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Like weightlifting, swimming is a resistance exercise, but unlike weight lifting, it places inconsequential amounts of stress on your bones and joints. Consistency is key in building muscle groups and maintaining the toned look of a swimmer’s body. Increase your intake of lean proteins and decrease refined sugars and processed foods. Use a set of water dumbbells to do Bicep Curls while treading water, for example.

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Best Practices For Building Muscle While Swimming

wonder how construction workers get so jacked?. It has to do with one number. 2,958 See what I mean doesnt end with them why cyclists have the ability to get huge calves and quads. And why gymnasts have some of the most muscular bodies around. See the power of 2,958 in this new in mind however while youre watching.. First time address will not be use these HTML and attributes: href=”” Cavaliere, MSPT, CSCS is a professional sports physical therapist and strength coach, and the creator of the ATHLEAN-XTM workout programs and Xact help you need is just a away! Coach Jeff Cavaliere (the owner of ATHLEAN-XTM and Sports Performance Factory and staff have conducted all steps possible to verify the testimonials and reviews that appear on this That said, as with all fitness programs, the best results are not uncommonly correlated with the best efforts, discipline, diligence, and so on, and therefore the results depicted and featured cannot be construed as common, typical, expected, normal, or associated with the average users experience.

Mostly, fat just lays there, using very few calories itself but hoping youll use the calories it stores as fuel for muscle contraction. Accumulating bodyfat means that there is an imbalance which must be addressed, usually by correcting the quality and quantity of both the diet and the physical activity schedule. The loss of 40% of lean body mass is usually fatal, and in older people the loss of muscle mass is a very accurate predictor of mortality. The very popular (because it is easy to calculate) Body Mass Index, or BMI, assigns the terms Very Severely Underweight, Severely Underweight, Underweight, Normal, Overweight, Obese, Severely Obese, and Very Severely Obese to everybody in the human race, based on their height-to-weight ratio. But since most people are not muscular freaks, the BMI works in a broad sense. Not hog-fat, but carrying enough bodyweight that you look muscular instead of skinny.

But most people eat for the body they currently have. But if you’re trying to gain weight and your not seeing any changes, start eating more. Most guys don’t eat enough protein. So add more protein as part of your effort. Your body will grow.

Building Muscle Mass

If you think 20 to 30 minutes of cardio a few days a week is all you need to keep your health in check over the next few decades, it’s time to wake up and smell the iron. Rates of women who are opting for preventive mastectomies, such as Angeline Jolie, have increased by an estimated 50 percent in recent years, experts say. But many are puzzled because the operation doesn’t carry a 100 percent guarantee, it’s major surgery — and women have other options, from a once-a-day pill to careful monitoring. the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Heart Association updated their physical activity guidelines, encouraging Americans to strength-train at least twice a week and work out all of the major muscle groups on top of regular cardio now recommend that adults perform eight to 12 reps of eight to 10 exercises on the chest, back, shoulders, upper legs, lower legs and arms, via either weights, machines or weight-bearing activities. Adults 65 and older should strength-train two to three times a week, doing more reps with lighter weights, taking into account their fitness levels organizations are catching on to what many trainers and body builders have known for years that no matter what your age, regular strength training builds up more than just muscles; it builds a healthier people are starting to realize that strength training doesn’t have to be getting out, lifting a ton of weight and being really sore,” says Amanda Carlson, a registered dietitian and director of performance nutrition and at Athletes’ Performance, an intensive training facility based in Arizona build muscle.

find out more about please read the Conversation Guidelines and but don’t have a you lose muscle mass, you lose strength, mobility, balance and FatCamera, people begin to lose skeletal muscle mass in their fact, people who are physically inactive can lose 3 to 5 percent of their muscle mass every decade after turning you lose muscle mass, you lose strength, mobility, balance and physical activities like standing and walking become difficult. Theyre not overweight, but they might have more than 30 percent body fat because their muscle and bone mass is low. Stress can be a many chronic illnesses, sarcopenia is caused in large part by lack of activity, poor nutrition, inflammation, hormonal imbalance and neurodegeneration. They go to the gym, but because theyre just doing what everyone else is doing instead of following a personalized exercise program, they actually lose muscle mass. It should be stricken from the vocabulary of every healthcare How prebiotics help digestion and improve immune people will just say to eat more protein.

what’s going on guys are in from students that a date to an Auckland we’re about to get they started like I said yesterday we’re going to rent a car going to go pull up Goss we’re going to drive on the different side of the road I’ve never done it before the last side so let’s see if that works out you got it to start this thing I got it started right at the wrists are buck Davis coffee in this is the largest one so freakin large and Deepavali Lake for forgot even for regular coffee right it’s really good because I like on yes or energy speakers because of you don’t using the car they don’t worry but we don’t have losing some losses people if you read that music yeah guys holy shit holy fucking shit we got daddy’s here right I have no idea they had that Easter New Zealand but my life is complete readout thank you to American lives that each is a holy drill freakin Foofa it’s also let’s go but first stake you know we got to get the stake in I thought it was a good prize to go to go for potato so one for the boiled potato he said that’s a perfect almost feel city not too many calories State Quarter 30 gram protein my childhood opinion got a pretty use view here so big sake boiled potato don’t clean when I got butter and power family I can’t put on their little bit of shower you’re going to use in two servings of veggies shitload all right get a daily and again we’ve got a pretty cool rulers hope I get Engel right special veggies looking good get my hair One Tree Hill Fargo us call this is actually a tip that I got from the guy that I’m collabing with tomorrow which I’m not going to give away to name yet but I’m I asked him like what can we do here in our clan because he lived there and he gave us this tip it’s supposed to be pretty good like over for you over the city and that’s where is it when it takes his over like Instagram my shop and felt like that and the park already looks like hella dope too bad it is raining though but it actually loosen systems are beautiful put the trees and everything and I’m a lot of sheets here a lot of so anyway we’re going to like drive up with cars with Canada then I guess we’re going to have to walk up there we’ll show you guys what it looks like from the top it is frickin raining pretty doesn’t Harvin we have to speed it it’s so freaking amazing and honestly like there we got article City in the back problem is that you know it’s so cloudy to get out like see power and stuff but this is what really like this is the nature man this is that nature of New Zealand that I really wanted to see and that it seemed like such exhaustive Iseman I’m just wondering like how the hell this would look when the Sun is actually out so we have to go back here I hope tomorrow or the day after tomorrow is going to be better because maybe we’ll say like one extra day to see it this is like the perfect spot for droning yeah dude Otis is awesome honestly speak all right so it’s raining all day so we’re going to do is just a couple some groceries and probably the best thing we can do now we ended up at this grocery store but I’ve seen the back there you probably can’t see it on camera it’s a fucking Wendy’s all right we got to be us a universe we definitely had to have to hit that up another day Elmo is uh oh that’s staying I’m also looking for some other things up there this is not Australia Mitch we’re doing what your yeah mm hmm got a stick up on those Juna I mean protein stores here well right so we come back into the apartment we’re staying we’re working for a couple hours it’s still raining all right it hasn’t stopped literally not even for one minute for the whole frickin day what’s left it’s gonna hit the gym guys so this is the pre workout stack got a month’s energy here Sarah calories at an apple and then now we’re going to make some freaking games today I guess oh we made it to the gym this gym is called zero to 100 it’s pretty fucking soma and you got like this raw atmosphere man so this really makes me fucking excited Asians workout man so we’re going to do today I told you guys beginning extreme Mike you doing a full body routine two to three times a week you know lately I’ve been doing a little different because I met up with Igor so we did a collab there we did his routine tomorrow I’m going to do it from lab again and I know tomorrow I’m going to hit chest and triceps they used to be shoulders as well today I don’t want to train like all the other body parts right that you want to Train everybody for us you know at least twice a week that’s one of us deal with us do backs and legs no it’s obviously starting off with squats the heaviest compound the best one am and excited smash this Lizzy Oh start off with two sets my first free rep range with 100 kg that’s right off 130 kg didn’t go that well got a few reps right now I’m going to do a fifth set and that’s pretty much to Noah max rep set go to the plug squat and then just as many reps responsible it’s only 80 kg so I’m just going to try to get all right guys I’m sick of exercise deadlift the next times I don’t usually do that much because I use these 60 direct poles for lower back directors and upper back as well or idrija stiff legged deadlift is we want to hit my hamstrings but today it’s obviously a leg and back day so putting this exercise his both his answer it’s pretty much the best exercise I can do right now it’s just a big compound hit both the body parts taste a lot of side I mean I know what I’ve done squats and deadlifts and pretty much almost done already I’m just going to throw some back isolation and that’s it wrap up my plank on the plastic is how much chemical we have left many people questioning right now so we have three sets on the deadlift we both hit em straight and back a little bit I’m going to finish out some isolation work for hamstrings later in his workout right now for a new bag we’re just going to do one our risotto movements one vertical movement and that’s it alright three says both and then we fit the back properly so that’s easy you call me I fell the heavy work is done all the compounds are done which Freeman for four in total and that’s pretty much the basis of the workout that’s what the whole workout is freakin about right now we’re going to finish off with some isolation this is basically you know it’s a complimentary physique workout some weak boys and also this one for example posture is very important but the main focus of the workout is up to see those compounds you want improve in every single lip as best as you can everything that’s excited gasps gorgeous always every day man another great workout and even though all the fairies of all gets me you know not enough sleep every single day lately traveling you know not having the perfect diet you know which a lot of people always worry about I’m still busting my ass to the gym and I’m still getting results a lot of people always ask me like what are your secrets to building muscle and I’m honestly guys there are not really any secret but I do have a few like basic principles that I like to live by another I really believe they gave me the body that I have today I may be able to sustain the body because you know getting a physique is one thing but sustaining it even though I’m only able to like train two times a week or even three times a week that is something that most people have great issues with and also with in terms of not having a perfect diet I don’t worry about all that because I know that the big picture is what actually matters I’ve been training for six years now guys I love this fucking process and in all those years I’ve learned a lot when it comes to you know lifting and dieting and you know my basic principles when it comes to trading are actually pretty damn simple stick to the compound list as you guys saw today you know like I said I did like four big compounds and that is the workout that’s what the basis of the workout is it proof and those lifts and you will make fucking gays alright even if all the fairies look at you you make sure that you hit those numbers and you know you try to improve in them every single week you will make freakin gains even if the volume you know on all the sets is not that high you don’t have to like constantly tray six days a week for the whole year and you know bust your ass every single day for two hours to make gains in the gym absolutely not you can go to the gym two times a week so you know principle number one would be focus on the compound lives the big movement principle number two is trading frequency is very important you want to hit every most part at least twice a week or three times a week right and that also makes you able not to hit gym six days a week you don’t have to because you can also go two times a week if you do for example a full body routine alright so you want to structure your routine to work how often you want to hit the body part so if you only have two days a week tray you have to do a full body routine if you want to go more often great doing upper laura see for example and then the third principle the training is progressive overload make sure you keep making gains at the gym every single workout already set it in principle what I believe are principal two but you know those three principles they go hand in hand right is the combination of the three that makes it so freakin powerful compound lifts every multiple multiple times a week and making gains you know on the compound list but trying to make progress every single week if you’re cutting try to maintain it and if you know those three things you have them in mind every single time you hit the gym you will make fucking days so that is what I believe are the secrets to making gains it is truly fucking simple right many of you guys are going to be like oh you’re soldiers so many times before I know but I want to keep spreading this message because you have those three things down I guarantee you will make fucking progress so always keep in mind guys know there are a lot of new people on my channel that don’t train the right ways this is the right way to start if you stick two dollars I can promise you some amazing fucking game right guys so this is going to be the free post workout meal alright we actually got post workout meal at home but I want to eat a little bit more I want to get into more food per day so I’m having a subway first let me show you the same thing had like the other day happen too long double chicken it’s like 40 grams of proteins and a bunch of veggies I’m not going to say gazes down bro right that’s what we do we got a keen we’re out here dairy free gluten free and everything that’s just get it yeah seems pretty solid yeah good amount of protein is Wando now you know we had some cattitude to rest a person and your statistician how does this weigh into a healthy all right everybody this is the end of the vlog working here and abuse editing the video because that’s what we do that’s how the night usually end we also want to go freakin clubbing men not sure if we go into Auckland or somewhere else here in New Zealand we’ll find out soon because you guys have to subscribe down below to find out because we’re logging every fucking day like the video if you liked the video we really do appreciate it comment down below and we catch you in an excellent visa.

building muscle isn’t easy but it doesn’t have to be complicated dr.Rob Wildmon Ph. D in nutritional science is here to teach you the ten laws of building muscle I’m dr. Rob Waldman and this is law number 2 for building muscle train to gain so the first main point in train to gain is what’s your intensity so intensity really refers to intention refers to the fourth challenge that the muscle faces you know what’s the stimulus what’s the challenge so often we measure that in one repetition max or how many reps you can do before the muscle fatigues typically we like to guide people to do six to twelve reps in order to maximize the hyper terrific process anything less than that you seem to be working more in gains in strength anything above that 15 reps are higher tends to help develop muscular endurance now I’m not saying that you know when you structure a workout that your workout should not include rep ranges outside of the six to twelve because there can be added benefit above and below ideally you can you can structure it so that you do five sets three within the hypertrophic range six to twelve maybe include one strength where you’re below five and that’s your heavy your heavy set and then maybe do one set where you’re pushing it to 20 reps so you really activate those type 1 fibers and they do more work and they can even hypertrophy a little bit as well and maybe give you a little extra benefit to the 6 to 12 rep range the second point is volume for victory so volume really refers to you know how much work are you doing in a given period of time ok its reps times the weight times the number of sets and really when it comes to the number of sets that you want to do for a targeted muscle over the course of the week you really want to do more than 12 with that muscle group and certainly the more that you do the more volume could lead to greater gains the third point is frequency you know how often are you going to train that muscle well if you’re only training it once a week then you have to do a lot of volume on that one day but if you split your routine so that you’re working that muscle group two and three times during the week it may lead to greater volume greater volume then could lead to greater gains so training frequency can be an added benefit to structuring your muscle building program the fourth point is tempo in tempo refers to how rapid is the weight moving during eccentric and concentric contractions let’s take benchpress for example so during a benchpress as you move the weight up in a concentric contraction maybe one to two seconds during that movement is ideal and then as you’re lowering the weight against the force of gravity three to four seconds is probably ideal a one to two ratio concentric to eccentric may yield the best results for hypertrophy anything shorter than that especially on the eccentric side gravity may be doing too much of the work and you’re not going to be getting as much time under tension anything longer than that super slow motion may not bring additional benefit to the table our fifth and final point is rest how much rest should you have in between those trainings well you know when muscle responds and muscle kind of recover it can take a day or two depending on how hard you train so you definitely don’t want to train muscle hard within a 48 hour period rest in between sets is also important we know that somewhere in the one and a half minutes area will allow ample rest for the energy systems to reset to clear some of the metabolic wastes from the muscle to allow for proper regeneration of creatine creatine phosphate and ATP levels you will be reset then to move into your into your next rep so that concludes the second law of building muscle mass train the game for more questions on that you can find me dr. Rob Waldman on my Twitter account at the nutrition doc you’ll find all ten laws for building muscle here on body building calm you.

hey guys I thought I would vlog today it is May 31st at 10:13 in the morning and all newly doing today is I’m doing squats because I get my wisdom teeth out tomorrow and I do do squats on Thursdays but since it is Tuesday I getting my wisdom teeth out on Wednesday obviously I’m not gonna be able to go to the gym because I’m going to be recovering so we’re going to go do some squats unfortunately can’t film it but I have found a gym that I could film in so that’s great so we’ll probably go and join that next week and I’ll probably vlog it for you guys and this will be the last vlog that’s not really in real time because I wanted to pre fill a bunch of stuff so I have things to go up since I obviously won’t be vlogging this week because like I said I’m getting to my wisdom teeth out but um yeah really not excited for that and then I think I’m also going to go to Best Buy because I really want to get a Gorillapod tripod because this camera is so heavy and I just can’t I literally I just can so I want to get that and then I also wanted to have it for when I get my next camera after I sell this one so it’s not like it’s going to go to waste I’m going to be using it anyways and I also have a twenty five dollar Best Buy gift card so we’re going to eat in a little bit I guess I can show you guys what I eat and then go to the gym and then I think I might also film my how to gain weight video so I’ll probably put that at the end of this video so if you don’t want to watch it you can just stop watching it after the vlog e stuff I’m still bulking a little bit this week um just because I don’t want to start my cut when I’m eating like soup all week and like weird stuff because of my teeth alright guys we got it so the 1i was a via online didn’t have the ball head with it but they had this one in the store and was on sale on the website and they can like price match themselves so I got it for $59 I had a $20 gift card so I actually got it for $40 and I’m so excited because it has the ball head all right now for the moment that everyone has been waiting months for I’m finally going to tell you guys about how to gain weight so I will probably do a how to lose weight after my cut but this is just going to be about gaining weight and gaining muscle in general without gaining too much fat you can’t not gain fat during the process so just know that now um but I have made a little list on my phone so I don’t ramble too much but I will tell you guys about my bulk a little bit I started bulking in I want to say October that’s when I really like started to understand what I was doing so October November December January a very large April May so like it’s about seven months of bulking and most people say like a good bulking phases from like five to like eight to nine months but it’s honestly all personal preference and the only reason why I’m starting now is because I just feel like it I want to be a little leaner so that when I start my bulk up again I don’t have to worry about having excess fat because I am a girl and that’s just how we all think obviously about all of us but like the majority of us so that is why I’m about to start cutting I’m not going to cut for too long um especially since when I start bulking and I really want to focus on strength and getting my lifts up I don’t I don’t know like I like the bodybuilding style of training but I think I like powerlifting a little more so I don’t know I might like switch over to that or just do a little bit of both like I’m doing right now I have gained about 16 to 17 pounds since I started I am ectomorph I think is how you pronounce it so basically that means that I’m just very lean in general and it’s pretty hard for me to gain weight so all of my life basically I have just been very very tiny um I hope put some photos on the screen if you guys want to see like how small my arms were at everything and honestly I can’t tell you how many times people asked me in high school if I was anorexic which I just wasn’t like I ate very very healthy that’s how my parents raised me so I just ate really really healthy and I was just maintaining weight like I wasn’t trying to gain weight so obviously I was going to be the same size and my metabolism is absolutely ridiculous like it’s still fast now but I’m eating enough that I can gain weight with it because I actually know what I’m doing but yeah people used to like asked me if I were anorexic they’d say like oh my god you’re too skinny bla bla bla and that’s not why I decided I wanted to gain weight I did it for myself but also at the same time just kind of like I don’t know why people think it’s okay to ask people if they’re interesting or tell them they’re too skinny it’s just like skinny shaming is the thing so is fat shaming like I don’t understand why anyone thinks that you can judge someone else’s body it’s just very bizarre to me because it’s like I don’t really see why you care but that’s besides the point so honestly I used to be very very thin and I’m still pretty thin now but I actually have some muscle on me which is nice and I love how I look right now I can’t wait to build more muscle I just want to get bigger and bigger and bigger which it probably seems weird that I’m gonna cut a little bit but it’s just all part of the process and I just want to practice and see like how my body looks and then go back to my bulking phase probably until the summer again um yeah that’s a little background about my body type um it’s good to know your body type because it just helps with the process you don’t get so frustrated because it’s like I was always like I don’t understand why I’m so skinny and so lean all the time but now it makes sense because that’s just my body type like some people gain muscle really fast and people gain fat really fast so people just can’t gain it all and yeah it all just depends on your body type and no one’s body type is the same you may be in the same category but you may gain fat in different places like I will probably never gain much fat on my stomach I’ve gained maybe the tiniest bit but that is just the leanest part of my body luckily because I’m just glad Oh personal preference I like being able to see a little bit of my abs all the time but not everyone’s going to be like that and a lot of people are always like how do I lose weight on my stomach but I don’t want to lose weight anywhere else and it’s just not possible you have to drop your body fat everywhere you can’t spot reduce fat it’s just not a thing we all wish it was but it’s not so you just have to accept things like that and just kind of work with it because it’s like you can always build that back up you don’t have to worry so much about what you look like in that small period of time while you’re losing weight so just keep that in mind but I think that’s all I would like to say about my body type and so like that just so that you guys know while watching this video so I have eight tips for how to gain weight in a healthy way in a fast way like I said this has been about like a seven seven and a half month process so nothing’s really fast whenever people say fast I don’t really mean fast um it’s just like not more than a year which is nice because it feels pretty fast while you’re doing it so the first thing is nutrition nutrition is so important um you must have a healthy foundation to actually have a good start at what you’re doing so a lot of people don’t really understand what healthy even means healthy doesn’t mean just eating salads and like eating cheese cubes basically eating nothing like society tells you it does it’s just what makes you feel good and what helps your body on the inside that’s what health is really about it’s about the inside not so much the outside so like you may not look fat and you could be eating Mc.Donald’s every single day but trust me the saturated fat collecting around your heart is not what you want so honestly that’s how I used to be I used to just eat are you pretty healthy because that’s how I was raised but I had the mindset that I could eat whatever I want and everyone can eat whatever they want but you have to realize that just because you can’t see what’s happening on the outside doesn’t mean that nothing’s happening on the inside so put that out there sorry the lighting changed a little bit um the Sun just like disappeared but number two would be to figure out your goal whether it’s maintaining weight losing weight or gaining weight so in this case it would be gaining weight so once you know your goal then obviously you want to move on to UM knowing your body type so like I kind of said earlier know what your body type is very important and it’s very helpful because it can be frustrating if you don’t know your body type and you’re trying to do something and you’re not doing it correctly because your body’s a little different from someone else like if you’re listening to my advice and you gain weight very very quickly then don’t take all of my advice completely because you’re going to gain weight a lot faster than I gained wait no your goal is very important and sticking to it um so with gaining weight you are going to gain fat it’s just inevitable you have to gain fat to gain muscle it’s just part of the process you can gain a small bit of fat which is like luckily how it worked out for me but it all depends on your body type so just know that while you’re gaining weight you’re going to gain fat but you can cut afterwards and you can shed some of it if you really want to which is what I’m going to be doing and then my next step would be to begin your diet whatever it may be let’s start slow and be patient because you’re not just gonna start gaining weight like badly it’s just not going to happen and if you do and you check the scale it’s probably just our weight so just keep that in mind if you’re like oh my god like I hate all this food because my macros are higher and like I gained a pound you just can’t get pal overnight it’s not possible so in my case my diet is if it fits your macros which basically means that you eat whatever you want hopefully not just crappy food it is a bulk though so if you do eat more fatty foods it’s okay just know that you may gain a little more fat but if you’re fine with that then you can do a nice little dirty bulk but I definitely recommend doing a cleaner bulk just so you don’t have to shed as much fat in the long run so if you do if it fits your macros you don’t have to but that’s what I do um it’s worked really really well for me and I think it’s pretty easy and it’s something that you start doing without even thinking about it so basically macros are macronutrients micronutrients so your macros are carbs fat and protein and also fiber not everyone counts fiber I don’t count fiber but that’s because I know that I get almost more than enough fiber but if you are someone who doesn’t eat that much fiber you may want to track it just to make sure that you hit that goal and there’s lots of macro calculators online that you can use to get a gist of what your macros be maybe if you’re interested in that so once you’ve chosen whatever diet may be and you don’t have to like pick a diet you don’t have to count your calories you don’t have to count your macros you don’t do any of that I just think it’s easier for me personally because I’m really good with numbers and it just helps me see progress quickly but if you’ve ever had an eating disorder body dysmorphia anything like that I would not recommend jumping straight into macros because um it can get a little bit too much at times but it honestly depends on you and how you feel about it you just don’t want to get too obsessive about it which is very easy because you’re literally counting everything and writing down everything all the time 24/7 so next would be to implement your training whether you’re doing bodybuilding powerlifting Cross. Fit what or you’re just lifting for fun um that is up to you but I definitely do recommend lifting if you’re trying to gain weight obviously if you’re just trying to gain fat just literally eat like an asshole pretty much trying to gain fat because you won’t gain fat very quickly but if you’re trying to gain muscle with the least amount of fat then I would definitely try it lifting very very heavy because that is how you build muscle you have to rip the tissue so that it can recover and you know you get some nice little biceps going oh so once you figure out whatever your training may be then I would come up with a split you don’t have to come up with a split but like a split or a plan can be very helpful um I find that if I don’t plan out my workouts I go into the gym and I just feel so unmotivated and I feel like I look stupid because I’m just like walking around I have no idea what to do so I split it up by muscle group so I do a backhand buys and then I do hamstrings and glutes together I do quads and calves together triceps and delts and then um I just do another day and obviously implement chests in there if that’s what you want to Train I don’t train chests I probably should but I don’t at the moment but I would definitely figure out what training style you enjoy just try but just about don’t even worry about it and if you’re looking for workouts do what I did go on bodybuilding. com go to their exercises and pick the muscle groups and they have so many exercises they have videos showing you how to do them there’s like reviews from people saying whether or not it works for them there’s ratings so you know like which works best for the majority of people who train and all that stuff there’s also videos just watch people who show their workout footage half the time all the videos i watch are fitness for the majority besides maybe like two or three Beauty people I watch their workouts I try out a bunch of new ones and if you’re ever confused about how to do workout just ask someone whether it’s a trainer at your gym someone just lifting they’re a friend whatever it may be I literally brought my brother well forced my brother to come to the gym with me one day so he had shown me how to use a squat rack and now I’m squatting 150 pounds so like ask somebody don’t be afraid to ask somebody and next check your ego at the door let me give you guys a little story time so one of my friends asked me one time to like show her how to do a couple like exercises out of number one muscle group it was for I think was for arms maybe and I was like okay so when I started out I just used five pound dumbbells because I was just so weak and I was showing her how to do bicep curls and I was like honestly when I started I was using five pound dumbbells and I could barely pick them up so I would just use these but she insisted on using ten pounds and so I started showing her like how to do it with proper form and everything because if your form is wrong there’s just no point in even training that muscle because you’re probably hitting another muscle and you’re just going to end up injuring yourself and you also just look stupid so honestly people are always afraid of looking dumb in the gym just study the form do the form right check your ego at the door and just use light weight you want to make sure you’re doing it right which is like it’s the same thing with squats you can easily hurt yourself if you’re squatting too heavy and your form is messed up you can hurt your back the weight could fall off your shoulders and you could hurt your neck there’s just so many issues that could happen so form is just such a huge thing but she just insisted on using the higher weight and I was like oh okay so honestly moral of the story check your ego at the door just start with lighter weight you will make your way out there I was doing five pound hammer curls for like three months and now I’m doing 1520 pounds so like it’s all the process you will eventually get up there it’s not a competition it’s about bettering yourself and how you look and how you feel and the only thing you should be worried about is yourself and how you feel not about other people in the gym may be looking at you trust me if guys are looking at you it’s because they’re impressed or you may be doing something wrong so if you’re worried and someone’s staring at you they’re just Myron don’t you worry and lastly is honestly just trust the process it’s going to take some time I didn’t see any results for my arms I want to say for about five months like I didn’t even see a little tiny bicep peak for about five months and when I did I felt so good so what I would do is take progress photos because that is the most motivating thing that I think you can possibly do whether it’s photos or videos that’s why I love doing physique updates because I can just see how much my body has changed because when you look at yourself every day and look at yourself in the mirror you’re not going to see those changes as drastically obviously because you see yourself all the time and I see any progress in life but for like seven or eight months I started training hamstrings hard like three months ago and they’re only just starting to get a little bigger they’re still basically like non existent but it’s progress and I was really hard on myself for a little bit and then I looked at photos and I was like you were literally stick thin like you’ve come so far shut up like it’s just all in your head it’s such a mental thing lifting is such a mental thing body image is such a mental thing obviously we all know that but just trust the process and be patient because everything is not going to happen fast everyone always quits diets after like one or two weeks because they don’t lose weight or they don’t gain weight or they don’t see any differences it’s just not physically possible to see differences in like one or two weeks it’s just not going to happen maybe there could be one case in like a million people but honestly it takes time and you have to be consistent with it because if you give up you’re never going to see any progress and you’re always going to look the same and you’re always going to feel that way about your body or whatever it may be you just have to keep going and just trust the process I know it’s easier said than done but I trusted the process I’m still working on that but I’ve just seen so much progress and like I know it takes time like I’ve only been lifting for like eight months or something like that I’ve seen so much progress in such a short period of time obviously you get like your new be gains which is great which is like the most motivating thing but you do have to get to that phase like I didn’t see newbie gains for like two months but what I did I was like oh my god I’m low key jacked I wasn’t but I felt like that it felt good and it made me want to go to the gym like I love going to the gym that’s my favorite part of the day I get really upset when I can’t go to the gym like the gym was closed yesterday cuz was Memorial Day and I just did a workout at home cuz I was like I just love the feeling of lifting like the endorphins and just like the pump and I don’t know I just love it so much but you don’t have to have a passion for it like I do you can just lift for fun lift for health whatever it may be just know like it takes some time and you shouldn’t give up because it is a lot of work but it’s totally worth it and it gets easier it just becomes a lifestyle like I don’t even think about track my macros I just throw my food on the scale like put it into my little calculator and it takes like five seconds it takes like a minute longer maybe and it’s just so helpful especially for someone who has a really hard time gaining weight because I know for a fact that I’m hitting that caloric goal that I need and that I’m in a surplus for sure and then I have the right amount of carbs protein and um fats to reach my goals which is why I love macros but like I said macros this is for everyone but I would definitely at least try it out it’s gonna take some time to figure out what you’re doing but once you get the hang of it it’s so easy and it’s so mindless and I can look at a nutrition label and just like almost do it intuitively and not even track it half the time because I just know what it is I can look at a bowl of cereal and be like oh that’s about 25 carbs too fat like for protein like you just start understanding looking at serving sizes it just makes everything so much easier if you guys have any other questions about this bulk definitely leave them in the comments down below and I’ll be sure to answer as many as I possibly can hopefully all of them if you guys enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up and subscribe if you’re not subscribed already and I’ll see you all in my next video I love you. .

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