with every single set of your workout as a matter if it’s a curl doesn’t matter if it’s a squat a lat pulldown a benchpress that does not matter you can do this with every single exercise and that is by controlling the tempo of your rep now I say that forty do they say forty to sixty seconds is going to be the best for optimizing your the amount of muscle that you’re going to be building so to make sure that you’re getting that forty to sixty second one thing well muscles just count forty to sixty seconds while I’m doing it no you go a little deeper than that you take however many reps you’re supposed to be getting so let’s say that we’re going for ten reps with these curls and we’re going to be going for let’s say the forty seconds of time under tension so if you’re gonna break that down that’s just going to be four seconds per rep so you’re gonna be going for four seconds per rep for ten reps that’s going to equal to forty seconds of total time on detention so how do you make every rep for seconds you just break it down into contractions so you have three contractions you have your concentric which is going to be the way up curling up you have your isometric which is holding it squeezing at the top and then you have your eccentric which is the way back down now when you’re going through when you’re going for a number of sets you typically not going to be curling this up and holding it at the top for an extended period of time one or two seconds and then lower back down you’re typically just going to curl up and grow up back into the next one you’re right back into the next contraction let it down so to get 40 seconds of time under tension for ten reps with a curl all you’re going to do is slow down those two contractions your concentric and your eccentric to two seconds and this is not a set amount of time that you have to follow yeah I mean you could immediately take it to six seconds and go for sixty seconds of time under tension and go for three seconds up three seconds down but as I was saying before instead of just kind of getting into a set and doing however many reps just going 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 and then you’re like oh well I mean I kind of feel it on my biceps I kind of don’t next after that which would you want to try what you want to start doing is control your tempo so we’re gonna go forward let’s go for the the 4 seconds per set or per rep going for 40 seconds total so right here we’re just going to go one Mississippi two Mississippi one Mississippi two Mississippi one Mississippi two Mississippi one Mississippi two Mississippi and obviously it ought to kind of out loud but just slowing your tempo down to right here is going to make a hell of a difference and how you feel the muscle being worked just slowing it down this is already becoming a lot more difficult this is only 40 pounds granted I’ve done a couple of sets to pump up before the video so I doesn’t look too small but just going from this right here where I don’t really have a tempo one Mississippi two Mississippi one Mississippi two Mississippi immediately becoming a hell of a lot harder just by knowing being aware of how many seconds each contraction is taking so like I said you can make that two seconds up two seconds down you can make it three seconds up three seconds down you can make it one second up five seconds down there’s a bunch of different tempos that you can go for that are just going to make it so that you under you know how many seconds of total time and attention you’re getting per set and you always if you’re going for muscle building the name of this video is to how to build muscle twice as fast if you’re going for muscle building make sure you’re falling in that for to 60 second range and I guarantee you start seeing better progress in the mirror maybe even on the scale depending on what you’re eating and you’re going to start benefiting from the exercises that you’re doing when you start doing them right so guys if you are looking for more tips that are going to help take your body to the next level help you burn off fat help you optimize your time spent in the gym and get more out of your workout so I created a free fitness quiz that matches you up with the training and the nutrition for your specific body type it gives three free tips and then it matches you up with a program that I created for you based off of what you answer in the quiz you can check it out by clicking the link in the description below this video other than that if you guys like this video if you learned anything anything at all make sure you click on that thumbs up button does not go unappreciated we go ahead click it if you liked this video I’d appreciate it other than that if you guys have any comments questions concerns videos that you guys want me to make anything you’re confused about just comment in the comment section below other than that if you guys are not yet make sure you are subscribing to my channel I got new videos coming all the time I like to make videos that you guys want to learn about and hopefully if you’re going to comment anything below I’ll see it and I’ll make a video about what you’re waiting for and you’ll be subscribed so you get a notification when I release that video all right guys thank you for watching and I will see you in the next one.

what’s going on everybody aline gonzales here and in this video we are going to talk about building muscle faster in the beginning it’s as simple as keeping a mindful eye on your nutrition going into the gym consistently and maybe even sleeping enough but there will come a time in your training where things slow down and eventually if you don’t adjust things will stop okay and so a lot of the people that i see or that you might see at your gym have been going to the gym for years but they look exactly the same okay and it’s because once they pass that newbie phase they get stuck okay and today i’m gonna teach you what you need to be doing in your training in order to get past that phase or that plateau so without further ado let’s jump right in alright so in the beginning you are training in a in a linear fashion right and so what that means is basically that your goal is simply to add more weight to the bar each time you go to the gym and perform the same exercise however at a certain point that’s just not going to be possible and that’s when it becomes very important to train the three different mechanisms of muscle growth alright so we’ll start with mechanical tension this is what happens when we train with a heavy load or a high intensity for this typically will happen in the 1 to 6 rep range but you will get some mechanical tension as you get into the 12 or 8 to 12 rep range but you won’t get much any further than that right because at that point the intensity is just not high enough alright and we have muscle damage this is what happens when we are training with a moderate load for an extended period of time ok it also happens when we focus a lot on slow negatives and things of that nature and then we have metabolic stress which is the kind of stress that increases the lactate threshold it’s basically the that feeling of that burn or that pump in the muscle when you feel like your arms are gonna explode that’s metabolic stress and so all of these work together or they can if you period eyes you’re training properly okay so if you put them all together you’re going to get sort of a virtuous cycle of muscle gains now let me explain okay when we train for mechanical tension we are really increasing strength okay and we are going to build a significant of amount of muscle from focusing on mechanical tension okay when we train for muscle damage we are again going to be building muscle mainly by the increase in volume because the intensity is still moderate right and because you are doing eight to twelve reps you are keeping that muscle under tension for a prolonged period of time all right and so when we get stronger here we will also be stronger here and here okay when we build muscle right we will also get stronger okay because a bigger muscle is a stronger muscle all right and then metabolic stress okay this happens when we train in a higher rep range with a lower intensity okay and so what happens here is that we increase the lactate threshold our ability to fight through that burn and so that spills over into our strength training and our hypertrophy training okay so that we can train with a heavier load for a prolonged period of time okay and so that’s how they kind of all work together okay mechanical tension makes you stronger so that you’re stronger in your other rep ranges and when you become stronger in the eight to 12 rep range for example you will build more muscle which will also make you stronger see how it kind of works together and then the same thing with metabolic stress metabolic stress you are building again the lactate threshold that’s going to allow you to do your heavier work for a longer period of time maybe you’ll get more reps things of that nature and so you’ll grow that way all right so now let’s talk about how you can implement each one of these into your training the way I like to do it is through daily undulating periodization okay so how does that work very very simple okay you’re gonna have one day where you you focus on strength so you train maybe in the 3 to 6 rep range for example you might have a hypertrophy day where you train in the 8 to 12 rep range and then you’ll have your metabolic stress day where you’ll train with a lighter load for a higher volume ok now depending on what your goals are you may have to split your training up in a different way but for the sake of this video let’s just assume that you are going to be doing a full body 3 days a week right so the first day would be your heavy day or your strength day right the second day will be your hypertrophy day where it’s still a moderate intensity but it’s higher volume ok and then the third day would be your metabolic stress day where you’ll go lower intensity for more volume ok that way you’re getting all these adaptations and they’re kind of feeding each other ok so you’re getting bigger and stronger bigger and stronger over the course of you know whatever your your macro cycle mesocycle and so forth ok all right now that we understand the three mechanisms of hypertrophy or muscle growth now let’s talk about the four main variables in your training ok when you understand these this will make more sense all right so let’s talk about volume volume is essentially the amount of work that you do so sets times reps times load ok reason that your reps are important is number one they determine how long the muscle stays under tension which dictates what energy system we use to move that weight so that kind of determines whether we’re training for strength hypertrophy endurance and so forth and it also adds to the total load right so if you’re doing four sets of ten with a hundred pounds right that’s going to dictate your total load all right now you do four sets of twelve with the same weight right the load is going to increase okay if we do four sets of ten with a hundred and five again the load is going to increase alright now let’s talk about sets sets are basically the one thing that you don’t want to increase or decrease too much right we want to have a set amount of sets that we do and pass a certain point you’re gonna experience diminishing returns okay so there’s research plenty of research on the subject but just for the sake of this video let’s just say that anywhere between 3 & 5 sets is probably going to be your sweet spot anything beyond that or below it is going to be not as optimal okay so we know that reps are important because they determine our load we know that sets are important because as the research shows multiple sets will produce 40 percent greater muscle gains than single sets okay so that’s important too and then obviously the load is important because that’s the amount of work that we actually did all right now intensity intensity refers to how challenging that weight is for you so in essence it’s a percentage of your one rep max or what you’re actually capable of okay and I’ll tell you why intensity is important because if we know that for example eight to 12 reps builds muscle and we need at least four sets well if I took this marker here and did four sets of twelve I’m not going to build any muscle why because the intensity is too low right and so a good rule of thumb is that we want to train at at least 60 to 65% of our 1 rep max if we want to maximize muscle growth okay now that brings me back to volume if our main focus is to build muscle most of our work about 75 percent should come in the 8 to 15 rep range or maybe 6 to 12 right around there okay the rest of our work that 25% should come from strength training ok because again we want to build strength so that we’re stronger in our hypertrophy work ok also intensity important because the research shows that when compared to moderate loads and lower or higher volume loads which means it’s a lighter weight you’re going to build more muscle with a moderate or heavy load so when you’re doing moderate reps or low reps you’re going to build more muscle than you are when you’re doing higher reps because the intensity matters now you can build muscle with a lower intensity and higher reps however from what we see it’s going to take about 3 times more work to get the same amount of muscle growth ok now let’s talk about frequency now obviously we know that we should be training in the gym more than once per week right that should go without saying but today for the sake of this video I want to talk about the frequency in which we train each muscle group ok another thing again that we have plenty of research on and the sweet spot for how many times you should train a muscle group is twice per week ok now the reason it’s very simple number one if you train a muscle group once per week here’s what happens you’re gonna increase muscle protein synthesis right so say for example you trained your chest on Monday muscle protein synthesis goes up after about 36 hours it drops back down to baseline and it stays there until next Monday when you train your chest again that’s all well and good but the individual who trains their chest twice right is going to spend more time in a state where they are growing and building muscle right so they might increase muscle protein synthesis 36 hour 36 hours later drops back down to baseline right and then it’s about time to train your chest again where it elevates again 36 hours goes back to baseline you get the idea you’re spending more time in a growing state when you’re training a muscle more frequently this is despite volume being equal all right so if the first person is doing 12 sets of chests on Monday and the second person is doing 6 sets on Monday and then another 6 sets Wednesday or Thursday they’re doing the same amount of work but the person who trained twice is getting more growth and then lastly progression without progression none of this matters okay it doesn’t matter how consistent we are how On.Point our nutrition is if we are not getting better we are not going to get bigger it’s that simple all right so I’ll give you a few ways that you can focus on progressing in the gym all right the first is the most obvious right add more weight to the bar without sacrificing the sets or the reps okay another thing you can do is increase the reps without sacrificing the load or the sets so for example you did four sets of 10 with a hundred and thirty five pounds on the bench press next time around you can do the same four sets with the same hundred and thirty five pounds but if you are able to do 12 reps instead you are doing more work and you’ve gotten stronger okay another way that you can progress is through density keep everything exactly the same same sets same reps and even the same weight but if you finish it in less time meaning you’re taking less rest in between sets you are increasing the density and thus you are getting stronger you are progressing and then the last one which is one that many people ignore is simply being able to push the same way faster okay so again for example we do four sets of ten with a hundred and thirty five pounds but for the last one or two reps you’re kind of grinding it out but the next week you do the same sets same reps same way but those last two reps come up much easier that my friends is progression that means you’ve gotten stronger which means you are going to get bigger so that’s pretty much it guys that’s what I have for you today the importance of volume intensity frequency and of course progression in your training how to put them all together to ensure that you get this virtuous cycle of gains there you have it guys I hope you enjoyed if you haven’t already make sure to grab our free gift it’s called how actors get shredded click there put your name in your email address you’ll get instant access to that if you like this video you’ll definitely like this one and make sure to subscribe. .

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