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Brace your core, then lower the bar towards your chest. Keeping your chest up, lower the weight behind your head, then raise it back to the start. Then use your abs muscles to return to the start. Brace your core, then lower the bar towards your chest.

gym routines to build muscle

Workout 4: Total Body 2

When you strength train with weights, you’re using your muscles to work against the extra pounds (this concept is called resistance). weights usually work a group of muscles at the same time; weight machines typically are designed to help you isolate and work on a specific gyms or weight rooms set up their machines in a circuit, or group, of exercises that you perform to strengthen different groups of can also use resistance bands and even their own body weight (as in pushups, sit-ups, or body weight squats) for strength people tend to lump all types of weightlifting together, but there’s a big difference between strength training, powerlifting, and competitive training uses resistance methods like weights, weight machines, resistance bands, or a person’s own weight to build muscles and strength. That’s because these types of activity can cause serious injuries to growing bones, muscles, and you’re a guy and you’ve started puberty, your body will have begun making the hormones necessary to help build muscle in response to weight training. And to reduce the risk of injury, its important to learn proper technique and to be adequately time you start a new sport or activity, start out slowly so that your body gets used to the increase in activity. For best results, do strength exercises for at least 2030 minutes 2 or 3 days per week, allowing at least a day off between sessions. Perform two or three different exercises for each body part to make sure you work each muscle in the group are some basic rules to follow in strength rely on strength training as your only form of exercise.

programs usually arent labeled as full-body or body part routines, but weve all heard of leg days or arm days, versus workouts that do it all. Choosing between full-body or specific focus routines, however, isnt a full-body routine, you train every major muscle in your body, like your chest, back, arms, hamstrings, and abs, in each workout. Compound movements demand a lot of energy and burn more calories, but they also beat up your muscles and typically require you to rest more between each set of exercise and whole between sets and exercises has as large an impact on your fitness as the number of sets upside is that when you work out the same muscle groups by doing the same or similar exercises multiple times each week, you improve your overall body strength, rather than just in one area. For someone who doesnt have much time to work out, full-body workouts are more efficient, so you dont have to train as often throughout the week. Each workout in Starting Strength, for example, runs you through three exercises for a couple of sets each, which means you dont have to spend hours in the isnt easy getting fit. A split routine could look something like the end of the week, you will have worked out your entire body, which means you work out one major muscle group once or twice each week.

The weights used will be about 80% of the maximum and due to this more rest will be given for recovery between muscle groups are trained first as they require more effort and therefore more exercises are used so that form can be concentrated on, as well as allowing for higher weights to be theory of training to a maximum weight on one set of a major muscle group is also used. Ensure you recover well enough on the easy parts to be able to work hard for the 2min Session 3 Choose a maximum of 2 of the modes listed above. for example Cardio Session 1 5 k run, Cardio Session 2 8 K run, Cardio Session 3 10 k in the Abs workout of Shaun. yeah that sounds like a good routine, switching the distance and intensity will also this also help women looking to build lean muscle?

so Steve we’re in Phase two this is the strength and power phase and we’re going to do workout one a week one set power set number two locks drive previous phase phase one hypertrophy is was more about kind of controlling the muscle and getting a little more fatigue this one’s more about lifting some bigger weights and also doing some more explosive exercises overall we’re still looking around keeping things in an hour that said if you need to take a little more breathing time to get good performance in each set we’re not gonna set in the sleep put you on a time clock art man will you told me a little bit about it then let’s get to work Steve we’re gonna start off with our warmup we got six exercises in this warm up it’s gonna take us about seven minutes obviously when you first learn it’s gonna might take you a little more to get the movements right I’ll coach you up through it but once you get it down these things all have a nice flow to them so the first moment I have you do is called the arm cross service so gonna have you lay on your side and here’s what I want you to do I want you to pull your knees up all the way above your hips so here’s your hips there’s your knees so it’s like a cannonball right and then from here kind of hold your hands like this perfect so minimizing the movement here you’re gonna take this arm take it all the way over and you’re gonna try to touch this shoulder blade yep on the ground and I like how your eyes are following your head and then bring it back so what we’re doing here is we’re focusing on trying to get the shoulder blade down if you can’t do it that’s alright and just making sure that you’re not forcing anything all right you’re not pushing yourself into a range as you can six each side you got it and I want to show you before your turn I want to show you a cool little modification see you’re kinda you’re not quite touching there that’s okay what you can do is you can take your fist put it between your knees here your right fist turn it this way see what that does it give you a little more space and now try it and you see that allows you to get a little deeper right yeah yes so as you get more flexible than what will happen is you’ll take that little spot out of there or my brother you got your stakes let’s flip over whatever you do on the right we got to do on the left right so the big thing here where a lot of people cheat is they always wanna they don’t bring their knees up high enough we’re gonna try to take the low back out of it good now like how you’re following just a normal pace on this you’re not holding it too long because you don’t want to we’re not doing a static stretch right now we’re trying to build you up but we’re really trying to open up that thoracic spine that’s the middle of your back if we open that up you get better shoulder range of motion when we do some upper body stuff so from here what I want you to do is flip back to the other side stay on your side for me and what you’re going to do is extend your bottom leg your right leg straight out and I want you to point this knee to the sky and grab your left ankle with your left hand like that yep and grab your ankle with your left hand you got just like that don’t force anything alright try to keep this leg as straight as you can perfect then from here everything here is going to stay pretty stable what you’re gonna do is keeping your foot flat like this you’re gonna try to lift this leg keeping it straight as high as you can without kicking it forward okay alright so he’ll come up and hold for a sec and then bat back down so we’ll go ten reps on this one just one second hold and bring it back down so one of the things that we try to do in these dynamic warm ups is try to do some things hit the body hit the muscles in some different ways that we might not get from basic strength training good so these are like slow level strength training exercises so go ahead and let’s flip it over we’ll try the other side so the important thing is just to stay really straight and do I want to stay you don’t really have to it’s easier because you’re already set up notice how the arm crossover set you up for this one really well because so get straight yep another thing here is you’re pretty good but I’m gonna adjust you a little bit move this foot a little more towards me and roll a little bit more towards me so you’re perpendicular to the floor you’ll notice that that’s a little bit tougher Yeah right yeah so you don’t want to be kind of facing the ceiling you want to be perpendicular to the floor ninety degrees and what I really liked how you’re doing is you’re keeping this foot flat or your toes pulled toward your nose which is exactly the position that your foot would be in if you were standing up using these muscles right so that’s important we want a good transfer all right Steve so as soon as you’re done here I’m gonna get you to spin over so you’re on all fours all right so now we’re gonna kind of adjust this position I want you to go really wide with your knees so nice and wide outside your hands good and sit your butt back far just like that and I like how your arms are out in front of you like that so from here what you’re gonna do you remember the old what’s the old sprinkler dance right oh yeah you know that one so I want you to put your hand behind your head with the left hand remember that one yeah yeah yeah so go left hand behind the head for me behind the neck you got it so from here take this elbow and now try to take it to the sky so try to point it to the sky and straighten this arm out as you do it but don’t force it good and now bring it down and just kind of like thread the needle here good not too far that’s the easy part and now go back up good so think about this like you’re doing a bow and arrow just look at me for a second think about it like this so as this goes up you’re pushing into the grill you’ve got it all right so give me six per side don’t force anything pause for a second at the top and one of the reasons we have your hips back like this is because you notice how as you go up and reach to the ceiling your hips want to shift to the left that’s because your lower back is trying to take up for what your thoracic spine which is what we’re trying to mobilize here doesn’t have so by keeping your hips far back it minimizes cheating so it gives us what we want to get where we want to get it one of the things that’s important for anybody from a body motor strength and power athlete or just a general exercise enthusiast to do these kind of things is because again we want to get some benefits that we’re not getting from strength train getting some end ranges of movement I mean how many exercises are we doing hold this for a second that are forcing you to feel that right at a 10 range really so this helps you get maximize the range of motion that you’re utilizing in your exercise and you know the greater range of motion we can do through strength training the more benefit we’re going to get so we’re gonna do this exercise I came up with called the super dog so let me just kind of quick demo this one real quick you’re here you’re gonna take one leg straight back and then sit all the way back this toes curled up underneath a lot of people ask flat or curled up keep it curled up and sit all the way back like this and then you’re on your elbows so this rib is against this thigh and then I’ll coach up from there and obviously you know you’re not always gonna have turf like this right so and then go to your elbows so you would have a if you’re out of like a robic room or something you would use a mat so that you’re obviously not tough on your knees okay so what happens here is because we take the low back by this keeping this left knee in the position that’s in we take the lumbar spine out of it so now when I ask you to lift your leg up you have to use your gluten your hamstring to do it a lot of people can’t even do it it’s tough alright so give me a couple reps just to make sure you can get it nice don’t jolt any more forward than you are now and we can see how much that gluts turning on now I’m gonna add another element to it I want you to extend your left arm straight out and lift your thumb up turn your points it’s under this guy up and down both at the same time all right we’ll go 12 reps of these we’re taking up one second down you’re doing a great job the cheat here would be shifting forward and raising your butt into the air you’re doing a great job of not doing that this is a lot harder than it looks so like we said this isn’t just easy stuff just a warm up I can bypass it man you’re hitting muscles in these end ranges of movement that really start to build control and a little bit of strength right sure and that’s another reason why I like these warm ups we do a lot of things that are on the left side and on the right side so we can kind of see which side are you more dominant on and we can address that in the strength train so when I’m doing something like this you know obviously people that are doing this workout at home or or in their gym how are they know how will they know if they’re executing this warm up or this technique and with proper form yeah well I’m glad you asked and actually you asked it after a perfect exercise because the nice thing about that exercise why I designed it the way I did and called it the super dogs it’s a combination of what’s called the bird dog which is this one right and this one so I designed that exercise to make it so you can’t do it wrong mm hmm by putting you in that position by sitting back to it totally take them yeah so either you do it right or you don’t do it at all other exercises you’re gonna have to maybe get in front of a mirror like the one I’m getting ready to show you which is the shoulder else okay so let’s do that one and that one is gonna be a little bit tougher so let’s have you facing this way and I want you to give me your best Romanian deadlift type position all right and I want to see more of a parallel torso and your hips some more like that perfect so then from here I want you to give me like a wide grip row excellent so here’s what I’m looking for now this is the one it’s a little bit tougher I want 9090 I want 90 at your shoulder so if I’m looking at a bird’s eye view it looks like a tee and I want 90 at your elbow now you’re gonna hold this position pretend there’s an axle running through here and you’re just going to externally rotate which means lift your arms up like this watch me here you’re gonna go up and you’re gonna go down you got it up and down so the common thing that people do here wrong and it’s very hard to get the feel for it that’s why you need a mirror is they let their elbows drop down towards their hips so they go like this they go like that right and again just like we did with the these different letters that we do we’re building endurance through here because if you can’t do this position you can’t do deadlifts well right so we’re starting to program in and prep your body to get in that position and move the bigger loads that we’re going to do so now we want to do is work on some agility type work so here’s what I want you to do remember what I said about you want to minimize ground contact right so we’re gonna really focus on that plyometric it’s called the stretch reflex so as soon as your foot hits the ground I want you just to go like this and just think oh this is a useless warmup I want you to use this as an opportunity to work on that stiffness set your ankle so you can transfer force so really quickly minimize time on the ground all right and we’re gonna go 15 per leg so 30 total how important is your arm placement with this you know it goes together when you walk or if you tried to run and put your hands on your hips ready to be really awkward so your arms work with your opposite hip as you see here alright good take a puff so you take about 15 20 seconds and we’ll go again so one thing that’s important there is the difference between power training and plyometric training power train is just explosion plyometric is working on that springiness so one of the things that I kind of notice with you there is you started to make it to to how you’re kind of over a muscle you know let the springiness from the ground do it for you okay alright so try it again be a little more relaxed with it just give me five each side now better better see that you were just expending energy you didn’t need to expend and that’s important when you’re on the field done so two things number one we’re getting ready to do full body workouts now second thing is that the last exercise we finished on that’s springing exercise is gonna lead us into the first exercises that we’re gonna get to which demand more springiness and more explosion all right now that you warm yep what’s our workout so we’re gonna pair up a broad jump or some people call it a long jump three reps per set four sets and we’re also going to go over to the medicine ball and we’re going to do this rotational throw exercise if you call punch throws so what I want you do when your first jump this is that are taking that first set this is like a build up set okay all right I want you to give me like a 60% jump good all right perfect so now give me about 70 75 percent and that will go about 90 percent awesome so same thing with the medicine ball we’re just gonna kind of groove the pattern a little bit so let’s get you facing me first so what’s my grip on the ball almost I tell people almost you’re gonna smash the ball right the reason why we did is we want that back elbow obvious that’s gonna be your left arm because the walls here right if you don’t have a wall you can do this in a parking lot by a medicine ball throw it as long as you can about 45 degrees instead of straight gonna walk to the ball turn around throw it foot placement in my shoulder with my little placement is about an athletic stance you know so I would say about somewhere between shoulder width apart right but it’s everybody’s a little different I don’t want you to get that low just lightly okay of soft knee now the big thing I want to see is this arm your back arm go straight through and watch the back foot boom it follows through all right so just be light with it whether you catch it or not I’m cool it just for right now give me three reps each side let’s go one more on that side beautiful and let’s turn around try the other side I mean nice work now what you can do on that as we get into it if you feel like you get a little more power and you probably will is you don’t have to just stand in the middle you can shift a little bit like a baseball player good bang and then go through this is something I’m doing continuous one two three or as I am I taking my time kind of like a one rep max good question it’s five single reps back to back so it’s like five singles alright so let’s get you back on your long jump these are your working sets now brother nice that was an engine feed and sorry I think it was pretty good it was like that was lying in the feet I can’t relate to these NFL jokes maybe their lineman feet does that like jazz hands those are really heavy feet yeah yeah yeah most of the linemen seventeen hundred percent here nice and one thing I love what you did you use the arms and so powerful I could hear the win right by me that’s good same thing here so we go five each side these you can go as hard as you can because you’re not getting a lot of impact here like landings nice reset power reset power one more other side beautiful follow through with it turn one more nice as soon as you get to heart rate down a little bit more we’re gonna go right back into set two again 90% 95% 100% nice work hi all right give me five hard as you can on these nice use your back leg to push off its not just upper body turn your hips turn your hip load explode nice rest least 90 seconds at least but this is all about effort right now this is set number three nice and now 95 and then 100 beautiful break the ball on the wall turn your hip there it is five reps beautiful getting better as you go more set less set as art right there five per side so we got two exercises we first got this hybrid barbell deadlift we got four sets of each we’re gonna do four sets of four to six reps obviously we’re gonna do a few build up sets for that one you certainly don’t to go right into that with a heavy weight and then we’re gonna pair set that with clapping pushup and the reason why I just caught a parent said is superset a lot of times means like you’re gonna go back to back with no rest with this if you need to take a little break in between it that’s okay but I don’t I’m not really encouraging you to sit there and walk around for two minutes in between exercises exercises like the broad jumps and the deadlifts that have a risk component to them right you got a warm up to it obviously we’re staying in that four six own so we don’t need as many build up sets as so make sure like one RMS or two around I want you to focus on which is the focus of this program anyway when you’re doing sets like this try to rip the weight off the ground so don’t just pick it up like this boom rip it up as fast as the speed of the movement you got it and you’re gonna get the same type of motor you know crewmen that you would get because you’re trying to drive the weight faster how much time am i taking in between these period sets it’s that happy medium between as much as you need as little as you have to but it’s as little as you have to in order to get the performance that you know you need to get on this so quality of the reps is more important than how much roaster exactly why do we call this a hybrid deadlift real quick well it’s a high it’s basically in between a sumo deadlift which is real wide with the feet turned out and an RDL with your feet pretty much hip width apart like when your feet are hip width apart it’s primarily a hip hinge like a bow and when your feet are wide like the sumo it’s it’s very squatty right you lower your hips this is dead in the middle so what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna put your feet just outside shoulder width toes can be pointed out slightly obviously you know you want to get really close to the bar mm hmm let your hands just drop shoulder width don’t bring them in too close don’t bring them out wide just let them drop right here okay and then you’re gonna do a half and a half you’re gonna bend your knees and hip hinge so it’s slightly less than an RDL slightly less than a squat and it’s dead in between you see that into the name hybrid hybrid and that’s more of an athletic stance that we see go and then from there take the tension out of the bar like power lifters talked about which is that click right take the tension out of the bar and then just stand right up and then reverse the movement ease it down yeah just outside your shoulders now arms and when I’m gripping them I am I like this that’s us mixer in the demo grip we don’t need to do that right now so I’m not going heavy enough all right oh my right here yeah a little too squatty for I want you right now so little more yeah right there is good okay tension out the bar and just come straight up ease it down so let’s go eight reps for a warm up drop just a little bit there it is good you can spread your hands a little wider good you want to be shoulder width apart so a half squat half deadlift so one more and then that’s put two and a quarter on there you love you love yeah that’s your favorite part of the deadlift so let’s roll it up on that on the rubber plates here we’ll get to the push ups in a bit don’t hurt yourself with that let me get you to do another warm up set six reps here we got 225 on there get close to the bar another bring the bar close to you set back straight don’t forget to take the tension out of the bar there you go yeah kind of pull and your lats a little bit before you lift it down easy to give me a little more squat there it is remember it’s that high again it’s not just a pure RDL we’re doing four sets this is your first working set six single reps take tension out of the bar each rep and rip it off the ground ease it down reset rip good see you lock it in a little bit better before you lift there it is there you go now we’re talking beautiful well I’ll set up the weight here to get you to do the explosive classical yoga alright alright three to six reps you can start at the six sone as you this lists not Clutton in the middle clap and try to land as lightly as you can just like we did with the long jump good absorb into the landing power off again the power knees it down good nice come up this faster come up faster fast as you can on the way up there it is done yeah I want to work on that absorption use the range of motion good but don’t but spend as minimal time down there as possible I was concentrating more into myself hello I got you doing oh my gosh yeah yeah it’s alright set number two lock drive give me better back position good thanks this a little bit better before you stand there it is good same thing beautiful though how does it this parrots that starts to bring a little bit of conditioning into the mix there it is good down drop the butt lock go whip that weight rip it set rip good drop you looks a little bit drop your hips set rip that one was up to get close I was gonna say so you’re gonna that tells us what you need to rest a little longer before you get to your fourth set so you don’t have to do six here maybe you do five maybe you do three done nice how many have you been doing every set suits you have to do that every set no long as I’m hitting four there you go I’d rather get four good Cleveland’s so we’re gonna play this the safe card you’re gonna your goal on this one it’s four good ones and if you feel good and you can add one or two more alright stop you but a little bit lock it in tension go there it is one down how’s it you felt it yeah yeah yeah yes and as you do it more you get that feeling you can tell those little changes in your body done you got it brother four sets down so Steve we move on to our next series of exercises so we’re gonna do four sets of three to five reps with the left pulldown and then we’re gonna do three sets of six to eight reps per leg one either the single leg knee tap squat before the ODN split squat all right all right let’s start with the left pull down in regards to grip with just about shoulder width wherever it feels feels comfortable for you all right now this is not an exercise I’ve found that people need a lot of warm up into you know I’ve not found people get injured if you could just go right to not a lot of build to a heavy set now you can go right you can go right into this one where our range is three to five row three to five reps so I’ll say you’re gonna you’re not gonna go heavy for sure and you definitely want to get those knees underneath the pad first we’re gonna set drive it in control it back explode it in drive it back you can lean on it a little bit as you do it there you go you need at least three see we can get five we got one more drive nice and I like what you did that you didn’t you could have maybe squeezed out one or two more but we’re not trying to take this to failure like we did with the hurt if you phase all right it’s mostly that performance okay so check this out right now I’m just using a rubber plate with a pad on top you stand in front of the plate you basically take one foot put it behind your body like this put your arms out like a zombie keeping your front foot flat your weight bearing foot flat you’re gonna sit back on your hips just like you do a regular squat you’re gonna try to tap your knee on the pad and come back that’s kind of a variation of a pistol squat it is pistol squat is here knee tap is here I like knee tap better because look at the athletic stance I’m in pistol squat is more kind of that rounded back it’s not as athletic look right okay never done this one before alright we like that new experiences right new experiences new results arms out yeah normally takes a few reps to get warmed up too so we’re gonna use this as kind of just a little learning set but it’s still a working set for you good try to touch your need not touch your toe yep so just your left knee touches not your toe six to eight reps nice that’s why we’re doing more reps here than we don’t allow pull down beautiful now we’re on it come more yeah it’s those hands forward you can lean a little more forward with it get a counterbalance it’s just what I said talking about free to kind of get the groove all right you got another leg brother to hit now not everybody’s gonna be go as deep as you uh huh and some people and you might even next set may even be able to go a little bit deeper we’ll cut that in a bit any time you need to put your weight your non weight bearing foot down that’s cool I like so you look like you’re getting ready to take off in that position our brother working set let’s hit it get in there power it in Steve ease it out I want to see you explode it in more range let it stretch one more is gonna do it get it maybe try one let me try one more come on power now look one that last rep on those lat pull downs don’t pull the deadlift drop thing good control all right all right well you threw the curveball six right now I know all right I want to see at least six no more than eight here control lightly tap come up you nailed it it’s okay to lean a little bit forward that creates a counterbalance you don’t have a big load on your back so you can do that I think we got the right height for you which is the height that you can just barely tap and control and come out of so because your third working set you’re gonna do both flat and neat tap remember power it in as fast as you can rip it to you rip it to you ease it down there you go rip it control rip it control one more it’s gonna do it rip it Joe that’s it nice so you see we’re going I’m looking at that speed as soon as I saw that bar speeds slow down that was it six to eight here brother that’s your bottle in the head your six nice adjustment Jamal we get our six good work so look while you’re taking a little puff real quick when you get to this if you let’s say you couldn’t do that right foot goes on the pad now I got that balance you can hold your dumbbells drop down come up so you’ll see look here’s this position if we take the balance away you get that right so it’s the same body position just for folks who don’t have as good of control as you do it doesn’t look this a lot so you’re done here you got three rounds on your sixth eight this is your fourth working set here three to five just give me what you can give me minimal of three grip it just even the last series of exercises in this workout two sets of fifteen on the hamstring two sets of twelve to fifteen side plank with external rotation and two sets of fifteen each letter 15 A’s and 15 wise so I’m gonna let you just take off brother full range of motion good control nice and you’re just following a normal pace there I like that just normal in control on the way out I like how you’re bringing it all the way into your rear adman full range perfect that’s the right amount of weight for you you don’t need to take it to ultimate failure yeah so let’s get you in a side elbow plank facing that way with your elbow on the pad so I want your feet stacked elbow should be directly under your shoulder now here’s how I want you to picture this because a lot of people do this wrong I see a lot of Bend here picture that you’re gonna put your head your button your heels against the wall that’s behind you okay ah I see how you just straightened out right now give me this arm make it like a 90 degree angle bicep curl perfect let me give you a weight plate just hold see I’m hold the weight plate like that perfect now from here keeping your elbow to your side just give me external rotation elbow to the side good 12 to 15 reps okay see the nice thing about this is you get rotator cuff but the whole time this is adding some stability right but the weights trying to pull you forward hips up hips up if you did elbow into your body 12 to 15 that’s it that’s it you’re done on that one brother that might be a little too many for you let’s try that face the other way set your position first there it is you up hips up nice now hit it good keep the elbow tight to your body yeah so we don’t want that arm to peel off your body like that we just want to keep it there I like how you’re owning this position right here straight line the whole time good now hold onto that weight play for me that’s tougher than it looks in it no I’m sure so now let’s get you going in this direction here first one you’re gonna do wide so you’re gonna start here thumbs up holding the weight plates you’re gonna go like this come down so yes you’re getting some front delt but you’re also getting lower trapping I’ll right so we go 15 out like this then you’re gonna do a is the exact opposite you’re here now when you do it if you know Veatch yeah well I’d like to get 15 if you can get it not here out here good alright I’ll let you get to it we’ll coach up as needed beautiful let’s get the butt up a little higher so your torso a little more parallel die now we got it good don’t swing any more than you’re swinging and if you can’t get 15 that’s fine we’ll get 12 and before you get the A’s stand up for a second just to take a 5 10 second break on your low back muscles whoo same thing just on the back end you’re here good look at the shoulder joint the shoulder doesn’t move forward as the hands go back the shoulders go back as the hands go back I see I’ve been really skinny a good pinch of the shoulder blades only at the top and let him out now we got it perfect good a little bit closer to your hips in you’re good just a bit just a bit now we got it good and I like how you’re controlling it you’re not swinging no body English some of those postural muscles also some of those shoulders if you need to get water grab water right but as soon as you’re ready I want you to try to give yourself a little bit incomplete rest here all right as long as you can still get the the reps that you need 15 this is where we still keep our bodybuilding in there love it showing me shit set it up first hips a little bit more hood nicer 12 to 15 here and I like the right elbows directly under your right shoulder yes there it is there it is it’s always the non sexy exercises that are the toughest set your body up first long and tall there it is all right get some rotated work good maintaining this position I don’t wanna see anything change as you do this come on man we’re almost done let me get to the fun part alright need my 15 you keep counting while I’m talking if you start to get too tired drop the plates and finish with just the weight of your arms all right raise your butt lower your torso come on yeah about 10 15 seconds new meaning to feel the burn right yes good not just an aerobic class feel the burn nice squeeze let it out big chest at the top and let it out night now we got it now we got it when you building some endurance off that same deadlift position yeah baby oh okay brother so we got through our strength training so the next phase is we’re gonna take those animal patterns that we did in the first phase hypertrophy phase and we’re gonna make them just a little bit tougher we’re gonna add a little batteries great we’re gonna add a little backwards movement as well right all right you ready for it I’m running first look I need at least like three four minutes breather fully kind of chill out man your language sorry Steve we’re in the final without a home stretch of this workout brother so we’re gonna bring those animal curls back that we did in the first feed but we’re gonna add just one new twist on it yeah they’re gonna run everything the same you crawl up about ten yards skip ten yards and then skip 20 yards back sure you’re gonna do the first one just like we did it in the first phase forward crawl skip up skip back the second time you do it you’re gonna turn around face that way and you can do a backwards crawl so instead of kind of pulling yourself through pushing you’re pushing yourself so you’re gonna get a little more shoulder work okay all right so first we’ll do the tiger tiger you got it remember the knees on the inside of the elbows here back stays straight there it is yes good nice and tight you get to that halfway point so 10 yards roughly we kind of paste it out earlier that’s about right there up good skip now remember what we talked about be easy on the skips don’t try to be really hard on it just same thing we talked about in the warm up few more steps it’s a whole new ball game is it you’re good now backwards skip a few steps I’ll tell you when to stop that’s good and then come forward just be easy on it let the ground do a lot of the work for you on this one long reach all right brother that’s perfect big reach big reach cover as much ground as possible up you go skip now I like how you’re controlling your breathing that’s what we want this is your opportunity to catch your breath because the abs are tight when you do it here now this is a big one this is a big push into the ground here I don’t know why we do this yeah pick up your right pick up your left right foot and left foot good think about which foot to pick up it’s always the foot that’s on the bent knee now you got it you go it’s awkward but that’s why it works you’re good backups get better you know it’d be easy on it stop come back now you’re gonna be at home spiders and this is just the same as we did it in the previous phase good hands and feet together hands and feet together hands and feet together good I’ll get out anyway when you skip now you’re right in the groove brother there’s your skip good work got to be able to control your body when you’re tired that never happens in sports right get that butt down all right rest is easy then you gonna be coming across the finish line you got to give me this one week one workout one done it see the bus.

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