Foods To Eat That Build Muscle 2018 Guide

Complete foods to eat that build muscle guide updated for 2018. No outdated bro science BS. You can skip looking around and build REAL muscle with our online course. Pennies compared to a personal trainer and a lot more flexibile.

For example, some types of fish are a great source of protein as well as dietary fat. Foods with carbohydrates can be broken down into three categories: simple, starchy, and fibrous carbs. In actuality, simple carbs are found in one of mother natures most nutritious types of food fruits. Muscle building foods with dietary fat are broken down into two major categories: unsaturated and saturated fats.

foods to eat that build muscle

Fatty Muscle Building Foods

Nutrition Will dirty bulking help you build muscle?. You should all know by now we tell you often enough that if you want to make big gains, then you need to take your diet seriously. you want to pack on muscle, then you need to eat clean and ditch the dirty bulking. Can you rack up the calories with a post-workout Big Mac or should you swap the drive-through for a simple plate of chicken and the choice you face: clean eating or dirty bulking. But what you need to know is this: you cant judge how much muscle youll put on from calories alone. Eating more wont make the process any faster itll just feed your body with spare How to work out how much protein you need to build theres the real problem with dirty bulking: youre going to put on fat.

Build Muscle

Part 2

Learning How To Eat

Beginners should actually try to get in about 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight per day for the first six months of working out, since this is when your muscles will respond the most rapidly to training. (For all other times of day, see Rule 20%-30% of your total daily calories should come from fat. Keeping Rules 1, 2, and 3 in mind, 20%-30% of these calories should come from protein, 40%-60% from carbs and 20%-30% from a meal that contains quality protein and carbs every 2-3 hours to ensure a steady supply of energy and amino acids for muscle growth all day long, helping you gain mass and stay lean. While your diet should consist mostly of unprocessed whole foods, at times a protein shake is a much better option. This will spike levels of the anabolic hormone insulin, which drives the carbs you eat into muscle cells, where they’ll be stored as glycogen to be used for your next workout. Casein, the major protein in milk, is a good option – either from a protein shake or 1 cup of low-fat cottage 3-5 grams of creatine with your pre- and postworkout shakes. After three months, switch to 5-10 grams of help achieving your fitness goals?

Iron is needed by your cells to convert the energy in the foods you eat to energy molecules your cells can use, called adenosine tri-phosphate or ATP. Eat foods rich in magnesium, protein and fast-digesting carbs, such as a chicken and cashew dish with white rice, after your training; youll have the energy for your subsequent muscle-building and fat-burning workouts. Six ounces of chicken breast has 280 calories and 54 g of protein. Eat a cup of pineapple after your training to optimize energy replenishment in your muscle cells so you can lift intensely during your next weight-training workout, building more muscle.

Mens Health a list of the top 30 foods that build muscle and it SHOCKED it was good!. It aint all about the amount of protein you get, the quality is course, dont forget your whey protein in addition to this list. Spirulina 65% protein. is a great list of foods and I believe it demonstrates the changing opinion of the mainstream Heck, the low-carb, high fat TNT Diet is a Mens Health heres an awesome graphic; its a big list of high protein foods. Bizarre and should be near the a raw food vegan strength trainer. Im still on it because its a great way to eat, and live. Look forward to receiving Mark, this is my 1st on ur though I have been following you since 4 years back I am really happy n with all the information you provide for natural building of muscles click here.

When you’re trying to gain muscle, you’re typically busting butt in the gym, lifting heavy weights. If you’re watching your calories, opt for tuna packed in water instead of oil, as the latter will boost the overall calories to more than 150, while the former clocks in around 75. shows that they can have higher levels of vitamin A and E (important nutrients your body needs daily), omega-3 fatty acids, and beta-carotene. Fiber helps keep your digestive system flowing, while those healthy fats will help your body better absorb those nutrients from the vegetables so your muscles get exactly what they need to 7 of your body shifts into recovery mode after a workout, it needs a nutrient-heavy meal. Add some veggies on the side and you’re looking at a perfectly balanced post-workout meal. Harju says pine nuts also have monounsaturated fatty acids to help those muscles build back up post-sweat.

When we talk about the top five or ten most
important foods for building muscle, I thinkthe first and foremost most important thing
we need to do is to realize that eating food,and whole foods, is very important.Especially if you’re a novice or you’re a
new body builder or someone just startingout looking to put on lean muscle. The first thing you begin to think about is
pills and potions, shakes, drinking your caloriesdown, when in fact the most important thing
that you should be doing is focusing on gettingproper calories. Getting enough calories, even actually above
your maintenance of calories, but gettingwhole foods. I would say the top ten foods that every individual
looking to put on lean tissue should be havingon a regular basis should be your five most
important macro nutrients of protein. That would be beef, turkey, chicken, fish,
and eggs. The three complex carbohydrates that are extremely
important would probably be oatmeal, yamsor sweet potatoes, brown rice. Then I think I would round out that top ten
list with maybe nuts which are a good sourceof getting a lot of other nutrients that you’re
not going to get throughout the day but alsoa good source of healthy fats.
And then the last would probably be oils.Extra virgin olive oil, flax seed oil. Macadamia nut oil, another oil that most aren’t
very familiar with that has a very positiveimpact on one’s metabolism. And even to some degree, extra virgin coconut
oil would be good. I’d be eating from five to seven meals throughout
the day and I would be spreading out thosemeals and calorie loads of any where from
two to five or six hundred. I think it’s extremely important, however,
to keep in mind that in regard to the topfoods and what you’re eating throughout the
day and how you’re spacing out your meals,thatthe amount of food you eat and the overall
amount of calories that you ingest, are goingto be based upon your goals, your body weight,
and so on and so forth. They’re all going to be relative to you specifically. .

alright guys in this video we’re going to cover the nutrition portion of the truck of the strength training program now nutrition is one of the most critical elements to any training program but it’s also the thing that is easiest to screw up most people will tell you oh I followed the training program to a key but I really wasn’t so clear up nutrition so I didn’t follow that but I still got Eastern resorts well don’t get decent results get amazing results and that’s simply by following their nutrition foot but I’m going to break that down for you I’ve got my nine tump nutrition rules that help you gain more strength in muscle mass then I’m going to give you a macro blueprint to teach you how to get in another 15 carbs fat calories in your day and last I’m going to teach you how to optimize your nutrition around the most critical time window of the day that’s before and after you train and show you how to manipulate that based on what time of day you actually train let’s take a look at my 9 nutrition rules for building more muscle strength rule number one is to eat plenty of protein protein builds muscle and strength guys my recommendation of 1.5 grams per pound of body weight is ideal for maximizing gains and strength muscle mass my second rule is to eat frequently around every two to three hours you need to be consuming a high protein meal to maximize your gains and strength and muscle mass rule number three is to eat ample fat that is critical for your gains and muscle mass strength I recommend getting point 5 grams per pound of body my fourth rule is to manipulate carbs I recommend starting somewhere around 1. 5 to 2 grams per pound of body weight and then manipulating that based on whether you need to gain more mass adding carbs or lose more body of dropping covers I’ll cover that in more detail later on in this video rule number 5 is to consider your calorie intake now if you follow my macronutrient breakdown your calories will fall in place but calorie wise you want to be consuming enough if you really want to maximize your strengthening this is we’re adding more carbs is going to come in handy more carbs means more calories this will be discussed in more detail later on in this video rule number 6 is to use a protein powder blend you want to maximize your gains in strength and muscle mass and the only way to do that is to make sure you’re consuming a protein powder that not only provides way but also casein and ideally egg protein my rule number seven is to make sure you consume fast digesting carbs after every workout it’s the only way to properly recover and drive more of that carnitine and creatine into your muscle cells that’s going to help with strength gains and maximize your gains of muscle mass rule number eight is to always consume before and after every workout branched chain amino acids beta alanine betaine and creative these four nutrients are the most critical to consume around your workouts as they’re going to lead to the best recovery and that’s going to enhance your results now I realize that that’s a long laundry list of supplements to buy and consume but don’t worry you can get them all in one product and that’s pre gym the nice thing about pre gym is you know precisely what you’re getting every one of those ingredients is in there with the proper dose and it’s all listed on the label because it’s a non proprietary pre workout and last but not least is my rule number nine and that’s the final works best for you look I’m giving you all the information that you need to really maximize your results on this program but you might have a different schedule you might be allergic to milk proteins you might need to make adjustments to this program don’t overthink it use my advice as your foundation but then manipulate it to make it work best for your schedule in your body all right now I realize that a lot of information on nutrition but don’t worry I have the full details on my nine nutrition rules including the science that supports it in the article below now let’s pull up my shortcut the strength macro blueprint now as far as strength gains go all three macronutrients are critical but the ranked in the following order protein is first followed by fat then carbohydrates protein is by far the most critical macronutrient you need to be consuming 1. 5 grams of protein per pound of body weight that’s going to maximize your gains and strength and muscle mass next you want to focus on your fat intake that is absolutely critical to your gains you need to be getting point 5 grams of fat per pound of body weight now let’s discuss carbohydrates now you should start this diet somewhere around 1. 5 to 2 grams of carbs per pound of body weight it’s a good starting point to base how many carbohydrates you need based on the results that you’re getting from the program if you need to build more mass and strength simply add more carbs to that starting point if you tend to be a little carb sensitive you don’t want to avoid fat gain then you can do the opposite and actually lower your carbs as you go through the program as well the choice is yours based on the results that you’re getting and the results that you want to see all right now that you have an understanding of the macronutrient breakdown let me pull up the pre and post workout nutrient timing protocol now as far as nutrient timing goes there’s no more critical time of day than what you consume before and after you train it makes all the difference on the workout that you get and the results you get from that workout now my pre workout nutrition protocol is broken down into two phases you’re going to be consuming nutrients around 30 to 45 minutes before you train and then you’re going to be consuming different nutrients around 10 to 15 minutes before your trip now in that thirty to forty five minute window before you workout you want to be getting nutrients that are going to maximize your energy levels your pride your focus and your strength during the workout these come in the form of branched chain amino acids creatine beta alanine betaine tyrosine caffeine alpha GPC huperzine an acetyl cysteine taurine and bio pairing which is going to enhance the uptake of all those nutrients for max results now the second phase which is closer to the workout anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes you’re going to be focusing on getting your protein shake and a slow digesting carb preferably a fruit like apples and I also have you taking your vitamins three now there’s a reason for this vitamin D is absolutely critical for muscle mass and strength gains timing really isn’t critical would work out it’s just that this is when you’re going to be consuming your protein blend which also has calcium calcium uptake and utilization is enhanced by vitamin d3 so take your d3 with your protein shake now one question I get about the protein before workouts is why not whole foods like a chicken breast or eggs or a steak versus a protein blend protein shake it comes down really to timing and protein source the protein source that I recommend getting before every workout is whey casein and head those are the three most anabolic proteins that you can consume so stick with a protein blend like my project now when the workouts over you want to consume a protein shake fast digesting carbs and your post workout nutrients a. s. a. p I’m a firm believer in getting in your nutrients after you workout as soon as possible to maximize recovery maximize your results and strength and muscle mass gains do you want to be shooting for somewhere around forty to fifty grams of protein total after the workouts over the source is going to be the blend again that I talked about why is a blend so important after your workout it comes down to recovery and results when you consume a protein blend that has whey casein which is slow digesting your way is super fast you’re piecing super slow what happens is the way boosts your protein synthesis immediately after the workout but the casein maintains that protein synthesis for longer now this is the time you also want to be consuming certain nutrients this is going to come in the form of creatine branched chain amino acids betaine beta alanine glutamine carnitine taurine and bio pairing to enhance the uptake of all those nutrients now you don’t have to buy all these 9 ingredients separately because I provide them all in post chip each and greenie is listed clearly on the label in the proper dose right there it’s a non proprietary post workout blend and last but not least you want to consume around 30 grams of fast digesting carbs like dextrose so when the fastest sugars you can consume why is speed so important as far as carbohydrate and then workout is over it all has to do with recovery and insulin when you consume fast digesting carbs like dextrose it spikes in four modes now insulin is a hormone that goes to the muscle cells and helps to drive more creative and more carnitine as well as other amino acids into the muscle cell you get better recovery plus you burned up a lot of glycogen during the workout you need to replenish that muscle glycogen and that muscle glycogen gets replenished in the form of glucose and that’s basically what dextrose is it’s glucose blood sugar that’s what your body needs to recover that’s what’s going to enhance your strength gains and you’re dating SMS now because nutrient timing results is so critical to the results that you can expect to get for my shortcut the strength program I’ve designed for nutrient protocols based on when you train whether you train the morning could you train at lunchtime whether you train after work or school but before dinner or whether you’re training night after noon and you can find those for sample nutrition programs and the article below this video now I just want to make a note on the differences between when you train for those who train in the morning and also for those who train later at night the biggest question I get from those who train in the morning is do I have breakfast and then go to the gym and the answer is no you don’t have breakfast you actually wake up and start with your pre workout nutrient timing protocol then you go to the gym follow with your post workout retreat IMing protocol then you follow with practice about an hour after that the rest of the day looks pretty much the same as the other protocols now for those who train at night the number one question I get is if I’m taking a protein shake before bed what if I train right before I go to bed do I have to have a post workout protein shake and then a pre bed protein shake and the answer is it depends depends on how close to when you go to bed you train if you go to bed within two hours of training then you really don’t need an extra protein shake before you go to bed your post workout shake will be ample however if you go to bed three hours or more after you train then you definitely want to add another protein shake now in rest days you obviously won’t be following that very formal pre workout post workout nutrient timing protocol however you want to keep your nutrient levels of at least created betaine beta alanine high in the muscle cells if you skip too many days without taking them it’ll take longer to see the results and since you’ve only got six weeks for this program you really want to maximize your results early on so take either the pre workout or the post workout at least once on your non training days now I know nutrition is a complex subject and I’ve covered a lot here but don’t worry all the details are in the article below this video and that includes those sample diet plans that I included for those who trainees in the morning lunchtime late in the afternoon or at night now that’s all the nutrition info that you need for my shortcut the strength program but obviously you need to be familiar with the training program so if you haven’t watched my training protocol video I suggest you head there now and don’t forget now once you test your one rep max to update that on your body spaced account and also consider putting those numbers out there on your social media that way when you retest everyone will know what your numbers are and it’ll help you stick with the program and maximize your results now don’t worry this isn’t the end of the shortcut to strength videos I’ll be coming to you each week with a new video during all six weeks of the program alright guys the rest is up to you I look forward to seeing your results so now it’s time to get up and get it you.

hi guys it’s me again Ron Williams and this is my channel natural mr.universe I’m going to show you how I shop and where I shot this is one of the nicest grocery stores I believe in the nation I shop here on a weekly basis now what I do is I try to prepare my foods one day for the whole week and when I say that what I mean that’s excluding the times that me and my wife may eat out for dinner but we eat very very clean and I want to show you some of the things that we actually purchase and how it works for us and then after this I’m going to show you how we put the foods together okay come on first of all as as you look at the vegetables these vegetables are absolutely brilliant they’re awesome they’re tasty most of the time when we come here you’ll notice that you see the organic signs and these are certified organic vegetables so that means that we are eliminating all of the fat loss resistant toxins we’re eliminating the pesticides insecticides and herbicides all of those things that we don’t want in our bodies so we come down here we have the broccoli the cauliflower which are again cruciferous vegetables then we have the radishes these are extremely extremely good with the sulfuric acid to pull out those toxins some of us we become fat loss resistant simply because we have all the extra toxins in our bodies and so we want to get rid of the toxins with the fruit and the vegetables that we’re eating and I loved it just fresh as you saw before when we could when we fly we beg we don’t use any oil at all and the foods are absolutely wonderful whenever we go out to eat we that places like Olive Garden different places like that we always order the vegetables we tell them don’t put any oil no butter so that that we don’t get all them the excess fat that we don’t need in our bodies if you have any questions about it just send us a little note and we’ll make it real plain for you I want to go over and look at some of the meats that we actually take in now we don’t eat pork not even the smallest amount for me I’m kind of adverse to it I actually when I when I go different places I’ll actually regurgitate if I take fork and I haven’t eaten it in so many years my body can’t even handle it anymore but again we look at the meat we look through and we make sure we get only the organic and even though it’s a little more expensive that’s okay we don’t mind paying the expense because I’d rather eat healthy now and take care of my health rather than pay for my health later with doctor bills I want to be you know like I said our bodies are like vehicles there’s only one that we have and it’s the only one we’ll get while we’re here so we want to take care of it we look at our chickens our turkey breasts I mean again the organic and they’re certified organic and we love that like I said it costs a little more but it’s well worth it you are worth it if you can’t afford it just get the best foods you possibly can there’s always a good and there’s a better and there’s the best so whenever we shop we try to make sure we find the good the better or the best to put in our bodies we’re well worth it Sunday night or Monday we’ll put our foods together put them in Tupperware’s put them in a refrigerator and then before you know it the week is done and we have to do it all over again but I actually enjoy the process okay guys we talked about all the things that I do eat we also talked about good better and best one of the things you want to be careful of at the least you want to you want to move away from canned goods yes ma’am you want to move away from canned goods and if you can stay away from the frozen and third you want to get the fresh but it works in Reverse so you want the fresh first you can’t get the fresh then get the frozen to be honest with you stay away from the can because that’s where the preservatives are that’s where you find all types of extra things that come from the can actually is absorbed into the product itself okay I want you to look at this it’s so important to read labels this says sea salt and we know that sea salt is great right well if you look real close at the small print it says this salt does not supply iodine a necessary nutrient you know what that means they took the iodine out it requires iodine for your body to produce thyroid hormone if you don’t have iodine in your body you will not produce thyroid hormone this causes you to have low thyroid or hypothyroidism if you don’t have the iodine so what happens they’ll put you on by Rockson synthroid some type of thyroid hormone just because we’re deficient in iodine as you can say it’s as you can see it says without iodine a necessary nutrient it’s necessary salt when it’s extracted it has iodine in it they took the iodine out and then they put it on the bottle and say it’s a necessary nutrient necessary means just that it is necessary for your body to function properly but they’ve taken it out so this is not the type of salt that you want to get come down here in the chips here we go nature’s finest seesaw and if you look in the ingredients we’ll look back here it has sodium chloride calcium potassium sulfur magnesium iron phosphorus phosphorus Oh iodine there it is right there iodine magnesium copper and zinc and it has all the rest of the trace minerals but this is real salt this is the way we should take insult you know we have you know some people say they’re not supposed to take in salt because they get high blood pressure or they have high blood pressure that’s partially because they’re getting salt that all the nutrients it has been taken out of of that particular song and they’re just getting the saltiness of the salt and not the nutrients that go in the self so if you’re looking for salt there you go get this. .

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