How Do You Build Muscle

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Add two or three sets of 8 or 12 repetitions to your workout, with about 60 seconds’ rest between sets. Carbohydrates are needed to fuel exercise. As well as being a vital energy source they also play a role in the release of insulin, which regulates levels of blood sugar and is also the bodys most potent anabolic hormone. refined, processed carbohydrates found in white bread, potatoes, pasta and rice from your diet and replace them with good, unprocessed carbs from fruit and vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds and whole-grain versions of bread, pasta and rice. Low GI foods also have a high nutritional value and provide prolonged release of energy.

how do you build muscle

Work Your Biggest Muscles

When you do extreme exercise, like weightlifting, your muscle fibers undergo trauma, or what’s called muscle injury. When you find that weights feel too easy, try gradually increasing the weight to the next level up. Scientists recommend exercising at an intensity of 70 to 80 percent heart rate reserve (HRR) with sessions that are 30 to 45 minutes in length, 4 to 5 days each week. Your protein intake, in particular, plays an important role in fueling your muscles. How much protein should you eat? 8 gram (g) per kilogram (kg) of your body weight each day if youre over 19 years old. Here are the 6 best supplements to gain more muscle.

Good news!. In another study, strength training decreased the symptoms of sleeplessness in people suffering from by to resistance training? Master each exercise with no weight, or a very light weight. You well need to use a different weight, or level of resistance, for different Fitness Dumbell Tree Set now at for Stretch Resistance BandsBuy now at Amazon for bands give your muscles a different form of resistance to work against. For from only from only Good + iPhone.

who goes to the gym regularly has a goal, whether it be to get big, get strong, lose weight, tone up, and so on. But more often than not, the program an individual chooses doesnat deliver the results he or she hopes to achieve. Training to meet those goals is both an art and a science, and both need some bigger and more muscular has long been an aspiration of many male and female gym-goers, the elite of which are called bodybuilders. These muscular athletes didnat get that way overnight, nor did they get that way by running on a treadmill five times a week with no other exercise. Moderately heavy weights (60 to 75 percent of their one-rep max) and lots of sets (weare talking 15 to 20 sets per muscle group) composed of a moderate amount of reps (8 to 12 generally speaking) and short rest periods (typically around 90 seconds) are what help make bodybuilders the size they 8 to 12 reps done in a typical size program will give the muscles a good apump,a but more importantly it will push the muscles to their capacity,a says Andrew Sakhrani, CSCS, a Montreal-based strength and conditioning coach. However, doing that many reps forces the body to change useful source.

So then the question becomes, how do you activate these satellite cells to increase muscle all progression of natural muscle growth is the ability to continually put more stress on the muscles. People will generally not see visible growth for several weeks or months as most initial changes are due to the ability of your nervous system to activate your addition to that, different people have different genetics, which range from hormonal output, muscle fiber type and number, along with satellite cell activation, that can all limit muscle growth. My question is Still, only when we (at least for me) work out, the working muscles seems to be in its best shape and bigger., for eg. Supplements are mostly a waste of money, they are responsible for 5% of your job john I have learn 2 thing For the growth or to build muscle exercise 3 or 4 times in week and For the break down of muscle exercise you give me a tables of foods that I need to eat while doing execrises and also a list of types of works that I will bee doing daily that goes in hand with the youre interested in a workout and nutrition program to get lean & strong, then I highly recommend checking out our Transformation program.

In this video, I’m going to show you exactly
how to build muscle FAST,And more importantly, how to do it without
gaining any unnecessary FAT in the process while even burning some fat instead!All in 5 easy to follow steps…So let’s get started!If you’re NOT following the 5 steps I’m
aboutto share with you, you will either end upgaining a bunch of unnecessary FAT, or not
gain any muscle at all…So if you want to build muscle, listen carefully…STEP 1Consume More Calories Than You Burn.To build muscle, you need to be consuming
more calories than your body burns throughoutthe day…You can be doing everything else right, but
if you skip this most crucial step, your musclebuilding goals will surely suffer. Ya, you may be able to build a bit of muscle
without consuming more calories than you burn if you’re a beginner, and new to working
out…But your results will stagnate soon after,
and you’ll end up looking the same, weekafter week…So if you currently have trouble building
muscle, this is probably the MAIN reason why…You’re simply NOT consuming enough quality
calories,every day. Think of it this way…If you want to build a bigger house, you’re
going to need more building material…If you want to take your car on a 10 hour
road trip, you’re going to need more fuel…Or else your car will break down along the
way, and never reach it’s destination. Same holds true for your body…If you want to build your body, by building
lean muscle mass, you will need to add somemore quality calories to your diet…And the key word here, is QUALITY!But not TOO MUCH more… Since you don’t
want to end up FAT!Most people trying to build muscle get this
part wrong, and end up gaining a bunch ofun needed FAT in the process, by eating anything,
and everything in sight…Some people call this a ‘dirty bulk…’But if looking lean and uncovering your six
pack is your goal, you DEFINITELY don’twant to go on a ‘dirty bulk…’Or else the only thing you will uncover, is
a big old belly!To make sure that doesn’t happen to you,
you will want to find out how many caloriesyou need a day to simply maintain your
current weight. .
…As I discussed in my previous video about
‘How to Burn Belly Fat…’Once you know what that number is, simply
add about 200 more calories per day, and thatshould be enough to build some lean muscle,
without all the unnecessary FAT!If you add too many more calories, your body
won’t be abel to use all of it towards buildingnew muscle, and will store the excess calories,
as FAT.If your body doesn’t need to use it, it
stores it!So, if you follow that advice, you should
be well on your way to building lean musclemass without all the added FAT!You will also want to make sure you’re getting
anywhere between 1 2 grams of protein perpound of body weight each day, since protein
is the most important nutritional buildingblock for your your muscles…As well as a good amount of low glycemic carbs,
and healthy fats. STEP 2Progressively Overload Your Muscles. The next most important part of building muscle
is to make sure that you are progressivelyoverloading your muscles by consistently following
a proper workout program…Muscles can only grow when a consistent amount
of stress is applied to them…When you workout, or lift weights with a challenging
amount of resistance, you are essentiallytearing down your muscle fibres…And to compensate, your body eventually adapts
to the stress, by increasing the amount andsize of your muscle fibres…Causing you to get stronger, and more muscular
so you can better deal with overload thenext time you attempt to challenge yourself
with a new challenging resistance. The key though, is to progressively overload
your muscles more and more, over time…You can do this by slowly increasing the resistance
and volume in your workouts every week orso. Any good workout program should contain at
least one form of progressive overload builtinto the program, since you always need to
apply new stress to your muscles, if you wantthem to consistently grow…STEP 3Always Use Proper Form.
Truth is, about 95% of people that workout,
perform most exercises with BAD FORM!So, the chances that YOU are one of those
people are pretty high…I was also one of those people back before
I learned all this stuff, and I speak fromexperience when I say.. . PROPER FORM is one of the most important aspects
to getting results, avoiding injury, and notlooking like a fool in the gym…Everything from the positioning of your feet,
elbows, wrists, knees, head, all the way tothe alignment of your back, and the speed
at which you perform the exercises…These are all crucial aspects you must be
aware of when it comes to proper form, foreach specific exercise…You also want to avoid using momentum on most
exercises, and simply, focus more on the movement. The term ‘Time Under Tension’ is a great
thing to keep in mind when performing anyexercise…You always want to keep tension on the muscles
you are working throughout an entire set,even if it means dropping the amount of weight,
so you can complete an ENTIRE set with properform…Slow the movements down, and always FOCUS
ON YOUR FORM. PORPER FORM is ALWAYS more important than
the amount of weight you lift…You can also find an experienced personal
trainer that may be able to help you in yourlocal gym…But just because they took a personal training
course over the weekend… That doesn’tmean they are experts…And after watching this video, you might know
more about this topic, than they do…So choose your sources of information wisely,
and ALWAYS USE PROPER FORM!STEP 4Let Your Muscles Recover & Rebuild.
After properly following 3 of the previous
steps, your body will now be ready to buildmuscle FASTAs long as you let your muscles recover, and
rebuild…To do this, you will need to reserve about 2 3
days per week where you will not lift a singleweight…These are usually called “REST DAYS”You can still be active, but you should allow
your body to recover for at least 24 48 hours,before working out again.Also, you should’t work the same muscles
more than 2 days or so, since most musclesneed at least 48 hours to recover…So, if you worked out your back and biceps
on Monday, you shouldn’t work them againuntil at least Thursday. Most good workout programs have strategic
rest days built into them, so all you haveto do is simply make sure to take advantage
of those rest days, by simply giving yourbodya chance to rest, and recover…Sleep well, and fuel your body with the proper
nutrients to optimize your muscle gain. . . STEP 5Get an Edge With Supplements.
WELCOME, to the mountain of protein.. . Where all your supplement and protein dreams
come true. . .
This final step can help you optimize your
results, while also giving you a slight edgein your performance, and ability to gain more
muscle FASTER!But, it’s not necessary…You will still be able to build muscle by
simply following the 4 previous steps alreadymentioned.However, if you’d like to experiment with
some supplements, here are a few that I wouldpersonally recommend to take……On your journey to building more lean muscle,
fast!#1 is Protein. As I already mentioned, protein is the most
important nutrient when it comes to buildingmuscle…And getting enough of it is crucial…However, since consuming 1 2 grams of protein
per pound of body weight, every single daycan get pretty complicated, and tiresome…Supplementing with Protein powders can be
VERY benneficial, while also saving you alot of time…# 2 is Creatine. Supplementing with creatine can also be beneficial
when working to build muscle, by increasingyour muscle size, overall strength, while
also supplying you with more energy for yourworkouts. Basically, creatine pulls water into your
muscles, expanding your muscle fibers, andallows you to exert more force. And while you will be able to lift heavier
weight while taking creatine, this will causea greater overload on your muscles, and your
muscles will eventually have no choice butto grow.
.. So it’s worth considering…# 3 Branched Chain Amino Acids Most protein rich foods, already contain amino
acids, and many protein powders on the marketadd additional BCAA’s to each serving…But, if building or maintaing muscle mass
is one of your main goals, supplementing with. BCAA’s throughout the day, or around workouts
can be a good idea…Since it will help keep your body in an optimal
state for building muscle, by turning on muscleprotein synthesis…Which is basically the term to describe the
process of replacing, and building muscletissues. And since building muscle is your goal, supplementing
with BCAA’s can be beneficial…I’ll make future videos where I will talk
more about these different supplements. I use, in more detail…But for now, if building muscle is your main
goal, you should definitely think about addinga good Protein powder, Creatine, and BCAA’s
to your diet…In summary, if you follow the advice I
just shared with you in this video, you willbe well on your away to building muscle…You now know more than most people do about
how to build muscle FAST!So go out there, and be sure to use the information
you just learned…If you found this video helpful, please support
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