Exercises To Strengthen Chest

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All portions of the pec will be activated when performing this pec-targetted ALSO: Dips: The Upper Body beauty of cable crossovers is the different variations you can use to hammer the chest muscles from a variety of angles. Place the cables in upright position to focus on upper chest development or place them near the ground for lower chest development. The difference between a crossover and a standard fly is the end of the movement. Simply lie with your back on the floor and get underneath the bar to perform the movement in the same manner as a conventional bench The main difference here will be that the repetition ends once the triceps hit the floor. Use this as an accessory movement to really focus on hitting the pec muscles from all angles. This form of the will place extra focus on creating definition in the inner portion of the pec help achieving your fitness goals? The Muscle & Fitness will provide you with special offers and alert you to the latest issue hitting the is part of American Media, Inc.

exercises to strengthen chest

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It’s the small muscle that hides under the pectoralis major — the big chest muscle. When these muscles are weak, they allow the pec minor to become a bully, pulling everything painfully forward. Lean forward with your entire body and and rotate your shoulder away from the door until you feel a good stretch at the front of the right shoulder. Hold 15 to 20 seconds, and then repeat the stretch. Do five reps three times a day. To reinforce the activation of the serratus anterior, maintain this position for one or two seconds. COM is for educational use only.

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Generally, they should only be performed provided they do not cause or increase pain. Keeping your back and neck straight, slowly straighten your elbows until they are straight, tightening the pectoral muscles, then return to the starting position. As your strength improves, the exercises can be progressed by gradually increasing the repetitions, number of sets or resistance of the exercises provided they do not cause or increase pain. Keeping your back and neck straight, slowly straighten your elbows until they are straight tightening the pectoral muscles, then return to the starting position. Keeping your back and elbows straight, slowly pull the resistance band to your hip as shown, tightening your pectoral muscles. Slowly take your arms overhead and then slowly return to the starting position tightening your pectoral muscles. For more details see Become a Member

Starting with your hands further forward works your shoulders harder, while adding a hip rotation with each rep recruits your core and lower abs muscles. Repeat with your other arm. It also works your core muscles, which are forced to maintain torso stability with each rep. Lower your head and chest down and forwards, moving your torso in a smooth arc to raise your head and chest. Reverse the movement to return to the start position. Move your left hand to the right until both hands are next to each other. Then, slide your right hand further right until your hands are back in the original position (shoulder-width apart). From the starting position, lift your left hand to beside your right, then move your right hand down to the floor keeping your hands roughly shoulder-width apart you could look here.

To recruit as many muscle fibers as possible, keep your hips in line with your shoulders, and lower as close to the floor as possible. If it’s too hard, lower the weight. “Slowly lower the weights down with a slight bend in your elbows, following a wide arc, until you feel a stretch in your chest,” King says. Make sure you grab the handles and get them in front of your chest before you step away from the machine, rather than stepping and then reaching back. If it’s too hard, switch to pushups to strengthen your pecs.

This plan gives you exercises that isolate your chest muscles for size and exercises that integrate your shoulders and triceps for strength. ). Then you’ll follow with exercises from the other four sections of the workout. Maintaining a slight bend in your elbows, slowly lower your arms out to the sides until your upper arms are parallel to the floor. With a slight bend in your elbows, slowly lower your arms out to the sides until the weights are in line with your chest. Push the weights up above your chest until your arms are extended.

hi I’m Alex Alvin I’m here at certain fit in Midtown Toronto to bring you my top five chest training moves I’m basing these moves on some research that really shows how to target the pectorals and provide maximum stimulation let’s begin exercise number one which is the 180 twisting dumbbell press a lot of people can’t do the bench press because caused a lot of injuries I have suffered up hectar as a result of bench pressing with the barbell so I’ve switched the dumbbells I feel like they get a better contraction but a better stimulation better control start with the dumbbells at the top position as you would with a regular negative add a twist on the way up bring the pinkies in together squeeze the pecs and back down as you twist in and squeeze hold that for a count of two that isometric contraction research shows that a supine or reverse grip like so stimulates the upper pecs more than a regular pronated grip which is probably what you’re using right now so throw in that supinated twist squeeze the pecs together hold it come back for the next rep that’s really going to help bring up a weak point which is the upper pecs okay so the next exercise on my top five moves is a closed grip pushup research shows that if you compare a wide hand position to a medium and narrow hand position that narrow hand position produces the most pictorial stimulation so we’re going to go a closed grip pushup I’m going to have a training partner put a weight on my back to increase the resistance and really make this a tough chest move hands about six inches apart brace the core into the push up position training partner is putting the weight on your back and from here all the way full range of motion drive it up do it in a controlled fashion and you’ll have no problem keeping that weight on your back and through the pecs as you drive up another option if you have it available to you is the sandbag I like the sandbag is loads right over the entire torso this is a 50 pound sandbag again smooth ctrl driving through with the concentric motion here firing the pecs and I really feel this one I love using this as a finisher in the chest training program third move on my top five chest exercises is the cable crossover twenty one starting the bottom position with the pulley set staggered stance one foot forward one foot back brace the core with a slight lean forward scoop it up squeeze the pecs seven reps I’m trying to move from my shoulder joint locking in the elbows with a slight Bend to protect the joint and I’m really focused on that PEC squeeze at the top scooping it up squeezing to the center stretching it out at the base first seven move that holy system up to about chest height grab your handles set it up staggered stance punch it out right in front of the chest palms facing each other stretch out the pecs get a nice wide arc here squeeze the center these are the next seven reps Tech’s are going nuts but we’re not done yet we have our last seven from the top down set it up staggered stance stretch it up and back squeeze it in we’re taking advantage of all three angles and we’re just attacking the chest from the three different positions low mid and high research shows that the cable crossover elicited just as much pectoral stimulation as the benchpress in other words this move really works really hits the pecs it’s a great move to throw in try my way twenty ones so my fourth chest training exercise that I want to go through today is that kettlebell fly you can start with the kettlebells right over the chest for that full stretch position this is where that kettlebell weight really kicks in because it hangs below the palms something that the regular dumbbell can do for you fight it squeeze it back in the center you don’t have to fully close the rep there is no tension at the top so stopping just above the chest is perfect again stretch it out get the pecs to fight the kettlebell weight at the base for a second and squeeze back in you’re really focused on pushing the pecs together as you squeeze to the center I love using the kettlebells as opposed to the dumbbells to really change things up shock the pecs okay so my last exercise on my top five chess moves is the dip this is going to be a forward leaning dip where you actually want to get a training partner to spot you so I’ve got Patrick coming in here to spot me a lot of people feel that they can do the forward leaning dip on their own but really we’re just crunching forward they’re not getting the optimal angle I’m going to increase the resistance by adding a weighted belt here set myself up at the top curl the legs back flex with the glutes and hamstrings so now Patrick has moved me into a forward leaning position from here I’m going to get a full range of motion drive up squeeze the packs listen to your body on this one go as far down as you can so aggravating the shoulder I realize this is a tough move for some people that have shoulder injuries so definitely watch your form I want to see the elbows fully extended talk at that full range of motion so there you go you have my top five exercises take these exercises mix them into your regular routine to really shock the pecs to a new level of growth really change up your routine remember if you do the same thing over and over and over you will plateau you won’t see results change things up you’ll see the difference.

hey everyone is your personal trainer
coach Kozak and I’m Claudia 15 Min Chest Workout at Home Chest Workouts with Dumbbells Pectoral Exercises for Men Women and this isthe chest workout it’s a great routine
for both men and women it only requiresa pair of dumbbells the weight that you
use today will be totally dependent onyour fitness level I’m going to do all
the intermediate through Advancedmodifications today and I’m going to do
all of the beginner modifications nowyou will see me use a mat because we’re
going to do some movements from ourknees so depending on your surface get a
mat or a towel just to give yourselfsome comfort there’s no warm up required
for this workout but if you’d like to doone get your heart pumping get the some
blood in your muscles you can go andclick the link up top and start the
warm up otherwise we’re going to getright into this thing let’s do it ready
oh I’m ready don’t leave me hangingsorry oh my goodness ok we’re actually
going to start down on the ground andwe’re going to do a hand release push up
so I’m gonna do it from up top of myfeet Claudia is going to go ahead and do
it from her knees so that’s why she setup for mat so hands shoulder width apart
we’re gonna go and bend at the elbowslower your body all the way down bring
your hands up and press back up so it’sa hand release push up we’re actually
totally bringing our hands up off theground on this one so you’re forced to
press up from a dead stop position bringthat core up with you keep your core
tight on this one it’s really easy tolike just press up and then let your
butt hang behind you but don’t do thatbring those hips in that core up with
you along the way making sure to breatheall the way up all the way down and
you’re gonna notice we’re not going tocount reps today but instead we’re just
gonna get as many done in the allottedtime frame good that much more on this
first one keep it going I know we’rejumping right into a tough one today and
three two one zerogood okay we are going to need your
dumbbells for the next one we’re stayingdown on the ground
we’re moving into a lying dumbbell flyso we’re lying back feet are flat on the
ground a little bend in both elbowswe’re going to spread your arms lower
the dumbbell stretch your chest all theway down
and then squeeze your chest bring thedumbbells back together so stretching
your chest keeping a little bit in thosedumbbell or a little bit in your elbows
and pull them back together reallyfeeling that chest stretch on this one
and be careful not to bounce your armsoff the ground at the bottom of the
position definitely be easier just tolet them flop in get a little rebound
going really want you to avoid thattoday control the dumbbells throughout
the movement feel that chest engage asit stretches and contracts up at the top
now you notice we’re both doing the samemovement on this one so it really just
comes down to you choosing a weight thatyou feel comfortable with we encourage
you to make this workout your own todaygood
get as many reps in as you can a lot oftime period you start to feel
comfortable with it you pick up the pacea little bit not much lifting on this
one we’re almost therelet’s go for 10 more seconds on this one
good 5 4 3 2 1 nice okay dumbbells tothe side moving into another push up
variation this one specifically reallytargets the chest we’re gonna have your
fingers out on this push up variationhands are a little bit wider than normal
finger out push up let those elbows comeout to your side as you lower your body
and press back up again you decide ifyou want to be up on your feet or if you
need to be on your knees for this onestay nice and controlled to lower your
body into your elbows get to about a 90degree angle and back up good starting
to feel it now any time you knowclaudius
get up feeling it is when she’s gettingtiredbut usually when I’m quiet it is he is
usually when you’re quiet I don’t wantanybody to hear me suffer although he
probably would love to unfortunately Idon’t have that luxury keep it going
guys you got it squeeze that chest up atthe top stretch and squeeze good let’s
go for just five more seconds four threetwo one zero
and we are done with our that one reallystinks grab one dumbbell we’re on our
feet we’re gonna keep this pace up we’redoing a spin press squeezing the
dumbbell on either side our armsextended out in front of you
squeeze it as you pull it in and pressit out won’t you try your best to keep
your arms parallel to the ground andkeep squeezing don’t just hold it but
actually squeeze and force that chest toengage good my chest is starting to feel
it yeah listen really does not feel thatgood after those push ups feels amazing
I love when people are like how do youwork your chest without getting down on
the ground for push ups yeah good answerright here you really can squeeze good
making sure to breathe guys keep it upfighting through that burn our arms are
burning you’re not alone keep it goingit’s going ten seconds on this one fight
through it fight through it you got italmost there in five four three two one
zero okay let’s go to the ground okaydoing a dumbbell floor press we need
both dumbbells for the next one lyingflat on our back if you would put your
feet down for balance so we’re justgoing to do a stander to floor press or
chest press lowering the dumbbellstrying to keep them on over your elbows
not bouncing your upper arm off theground lower them and press them back up
all the way up all the way down nowideally we’d have a bench for this one
and we could get a little bit rate morerange of motion in our chest if you have
advantage feel free to use it otherwisegetting down on the ground works great
toogood pushing through getting as many
reps in as you can and that a lot oftime period but again being careful not
to bounce those arms and cheatingyourself on idea
nice work keep it moving pushing throughall your chest shoulders and triceps are
probably starting to catch on fire alittle bit that’s alright that’s just
that lactic acid starting to burnyou can fight through that signal don’t
listen to it your muscles got plentyleft
just keep it moving all the way up allthe way down nice good good good keep it
up let’s go another 10 seconds on thisone how many reps can you get let’s go
push your pace guys push the pacebreathe we got it let’s go 5 4 3 2 1 0
good ok next we’re moving into adumbbell pull over so again from the
ground I’m gonna do an ISO hip up we’reactually bring my hips up or Clawd easy
to keep her hips down you choose whichone is right for you today both palms
are facing one another slight bend inthe elbows bringing those dumbbells all
the way back feel that stretch and pullback over until your arms are
perpendicular to the floor good breatheand if having two weights is too much
for you and you need to drop one you canjust go ahead and move it back with just
one dumbbell and just right on over yourchest again it’s important you just make
this workout your own guys being carefulnot to bounce that or bounce your
dumbbells off the floor either just alight tap and if you don’t quite have
the mobility to go all the way backwithout causing pain in your shoulders
then maybe you know half the way backhere and forward is okay that’s actually
this exercise will actually help youimprove your mobility so you’ll get a
little better at it every time just keepcoming back repeating it you’ll get a
little bit better every time I swearkeep it up
let’s go ten more seconds on this onealmost there homo sir
read you got it let’s go five four threetwo one zero
nice all right so we’re only going totake a 10 second break that’s the end of
round one so you pretty much just haveenough time to turn around and get ready
for these hand release push ups one moretime through so we’re up in push up
position hand three two onedrop it all the way down release hands
up and press up so this second round nowthat you’re a little more familiar with
the movements when you try to pick upthe pace pull it all out there give it
everything you’ve gotno holding back let’s go let’s go out
there and get it three nice one wrapright into the next keep that core tight
make sure to bring your hips up with youdo not let your hips sink down to the
groundgood one into the next breathe you got
it keep it going guys you’re doing greatlike through that burn this is
definitely one of the tougher ones todaygo one right into the next almost there
let’s go ten seconds last ten secondshoney can you get how many can you get
good five four three two one zero.Oh horrible dumbbell flyes our necks
getting right into position grab bothyour dumbbell no break no stalling let’s
go one fly right into the next a littlebend in those elbows like you’re
wrapping your arms around a tree andsqueeze that chest up at the top good
work keep it up you got it getting alittle bit better with every rep focus
on what brought you here today whateverthat is whatever goal you’re working on
think about it be there right nowkind of use it throughout your day good
stay focused one wrap into the nextbreathe feel that stretch and squeeze
you got it you got it good no letting upno letting up let’s go ten more seconds
that’s it fight through it will servelet’s go five four three two one zero
okay dumbbells are to the side we haveour last set of push ups for the day
hello fingers out push up so fingers outthis time again we’re up hands are a
little bit wider than normal or all theway down all the way up bring those
elbows to a 90 degree angle feel thatchest engage good you got it guys
think about what brought you here todayyou can do it stay focused stay
motivated keep pushing yourself becausenobody else is gonna do it for you all
comes down to you it’s all in your headright here no giving up good pushing
through pushing through we’re burning tothousands maybe millions at home all
that same burn you’re not alonewe’re fighting through right here let’s
go come on has fit tribe let’s go whatyou got what you got let’s go five four
three two one zero up on our feet weneed one dumbbell we got spin press next
doubles up squeeze that dumbbell bringit into you squeeze and press it out
this one’s pretty deceiving I’d say uhyeah like it doesn’t look like much but
when you combine it with everything elseit definitely works good you got it guys
we don’t have much left you’ve beensaving it now’s the time to put it out
there no more push upsyou know why push cross that off the
listcan you tell those are Claudia’s
favorite just keep that in mindcome on definitely get you through this
let’s go say focus you got itgood job guys let’s go ten more seconds
on this one time is flying by flying bygo and five four three two one
zero to the ground we go we need bothdumbbells we got dumbbell floor press
depending on the weight you chose todayyou’re either gonna go fast on this one
or struggle to get just a few reps outeither way what’s important is you just
keep moving don’t pause this video don’ttake a break you have to switch to some
of the easier modifications that’s okaywe just keep going you got it we’re
going hard and fast today very efficientworkout getting a lot done in a short
period of timegood job guys good job keep it up
breathe about halfway done with this onealready nice work good keep grinding
keep grinding you got it let’s go tenmore seconds on this one that’s it
you can do anything for ten seconds comeon let’s go don’t give up don’t slow
downyou got it let’s go five four three two
one zero or right into the pullover socool hips up go hips up if not this is
itstart pulling over no break one right
into the next slight bend in thoseelbows feel that stretch and pull over
this one not only works your chest butalso get a little added bonus of getting
some back in and if you’re doing the ISOversion you get some glutes hamstrings
core hitting a lot of muscles with thisone exercise you got it good four guys
no shame if you got to drop a dumbbellno shame if you got to switch it to one
that’s very true just keep moving that’swhat it’s all about don’t give up come
on not cheating me if you do cheatingyourself don’t cheat yourself let’s go
you’re better than that you’re worthmore than that let’s go this is it last
set let’s go ten more secondsit ah so close here it is here it is
let’s go five four three two one zeroand done as if my arms can get me up off
the ground after that one huh thank youso much for joining us today if you
liked this workout you’ve been workingout with us for a while we’d ask you
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for giving us the pleasure of workingout with you today I’m coach Kozak and
I’m Claudia chess is feeling good and wewill see you at your next workout. .

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