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Complete foods to eat to build muscle guide updated for 2018. No outdated bro science BS. You can skip looking around and build REAL muscle with our online course. Pennies compared to a personal trainer and a lot more flexibile.

Skinless turkey breast has 7 grams of protein per ounce and is also packed with B vitamins, zinc and selenium. Salmon is potentially a better muscle-building protein than a low-fat fish, such as tuna or cod, because it’s higher in calories. Pair these fruits with whole-grains, such as oats, brown rice and whole wheat bread, or root vegetables like sweet potatoes. At 120 calories per tablespoon, olive oil is a surefire way to get in more muscle-building calories too.

foods to eat to build muscle

10 Rules To Eating For Mass

Weve got a secret for you a diet secret that will allow you to add loads of sinewy mass to your physique, the way the pros do. Know and live by these rules and you will gain the mass you want. Remember: every time you eat a meal, you are bodybuilding. So, eat well and eat often.

They found that a protein intake of 1.3 to 1.8 grams per kilogram of body weight (.6 to .8 grams per pound of body weight) is adequate for stimulating maximal protein noted, however, that protein requirements are higher in the case of frequent, intense training (which applies to anyone lifting heavy weights 4 to 6 times per at the University of Western Ontario came to the same conclusion: 1.6 to 1.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight seems to be enough for athletes, but higher amounts can be beneficial depending on other factors such as total energy intake, carbohydrate availability, exercise intensity, duration and type, dietary protein quality, training history, gender, age, timing of nutrient intake, and you can see, athletes should meet a bare minimum intake of 0.6 to 0.8 grams of protein per pound of body weight, but there are times where more is actually agrees with old school bodybuilding advice that has been kicking around for decades the standard protein recommendation is about 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight, and higher levels of intake (1.2 to 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight) are often recommended when restricting calories for fat loss my books and I recommend 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight when bulking and maintaining, and 1.2 grams of protein per pound when cutting. Check this Mike. You say HOW MUCH you eat is what really matters in terms of fat loss and/or muscle gain, but after that you recommend eat X protein, Y fats, z carbs. Is it possible to lose fat and gain muscle at the same cool, let me know how it check this great thank you! The calories in vs calories out doesnt you found carbs do make me gain weight, but so I keep it around the same as my protein intake or even slightly less and Im doing the diet where I cut and build muscle at the same time. I only eat carbs with my first three meals of the day as well. What would you recommend me to lose a little bit and after that being able to eat more than 1200 calories to for all the info.

But for some people, it can also seem virtually impossible. Or, if youre already logging your food, simply add about 500 calories a day to what you normally eat. Sure, you need protein to provide the amino acid building blocks for muscle, but carbohydrates are an essential part of muscle gain and maintenance, too. Then continuing to eat enough throughout the day helps you hang onto that new muscle. Plan to eat 6 to 8 meals and snacks, spaced 2 to 3 hours apart to prevent your body from burning the precious calories from your last meal. If that sounds like you, its a good idea to invest a few minutes each week in meal planning, grocery list making, and shopping recommended reading.

foods to eat to build muscle main

Eliminating all processed foods from your diet in favour of unrefined whole foods is one of the easiest and most effective ways of shedding fat and getting the physique you desire. Still need convincing? Burn more calories The closer your food is to being in its natural state, the more calories your body will burn digesting it. One study found that the thermic effect the number of calories burned by digesting food from eating a cheddar cheese sandwich made with wholegrain bread with sunflower seeds was 50% higher than when eating an almost identical sandwich made with white bread, despite both containing the same amount of calories, carbs, protein and fat. By eating a greater variety of raw fruits and vegetables you will get more antioxidants, vitamins and fibre in your diet. Whole foods provide many protective nutrients: fibre for better body composition, antioxidants to fight radicals and cancer, and vitamins and minerals for optimal enzyme and hormone function.

JEFF: What’s up, guys?Jeff Cavaliere, Today we’re talking nutrition. Specifically for hard gainers, and more importantly
the mistakes that hard gainers make. And who would I bring into this video?No, not Charlie. He’s doing good with food. We’re talking about Jessie, our resident hard
Who, by the way – hi Jessie!JESSIE: How’s it going guys?JEFF: Is actually not necessarily a hard gainer
anymore because he’s changing his mindsetthat places the limits on him thinking he’s
a hard gainer.So we’ve addressed a lot of his training so
far, but we haven’t really addressed nutrition. Honestly, you can train your ass off as a
hard gainer. If your nutrition isn’t in check you will
not see the results that you want to see. Particularly in the form of weight gain, or
more importantly, muscle gain because you’renot providing the muscles with the proper
nutrition. The key is, this doesn’t just mean ‘calories’. Calories is not going to cut it when it comes
to building new, productive muscle tissue.
You need to provide, as I’ve said plenty of
times already, high quality nutrition.Not just food, but nutrient dense food. So I figured in order to cover this I could
take you on my journey because Jessie’s followingthat journey as we speak, and I take you back
to my childhood where my food intake was horrible. I mean, absolutely atrocious. I swear I’ve said this a million times. I was the biggest junk food junkie. I make Jessie look like a complete healthy
The fact of the matter was, I ate nothing
good.So maybe I was able to come home and my parents
would force me to eat, and my grandparentswould force me to eat something good at dinner
time. But it wasn’t for lack of trying on my part
because I would have for breakfast, some kindof cereal. Fruit Loops, one of my favorites. As a matter of fact, I would put Froot Loops
and three other cereals in the same bowl. You know, I couldn’t just choose one. So I’d have that.
The problem here: loaded with sugar, no fiber,
nothing real beneficial in here.That wasn’t enough though. Of course I had my favorite of all time. Entenmann’s crumb donuts. These guys. Of course, I wouldn’t have one. So in one you have 250 calories, 20g of sugar.
No, I’d have three, or four.At least three, or four. The thing is, when you’re having those types
of foods you’re really providing no opportunityto have good, quality nutrition in place of
that. So I would say that still wasn’t enough. I would have some chocolate donuts, too. So these guys. You know?The little mini donuts.
These?Okay, I would pound at least three or four
of those every morning, too.This is just in the same breakfast. So I could eat and I could take in a lot of
calories, but the fact is, I wasn’t takingin nutrient dense calories. This is the kid’s problem right here, okay?JESSIE: Come on!I love them!They’re so good!JEFF: Okay, go ahead. Have one. These days are ending. So the fact of the matter is, you’re not getting
a lot of protein, all these foods right there,there’s literally no protein in here at all.
More importantly, let’s say you’re the type
that feels that saturated fat is the enemy.A lot of people are in the camp these days
saying that ‘it’s not as bad as it used tobe’, or as people perceived it to be. That’s fine, but if you do believe that, there’s
tons of saturated fat in these things. In just three donuts here there’s 15g of saturated
fat, and these donuts over here?Same story. There’s no real good nutrition from that standpoint. But in my camp, I believe that sugar is really
more of the enemy. There’s plenty, as I said, of sugar in these
choices here.
Other than that, really nothing.So what we know we need to do is, we need
to get off that and try to get ourselves tothis side of the table, which is where I eat
these days. So we have slow cooked oats, oatmeal, pumpkin
– rich in vitamins and minerals – this,I put in with the oatmeal. Walnuts. Great source of fat. We’re not scared of fat, but it’s got a great
amount of polyunsaturated fat, okay?So we have a different balance here. Completely on the other side of the equation.
The biggest mistake a hard gainer can try
to make in making the changes – even ifyou’re watching this video right now and saying
“Yeah, I think I need to eat more of what.Jeff’s showing over here” – it’s to try
to jump from that to that. Because I tried to do that and that as a mistake. I heard, and read in the magazines that you’re
supposed to eat oatmeal. That’s what all the body builders were eating,
all right?Little did I know, they were eating other
stuff too, and taking other things, and injectingother things. But I was fixated on the oatmeal and I jumped
toward the oatmeal, and I started having this. This was so disgusting to me because I was
used to eating all of that sugar, and thishas none in it.
1 gram.It was so distasteful to me that I almost
got turned off completely to the whole ideaof eating healthier. But before I did, I did one thing that I think
saved me. That was, I tried to pick something in the
middle. This is oatmeal, too. Okay?It comes in this little package. Jessie eats these every now and then.
The thing is, these are – this is the fast
oats.There’s really not as much fiber in this as
there is in this, in the slow cook oats, butbeyond that, these are loaded with sugar,
right?So they have the maple kind, the maple brown
sugar, they have – what did you eat?JESSIE: I ate the brown sugar. That’s why they’re so tasty. JEFF: I know. No kidding. So they made that more tasty by putting a
lot of sugar into it, but at least I was stilleating oatmeal instead of eating donuts. Instead of eating Froot Loops.
So I felt like, to me, it was an upgrade.And it was!But it wasn’t where I needed to get to, but
if I never did this first, then I never wouldhave been able to get to this because what
I did was, I would take two packets of this,and that would be my breakfast. I would have a glass of orange juice, or whatever
else I would eat with that. But then I started to combine one pack of
this and then one serving of this and I wasable to tolerate it because I was getting
more and more of a taste for oatmeal in themorning. Then I would take two of these, but I had
to start putting in my own brown sugar. I put a lot to try to make it taste a little
bit better. But then I started to be able to wean that
down because it started to taste a littletoo sweet to me.
Instead, I started to put in bananas, sliced
up banana, which is a source of sweetnessthat wasn’t as bad as just pounding the brown
sugar.So over time I made better and better choices
to what I have these days. Which, again, is pumpkin mixed with – and
I put this recipe up on our channel here along time ago – but pumpkin mixed in with
some brown sugar, and cinnamon, and the oats,and the walnuts, and then even a little bit
of whipped cream on top. It’s freaking awesome. But the fact is, I never would have even gotten
here and had a tolerance for this if I didn’tstart somewhere in the middle. For a guy like Jessie, we see what he eats. He loves gummy bears.
What else do you eat?Potato chips, right?JESSIE: Potato chips, Doritos.JEFF: This is his daytime meal. This is what he’s eating. When he goes home and eat dinner he has a
good dinner?JESSIE: Yeah, a great dinner. I’ve got an Italian mom. Of course. JEFF: Italians mother’s going to make sure
he’s eating at least normal foods, as opposedto all this fast food type stuff, processed
So he at least gets that part right.A lot of times it’s out of convenience, but
don’t confuse the fact that he’s not takingin enough calories and don’t confuse the
fact that you might not be taking in enoughcalories. You probably are. You might be taking in a lot. They say “Eat big, get big”. It’s not that. It’s not that.
It’s “Eat GOOD, Eat high quality food, get
big”.So if you even take and start making these
swaps you might find that your calories willgo down. But because your nutritional value and the
quality which you’re taking in is better,more productive; your body can do more with
it. You’re going to start seeing gains and start
building muscle. JESSIE: Because they’re higher quality calories,
right?JEFF: That’s what I just said. So the fact is, you want to make sure that
quality is dictating your choices, not quantity. As a matter of fact, the quantity will start
taking care of itself.
The good news is, you will be able to eat
a lot more of this, provided your stomachis able to accept it.A lot of times your stomach isn’t able to
accept it because you really haven’t beeneating lot of fiber, you really haven’t been
eating a lot of protein. So you’ll find that you get full pretty quick
when you start eating the more nutritiousfoods. So that might take a little time for you to
adapt to, and start eating a little bit morein quantities. But at that point, you could eat a lot and
eat more, in terms of quantity, as long asyou’re eating high quality. Now the gains really start coming. So we’re working with Jessie on his nutrition.
As I said, that was your last shot, buddy.You want one more bite?JESSIE: Yeah. JEFF: Go ahead. Take another bite. All right. There you go. So we’re working on improving his nutrition
so that over time here, he’s going to be providingmuch more productive calories for his body
to actually do something with, and that’sgoing to help us to add the gains to his physique
as we continue to compliment what he’s doingin the gym with what he’s doing in the other
23 hours of the day.
All right, guys.If you’re looking for a complete training
program that has a nutrition plan that isforgiving – in other words, it’s not telling
you just to jump into this and eat bland andhate the way your life feels when you’re eating
this stuff. It’s about showing you how to eat better and
making it actually enjoyable and giving youplenty of options to choose from so you actually
like what you’re eating. That’s our X Factor Meal Plan. It’s in our ATHLEANX training system over
at ATHLEANX. com. In the meantime, whatever you want us to cover
here, especially with Jessie as my guest here,we’ll do that in future videos and make sure
that we answer the questions that you wantus to answer.
All right.I’ll talk to you soon, guys. See ya. Say ‘bye’, Jessie. JESSIE: See ya, guys. . .

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what I think one of these ton of it from Surat I do hun do it don’t it bro what you gonna bro Chuck’s not that’s so it looks like it looks like that like a candy put down it isn’t well again get candy put it down okay they’re out this one well stop stops up no put into this again sometime beautiful time gonna buy it now because I want to try this anyways okay so look what’s going on guys Bradley learn here today I’m gonna teach you guys seven seven seven five five five four three two fuck it we’re going we’re too high we’re done LCC find that five five five whose you need to be forgetting and if you’re not do not make it so if you want to know the five foods are keep watching that’s a lie no seriously if you’re not eating food you probably have no game yeah this is exciting like that and don’t eat don’t eat so so yeah anyway so obviously these five things are a first one let’s go first one we’re gonna head over to play doh Julie’s fishy I think I think if I most people don’t need what I want to talk about good salmon okay not just any fish not just because we’ll see we what anyone they guys let’s feel each lapier but little do they know that so happy it’s a lot of unis it’s safe there’s like this yeah it’s like this if I I like this and it’s just on the bottom of the floor that each one of the should subject also development for so stopping slap you starting salmon don’t be afraid of the past and that’s the whole point of this right people like latest eat chicken the lean turkey which is all that stuff is great but the health benefits of salmon I mean some center omega 3 right what’ll make it these what do people take like officially my existence I mean if you eat now I know why I don’t because sometimes don’t want to piece of it yeah but there’s cool Asian cooked I’m not going to teach you that right now but I’m just trying to tell you and encourage you maybe I’ll make a make up making another cooking videos did I even make cooking videos those like a show yeah back so that maybe I’ll bring it back but the benefits of this guys tons of omega 3s you guys are probably something with like fish oils great for inflammation paper a ton of stuff like sine function and muscle building everything and I think the only thing that I’d like try and stay away from when you’re getting fish is like farm farm salmon though yeah because then it’s like they see them shit for question they don’t have like a real like nutrient content house like healthy omega 3 so you kind of miss it open your mouth ice cream chicken so if you go by like it’s also but the only and then then the next thing the next part is up this is like it’s hard for people to bias its fuckin acceptance yeah so Pizzuti can do what you can if you can’t eat fish like I don’t need fish every day I always supplement with omega 3 so that’s the whole point of this one who is all people they think body but I think initially most the time it’s like tilapia your chicken and like right lean lean beef yeah and just this is fine you just got a little a little bit more difficult to cook but this is something that is definitely like the lighter on the tail here should be should be a cycle it should be a staple it should be a stable for me but might be like some of you guys are not do it what I’m telling you I’m trying to encourage you to go do it if you can cook it awesome if you can get it like the fresh stuff even better and if not make sure take it will make it through so that’s number one that’s healthy omega 3 number two I don’t want to go over there yet yeah yeah I want to go over there yeah flag three little too green for me over there I just go that way actually you know think about as we’re going to the quinoa over here but it’s actually easy to kind of cook fish you just wrap it in tinfoil yeah and like literally I put sauce and stuff on it or like onions or some like mushrooms some you like on top of it and then you just like wrap it’s those clothes so it’s like a like a boat like a tinfoil boat put in the oven I like three 325 and just like give it time and it cook so where’s the quinoa quinoa quinoa go over there just pull you up I’ll call over there you are out of here Booton free but it is gluten free it’s not here 105 105 105 trucking run you ready yeah go you don’t know 100 back complete protein okay this is white quinoa okay that screen that says organic says 360 pop okay okay okay all right god there’s no quinoa is adult protein it’s not a grain is to see you got tribe you to know that hard and put the carbonate protein into complete copula shmita has all the essential amino at and I just cut them non essential in as well this is super underrated funny thing I think it’s one of the most underrated you feel better when you eat this or like John right this right most of the foods that I dated a is probably white rice and if I were you like a different kind of protein or difficult carb guy to this black beans or chips yeah sailing from tip size yeah so not the chips black beans are fine black lentils are often as well but this is like just I think it’s a super underrated because I think the first reason why didn’t could be this way back in the day works because it seems to be not know how to pronounce the court it sounds like yeah I think it’s a character in mine can pronounce it quinoa quinoa didn’t get relying line but it’s super legit though the guys would give us a shot it’s actually not that hard if that’s the real reason why didn’t get in person but I was like not impossible cook until I look at it it’s nothing like right just like right yeah same shit I do that and itself is being free wow it’s amazing since then has such an has like a good fatty acid as well so this is like this is a position that you can hear this addition you probably will never die killing forever and making trevor respects home blowing up next week yeah that’s alright god fun fact okay anyone fine I was going to make some inappropriate jokes but I’m not going to make inappropriate jokes this is not an appropriate joke bell pepper hands down probably one of my favorite vegetables now confirms it to the vegetable chef confirm ok confirm the coolest thing about these you’re like you’d be like wait a minute vitamin C you’re like orange you’re like orange yeah but but it has so much so much more vitamin C walnut bell pepper in orange an orange yeah dad you’re learning to think today and it often states good and this probably one of the easiest recipes all you really have to wash it and cut it in the media if you don’t want to cook really yeah no I’m not playing like this is probably one of the best it’s I mean just hands down the most tasty then you this the quinoa and the bro you like you’re getting set up Brio even eggplant emoji this gear chori chori chori moji anyway so yeah don’t sleep on bell peppers you get anyone you like but the rebel has much vitamin C take it facade take the right one but honestly if you just mix them up together chop them up like they’re great amazing so you’re getting the vitamin C but not all the sugar right exactly Hana’s fiber and I think it’s almost I’m not sure I think you might be more fiber yeah it’s an orange I’m not sure don’t quote me on that but it tastes better more vegetable way less server vitamin C and make sure this was pretty engage determined perfect yet and something that can’t please all capsaicin in it which is like opportunity are those in like for Cayenne anytime cut peppers right and it’s a natural fat burner damn to unique that burning your fat burning’ which fibers good and then those other two all you have to do is adjust this another tune your step you just everything else can just retire so but I’m not even playing guys interstates get to these ones are not as tasty red ones better the red ones and the yellow ones or polygraph wash them cut them you’re good good to go next it yeah I’ll just eat one of these kind of it from super hot I’m doing underdone it bro please pay for it ha ha ha whoa go easy hot hmm that was bland Brooke how hot is it Gil from one to ten on my scale it’s like a four oh it’s not that all right I like hot food that’s true it’s probably eight for me yeah I ain’t no nicely got food we’re going agree to this we’re what yeah all the way to Greece I’m a flat agree that welcome yeah load away from Greece this hungry wolf I come from Greece back to here I brought it home yeah yeah oh yeah how’d it get a green came back to those who fearful just just to get this soap guys they want to know cool thing about Greek yogurt what’s the cool thing it’s full of protein that’s what it calls number one that’s number one okay number two it’s like a glue only means a little glue meaning like you can chop up like Barry and chopped raisins throw them in there with a little bit of honey amazing plenty just use regular elements balloons like that we use what Elmer’s glue like because that would be disgusting holy shit it looks now because this is a base it’s like it’s like it looks like a portal for like making other food tastes good as well you know to enjoy what you mean though myself you don’t have to click it okay so that means no one else is exactly I get it I see remember this and this is actually this is probably the biggest benefit to it because I especially especially for me and not the biggest chef now but I’m really gonna do like I’m about if I wasn’t if I would be the biggest shot you put low Kiku I’m not really that great I’m not like tough but I’d rather just like eat it yeah so this is amazing cause you guys just picking stuff off the shelf to give you a lot of protein it’s not shitty for you and by that I mean you could put other cool things in it and it’s Greek thanks for some reason Greek yogurt like fancy the radio in my car away you can see why fancier because I strain it a certain way yeah well they’re fine it is it’s just fancy you know so don’t get regular yogurt get the sugar it’s honestly the price that’s super similar to this one so if you’re getting this again Adam whatever here they come not exactly get a big tub get a little bit of honey maybe a little bit of granola my favorites blueberries chopped a little bit of strawberry and put it in there like mix it up you got amazing snack you don’t have to cook shit all head to look like golden like Bowl so we got before you know the fish can walk great meal be exact yeah this amazing snacks but give this a shot it’s one of my favorite snacks to shit actually this was like the thing that I remember when I was like contests permits us to this is thing added like only by a certain amount because I would eat the whole thing oh wow because you get a little bit of sugar in it and from the like the berries and stuff so I’d be like oh yeah I can get a second that you know I would seem like 15th snacks in one sitting and then I was like I need to stop by as much of the stuff you’re dieting it’s amazing so it makes you only buy like one jug at a time otherwise you eat the whole thing and be like what did I do and then you’ll be like you get like a diet annoying thing we just that’s it hold on one more thing next food you know what’s really good what peanut butter you know it’s better let’s let it palm in butter why or some other kind of nut but you know peanut butters you know you know peanuts grow in the ground Wow floor just remember talking about slappy like the bottom feeder yeah peanuts are like the bottom feeder of like nuts what is almond feels like dirt I mean it’s like I mean obviously to be in dirt but like other stuff goes down there like you don’t explain fields and they all should be punished but almonds grow on trees true so it like combs it falls off it doesn’t like soaking it and dodging dyes and Oh clean so they even hired taxis do not grow on airplane they don’t not unless you like put a cashew plans grower on an airplane what’s going on men well we get together I don’t know so my point is like you know they put pesticides on fucking everything in California and those things that it seeps into the floor on top of the peanuts and it just soaks them yeah first of these it just kind of goes over and probably goes down and it drips off into where the peanuts are and then the peanuts since answer like less pesticides a better self better almond butter is better and honestly I like the taste better that’s a personal opinion you might have I mean you probably I don’t know everyone’s got a different opinion but once again gin for that but the most important reason why besides the fact that I think it tastes better you don’t sit that’s another non coaster and actually you can mix some of this with the Greek yogurt which is with the blueberries and with the strawberry taste make it all so it has a lot of calories okay we have the people looking up to like a king king blade I can’t get way of doing everything this way of doing it all I’m like how about anymore and they’re like oh but I do it a lot I’m like because reality is if you are gained in like fat or muscle whatever the only thing you need to do is eat more Yeah right if you’re trained properly you should begin it looks like if you eat just the right amount but if you eat too much they’re going to gain both yeah so if you’re gaining nothing it’s simple you’re not in a period okay what you’re doing it does not matter like if you’ve studied into anything all day and you were gaining weight your body naturally is going to put on a little bit of muscle because you get bigger it’s going to put on fat right it’s all done anything but if none of that’s happening talent you need more of them so there’s a really easy way to get like two spoonfuls like in the morning or 1:00 at night wanted one in the evening then your calories like four or five hundred calories and now you’re not a hard game everyone here does the game Wow so now it’s not hard to gain anymore it ain’t you just a gainer yeah or like a gainer and I’m like Nevada a fatality is going to be a cold meal for someone right yeah like they put together like a protein a car so it’s just easy with extra calories like like I said you do in the morning or at night or like at the end of the meal just like this just get our calories in with a meal and you’ll be good to go so I like to choose what’s my favorite almond butter I don’t feel like this thank you but I’ve never had this so fruit cashew nuts on girl well it’s tough you’re nice it’s all below gluten free no GMO dairy free paleo let’s not get too fruity bro what are you trying to say to us I’m just going like strawberry that’s proof you have something wrong with fruit blueberries also true bro I know look just a blueberry cinnamon some berries walnut who’s what Dan that isn’t it though let me try that too but the whole point to is like this has a better as well like a better fat content than peanuts anyway because you want more monosaturated fans but you’re more I’ll make it three felt like this ourselves I mean you just win it you can win every wound with quinoa Goomer how many but you will miss but Greek hills are you want with the salmon it’s healthier for you because if you guys want feel good you want to look good going to perform good and maintain and make games you got to eat good simple what’s the what’s the last one let’s say that’s five bro I’m gonna give me one more yeah one more my personal favorite this is probably not the most nutritious it’s probably not like the fanciest food but I’m gonna give you my favorite okay great try mango a lot of service so if you’re going to eat this like I eat it’s like a fucking theme and I probably should just you have to workout it before workout but hands down like I’m not even going to go into details about how amazing it is because I don’t wanna blow you guys mind it’s really not that amazing a lot sugar it’s just good looks like candy pretty much like candy but it’s one of my favorite candies I’ll put aside sour passages so I have that is how I get Pepsi okay though I mean I’d rather eat sour patch kids but like that shit is fucking horrible for you so I might as well just eat something that’s probably like just as much sugar but not like process like in gelatin like ink in triangles yeah joy mango so dry mangoes are amazing if you guys want to be a fat guy like me sometimes get some dried mangoes that healthy snack what else that’s one of my that’s honestly I’ve been in dry mango since I was like negative 4 negative 1 negative 4 hi so now that I’m for eight years what else did that’s it I love you guys give the video thumbs up make sure you subscribe you could make some soup unchanging little bell it’s a little bell young company some loops like you do is you lose really making a do this so now and I feel like we want to make this as simple as possible for all the content creators fuck you guys we just want to make a nice okay statement Instagram so we could just like make sure big companies can pay us money for advertising space and everyone can get on bread and make us more money and the concentrate of your fun but I’ll see what’s going on with you two right here we’ll make our own well fuck your views and we’ll fucking whatever we’ll make our own platform that’s going to be called yeah you said it I see I already said it to make a statistic I’m not making it right now as we’re speaking I’m on my phone yeah me cam right now no you’re not you hold the camera your phone’s gonna ring your bell showing them prove it I’m like no no Paul no your mama I’ve had it the whole time right there bro okay you’re fucking you’re just like that you too bro but you have subscribe guys we love you oh also what videos like give us more ideas we need your ideas please cooking with bad environment for with Bradley Martin and again no cookie with a click cookie I’m kidding closing yeah they’re cooking with a guest yes what kind of guest should we have well I figured that we have a good idea and then I think we have a few good idea good idea but yeah let us know if you’re going to seem like statistic cooking videos or things that do with food or like making games or anything comment below let us know we’re out I love you a couple more of these bro I know I was trying to get some sign language in there I don’t know how to spell my name is can someone I just I’m doing stuff here I know these are things sorry I’m not trying to disrespect any American scientist this is for kept though pull I’m out because Q bro another guy so god we’re there later bro I’m in pain what’s up I did hear sure bro you see ladies day.

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