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Whether you want to lose weight or gain weight, your total daily calorie intake is always the key to making it after calories, how many grams of protein you eat per day is BY FAR the next most important part of your diet no matter what your goal is (building muscle, losing fat, doing both, people already know this, which is why how much protein do I need daily and how many grams of protein should I eat per day are questions I get asked damn near every single day. My about the high protein diet explains all of them in that weve covered the basics of why you need it, its time to get down to how much of it you actually answer depends on a few different factors. What are your goals (build muscle, lose fat, etc.)? Meaning, theyd need to eat between 90-126 grams of protein per day in this a 180lb person who DOES work out and IS trying to build muscle or lose fat would do 180 x 0.8-1.5 and get 144-270. Meaning, theyd need to eat between 144-270 grams of protein per day in this the recommended protein intake range for people who DO workout and ARE trying to improve their body be a bit broad (0.8-1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight), but thats because different scenarios call for slightly different an even 1 gram per pound is usually a perfectly fine middle of the road amount for most people. Honestly though, as long as you are within the recommended range, youre you do want to get a little more specific, I explain how to narrow it down based on your body and your exact goals in my Ultimate Fat Loss & Muscle Building worth mentioning now is that, in the case of people who are VERY overweight, you should use your target body weight rather than current body weight when calculating your daily protein intake in grams.

how much protein per day to build muscle

Where Should I Get This Protein From Each Day?

Determining the proper amount of protein for your body will help you add the muscle you desire and control your body weight. 36 grams per pound of body weight or 0. 8 grams per kilogram of body weight. For example, a 135-pound woman would need 95 to 108 grams of protein daily for muscle building. Just increasing your protein intake will not add muscle. Urea is eliminated through urine and can be hard on the kidneys, so drink a lot of water.

But how much do we really need for building muscle mass?. 5 grams of protein per kilogram of bodyweight is a sufficient intake for healthy adults (though slightly more is advised for highly active individuals). 1 Most bodybuilders advise eating upwards of 4 grams of protein per kilogram of bodyweight, which is rather astronomical for most gym-goers (assuming theyre not on performance-enhancing drugs). Protein blend ingestion following resistance exercise promotes human muscle protein synthesis.

They report that babies need 10 grams a day (just thought you’d want to know), young children 19 to 34 grams, teenage girls and boys between 46 and 52, adult women also 46 grams, and adult men 56 grams. 8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. That is exactly twice the RDA. The American College of Sports Medicine falls in line with a similar range of 1.

How Much Protein Per Day To Build Muscle

Ever since people realized that diet is just as important as exercise in building muscles, everyone has been talking about protein consumption. This is especially good for those that are at their preferred body weight but are looking to build muscle mass. _ Training twice a day and eating about 225+gms of protein per day. I used to eat about 120-150 grams of protein per day at a body weight of 180 lbs. You should be eating the same amount of protein as a man who weighs 180 lbs try this page.

On the low end you have the RDA, which for me would be about 68 grams of protein per day, and on the high end you have bodybuilders who would tell a guy like me to eat 380 or more grams per day. And while fat and carbs are used very easily for energy, protein is used more for building and repairing your body. Usually we talk about protein in terms of how many grams of protein you should eat per pound or per kilogram of body weight. 0 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight. not just enough protein but the OPTIMAL level of protein. that the people who recommend that high level of protein are probably selling whey protein supplements.

what’s up everybody hey are you looking up build some serious muscle mixing some serious muscle gains huh what answer them you are you sure about that ok ok you at right placement get the right channel today i’m talking blue team channel you know there’s a lot of different opinions out there about how much protein you need to build muscle you need least 5 times your body weight you know some protein something say you know aim for about a gram of protein per pound of body weight some others may say two to three times your body weight some say don’t in liquid allocate your lean body weight I’m gonna tell you like this about what 205 we go to 5 to 10 up to 10 ok whatever so I average about 200 grams of protein per day yes Lee now that was that was a time with me my brother wouldn’t bought five big pounds of protein and we was chugging down like 300 grams of protein a day well it’s nearly hundred ninety pound you’re not going to force your body to build any more muscle then your body’s hormones can make yeah just because you take in more protein doesn’t mean you’re gonna build any more muscle okay whatever you take in and in excess will be carbs protein whatever your body will either extreme is waste or turn it into fat it’s not going to help you build anymore muscle then if you let’s say went from 300 grams of protein a day down to what I’m taking now okay I didn’t see any additional muscle gain from not taking all that protein and fishing the exact same some additional fat games yeah I seen some fat gains I’m seeing the same kind of muscle gains I am when I dropped my protein down to one gram a day you may even be able to take it down to about point seven two point eight grams yeah of your body weight I always say just stay around the ground per pound of body yeah if you missing the ground by a couple grams here an hour or over I mean it doesn’t make a difference I mean try to aim for a gram protein per pound of butter it now if you own some kind of low carb diet you couldn’t back with if you in a low carb diet you shouldn’t get any gonna be a muscle onlooker oh god yeah you’re not if you’re in a low carb diet carbs is your body’s primary source of energy when you cut your carbs it fucks everything up you have to eat no less than two to three times your body weight in protein you still proudly no baby prune or muscle codes will make sure muscles go is fucking carbs carbs protein rebuilds must make some bigger stronger carbs is your muscles energy source yeah and carbs make you have an insulin response insulin is probably one of the most powerful antibiotic hormones in your body when you don’t have any carbs there’s no insulin being produced instinct drives nutrients and proteins and all that shit to your any to your muscles so if you’re not getting any carbs I mean it but that’s another video that’s another video so but yet try to aim for a great buck but a gram per pound of body weight yeah and protein yeah and you should be fine again if you are get twice that three times that you’re not gonna be building any more muscle then if you’ve got the one gram per day you just helping out the supplement industry that’s all you’re doing yeah but that’s a whole advice on how much protein you need at the any day you can say you know what I’m gonna go buy what this protein bottle says they say it’s two to three grams of protein per pound of bodyweight to gain muscle I’m gonna do that it’s got a little fucky stone that’s a supplement company they make something or dig tombow at the end day y’all can do well but fuck do you want to do.

the number one biggest issue with Indian diets is that they lack protein even in 2016 when the whole world is moving to a high protein diet you’ll still hear Indian saying this dude you’re eating so much protein you’re gonna get kidney stones very often you see that these same people who pass these comments have little to no knowledge about fitness but they still pass these comments so what is the truth how much protein do you really need as a human being there’s only one way to find out let science the shit out of it but what actually counts as a high protein diet the latest medical research says that an average human being just to lead a healthy life in the long term needs about a gram of protein per kg of body weight so if you are both 65 kgs you need 65 grams of protein do you guys have any idea how much that is one egg has six and a half grams of protein 6.5 times 10 that’s about 65 grams of protein so if you’re a 65 kg human being you should be eating 10 eggs a day the only Indians who actually fulfill their daily protein requirements are the ones who lift and the ones who actually eat that many eggs and that much protein and they’re the same ones who get scolded at by the elders and society in general for eating that much high protein now that’s the standard for an average human being but what’s really important to know is that the kind of exercise regime you follow the kind of fat percent you have your age your gender and a bunch of other things determine how much protein you actually need now if you’re an individual who’s actually into some kind of hard exercise regime like resistance or weight training or even something like yoga what’s happening is that you’re damaging your body and your muscles to produce stronger muscles in their place now to build those stronger muscles in place of your older muscles you have to have protein and these people who exercise then need for protein is a lot more than the average human being because they’re damaging their bodies a lot more than that person so a lot of jewellers in the country actually face this problem where at home when they’re trying to eat high protein that parents and the doctors and everyone will shout and then they’d be oh my god what are you doing you’re damaging your body you guys need to know that the only way a high protein diet can actually damage your body is if you’re the hydrated most of the time so the only precaution you need to take is that you need to make sure that your urine is clear most of the time so till nine o’clock at night till about two three hours before bedtime keep drinking water until your urine is clear or has just a slight tinge of yellow you just do this and you’ll be in the safe zone so let’s talk numbers if you are under some kind of exercise and you’re trying to build lean muscle mass you need a minimum of 0. 8 grams to a maximum of 2. 7 grams per kg of body weight so in numbers suppose you’re a 50 kg individual you can go up to about 140 grams a day 140 grams of protein is an equivalent of 21 whole eggs in a day so as a 50 kg individual your body can actually utilize 21 whole eggs and build muscle mass safely if you’re hydrated keep that in mind so let’s take up cases which will effectively cover almost everyone’s protein requirement related doubts now keep in mind that I’ve referred to research papers from someone called Allan Eragon this guy he’s one of the top guys in nutrition and fitness research in the world and you can trust these stats blindly case number one the average skinny fat Indian now this actually covers most of the viewers and most of Indian general so the protocol for you is that you need to consume 0. 8 grams of protein per kg at a minimum and you can go up to 2 grams per kg at a maximum initially at least for six months to a year this is the kind of protein requirement you need if you want to build lean muscle mass remember the higher you keep your protein and take the faster and better results you get the only precaution you take if you stay hydrated case number two this is meant for everyone who’s kind of overweight anyone who wants to lose any amount of weight so for you what’s happening is that you’re trying to burn off fat from your body now while burning of fat your body also burns off muscle so your job is to actually maintain your lean muscle mass while burning fat to maintain your lean muscle mass your muscles need fuel and your fuel is obviously gonna come from protein the protocol for you is that you need to take your target weight convert it into pounds and have that many grams of protein every single day so suppose your target weight is 60 kgs that’s about 130 pounds you need to be having 130 grams of protein every single day remember you want to conserve all that muscle mass while you lose weight if you don’t you’re going to end up with a lot of long term health problems because of lower muscle mass coming to the third and final case the intermediate gym oh no this is for all you guys who’ve actually bulked up but you’ll want to cut down girl 1 look good without a shirt on now for you again it’s kind of hard you guys need to have the highest protein consumption amongst all kinds of GMOs now you guys need to be consuming a minimum of 1. 4 grams per kg to a maximum of 2.
7 grams per kg again the point of consuming that much protein is to make sure that you don’t lose muscle in the process of cutting when you’re cutting your aim is to lose a lot of fat and maintain your muscle mass and again the only way of muscle mass is going to be maintained is if you keep your protein intake high so what you want to substantially up your protein intake and gradually lower your carb and fat intake every day that’s how you cut properly..

today we’re going to look at that as well as I’m covering some of the other bullshit side of protein intake which might control for doing that but that’s okay hey guys and girls it’s russ once more to this video how much protein should i eat purdy this was sent to me by website and let David the email daily said Ross my friends can be completely different advice regarding protein intake I know which one is right one of them tells every week 200 runs a day one of them to tell movies 190 grams a day and they both make it sound like if he doesn’t do it their way it’s not going to get results so what’s truth how much are you hoodie today we’re going to look at that as well as I’m covering some of the uh well the bullshit side of protein intake which might in trouble for doing that but that’s okay first of all you mentioned in your email about government guidelines they tell me even further still there tell you to have under ahundred brands addy don’t pay too much attention to government guidelines one thing I’ve always hated as a trainer is that people are told to follow these guidelines they’re based on individuals who are largely sedan suree enact their works general population right and they’ll tell you to go as low as half a gram of protein per pound of body weight which for me a way of our hundred eighty pounds doing this video now I’d be on about 90 grams of protein per day which is nowhere near enough to support muscle growth remember those government guideline targets are based on people who are not going with the gym trying specifically to build more muscle okay so it knows but between your two friends which one is right if any well more studies conclude that as long as you’re getting as follows you’re getting about one gram of protein per pound of your body weight the nice sufficient enough maximize the unemployment response to training okay I saw your video you mentioned that you’re 180 pounds in this me right now about 180 would do it however all I’m quite something else you it’s not a lot of difference between 200 and 180 so you mean said it’s bullshit okay if your entire training regime has become based on the difference between 180 and 200 grams of protein you can drive yourself fucking crazy I never ever hit my target down certainly wouldn’t stress it on a little bit over on a little bit on okay as long as you’re on that right ballpark figure honestly you can drag us off crazy do it okay no so most it is computable run / pop is okay all right so that’s where on the store now there is some interesting research in protein intake which recommends that you could go as high as 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight so familiar under an 80 pounds they would suggest I eat what I like 270 grams of protein per day it’s interesting the results would massively better to be honest and than the one gram per pound however the interesting thing to note about these studies is that they’re only ever generally brought up and heal as massively better by either supra colles or people who own solar companies okay why because if you wit 200 pounds you need 350 grams of protein per day based on those toilets and you’d be heavily reliant in most cases on drinking protein shakes and mass gaining shakes the business right so funny business so yeah me personally as long as you’re hitting a ground you’re okay I tend to fall somewhere in between those two targets I am for about 1. 2 grams per day 180 pounds that puts my toilet somewhere around the 215 mark I never had it there on and that just gives me the best support walls and that’s it don’t worry about it okay hope this video helped you please subscribe to my channel guys are really appreciate you watching the videos as plenty more to come send your questions in through the site and hey join up to Russell pti com it’s free and you get all my full training programs as well cheers what’s next hey I might like from TV. .

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