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This will make sure you’re giving them the workload they need to bulk up. Training your shins can add mass to your lower legs. Take two seconds to lift and lower the weight. Make small adjustments with your feet to keep a contact tension on the muscle throughout the set

calves workout for mass

The Best Leg Exercises For Mass

Genetics and a predisposition to explosive calf growth do play a surprisingly large role in that, but equallyif not more socalf issues are predicated, uncalculated, half nature at which most people attack the muscle group. Take 10 minutes of dedicated, progressive calf work onto the tail end of leg day and youll quickly gain muscles on the back side of your lower legs. The calves are made up of two primary muscles the gastrocnemius + soleus. Translated for training purposes, FT fibers generate power and respond better to heavy loads; ST fibers are more conducive to endurance-based aerobic training and respond better to higher reps. But dont worry, weve done the heavy lifting for you. They slide nicely into the back-end of any leg workout, and shouldnt take up more than 10 minutes to thoroughly blast from a variety of angles. They have to be a staple in any leg and/or calf workout routine.

I usually do this for about a month and then I am bored to tears and stop training calves again for another year. Id start with four sets twice per week for the first few weeks and and work your way up to about twelve sets twice per week. Do this over the course of about six months. That will give you ample time to adapt to the increased volume and also put some nice size in your calves. If you are an athlete and run or jump a lot, dont even consider doing high volume calf work for more than a few weeks straight. One day per week would be heavy standing calf raises for 5-10 sets of 8-10 reps and the other day would be seated calf raises done for 4-5 sets of 20-50 reps. When this happens and becomes a problem, the calves will not grow.

Calves Workout For Mass

The first thing he did every session was 10 sets of calf raises. So he put 500 pounds on the machine and started his first set. To really make the calves grow, you have to go up to 1,000 pound calf raises. In one year my calves grew two inches. This was very painful, but I always relished the muscle burn and felt it would only make me bigger. After I couldnt do any more full-range-of-motion reps, I finished the set by doing short, quick reps (not quite all the way up or down) for as long as possible until my calves were screaming.

Push your hips back behind you and bend your knees to lower your butt toward the floor. Front lunges involve taking a big step forward to get into a staggered stance, bending your front and back knees toward the floor, then rising up and returning your lead leg back to the starting position. Switch legs fore each rep. Back lunges are similar except you step backward instead of forward. Straight-leg deadlifts involve holding a barbell in front of your thighs with your feet hip-width apart, then keeping your knees straight, but not locked, as you bend forward at the waist. Calf raises will isolate the calves, thus ensuring you overload them and stimulate size gains. Jason Ferruggia also recommends changing up the intensity and volume, suggesting even mixing up the numbers of reps you perform of an exercise within the same workout.

Their trick is frequency and a lot of it sometimes training twice or three times per day, every day. As with the standing version, utilize a full range of motion feel the stretch and then flex the calf hard at the top. Perform the movement as stated above. Simply stand on the calf block with the balls of your feet (as in standing calf raises), bend over at the hips about 90 degrees and rest your arms on a bench or Smith machine bar. Find a calf block and set one foot up as in the standing calf raise (straight leg, slight bend in the knee, back straight). Simply place your heels on a calf block and drop your feet for a stretch. Perform 1 or 2 warm-up sets of 15-20 reps on the first movement.

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beast mode beast mode beast mode beast what’s good you two you know who it is Chris Jones representing Palmer chasers and right now I’m about to show you how to build up your calves now I already knew before I made this video this is going to be very unpopular might be one of my lowest viewed videos because a lot of people don’t fucking train couch and that’s fine but I am a full advocate of training everything this is bodybuilding not upper body building we train everything on this fucking channel alright so before I go show you my high volume cavity like I said guys I promote high volume ok high volume abs high volume calves high volume back everything’s hot fucking volume ok I didn’t always have decent calves honestly my calves aren’t even where I want them to be but I’ve made them grow as you see they’re developed I even have vascularity in my calves because I’ve trained them hard so I’m very proud of every ounce of size I put on these legs I train everything even fucking forearms how are you god damn that comes in the gym and I have a hand day I take my fucking hands in this bitch ok before we go let me go ahead let you guys know regular tank tops are in stock people tell me all the time Chris not everybody has the white back to get the holes in the sack I want to support you but I’m just not going to wear stringer right now well you don’t have to goddammit we got regular tanks in this bitch three colors go to pump change calm right now get your xxx bitches minimum nice and breathable nice and stretchy you’re going to love it we kept a simple logo on the front and we got some letters in the back alright so let’s go ahead and show you this calf routine it’s very simple it really bothers me what is really bothering me because is your body not mine but it it kind of is musing how so many people don’t crane calves yet it’s the easiest most simple shit to do who the fuck can’t do this you know I mean to be honest with you the hardest days for me it’s when I have to put 300 or 400 pounds of my chest and squat that shit oh I got to do rows with two or three fucking plates that’s some hard shit going to the gym in doing this shit right here you mean to tell me you don’t have 20 minutes out of your day to do that yet you complain about your chicken legs I like to go show you this high volume calf routine I do this two or three times a week been doing it for the past year and a half and I’m sure with you right now let’s all right homies at home mess and check this out I like to come in and I’ll start off with city calf raise okay and yes I already know the comments are gonna come how in the fuck are you doing calf raises in these nice ass shoes first off guys they’re just fucking shoes that really that’s that’s my biggest pet peeve that cannot stand people who worship fucking shoes of you one of those guys who warship Jordans and warship fucking Yeezys and shit like that you just get your shit together okay because if you want to be successful in this world you can’t dwell on petty bullshit you got to get out here and focus on the shit that matters in the world and trust me shoes ain’t shit in the real world you can’t go to the fucking bank and try to get you a house with some fucking shoes okay you got focus on things that are important out here they’re just fucking shoes I bought them at the mall I am indifferent they’re made for basketball okay they’re made to be worn and they do shit in now you want some shoes with a chilli in mango some bitches go get you some Gucci loafers or some boat shoes some fly shit these are meant to actually do shit in that’s why the ankle support is so high to support your fucking ankles but anyway that’s a whole other topic for a whole other video so what I like to do is guys I come to the city cabaret station okay and I started off with one plate and do about 15 reps come all the way down to where the tibia this part right here the muscle right by the shin see that there’s still be it nice and hard and I come up come down till you’re nice and hard and come up so many people are gonna stop like this they’ll stop where their heel is like parallel with the ground break parallel that’s what the feet of platform is for it you put the balls of your feet in the platform your break parallel really get a good stretch and come up all right do 15 reps now some of you probably going to ask me why not six reps why not eight rips why not fucking ten reps okay the range of motion is very short you want to get a good amount of time on the tension to really put the muscle under stress you know obviously if we bench press that’s about three seconds down you know two seconds down two or three seconds up because the range of motion is so long same with the squat you know same with the pool up but the range of motion and the calf raises like this so if you want to get some good time on the tension I highly recommend Tweel the four to 15 reps a lot of people have even seen good uh good results doing 20 reps I recommend 1215 that way you can actually get stronger it’s hard to get stronger when your reps are so fucking high okay so I keep it 2015 and you know every couple of months or so I try to either do more reps so I add a little more weight okay so I thought off in one plate then we do two plates all right same way I do about 1215 reps nice and slow really squeeze at the top I don’t just bounce it off my fucking ankles believe it or not the ankle is stronger than you think if you use a whole bunch of momentum a lot of that tension we just go to your tendons okay so really stop at the top come down stop at the top come down stop at the top come down don’t just bounce the AU’s momentum okay you want to make sure the muscle is working no swinging no joking let the muscles do the motherfucking work go to three plates all right keep in mind these are all walk for me this is warm ups for me I’ve been a gym a long time guys now for some of you this may be a working set for me this is the warm up set I do the same thing just 1215 reps to get nice and warm get a good pump all right 1215 reps to get a nice little pump and warm up okay now I’m warm so let’s say for an example two plates for you is heavy okay put a quarter on there warm up you know put another quarter on there warm up and then starts to work instead do not started working set till you got a nice pump in your legs you feel some blood around the area then you fuck some shit up because you always warm up or actually got three plates on here shits about to get real all right this right here the working thing for me I’m going to do four sets of 12 to 15 reps just four sets okay twelve fifteen reps and I’m gonna do this live for y’all put the balls of your feet on the platform get it off and here we go squeeze squeeze squeeze squeeze five six one two three four five and six I got 12 reps now eventually 12 is going to turn the 15 all right once I get to 15 reps I’ll start doing four in a 10 you know for working sets right now I’m in four plates for 12 reps I’ll do 4 to the 12 reps okay now I’m about to show you my second exercise let’s go here we go guys this right here is the next exercise right here this is the standing calf range now since I’m already warmed up I don’t even do all upset I just get over here and get straight to it all right now we do nine six that’s right 9 6 see I can already read the comments now I can already see the comments in my mind so many people go complain so you mean to tell me you can go to the gym you can do upside down curls you can do lion curls you can do incline curls you can do preacher curls being in jail for our hour working your fucking biceps which is one of the smallest muscles on the body but when I tell you to give me about 15 sets of cows as a fucking problem that’s why you got chicken legs okay some time is now genetics sometimes isn’t that a shitty work ethic sometimes you got to swallow the pill and itself reality yes some people got shitty calf genetics but then you got some people will just make excuses and they got the shootings work epic and then physique shows that okay so yes we’re doing nine steps what we’re going to do is right here we’re going to three sets like this heels touching all right see that not like this heels touching all right that’s really going to hit the inside all right just because I got it like this and I’m focused on the inside I’m still hitting the whole part of the calf I’m still hitting the gastrin emu okay however changing the foot position is gonna just make sure I get a little more attention on the inside I’m still hitting the hole here we go twelve fifteen reps all right out of 2015 your reps pause at the top pause at the top pause to the top pause at the top pause at the top right I do 2015 reps of that I do three sets of that okay after I do three sets of that then I put my toes forward that’s going to hit the overall calves that’s not going to put a whole bunch of tension on the inside that’s not going to put a whole bunch of tension on the outside that’s going to give me old bra tension over the overall part of the calf so check it out three sets BAM same weight just give me 1215 reps make sure you squeeze at the top no bouncing like this none of that none of that stop stop stop all right give me 12 to 15 reps of that all right now after I did the inside I did the overall now I’m gonna hit the outside we’re going to have our toes like this toes almost touching like that heels out okay we did heels in we did heel straight now we’re doing heels out okay check it out put the ball of your feet on the platform twists the hills out same way 1215 pause pause pause pause pause squee there you go squeeze your squeeze squeeze squeeze squeeze and squeeze all right give me 12 to 15 reps of that alright I’m probably missing count I’m probably only getting 10 right now right now it’s not about me it’s about you but take my word for it I do 12 to 15 reps every set off camera alright so we did four sets seated calf raises then we did nine sets of standing cow raises changing our feet position that’s right here’s the burnout I just do one huge set of this one huge set pending on your strength level you know your experience level you know catering to your needs if I do five rock six alright check it out dental calves looking good look at that guy’s ain’t nothing like wearing some shorts and having some nice strong fucking cows anybody anybody can fucking build some box everybody got biceps honestly of you in the bodybuilding and you consider yourself a gym rat by such as a month okay by selves is it’s mandatory but how people you know that calves how many I can go to the beach sit back like this and just be chillin got your fruity drink or your beer and you know your share on point you know you got to work everything from the ground up baby take pride in your physique this is not upper body building this is body building body okay here we go let’s kill this shit baby toes straight we’re gonna do toes straight why because toes straight works the overall cam there’s a fungus tension on the inside it doesn’t focus on the outside gives you overall tension so we’re going to burn out what I told straight rich see look this is parallel since they’re parallel break parallel this is not deep enough great parallel now let’s get it baby one just goes means you can do don’t even count just hit it it hurt but you want to get at least 12 for the first set okay you want to get at least 12 at least 12 kick it out squeeze it out okay once you get as many as you can do just keep going up no break just keep going up with only one huge set okay nothing matter how many you get now once you get that first one to 15 just get these meetings you can do just keep going up just keep going up don’t worry about how many you get we’re gonna burn them out we’re going to exhaust these calves these calves are very high endurance you walk on them on day they can take a beating okay that’s why it’s so hard to grow you got to punish them okay you got to punish them cows kick it kick it kick it kick it kick it do amaze you can do aah shit Birds one last step baby give it all we got here we go kick it there you go pump it squeeze it kick it squeeze it squeeze it ah look at that shit another vein and there it is homies on home ants that’s what I’ve been doing for the past year and a half to bring up my calves I hit them about two or three times a week I hit him about two times a week when I’m bulking and when I cut him I’m hitting them three times a week because I already come to the gym three times a week to hit my abs in the mornings so I just throw calves in with it you know in the mornings when I’m cutting I do calves and abs and cardio then I come back to the gym later on that night to workout but when I’m bulking I hit calves like Mondays and Thursdays just Mondays and Thursdays to get them out the way and there you go I may not have a huge calves on the planet but they are very well developed and I’ve earned every inch alright so I hope y’all enjoyed the video hope y’all apply some of these to your training let’s not forget guys builds the house from the ground up this is bodybuilding not upper body building or any other tip you want to see comment below and I’ll be sure to make that happen for y’all don’t forget BAM new tank tops are now in stock be sure to go to pump chasers calm and get you thirty of them bitches don’t forget to like my shit comment subscribe ooh holla back at your boy baby.

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