How Long To Build Muscle

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This is crucial to understand because even though men build muscle faster, if they arent training properly they wont gain any muscle mass at all. In fact, the first month of weight lifting is likely to yield a gain in muscle mass of almost zero. So just relax, sleep, and let your body do the rest. If you stick with weight lifting for six or seven months, you can add six to twelve pounds of new, lean muscle to your body. Your body is only designed to support so much muscle mass, so it slows down. So year one you might gain 20 lb. You might even get lucky; gifted athletes often grow muscle at an alarmingly fast rate (2-3 lb.

how long to build muscle

How Long Does It Take For Muscles To Grow After Working Out?

Len Kravitz, program coordinator of exercise science at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, notes that protein synthesis — the process by which muscles grow bigger and stronger — occurs within two to four hours after a workout. You must train regularly — at least three or four times per week — and allow at least 48 hours of recovery between sessions. Melina Jampolis, a diet and fitness expert, recommends taking in 250 to 500 calories more than you burn daily, depending on how easily you gain fat. Your muscles use this fuel to grow. Adequate sleep and hydration are other factors that support fast muscle-building results. The material appearing on LIVESTRONG. COM is for educational use only.

In terms of building muscle, just keep on lifting more weight, eating enough calories, and over time you will build muscle. Keep writing a lot for the kind Great question about periodization. I am concerned my core should be more of a for your advice and great Are you doing all upper body muscles each workout 3x per week? With that said, Im going to be writing a muscle gain in the next couple of months. Then i started weight training for about and hour and a half a day 5 days a week.

This is especially true when youre a beginner, because most beginners (myself included at one time) expect to gain a lot more muscle and a lot faster than is actually possible. You must realise that most people will never be able to create a huge muscular physique like bodybuilders at the top of their game. These guys are so genetically gifted and muscular to start with that people thought they lifted weights. Assuming diet, training and rest are optimal and consistent, you could gain between 1 2 pounds of lean muscle per month. I mean, in just 6 months you could add around 10 pounds of noticeable muscle to your frame, and get dramatically stronger.

how long to build muscle results

long does it take to build simple answer to this question, like with most fitness-related queries, is that it depends, and there are a lot of different factors that come into of muscle growth depends on age, gender, training age, genetics, and hormonal profile, along with other factors, says Marc Perry, founder and CEO of BuiltLean and a top personal trainer and fitness expert in New York City. went on to explain that other genetic factors, like your bone structure and the percentage of fast-twitch Type 2 muscle fibers that you have, which grow larger in size than slow-twitch Type 1 muscle fibers, all play a role in determining at what pace youll be able to build can think about muscle building potential like a normal bell curve, Perry said. By the time someone is a mature lifter, that person only gain one half of a pound per month if he, or she is of luck, when it comes to building muscle, some might say that females got the shorter end of the said that compared to men, women have a less advantageous hormonal profile for muscle on average have only 5 to 10% of the muscle-building hormone testosterone as men, he said. Because women are not as large as men so the amount of muscle gained will be less despite a possibly similar rate of muscle those who are training with aims to increase muscle mass, Perry suggests measuring your progress with body fat calipers and a bodyweight scale. offered the following a 160 pound man has 20 percent body fat, he has 32 pounds of fat and 128 pounds of lean body mass.

what’s cracking guys Oh Maurice off here back with another video I am back in Toronto I got a whole lot of content from California that I’m going to be uploading including collaborations with the CNA production some more stuff with alan thrall just stay tuned right now though i want to make a topical video and want to make a timely video on talk about natural expectations whereas a natural after a few years expect to receive very slow gains and this actually comes from an instagram post that i made the guy a lot of support was not expecting it at all basically someone left the innocent comment just saying on where you looked the same for the last three years totally dig what you’re saying and i just said i welcome to the natural life and then i further elaborated in that post that I made on instagram where i said she said that when it comes to being natural after in a certain period of time it’s not accepting your fade it’s not you know being negative it’s not being a Debbie Downer it’s just a reality of the situation that every single year you train you will build less and less muscle and you will you know go towards your genetic limit and that’s not necessarily a bad thing at all it doesn’t mean you’re not going to train your ass off at the end of the day you should do this for yourself but that is a reality so I’m gonna throw up a photo when I started it’s kinda like beginner intermediate let’s say to more getting towards advanced you can see a progress here for three years but the last three years obviously progress has slowed down as you reach near that lemon you’re gonna make less and less of gains and I just want to talk about that a little bit the first thing I want to say is that of course that I do feel that you know fake Natty’s out there or skewing the perception of what is possible to obtain naturally I would say I have you know average genetics not bad not good but average and so I would say I’m a pretty good representation of what can be achieved I think anyone can they achieve honestly these results anyone could get the ash chest even you yes you uh but also I’m going to talk about how I’m not you know a pure bodybuilder but any stretch first I just want to talk though about the fake Naturals and that is those individuals that claim to be Nattie that are not that give then that skewed perception and believe me ain’t gonna rat no names but being in the industry and known some people whatnot some of the people that you know individual suspect is this guy on is this guy off I found out about a lot of these cats it’s just it is what it is but a lot of people that individuals might look up to they are enhance so that skews the perception the second thing I want to talk about however is the difference between maybe an athlete that has a goal and then a pure bodybuilder right and maybe that intersection of both which is hopefully what I want down the road athletic aesthetic uh the point I want to make is that if you look at athletes and when I think an athlete said let’s talk about power lifters weight lifters strongman competitors and whatnot that are natural is because they’re training for a sport they’re focused on that sport right if I can think of very good power lifters right natural ones I name like Candido Gibbs Josh Han Khan I had the pleasure to hang out with all those dudes but you know they have in common they are amazing when it comes to power lifting Candido puts out phenomenal information he’s a very good power lifter but if you look at their physiques right they don’t have body builder for Zeke’s why is that because they’re focused on a sport they want to become really really strong that is their sole goal so they’re gonna try and become strong you can’t be kind of a jack of all trades right you have to sacrifice something you only have so much time to Train so for a lot of these athletes they sacrifice their physique because honestly it’s not important in them they want to win medals they want to set world records and I could totally dig that and so they sacrifice that and that’s why you don’t see these individuals with these you know bodybuilder style physiques and that’s why you’ll see a lot of the best physiques when it comes to power through them what not are those that do have a bodybuilding background and I could kind of relate to that in that for myself I am always more attracted to performance by doing something with my body like lifting more weight it just feels damn good so if I’m given the choice between the two what am I going to focus on getting stronger and maybe more hypertrophy I’m gonna focus on getting stronger and that has been what has happened over the last few years you know when I post the photos are like 2013 on the show something I want to do some lateral raises where a lot of people were like dude that’s like that’s the peak of a your physique I was focusing more on bodybuilding and I think it shows but that next year I set all my strength records why because I focused on strength and so really you have to choose what you want to attack and I think of the long you know a term plan for myself like I don’t just see myself a year from now six months from now I have like a five month goal of what I want obtain some in that journey I’m on the process but for me you know 2013 probably best aesthetics at that point likeliness most jacked and whatnot 2014 I was at my strongest however because I was focusing on strength that’s when I hit my 500 pound squat squatting four to five times a week I put the most amount of size in 2014 on my lower body I was lifting a lower body four to five times a week my del f1 at 40 pounds to 585 had a 500 pound squat so that one up eighty pounds and my bench went up I think 10 or 15 pounds so you can clearly see doing all that extra volume I grew I had a lot of hypertrophy my legs I’m not a lot in my upper body but I was sacrificing you know extra upper body gains in order to get stronger overall when it came to my total because I was interested in that unfortunately then you know guys in early 2015 I injured my back that SI issue I’ve been working on that for the last year trying to get that right it makes no sense either to bulk or supercut when you’re injured why you’re just doing it fatter when you try bulk when you’re injured or when you’re cutting on the other hand you are at risk because I couldn’t use my lower body and losing some of that lower body mass so for myself it’s weird I accept it three out of five natty King where a lot of people use a slightly shout out to like Scooby and a few others I forget their names that always cite me is that a good natural example much respect to you guys I do feel responsibility to you guys to break it down though that as a natural first off you can expect after a few years for your progress to really slow down and I did they uh that’s not a bad thing if you do this for yourself that’s totally cool um however you have other goals if you have a perception of what you want to be I was there too dude trust me first year lifting until I watched pumping iron and a buddy told me I thought Arnold was a natural you know I thought it was achievable and so maybe if your goal physique that you have is not one that’s obtainable you know naturally that you can’t obtain naturally that’s something that you have to consider bottom line what I want to say out there is that while I do think I am an example of a natural I am NOT you know by any means the full potential because I don’t consider myself a pure bodybuilder training as an athlete pursuing strength goal so I had those like kind of power lifting goals the only one I didn’t achieve before I injured my back was that 600 pound Delap that I still want I have weightlifting goals I have to combine them that with high perch feet goals and that’s why I said moving forward after this Cup which is going very well after it ends I’m you know slowly I could say shifting I’m doing weightlifting becoming better that and incorporating more bodybuilding so it’s always a balance between those two things and remember you have to as I’ve discovered it do this for yourself enjoy the process and come to the realization that that is what is going to happen you’ll gain less muscle as time goes on and that’s totally fine hopefully it’s the process the things you learn the dedication the desire the discipline all the three DS other you learn along the way are the things that help motivate you and the things that you take away from lifting and not just purely the aesthetics for youichi from it that is the video guys if you liked the video make sure to like the damn video and I’ll be saying oh you guys my rascals and that next one peace.

how long does it take to build muscle it takes fucking forever it takes a long time it’s a whole lot easier to lose body fat then it is to build muscle it’s real hard to build muscle you got to trick your body into building muscle these programs you seen people sell these ebooks a build muscle fast get ten pounds in four weeks yes bullshit I said I can gain 20 pounds of mass in three weeks that is such fucking garbage man yeah this is one dude on here man come on he’s 200 what five pounds of rippling muscle I don’t think that dudes over a buck fucking eighty I wait 203 pounds I’ll wait 209 pounds and I’m not ripped all fucking muscle biggest fucking is but uh like I was saying it’s real hard to build muscle like for example when we start lifting weights I would say if you’re putting on a pound of muscle a month that’s building muscle fast yeah okay but a pound of muscle that’s a lot of months that is a load of 12 months as 12 pounds and 20 pounds of muscle doesn’t sound like much to you but 12 pounds of muscle compared to 12 pounds of fat is a big deal for 20 pounds of muscle like go to the store and buy 12 pounds of lean ground beef and see I hear that shit is yeah that’s a lot of money if you could put on a pound of muscle a month that’s building muscle fast yeah on average you probably going to build anywhere from I would say an eighth to a pound a month you know your first year when you do a weightlifting program you’re gonna put on waste you can put muscle faster then you don’t put almost faster and still longer you train it’s going to get harder and it’s going to take longer to build months because but that all depends on your genetic stuff you know like me my first year I prepped home about 18 pounds of muscle the second year is a lot harder third years going even harder cause I’m pretty much just gonna be based on your genetics a lot so so on average you are only put on a probably about an eighth to a pound of muscle per month you’re sure it’s an eight how don’t you think it might be even a half a pound if someone’s might be a half shut dumb si8 if you can put on a pound of muscle my that’s fucking fast yeah and like I said a pound of muscle it doesn’t seem like a lot but that’s a lot that’s a lot of fucking yeah if you could put on a pound of muscle per month for three years you won big yo motherfucker so after three months let’s say lifting my weights about three months you see it you should see some noticeable results okay are you gonna be honest watching that hell not yeah you know yes it could she put on in those three months could you put on three to eight to maybe even 12 pounds of muscle yeah you could you could get all the pins better look genetics yeah now let’s sell us a lot of different factors but I don’t have time to going but you can put on 10 pounds of mussels in three months yeah that’s that’s that’s doable but you say hey I’ll put on sixty five pounds or rippling rock hard mass now yeah you can’t do on fucking steroids yeah I mean I would say shoot for about a pound of muscle money that’s that’s a good goal and it’s hard to be almost it takes a long time to build muscle the longer you stick with it the more results you see you’re more results you see the more your motivation is gonna go up and you’re gonna more you the more you want to stick to the program yeah now if I don’t work out for like a week right now I’m taking a week off right now I feel like a crackhead withdrawing or crack that’s how much I love working out that’s how much my motivation level is because I’ve been building I’ve been stacking my results for the last couple years now and it’s just a part of my life yeah in the first three months you know you know you need to have your expectations you know logical expectation you’re not gonna put on forty five pounds of muscle but alone you stick with the program over time you’ll watch your body change yeah you say hey yeah I can’t put almost okay but uh yeah that’s hot advice hey fuck you want to do.

What’s going on, guys.Sean Nalewanyj here, www. Sean. Nal. com www. Body. Transformation.
and the question today is how much musclecan you gain naturally and in what timeframe?Now, this is actually a very difficult question
to answer, simply because the numbers canvary so much from person to person depending
on a lot of different factors. So keep in mind that any answer that you get
from anybody on this topic is always justgoing to be a rough approximation. That said, having an overall ballpark figure
in mind will at least give you some accurateexpectations, so that number one: you don’t
get scammed out of your money by bullshitsupplements or miracle programs or other products
that give you totally unrealistic ideas ofhow much muscle you can gain over a specific
timeframe. Number two: so that you can set practical
achievable goals and stay on track with yourplan, rather than just program hopping from
one plan to the next like so many people dobecause you were convinced that your program
isn’t working that you should be makingfaster gains. So how much muscle can you gain naturally?Again, ballpark figure, but assuming you’re
on a properly structured program and you’refollowing it consistently, guys ranging from
slightly below average genetics to slightlyabove average genetics are probably going
to be capable of building somewhere between,and I noticed this is a pretty wide range,
but probably somewhere between about twentyto forty pounds of actual lean muscle mass
naturally. Now your body weight can obviously go up by
more than that because you’ll always gainssome body fat while you’re bulking and you’ll
be holding on to additional water weightsin the process, so it does depend on what
kind of look you’re going for.
But in terms of actual lean muscle mass that’s
a pretty safe range I would say.So if you have average genetics, then you’ll
probably land somewhere in the middle at aboutthirty pounds of muscle. Slightly below average, maybe around twenty
pounds. Slightly above average maybe around forty
pounds. And females can take those numbers and reduce
them by about half. Again, I know it’s kind of a wide range,
but like I said, there’s really no way ofsay exactly how much muscle any specific person
is going to be capable of building. And around thirty pounds, give or take, will
probably cover the majority of the liftingpopulation.
And then in addition to that you’re also
going to have small percentage of geneticoutliers, who’re going to fall on the more
extreme ends of the spectrum.Meaning that you’ll have guys with a particularly
poor muscle building genetics who might onlyable to gain, say ten pounds of muscle or
less, regardless of what they do. Unfortunately that is the case for some people. But again, it’s only a very small percentage. And then on the far other side you’re going
to have another very small percentage withexceptionally good muscle building genetics,
who might be able to gain upward to, say fiftypounds of muscle. Again, this is just an educated guess but
it at least gives you some sort of realisticidea to work with. I’ve seen a lot of other figures thrown
around online and in my opinion a lot of themreally overestimate what’s realistic or
at the very least they overestimate what’srealistic while staying at a decently lean
body fat percentage.
And thirty pounds of muscle is not a small
amount by any means.If you took a guy who was a complete beginner
at a hundred and fifty pounds with an averagebuild, and then you put thirty pounds of pure
muscle on his frame, plus a bit of extra fatand a bit of extra water, that’s a lot of
overall mass for someone to gain. Now, how long will it actually take to build
that muscle?Again, just an approximation, but assuming
everything is done on a properly structuredprogram and you’re consistent with it, you
can probably expect to achieve about fiftypercent of your noticeable genetic muscle
building potential in the first year of training. And it will then slow down by about half for
every year after that. Remember that muscle growth is not a linear
process, and as you build more and more sizeit’s going to become increasingly harder
to make further increases. This is because muscle is metabolically very
expensive tissue. Your body doesn’t want to hold on to a high
amount of excess muscle, and so it has a certaingenetics limit in place that prevent you from
putting on too much.
So the further and further you get away from
your natural set point, the harder and harderyour body starts pressing on the brakes, to
slow that process down.But using that figure, you’d be at around
fifty percent of your genetics potential afterone year, about seventy five percent after
two years, maybe eighty five to ninety percentafter three years. And then after four years and beyond you’d
be pretty close to your natural limit. You’d still be able to make continued gains
from there. there are guys training for a decade or more
and they’re still able to make improvementsto their physique but the level of diminishing
return would be so steep at that point thatyou’d have to train hard for multiple years
with your nutrition dialed in as well, justto gain maybe a few extra ponds of actual
new muscle. That’s my answer. I think it’s pretty accurate for most people
in most situations.
As a natural trainee, a realistic expectation
would be anywhere from about twenty to fortypounds of total lean muscle mass depending
on your genetics, with about thirty poundsbeing the average.And you could build not all but the vast majority
of that muscle over a span of about four years. For some guys it might be three years. For some guys it might be five. But four years, give or take, is a pretty
safe bet. Now, what are the factors that are going to
influence exactly how much muscle you canbuild and how fast you can build it?There’s a few main things. The first huge one to take into account is
of course genetics.
Regardless of what anyone tells you genetics
do play a very significant role in any givenperson rate of muscle growth as well as their
ultimate muscle building potential.As well as what that muscle will actually
looked like from an aesthetic stand pointonce it built. In terms of actual muscle growth itself we’ve
got things like testosterone levels, growthhormone levels, muscle fiber type, insulin
sensitivity, myostatin levels, these are justa few factors of many. And then along with that you have to take
into account your height, your joint size,your overall bone structure, your muscle shape,
your muscle insertions, all of these thingswill affect how your physique actually looks
once that muscle is gained. For example, fifteen pound of new muscle on
a guy who is 5’5’’ with a smaller bonestructure, that’s going to appear much differently
than those same fifteen pounds on a guy who’s6’4’’ with a lanky frame. Age also comes into play here as well, because
guys who are in their late teens and twentiesare naturally going to build muscle at the
fastest rate because their testosterone levelswill be in the optimal muscle building range. Whereas guys who are in their early teens
or who are in the forty to fifty plus agerange, they’re going to gain muscle at a
slower rate because testosterone levels won’tbe as high.
Experience levels also comes into play like
I already touched on, the less experienceyou are the fasters you’ll make gains and
vice versa, and also whether you’re gainingthat muscle for the first time or regaining
muscle that you lost.And that’s because regaining lost muscle
that happens a lot faster than building brandnew muscle. So if you took a lay off in training, your
rate of growth would be faster. Or if you’re someone who was recovering
from an illness like an eating disorder, theoverall amount of muscle mass that you could
gain from when you start would be a lot higher. And then on top of all of this, the assumption
here is that you’re natural, because steroidswill dramatically alter how much muscle you
can gain. And the assumption is also that you’re following
a proper program and consistently stickingto it, because if your program or your consistency
are subpar then all these figures are obviouslygo straight out the window. In then end though, the whole question of
how much muscle can you build it honestlyisn’t something I’d spend too much time
getting hung up on, because you really haveno way of knowing from the outset what your
exact muscle building potential will be anywayor how that muscle is going to look on your
frame once its built.
So as long you just have rough idea of what’s
possible in mind then that’s going to begood enough and it doesn’t have much practical
use for you beyond that point.So the best thing you can do is just get your
training and nutrition dialed in. Be consistent. Be patient. And focus on maximizing your individual rate
of muscle growth and then see what your geneticshave in store for you and just make the most
of your situation depending on your goals. That’s really all there is to it. So, I hope this was helpful, guys.
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