How Fast Can You Build Muscle

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In my two years of training I have jumped from 118lbs to 165lbs with roughly the same body fat%. For a natural bodybuilder like myself, now mind you that I live for the sport, you can expect about five pounds of muscle each year. If we were to live in a perfect world, if we all had the same genetics, and if we would gain at an equal rate. This tells me that you probably did some serious stimulation that your body was not initially used of. I am not afraid to say no when a situation arises and I feel that it will hurt my progress as a bodybuilder. The good part, for me anyways, is the fact that if we were both given only five pounds of muscle I would benefit from it much more in aesthetical terms.

how fast can you build muscle

How Fast Can A Person Gain Muscle?

We can get food delivered to our door, find new ‘romance’ and can get a cab in seconds, all at the tap of a button (or a swipe of the finger). We don’t want to wait. That works out at a rate of around a quarter of a kilo every week. According to the same study, Phillips team found that new muscle was built more efficiently when subjects lifted lighter weights (30% of their one-rep max, to be precise) to fatigue, instead of hitting a PB time and again. So, dont think going light will derail your efforts. So, if you weigh 187lbs (85kg, or 13st), then you need 187g of protein a day.

Now I dont feel bad about being in a caloric deficit during my first year lifting, too. That man will build muscle at that rate (or really slower and slower over time) until they hit their genetic limits at which point they will just stop building additional muscle. I currently do body part split x 5 days a week. 5 pounds of just muscle per week and that sounds great but my question is, how much weight should I be looking to gain a week realistically in total? Im sure youre gaining some muscle, but that weight is not just muscle (e. g. water, glycogen, body fat).

They provide the building blocks for muscle growth. Subjects who took testosterone and did no exercise gained around 7 pounds of muscle. We rebuilt from 151 pounds to about 171 pounds. A diet that lacks adequate nutrients will mean a rate of muscle growth thats less than optimal. e. food) they need to make the widgets as fast as they could, the rate of widget production will drop. Up to that time, this was the biggest change Id ever made in a single year.

The truth is, building muscle is tough. Everyone can lose weight and build muscle, but only if they have the dedication to work hard at it. In general, this method is also less healthy. In general, you wont get super bulky unless you really try.

Short of a heavy supply of anabolic steroids this rate of muscle gain is completely you were to gain 1 lbs per week over the course of 6 months that would equate to a massive 26 lbs increase in scale weight. That would mean 13 lbs of muscle and 13 lbs of fat. As well, since you arent gaining much fat at all you never have to undergo long dieting I explained above, if your goal is to gain muscle you should aim to gain about 0.5 lbs per week. This means consuming about 250 calories over your calorie maintenance. A one inch increase on your waist circumference usually reflects about 5 lbs of fat gain. If you read the section you will see what people have to say about the OGallagher is the founder of Kinobody, a dedicated to helping men and women achieve the lean, muscular, and aesthetic Hollywood physique.

Check out how fast you can realistically build muscle mass. . . Its widely accepted that new trainers have the capacity to build muscle the fastest, with gains becoming slower when you reach a hardcore level of development. Therefore, a core strategy of pre-workout ( X-PLODE HARDCORETM), intra-workout (BCAA INTRA HARDCORETM) and post-training nutrition (OMNI MX HARDCORE ) remains a constant. However, the longer youve trained, the more likely youre going to need advanced nutrition and supplement strategies so its worth thinking about a hardcore natural option such as 17-T SOMATOCRI-MXTM to support testosterone. 09763616 VAT.

what is poppin cosmetic fam so I’m on my way back from a workout and I was gonna go home shower you know fix the hair and get my camera and get it all set up and speak you guys but I actually just wanted to whip out the phone and talk to you about something that is very important to me and it’s something I experienced and where you can find a lot of value for yourself this all comes down to being skinny and if you’re skinny right now just keep on listening to this video and share it with your friends comment down below with how you feel because this is something that a lot of people deal with they feel like they’re so skinny to the point where they have nothing that compares to that jock in high school that’s playing football and all these sports are 200 pounds Street muscle at all this the fact of the matter is that you’re worth way more than you actually think and most of the time it just comes down to structure that’s what it comes down to and I know you’re looking for answers you’re looking for that one thing that’s just going to tell you hey this is the cheat sheet to get you the best results possible and build this incredible body but I’m going to tell you this from experience not that easy it takes a lot of time it takes work and you have to trust the process because if you’re trying to say you know oh kilos the diet is perfect for me it’s going to get me shredded in 3 months listen transformations are different it all depends on body type it all depends on how much work they’re doing it all depends where they are currently in their lives what age they’re at are they growing are they knocked you know there’s so many different factors how are their hormones so if you’re skinny right now and you’ve messaged me a hundred times or you’ve messaged hundreds of different snapchat guys and Instagram peeps that are in the fitness industry you’ve got to understand that it’s a slow process yes you’ll see results quickly if you just get started but after that it does take time and you have to learn the proper techniques you have to learn a lot more than just the keto diet to get the best results possible so when you are looking into understanding what program to follow or when you are on trying to understand type of structure to begin with I always say just start with body weight training because it’s so easy to look at my videos look at the training systems I have and take advantage of what’s there and then always think about your diet think about your nutrition that’s where it starts right stop with this no I have to do in a minute fasting no matter what or if I didn’t reach that get that goal for today for intermittent fasting I just lost out on five days of results no no it doesn’t work like that when I was growing up when I was 14 years old 15 16 17 you know what I did hey as much as I could to build sighs and I ate healthy and that was it I trained and I learned and I learned and I learned and then I started training clients when I got my exercise physiology degree and then I started creating online programs and then now I have an empire online I like to the Empire but family Empire there’s so many different words you can describe it but it all started with trusting in myself that I could build sighs I knew I could build sighs I knew that I could grow I knew that I could do all these things if I put in real work and that was it I never thought for one second that I wasn’t going to achieve something and it’s because I just knew it was possible if someone was 200 pounds I knew that I could get to that point although we might not have the same exact body types I just knew I could get to that point set a goal keep on working for stop worrying about the imbalances stop worrying about oh my my left ab is not showing as much am i right I did that type of stuff and it gets you nowhere all it does is tell you more and more and more worried about just eating correctly enjoying your life working hard towards something that you want to do and that’s pretty much it and learn the structure of training because if you do all these different things and just grow and grow and grow and grow as an individual you’ll see incredible results results you probably never even thought you would receive because you are so negative during this one point in your life so just keep grinding keep on working hopefully this found you in the perfect place right now I was at 14 year olds I know what it’s what it’s like to be 119 pounds now I’m 200 pounds I’m flying around on pull up bars I’m squatting heavy benching heavy and I’m you know incorporating everything all time training all types of eating I’ve tried intermittent fasting I’ve tried so many different low carb high carb high protein diets and what I do now is I enjoy my workout I enjoy what I eat but I also just follow structure so that I can always maintain or build size consistently or lean down whatever I want to do so hopefully this cause you in a perfect point in your life if you did enjoy this video it’s just some motivation that I wanted to share with you comment down below subscribe if you haven’t already given me a thumbs up now I am doing this on my i.Phone just because I felt like I had something to say and give you something that would really help you and access it I don’t always lead this perfect production not what s for is not what social media is for it’s not for perfect production it’s for giving something to the viewers something to you so that you can take it and become a stronger version of yourself thanks for tuning in calisthenics Sam say what up I’ll see you soon peace you. .

hey there it’s Mario here and in this video you’re gonna learn how fast can you gain muscle and what’s really funny about this question is that a lot of people that been asking me this question are people who are not training currently so that’s kind of interesting so people are really testing the waters so they want to see what they can expect they want to see okay so if I put my time in this what is the benefit you know what am I gonna get out of it and we can argue this kind of behavior if this kind of mindset is really productive or not but we could also say that I mean I can surely say that it’s our expectations our general expectations of how much muscle we can build are completely false in most cases at least from my experience with clients because simply if you look at all the media like all the fitness media out there all the big websites all this crap out there they’re actually promoting to you that it can achieve an incredible amount of muscle mass in a very short time and they’re gonna promote guys forearm performance enhancing drugs taking some magic supplements you know if you just take this supplement stock from this guy you’re gonna have completely transformed in just like two three months and I get billed like 3040 pounds a muscle in like a couple of weeks I mean it’s just ridiculous and our expectation is same as for weight loss are completely mismanaged and once we start doing something with bad expectations were like just going in a very bad mindset about it typically see a lot of guys giving up for that reason because they just don’t see the change they just don’t see that massive change they’ve been promised and thus they give up the whole journey which really makes a little bit of sad as well so having said that there are certain benefits of knowing a ballpark figure like a realistic ballpark figure because it’s gonna help you psychologically manage those expectations but physiologically you’re gonna know what to aim for you’re gonna know what you should beginning per month and that will help you set up your diet properly because you can easily estimate your color intake you can know what you can aim for which is simply a lean tissue gain rather than gaining excess amounts of fat because we know we can’t for speed gains you know the the gaining your muscle is the nutrition is simply a permissive factor right it gives permission to the body to build muscle but after you get that permission any forced feeding any overfeeding will simply yield more fat gain so now that we said that I already gonna set everything straight there are a couple of models out there that are really accurate when it comes to determining how much muscle mass you can gain so how fast can you gain muscle one specific model that I really like is from a researcher called Lam Mc.Donald is a really famous guy in like the fitness industry wrote a bunch of books an awesome guy very knowledgeable so his model says that you can typically expect with good training good nutrition good recovery to gain about 20 to 25 pounds of lean body mass in the first year of training that’s a pretty big number right so that’s taken into account the new begins that’s taken into account everything that’s happening so 20 to 25 pounds in the second year of training that actually is just half of that amount so you can expect to gain half of that amount so about 12 pounds right we’re talking about twelve to fifteen pounds at best in the second year training and if you look at the monthly figure so we’re talking about two pounds per month or one pound per month in the second year training in the third year of training that’s half a pound per month six pounds per year so only three kilos once you get closer to our genic potential only three kilos our muscle mass can be gained on average per month which is not a big figure if I mean if you’re expecting to be 260 pounds and 5% body fat but it is realistic and someone who has already gained those initial 4050 pounds of muscle will look fantastic like don’t kid yourself like someone will look absolutely amazing attempt some body fat if they put 3040 pounds of lean body mass on their physique right on their frame so going further like for 50 or 60 or training I mean we’re talking about grams of muscle mass right we’re talking about very small amounts on a monthly basis we’re more like planning for improving one single body part one lagging muscle part over our course of several months that’s what the natural body builds that’s what professionals are really aiming for they’re trying to bring up a lagging muscle to a little bit closer to that genetic potential and that’s what it’s really all about and people who are saying hey this model doesn’t hold up I’m very hard motivated I am the I’m I don’t know I have like super good training plans supplementation nutrition I mean it does really hold up because these figures are taken mainly from natural bodybuilders and guys who are training properly they have their nutrition handled they have their recovery handle I mean they dedicated most of their life to this right so these figures really hold up most people will not be even close to these figures simply because their training is not optimized and nutrition is not optimizing their recoveries lagging or they’re missing some other aspect right so the numbers are pretty damn accurate a couple of other models that are worth to mention here is that Alan Aragon model he says beginners can gain about I think 1 to 1. 5 percent of body weight per month which is a pretty interesting figure comes about the same as law my Donnell model in the intermediate stage he says that you can gain about half a percent to 1 percent of your total body mass in in muscle per month which is kind of interesting because it does scale pretty well and for an advanced lifter you can aim to get about a quarter to half a percent of your body weight per month which is a good figure and it is good to aim for that when you’re in a bulk like when you’re gonna lean gaining phase this is something you can aim for and you can expect not to overshoot your fat gain right it’s it’s the appropriate figure you should be aiming for in order to minimize fat and maximize muscle mass right so when you look at that further there’s a couple of very interesting books written in this one from Casey but I think it’s called maximum genetical potential I’m gonna leave our link in the description below and also tweets calculator which is a very interesting one as it includes like anko with and all these things which is very accurate in general when you do the calculations but it fits the above models that I mentioned so the wyoming down on aragon there were pretty much the same and one thing is to be really clear with this is that there’s a lot of individual differences as well these are averages these are something you can aim for you might be getting more you might be getting a little bit less but why i’ve decided to make this video put this out is so you can really have a proper expectation so you know what you can get you know see can’t really be scammed by some fucking article saying hey I just gained 40 pounds of muscle in like six weeks you know it’s just not fucking possible right if you just look at the figures of natural bodybuilders so drug free people you know people are naturally training to be strong to be lean maximizing muscle mass their training is On. Point their nutrition is On. Point their recovery is on point this is what you can get so simply so you know right you know there’s no more people that can bullshit you or sell you some kind of supplement or like any program out there and to where you can like I know magically gain that everything there’s some on a muscle mass this is it right so I’m gonna leave all these figures in the description below so you can use them to plan your nutrition to plan your caloric intake to really put this all of this together so you know what you can aim for and aside from that I hope you enjoy this video it is a little bit of a reality check for some but don’t forget person who really puts on those 3040 pounds of muscle it’s gonna look amazing you know it’s it’s about like getting to that lower body fat level and when you put that amount of muscle mass you’re gonna look fantastic and the more closer you are to your genic potential it gets harder to build muscle but it is very very rewarding and the human body ISM is amazing at generating muscle mass if you give it the proper tools proper nutrition and everything so hope you enjoy the video let me know in the comments below what do you think about the whole genetic potential maximum thing so leave me a comment below what you think about the topic aside from that if you enjoy this video make sure to click Subscribe below to support a channel and I’ll see you guys in the next one peace.

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