Calisthenics To Build Muscle

Complete calisthenics to build muscle guide updated for 2018. No outdated bro science BS. You can skip looking around and build REAL muscle with our online course. Pennies compared to a personal trainer and a lot more flexibile.

Its not inherently the weight that puts weight lifters at an advantage but their method of training. Their goal is to build size so they overload the muscle faster, causing micro tears and allowing for the muscle to grow. Keep adjusting your weight while you do your push ups so that you fatigue in the 8-12 rep range. In my Bodyweight Overload program I have participants do eight sets for many exercises. Growth happens AFTER the workout when you are resting the muscle. This includes body weight workouts, beginner to advanced body weight routines and hundreds of calisthenics exercises

calisthenics to build muscle

5 Irrefutable Laws Of Calisthenic Muscle Building

Amazingly many of the top bodybuilders such as Charles Atlas relied heavily on calisthenics to become bigger and stronger. These two models are totally different in their entirety and the outcomes achieved will not be the same. This strategy causes the muscle to produce micro-tears and ultimately to grow. You need to get out of the mind set of trying to knockout as many bodyweight exercises as possible and stick within an 8-12 rep range.

Besides, theyre more interested in learning how to build a Frank Medrano style physique than a bulky bodybuilders anyway. In the photo above, Frank Medrano is 59, around 160 pounds, and around 5% bodyfat. This about the maximum musculature that a bodybuilder with his frame could hope to achieve at that bodyfat percentage (without using steroids). Like Frank, calisthenics and his muscles. This is the tension placed on the muscle by the weights that youre lifting. With that youll have everything you need to build muscle size/strength.

Low reps can build mass, but higher reps FOR SURE build more mass. Great work, post Coach. Im not a high-rep guy, so I obviously need some guidance, and this post was just what I I finish the program Im on now, Im gonna have to go back and hammer some high reps the RIGHT way. I understand that working out the same muscles, and doing the same exercises every day, will actually be counter-productive. first say low reps and high sets and then you say limit your sets. I am how often do you work on a body part.

Thus, one needs to focus on doing more reps for the same workout than just moving on to the next because you can do a proper rep. Meaning, if you want to do a workout consisting of pullups, pushups and squats, for example, do three sets of pullups, then three sets of pushups, and then the same for squats. Dont do 5 pullups, 5 push ups, 5 squats in a circuit and repeating it till exhaustion. Adding too much weight would not allow the muscles to be under tension for a sufficient time period, due to exhaustion. In bodyweight training, from my personal experience, this balance typically revolves around no more than 1215 reps. Once you go over it, then it is time to move up to a more challenging movement. A beginner should not perform more than 5 sets per muscle group throughout a session.

calisthenics to build muscle

So from here forward let us fear no more and embrace what this type of training can teach look at a few advantages and benefits of bodyweight training and how you can ultimately build real-world muscle along the anywhere: Yes, a no-brainer for sure but you can perform bodyweight training almost anywhere which is particularly a good thing when you are on the road no Google gym required. Add some feet-elevated push-ups into your chest training routine, add in some pull-ups or replace them for pull-downs and superset a few walking lunges or Bulgarian split squats with leg and tell me they dont push you to better muscle gains. You will feel more strength, power and control over time and will wonder why you werent doing it training: What will you be able to bench when you are 40? Rest is AFTER all supersets have been the following program two to three times per week. Eg: it says a set of 10-20 push ups, a superset is 2-4 sets. Eg: I can do 50 push up, 100 sit on the information above, to use one as an example: Superset: Push-up and have thus far done two things: A-I do 10 archer push ups, then do 10 pull ups.

The key to building muscle optimally with calisthenicsor any other discipline is this chart.It shows you how difficult exercises should you chooseto increase your strength, muscle massor muscular endurance. As you can see, optimal repetiton range for hypertrophy,which is muscle growth, is between 7 and 11. So, for example, if you are doing a bench pressand primarily you want to build muscle, then you should use such a weightthat allows you to do 7 to 11 repetitions maximum. If you can do more, then you should increase the weight. If you can’t do that many reps you can either decrease the weightor build up strength doing less than 7 reps. Of course, when using weights it’s very easy to adjust difficulty of each exerciseby changing weight slightly,but in bodyweight training we can do it aswell.
Here I will present a few ways to adjust difficulty of bodyweight exercisesusing the most popular ones as an example:push ups, pull ups and squats.1. Time of motionslow down the movement to increase the difficulty of an exercise. If you can do 30 push ups at a normal pace,you probably will do only half of it in a slower pace. And 15 slower reps will definetely give you a better resultsregarding muscle growth, than 30 quick ones. 2. Range of motionchanging range of motion is also a way to adjust difficulty of an exercise.
In general you should always aim for the biggest range of motion possible,but in some exercises, like pull ups,range of motion will be limited by your strength.In such cases, after you achieve the full range of motion,adjust it to get difficulty allowing you to do 7 11 reps of this exercise. 3. Weight distributionin most exercises you use both of your hands or legs to do it,so by changing their individual share of weightin pulling or pushing movementyou can increase or decrease the difficulty and thus maximum repetitons. Leaning more towards one arm in pull ups or push upswill make the exercise much harder. Just don’t forget to do it on both sides. 4.
Additional weightadding weight, thus increasing your overall massis also a great way to make exercises harder,although this method requires additional equipment.However, you should consider investing in weight vest,as this piece of equipment is very usefuland makes building muscle with calisthenics much easier. As you can see there are many ways to alternate bodyweight exercisesto make them as difficult as you need it to be. Just remeber to stay in optimal hypertrophy repetiton range and you’ll be good. Ok, so now we know how to choose repetitions and exercises. What about sets?
We should do the same thing as bodybuilders3 to 5 sets of each exercise, without mixing them. Don’t do circuits like 10 pull ups, 30 push ups and 20 dips for a set.
This kind of training is mostly for muscular endurance.And that’s all for this video, I hope you’ve learned something with me. Remember that proper training is only one part of building muscle. The other one is diet, of course, but I’m not touching that subject in this video. Leave a thumb up if you found this video informational and I’ll see you soon. . .

哈囉大家好 歡迎來到另一部影片這部影片中 我將分享一個大家常問我的問題以及我的看法那就是如何藉由徒手訓練讓肌肉變得更大我常收到別人訊息說:我每天都花數小時訓練但怎麼都沒有看見任何成果依我看來 其中有三個主要因素:首先 第一個就是”營養”我不知道這是否讓某些人驚訝但以免你不知道:你每天燃燒掉一定的卡路里但如果你攝取的卡路里比消耗掉的還多那就會變成”卡路里過剩”而當你處於這樣的狀態下 就會增重很多人在這部分就失敗了 我等一下會再說明第二個因素是:健身訓練如果想要增加肌肉量那你必須要確保肌肉能在每一次都能重建的更大更強壯的條件下運行這叫做:”肌肥大訓練” 我之前有提過而最有效率 能達到”肌肉肥大”的訓練是:每組動作6到12下而這意思當然不是要你趴下做12下伏地挺身如果你早已可以連續做20下不 ! 朋友 ! 不是這個意思你必須要找一個困難動作是不容易一次做到6到12下的這就是負重訓練簡單的地方因為你可以輕鬆的增減 調整重量但如果你是徒手健身又有點創意的話可以做不同的招式也能達到效果而如果是負重的話則相當簡單因為你只需要增加重量第三因素則是:”遺傳”每個人對於不同訓練 身體產生的反應也不同有些人能很快就產生變化 有些人則需要很長一段時間同時 有些人天生就比較壯但那對於增加肌肉量來說 並不是好事比如你已經可以連續做20下引體向上那引體向上就無法幫你增加多少肌肉量所以你必須增加更多重量但如果你天生就比較精壯你可能可以熟練很多花招像是槓上360或720等等但同時也不會幫你增加太多肌肉量另一個東西是”荷爾蒙’如果你是青少年 體內荷爾蒙旺盛如果老了 所有的分泌下降增加肌肉或減肥也變得相對困難很多人都會把徒手健身跟重訓拿來比較聲稱重訓一定會讓你變更壯在我的觀察下 這說法是對的如果你隨機找20位重訓者跟20位徒手健身者做比較我認為整體而言重訓者會比較壯但 並不代表徒手健身就無法做到可能只是大部分人做錯了哈哈 但我不是讓我解釋首先 其中一個重訓者都比徒手健身者壯的原因是:他們對於飲食 更在乎的是體重這是其中一個 而另一個原因是我覺得很多做徒手健身的人屬於比較懶惰型只是有時去一下公園 拉拉幾下單槓 喝些冷風不想要辦健身房會員 也不這麼注重飲食只是出去走走 在公園健身但尊重所有人 畢竟每個人都有不同的做事方式但那些健身房裡的”肌肉愛好者”們我認為也沒有比較厲害只是在於什麼樣的方式讓你快樂只是一種不一樣的健身模式 不一樣的目的很多徒手健身 街頭健身者也不是為了大塊肌肉而訓練他們訓練是為了花招事實上 我幾乎沒在訓練花招我只做力量招以及肌肥大訓練而當有時錄製影片時我才會做一些花招老實說 就只是為了炫耀吧因為我的健身課表跟影片中看到的是完全不同你可以到我的網站查看課表那是讓我一年內從65公斤變到78公斤只有單單靠徒手健身而已但希望肌肉變大的首要條件不管在任何形式的健身中真的仍然是”養分”如果你跟我以往一樣非常瘦弱你必須要吃得比以往更多我覺得很多人在這部分失敗了我的意思是 你看看以下這則留言”但chriiis我每天都花5個小時健身為甚麼仍未見任何成果”不.. . 兄弟 你完全不該花這麼多時間健身的請記得你的運動量越大 消耗的卡路里就越多就必須吃更多來補足消耗的量加上運動了那麼長的一段時間你的肌肉會為了要從其他地方獲取養分而漸漸分解所以這是個非常糟糕的方法如同我常說的:”不用埋頭苦練 而是要聰明的訓練”可能聽起來有點怪但只是為了說明儘管你很奮力地練像是花5小時在健身房仍不如每兩天花個2小時健身 然後擁有充足睡眠及飲食你真的不需要每天浪費數小時在健身房然而還是如我之前所說的訓練 還是相當重要如果在健身時沒有盡量達到極限你的肌肉也不會變的更大更強壯你需要專注於每一組 每一個動作而不要花太多時間練花招肌肉繃緊的持續時間也是非常重要的我看到很多健身的r只是告訴你正反手引體向上做到極限 像是. . . . .
.. . . . . . .
.. . . . . . .
.. . . . . . .
.. . . . . . .
.. . . . . . 那是非常不好的建議你必須慢慢地做 控制正確的動作專注於肌肉壓縮 以及身體及心理的結合不在於你可以做多少下而是在能力所及下 盡力的做”品質勝於數量”.

What’s up, elite Thenx athletes?It’s Chris Heria and Gabo Saturno.Today we’re gonna to show you guyshow to gain weight and build muscle. Let’s do it. All right, so let’s get started.
So we’re gonna to show you guys todayhow to gain weight and build muscle,and we’ve broken it down
into five components.The first thing is you
need to create hypertrophyand the way to do that is
by creating high volume,or low volume, heavy, heavy reps. You can be doing this with
calisthenics or weights. Or you can do it with weights, exactly.
Hypertrophy just means, in simple terms,the breakdown of muscle fiber
and then when you go to sleep,or you rest, then those
muscle fibers repairand then being able to build muscle.You can do this calisthenics, with weightsor even weights and calisthenics. Resistance is resistance,
whether it come from a barbellor whether it come from
your own body weight. Exactly, when I
personally train, I do both.
I go high volume in calisthenics.I try to hit really, really
high reps of the basics,of the push ups, pull ups and so forth,and I also try to lift
really heavy as welland try to add force against
me by weight in calisthenicsand tryin’ to increase
those repetitions as well. The next thing we have
is progressive overload. You wanna basically create
goals and then smash them.
Create a goal that’s gonna to be10% out of your comfort zone.Obviously you’re not tryin’
to make leaps and bounds. It’s not going to happen that way,but to have a consistent advancement,consistently be progressing
and not plateau,you wanna create a goal that’s 10%out of your comfort zone. Master that and then create
that next goal that’s 10%and keep going and so forth.
Exactly, and that goal can become eitherincreasing your volume, either
increasing your reps max,either doing an exercise
you have never done before,anything that challenge you.You make sure that every week,you are doing something different,and that doesn’t just meanjust adding more pounds to the barbell. Or adding more reps. Or adding more reps, or It can be anything.
You can be doing the
same amount of reps,but if you do it in a
short period of time,that’s progressive overload.That means that you’re
getting better over time. Exactly, so you want to
create a progressive overload. The next thing that we have,
is you wanna start doingtestosterone building exercises,specifically compound movements.
Doing compound exercises
is actually going to buildmore testosterone, because
you’re using more muscle fiberswhen you’re working out,and that’s going to create more bloodgoing into the bloodstream.The next thing is a
positive nitrogen balance. Basically you wanna be
eating enough protein,and a lot of people talk
about a caloric surplusand stuff like that, to gain weight,and you know that’s how
you’re going to gain weight,which is true, but that
doesn’t necessarily meanthat you’re gonna build muscle. I see it a lot on the comments
that you guys were askingspecifically for this video,that you guys wanna get shreddedand you wanna build
muscle and gain weight,but you guys don’t wanna just gain weight.
That’s meaningless, that’s not impressive.You wanna build muscle,and the way that you’re
gonna do that is by havinga positive nitrogen balance. Yeah, which in turns means
just getting enough protein. Then just arrange your fats and carbs,depending on how much work
you wanna do in the gym,and your energy levels, but
just by eating enough protein,you’re gonna be able to build muscle.
Most people think that you
need around two or three poundsper pound of body weight.I think that’s a lot. Just. 8 to a pound per
pound of body weight?I think it should be enough to be in thatpositive nitrogen balance
and be able to build muscle.
I agree, personally, with me,you guys can see in the older videos,even Gabo and I, we both have put on mass.We both have put on muscle. We’re always in a calorie deficit. We are always on a caloric deficit.
Even yesterday, I only
ate once, literally,I had one meal yesterday
and it was at 6:00 p.m. You can fast. You can be doing intermittent fasting,if you guys are familiar
with it, and build muscle.
It’s not going to be
the optimum environment.Like he said, it’s easier to put on massby being in a calorie surplus,but that doesn’t mean that
you cannot build muscleand be in a calorie deficit as well. Exactly, and in fact if you
guys are tryin’ to be shreddedat the same time as building muscle,of course it’s gonna take longer’cause you’re building
leaner, dense muscle,but you are gonna be shredded. You are gonna be fit.
And you are definitely
gonna out train the person,that is just having a caloric surplus,so they just look big, but
they’re big for no reason.There’s no muscle behind that. If you wanna get big, and
that’s all you care about,then sure, go for it. Eat big, get big.
Exactly, eat big, get
big, and that’s gonna happenof course, but if you actually
want something behind that.You want strength behind your mass,then a caloric surplus is not necessary. The most necessary thingsare the things we’re
telling you right now. The last thing is you wanna go hard.
You wanna go hard in your workouts.A lot of people, when they’re working out,they’ll do the movement, count
to ten, go boom boom boom,finish, whatever. They don’t squeeze
the muscle, they don’tfeel the contraction. Exactly, they’re notfocusing on that move.
Or they just dropthe weight right away, do the bicep curl.They’re swinging it. Yeah, focus on the eccentric
portion of the movement. That’s the one that’s gonna breakthe most amount of muscle fibers.
Exactly, you don’t
wanna just do the workout,but actually mentally
focus on the movementthat you’re doing,and more importantly, squeeze,
squeeze activate that muscle,because you can be doing the movementbut necessarily activating the muscleto its fullest potential.Exactly. You wanna squeeze,and you can start off
by squeezing your core,squeezing your hand,wherever that
Feeling every muscle. Exactly, try to feel the muscleswherever the exercise you are engaging,and you will eventually
feel it throughout,and from there, you will develop form.
You’ll be able to do
things without shaking.You’ll be able do things more solid. You’ll have more solid
movements, better form,better structure, which is gonna make youway stronger and put on some real muscle. Now, we’re gonna show you guys
an amazing strength building,muscle building workout,that’s gonna apply the
concepts we just told youinto this work out here.
The first thing we’re gonna
do is create hypertrophyby warming up with 100 dips.Once we’ve finished our 100 dips,we’re then gonna go into
our workout routine. The first thing we’re gonna
do is weighted pull ups. We’re gonna max those out.
Next, we’re gonna move on to dead lifts,a compound, testosterone building exerciseand we’re gonna do that for 15 reps.After, we’re gonna go on to squats,another compound exercise, and
we’re gonna go for 12 reps. From there, we’re gonna go to upright rowsand we’re gonna do eight reps,and we’re gonna do routine
for a total of three rounds. Once we’ve completed three rounds,we’re then gonna finish off
our workout with 100 push ups.
We’re gonna exhaust our muscles,
create that hypertrophy.Are you ready to get started? I’m ready, let’s do it. Let’s do it, brother. Let’s go.
Lets go 100 dips.All right, so I just went for 25. I went for 30. Went for 30? Just to kill five more.
I’m gonna do three more
sets, so I can reach 100,but don’t forget to rest a little bit.Yes sir. Let’s do it. How many, 25? 25, baby.
I went for 20, 50, so
we’re on the same page.Got this, man. This is actually a great way to warm up. A lot of times, just
jumping into a workout,even doing little warmup stuff, like that,that’s good to just focus on move.
Bang that out.Just bang it out. Actually this is enough of a workout,if you put it that way. Yeah, it actually puts
me in the mood to just likestart training, you know?Here we go.
Let’s go.25? Yeah. Damn. All right, last little set.
Last little thing.Then we start the real workout. You ready? Now I’m ready. Let’s go.
Lot’s more.Pretty good, all right so there. Now we have that pump. That’s the first rule we said,create hypertrophy.
Now that we have that pump,we did that high volume reps,we go into weighted pull ups.We start the routine. Let’s go for it. All right,we’re gonna go forat least 12 reps.
I’ll go max, let’s go, I’ll try.Hold at the top, Thenx
athletes know what that’s about. Put it down slow. All right, next.
Dead lifts, baby, 15 times.Whoo! Okay. Let’s go, next one. Squats.
A little break.Yeah take that little rest. Guys, you don’t wanna rest too much,but you don’t wanna
rest too little either,so 60 to 90 seconds? For the sake of the video, I like to. .
.Yeah, just go faster, so
you guys don’t get boardat our break. Yeah, plus, I don’t need that break. Let’s go for it.
All right.Movin’ on. Upright, military press,eight times, let’s go for it. You wanna keep
this weight? Yeah.
All right, nice, nice nice.Almost there. Okay, basically, you
wanna do this routinethat we just did, starting
from the weighted pull ups,to this move, two more times
to complete the routineand then you would finish offwith what we’re about to do now,which is 100 push ups,for that hypertrophy. Let’s get it.
You want a break or do
you wanna go into it?You an do the first set, right? Go.You ready? Yeah. All right, almost there. Oh, I feel that.
A sick pump.We’re almost there. Let’s go for it. Last little set,and we’re finished.
My arm is like so pumped.I can barely move. Yeah. All right.
Let’s go for it.Could barely
move on that last one. That’s when you call failure. Yeah, it’s a failure,like the last rule we said,you gotta go hard.
I like the first rule,
create the hypertrophy,so this workout right here,and this whole video,follow these steps, follow this workout,and for the best workoutsto actually gaining, making real gains,build real muscle, real strength,don’t just gain weight to look
big, but actually get big,be strong.It’s easy to start but it’ll
take a long time to master. Sign up right now. Become a member Thenx.
com.Get full access to all
our workout programs,daily workouts, technique
guides teaching youhow to do all the advanced movementsby becoming a member right
now, sign up Thenx. com. Download our app by searching
Thenx in the app store.
Guys, we just came out
with our new wrist wraps,so if you’re training,
clench, any static hold,hand stance, even lifting really heavy,these things are definitely gonna help.It’s gonna help you hold longer. It’s gonna help you lift heavier. If you want ’em right now,
check it out at Thenx.
com/shopand you could buy them right now.Don’t forget, if you need an extra push,our pre workout, Thenx Ignite,shop it right now at Thenx. com/shop. Thank you guys so much for watching,and we’ll see you guys next
Sunday, 8:00 p.
m.eastern time. Peace out. .

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