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The women dont want to do bulky training, and the guys want to mass, Or, the men dont want to bodybuild but just want to be strong, and the women train like men And everyone is confused as hell. You cannot have strength without muscle. Muscle is muscle. Do women build muscle slower? You can train for strength and build muscle at the same time. Training for more muscle, train for muscle, train to be stronger, repeat as long as you can.

how long for muscle to build

The Following Two Charts Can Help Determine How Long It Takes To Build Muscle

A quite obvious reason for your muscles to grow is for them to get stronger. But for muscles to get stronger, they need to be subjected to physical levels of stress. The muscles adjust to new levels of stress by getting stronger. Once your muscles start to get stronger, they will eventually adapt to these new strength levels by getting bigger. So, as you gradually add more intensity to your workout program, you add more stress to your muscles and they will continue to grow. This is of course not exact and everyone is different, so for some it can be more and some less, and can depend on various factors. The values in the chart apply to males, and its recommended that females halve these values

This increased output peaks somewhere around a half hour into your workout. If your conditioning is where it should be you should be able to get a lot of high quality work done in 45 minutes. Be smart and do what you need to do to prepare for your workout. All it takes is about 10-20 minutes, and never more than 30 minutes. Do 4-6 rounds of 30 seconds, hard and fast. Rest 60-120 seconds between rounds. You could do a circuit of kettlebell swings, sled sprints, jump rope and sledgehammer strikes Do a hard 30 second interval, rest, move on to the next exercise, rest, move to the next exercise, etc.

Im eating about 150 to 200 grams of carbs per day and about 200 to 250 grams of protein a day. The more frequently you perform cardio, the more calories you burn and the more body fat you will lose. This type of cardio training allows you to burn more fat because your metabolism remains revved up for the majority of the day even after you have finished your Muscle Building muscle is all about training them through strength training and weight lifting workouts. Resistance training with multi-joint compound exercises is really the key to building quality muscle on Your Diet When you want to burn fat and build muscle, you must take a close look at your diet. Its important to focus on a diet rich in protein to build lean muscle faster.

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Great want to ask you this,what should your calories be after a cut that you lost some muscle?How much weight it would be good to gain monthly?I cant find nowhere a recommended bulking weight for guys who have been off for some time or had lost muscle due to an this Mike, i have a pretty important question that i think will be critical to the next move i make towards what im trying to accomplish and i trust the advice you give so i would appreciate a detailed answer as im not sure which approach to take, before the question let me explain where im at, im not new to weightlifting and been working out for years and have built up a good amount of muscle and have been working out off and on this year do to various projects etc and have been able to retain my strength and size most of the year and then recently ive been out the gym for almost 2 months now and have started to notice muscle shrinking and looking flat which as you mention in this would be no problem to bounce back from BUT heres the situation and also the question, i have some photos i need to be cut for at the beginning of 2015 and i was gonna go thru the cut process for 5 weeks or so to be ready, so the question is could i go head and just do my cut and build that muscle back over the weeks im cutting to get that size back do to muscle memory OR do i have to bulk some before i start my cut to build that muscle and size back where it was at, it wasnt clarified in the when it comes to buliding back original (not new) size and muscle before the detraining and shrinkage do you have to bulk or be in a calorie surplus or can you just get that size back during a cut?. Most of what youre seeing is probably genetics Mike i have a question about muscle memory, I have not been working out (hitting weights) for about 6 months now which my muscles have shrunken and ive also gained weight in that time so of course i need to cut instead of bulk and get fatter, keep in mind ive been working out for quite some time 7+ years and have put on a good amount of muscle so i know when i start back the muscle will come back quickly due to muscle memory but heres the real question. Keep it to 1.5 to 2 hours per week, max, and youll be me know how it cool and just to clarify, doing the HIIT cardio will help me cut faster than just the weights alone, while not affecting the muscle coming back quickly with muscle mike, i have been working out off and on since i was 13 and now im 34 and have had to stop for months at a time. the muscle will come back quickly. Mike I was off any weight training for 2 years and went from 8% BF to about 18% Back at training now 1 month and can see changes happening but weight is staying the same more here.

Hey what’s up guys, Sean Nalewanyj here of
Elite.Impact. Labs. com. Now a common question on the mind of most
bodybuilding beginners is how quickly theycan expect to see gains. So how long does it take to build muscle and
how much muscle can you realistically expectto gain in one year?Now you’ll get answers to this question ranging
all over the map. It spans from crazy marketing campaigns promising
“41 pounds of muscle in 6 months” to moreconservative estimates in the range of about
10 or 15 pounds per year. But where does the truth lie?Well, in my opinion, you’d be best off to
simply forget about this question altogether.
And that’s because the answer is going to
range hugely from person to person, and anyconcrete figure that you come up with isn’t
really going to have any practical effecton your day to day program anyway.Here are 4 main reasons why this is the case. The first is genetics. The plain fact is that individual genetic
makeup does play a very significant role indetermining how quickly or slowly any given
person can build muscle. Factors such as muscle fiber distribution,
testosterone levels, growth hormone levels,insulin sensitivity, myostatin levels and
recovery ability all come into play, and theseelements can range quite a bit from person
to person. Anyone can build a significant amount of muscle
given enough time, but some people do havea natural hard wired advantage in terms of
how quickly that muscle can be gained. And this genetic component alone makes it
extremely difficult to establish any sortof reliable range that can be applied to lifters
across the board. The second is experience level.
The amount of time that you’ve been training
also plays a huge role in determining yourpersonal rate of muscle growth.When you first start lifting, your initial
gains will show up quite quickly assumingyou are training and eating properly since
it’s a brand new stimulus for your body. And this is often referred to as the “newbie
gains”. And as you gain more experience, more strength,
more muscle, those gains will naturally beginslowing down as you push your body farther
and farther away from its natural set point. And for that reason, someone brand new to
bodybuilding is going to get a much differentanswer than someone who already has say, 3
or 4 years of solid training under their belt. The third issue to take into account is dry
muscle tissue versus glycogen and water. What exactly do we even mean by “muscle”?Everyone seems to have their own specific
definition when trying to establish thesefigures. Are we talking about actual dry tissue or
just lean body weight in general?Keep in mind that for every pound of dry muscle
that you gain, you’re also creating morespace for additional glycogen and water storage.
Although this technically isn’t muscle tissue,
it’s still lean body weight and will appearas such.And for that reason, if I was to “quote”
you 10 pounds of dry muscle in one year, youwouldn’t even know how those 10 pounds were
going to appear once the additional glycogenand water was taken into account. And the fourth factor is bone structure. At the end of the day, bodybuilding itself
is an aesthetic endeavour and its purposeis to modify the way that you look. If you’re watching this video right now
then chances are that your central goal isto build a lean, muscular and impressive looking
body, however, everyone has a unique bonestructure, their height, their width, their
limb length etcetera. and this significantlyaffects the way that they carry their newly
built muscle mass. 15 pounds of muscle on a 5 foot 7 stocky frame
is going to appear much differently than thosesame 15 pounds on a 6 foot 3 lanky frame. So even if I tell you that you can gain X
amount of muscle within a certain time period,you really have no way of knowing how that
muscle is going to appear on your particularframe until you’ve actually gained it.
So the bottom line is that this question may
serve to alleviate your curiosity and giveyou a big picture goal to strive for but the
concrete answer that you get won’t make muchdifference anyway.It’s likely not going to be very accurate
due to the factors that we just outlined andin addition you won’t even know how that muscle
is going to appear on your frame anyway. So my personal suggestion is to not even worry
about it. Get yourself onto the best training, nutrition
and supplementation plan that you possiblycan, execute it on a consistent, day to day
basis, and then watch the gains unfold. If they happen at an above average rate, awesome. If they happen a bit more slowly, so be it. If you’re training hard and you’re eating
right and you’re sticking to your programthen your individual rate of muscle gain is
beyond your control anyway. Stick to the things that you can control,
work hard, and that impressive physique thatyou’re after will fall into place one way
or another.
So I hope you found the information in this
video lesson useful today.As always, if you did enjoy the video please
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guys and I’ll talk to you again soon withmore free tips. .

hey this is de Vere’s fitness Khammam certified fitness trainer and today I’m going to go over I think we’re almost importing videos on when it comes to fitness and building muscle and all that great stuff how long has it take to build more so I think a lot of kids out there confused about how much it takes to actually put on muscle nobody ever unless you’re using a secret little supplement that everybody knows the name to which I’m not going to mention which is going to drive your hormones crazy and it’s not going to end up being a good thing all right let’s we’re talking about natural bodybuilding what I mean natural I mean no steroids alright everything else is natural bodybuilding not not saying that you know taking a protein powder and and taking vitamins and all that is a natural thing but it’s a lot more natural than you know putting hormones in your body well anyway there are only two things that are going to tell you how much most you’re going to put in here and if you’re doing everything right you can expect to put on about five maybe a little bit more pounds of muscle every year alright that’s a year five pounds of muscle alright that I think a lot of kids did just they start hitting the gym and in a month they want to be Arnold okay it’s not gonna happen when Arnold first but I started bodybuilding and he was like 13 okay and this guy he went crazy with the things that he did alright nobody turns into Arnold with just a month of bodybuilding if you go consistently for a year you can uh you can see some good muscle gains now I’m not saying that you need to wait a year to start seeing results because there’s one thing that you can do right now and that you can achieve in less than 30 days that’s going to make you look like you know what you’re doing at the gym and that’s focusing on your body fat you can’t all in all it takes a very long time to build muscle it takes about a year to put on five pounds of muscle but I’m going to show you one little cool trick right now a little bonus tip for you to be able to look like you know what you’re doing at the gym and that’s focusing on your body if you focus on your body fat you’ll have abs you’ll have the toned arms you’ll have the toned legs you’ll be the person in shape at the at the at the beach or the pool wherever it is that you’re there you know having fun with your friends and whatnot you know it takes a very long time to build muscle and you will start seeing results but they real they’ll be very very minimal it’s being really honest with you it takes about a whole year to gain about 5 pounds of muscle and doesn’t seem like a lot but trust me five pounds of muscle is plenty it’s a lot but you know if you want to be the next great bodybuilder please know that it’s not going to take two months it’s going to take five years maybe six ten there’s bodybuilders I’ve been building for a very very long time okay and they know what they’re doing they have trainers and healthy people on top of them pushing them they have company supplement companies that they’re sponsored by they’re telling me hey you need to start seeing better results or intercut you all right you guys are known you’re extreme amount of pressure and that’s why they push themselves so hard at the gym and you have to do the same thing if you want to build a lot of muscle all right so listen to that quick little tip I gave you focus on your body fat if you can cut body fat you’ll instantly look like you know what you’re doing at the gym and that all comes down to diet if you want to check out those videos just keep looking at my channel you might find a video about dieting as well there as well and if your person that’s 20 pounds or more overweight I know that this video has nothing to do with being overweight or what not but maybe this is you so I’m reaching out to those couple of people out there that are more than 20 pounds overweight I have an absolutely free video series it’s called the 13 fat loss secrets it’s 13 videos maybe even more videos where I’m going to help you how to teach you how to lose fat if you’re over 20 pounds overweight it’s a lot of cool tricks on cool things it’s absolutely free I’m going to find the link for that in the description below or somewhere on this channel this video you’re going to find it’s absolutely free our checking on the next video I’ll see you on the other side you.

guys a very popular topic is simply the speed of development of a physique now I’ll speak from experience here that over the years there have been times where I’ve just trained and then other times of late especially there are six or seven years where I put every single bit of my efforts into creating a physique a balanced physique of physique that could be able to step on a stage and the first time I did still wasn’t completely it’s not complete now so we want to talk I want to talk about time frame that it kind of takes to get there now I’ve been training since I was 15 years old and a lot of you train probably very similar to how I did in those days you go to the gym new nutritions particularly alright but you go to the gym so you think that you’re actually actively trained to build a better body shape now we’re not going to say that it’s not the case there are people that are genetically gifted who don’t really plan out their nutrition through training the gym and they grow a very very balanced physique that’s the minority and that’s often the guys that move on to beat some of the world’s best physique athletes best bodybuilders best fitness models in the world and then there’s the day to day guys the day to day guys that say that they do everything right but their body isn’t really changing well you can only truly measure the time it takes to build a physique if you have all the pieces of the puzzle in place and then when you have all the pieces of the puzzle in place you need to be routine and you need to be committed you need to be dedicated to doing that in and week out and then still you might put all your efforts into chest for six months and your chest changes and then you might put all your efforts into your back and your back changes that’s a year and then you put six months since you’re really bringing your quads up then six months into bringing your hamstrings up that’s two years and then you need to think about your arms your arms haven’t grown at the same rate is your chest in your back so that you have to put another six or seven months to really bring your arms up and then you realize that you didn’t then put enough effort into your chest so you don’t need to spend another six months bringing your chest up the pursuit of excellence is a journey its long term and one thing you really need to understand is there’s no cuts off time with it there’s no I’m done I’m finished for most people it’s a pursuit that’s ongoing and it’s a pursuit of looking at lagging body parts or bringing up something that was you paid less attention to over a certain period of time but you first and foremost want to think of it like this your first year of training is simply put in general tissue on the second year of training is putting more sis 1 but to really zero an appreciable size of the leg pair of legs to grow a good back to grow chest when guys you’ve got to be looking at five years commitment as a minimum to really for the average guy to create any shape to the physique I’ll tell you now you know from the age of 31 32 right through to where I am now we’re talking seven years I’m actually very very content with the balance of my physique it’s still an ongoing process everything had various different shoulder injuries I’m knowing what I know to now seven years down the line of actually bodybuilding be content with my physique as it is in the offseason means the in that amount of time to create the balance if it takes you time to build a decent set of shoulders that create the shape that falls into the chest that gives you definition into your waistline with your laps coming down all this takes time so what I really wanted to do with this video was to reassure you that you’re not doing things wrong if you’ve not got you complete physique in six months to reassure you that you don’t necessarily have to be jumping on a bodybuilding stage or doing your first photo shoot in the first 18 months I look back laughter overall my shoots from the last four or five years and the first one was just really a proof to myself of where I was then but in terms of where I am now it’s a million miles away I can actually look at see all the imbalances and see what I’d spent more time on and what I’d spent less time on we’re always going to favor areas of our body that we are that are responding quicker and we’re going to do less of the body parts are responding quicker but in fairness you need to do more of the body parts don’t forget that you have less knowledge and so over time as your knowledge grows so will the intensity that you can train so all the variations and programs that you’re able to handle so will the amount of food that your body and digestive system can handle so it is an iterative process it is a process over time and what you have to do in terms of building the ideal physique is know the minute you say you want a bad body shape you want to build the physique it’s going to be a minimum five years plan like building the business when I set up this gym I knew four years ago that it was going to take time I have a five to six year business plan four years into that business plan I know I’m gonna reach the goal of where I wanted to at six years but by five years I would change the plan to seven or eight years but the most important thing is your first five years of what do you want to look like in that timeframe what do you want to see change and be committed to six months to a year to a year and a half of gradually working on those areas to create the physique balance or the complete balance to the physique new you want so I’ll tell you just to close this video off minimum of three to five years of intent focus discipline with your nutrition discipline with your training to get a body shape you really really can’t do it so stay committed stay focused and work hard and stick to your diet.

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