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They supposedly help us gain muscle and avoid it wasting away as we grow older. Of this, a mere two grams can be used to repair muscle. 52 newtons in the placebo group (an increaseof 34. 38 newtons in the protein group (an increase of 27. 34kg in the protein group (an increase of 1. 99cm in the protein group (an increase of 5. 00kg in the placebo group, and increased from 920.

build muscle supplement

Will Protein Supplements Help Me Put On More Muscle?

We see everything from pills and powders to a rainbow of luminous drinks. Mostly its with one goal in mind, of course: to obtain muscles as close to the models endorsing these supplements as you possibly can. These seem to promise all the benefits of boosting muscle-building after exercise with none of the hassle of foods. Indeed, our own work suggests that leucine is particularly potent for activating the bodys protein synthesis machinery. Many people take this to mean that consuming isolated BCAAs will therefore generate a growth response as great as from an equivalent amount of food, without the additional calories or logistical problems of taking a meal to the gym. We know for example that you can achieve a substantial increase in protein synthesis from 20g of whole egg protein, which is around three large eggs, or from 20g of whey protein. 6g of BCAAs following a session of lifting weights the equivalent to 20g of whey.

is no secret that professional athletes and bodybuilders regularly use protein as a dietary supplement in their day-to-day training schedules. But just how do supplements speed up the muscle growth simply, they work together to provide your body with the necessary foundation to create the amino acids that are needed to build muscle tissue, quicker and more efficiently. The quicker these a broken down, the faster they can be converted into amino acids which can repair muscle tissue faster and promote quicker but natural growth. Protein supplements also help you stay fuller for longer and increase the ability of your muscle to repair and build new fibres quickly to increase body mass.

more. . . Evidence statements were created based on an accepted strength of recommendation taxonomy. g. e. , trained and untrained), and the number of participants studied. Studies were also evaluated based on the intensity, frequency, and duration of training, the type and timing of protein supplementation, and the sensitivity of the test metrics. g. , frequency, volume, duration), and dietary intake is consistent with recommendations for physically active individuals.

10, 2000 — Beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate — with a name like that, you’d expect it to do something scientific. They categorize it as a legal substance that does not infringe on existing doping laws, and say it appears to have no harmful effects. This theory is problematic, though, because building new muscle requires some breakdown of protein within the muscle tissue, he says. 4% increase, respectively.

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In terms of real-life application, creatine basically gives your cells a bit more extra creatine can also cause 5-10 lbs of water-weight gain. This is one reason why creatine supplementation increases muscle growth over the long term. And theyre high in nothing special about protein supplements, but theyre very useful for getting enough protein in your diet. Protein powder is a practical way to supplement for muscle mass and isnt as effective as creatine, but if youre into maximizing your potential, it could be worth a try. All of these effects can theoretically build it comes to supplementation though, nitric oxide boosters still have a way to go explanation.

Most of us will start with a protein powder a quality whey protein is at the top of muscle-building later. And when it comes to supplementing for big time muscle, all roads lead through a quality protein powder. When your body is tapped from an intense workout and ready to begin the recovery process, something like a protein shake is an easy way to pack in calories and feed your for: Taste-first hits you with 23 grams of protein and 5.5 grams of BCAAs but the real star here are the little flavor chips inside each scoop that bring an unexpected punch of flavor to your protein powder-water combo. Five grams of creatine monohydrate per day is the recommended at looking for enhanced muscle growth, branched-chain amino acids can help set you up for success. These amino acids are available in protein sources like eggs and meat but supplementation is excellent for someone on a low-protein diet or looking to turbocharge the protein synthesis. Containing seven grams of BCAAs, this powder is and It also contains 3.5 grams of leucine to facilitate protein synthesis and aids in keeping you hydrated throughout your training with a special blend of electrolytes.

what’s going on guys and welcome to this video I’ve gotten a lot of requests lately for like an updated list of you know the current supplements that I’m taking now there are certain supplements that I think are you know more important than other ones and you might be saying whoa Jeff look at all those why did you waste so much money I don’t think personally there are waste of money but you know you will hear some people say that not all the supplements are necessarily either beneficial or you know that helpful to me it’s some of them are more of a mindset type thing like they get me you know in the right mindset to hit the workout I don’t know you know I’m just gonna tell you what supplements I’m taking how I take them and then I’ll let you guys choose on if you know you want to take them you can also obviously always in the description let me know which supplements you guys like and or you are taking but let’s get into it we can hear the term self instead I’m taking let’s start with the probably most important one in my opinion like even if you’re a new lifter and you’re looking you know what supplement should I get first it’s gonna be the whey protein now there are many different versions of or not versions but companies that sell whey protein different brands may have slightly different macros and different ingredients stuff like that optimal nutrition goaltender Dawei has always been one of my favorites though making sure that you’re getting enough protein in your diet is huge for repairing muscle of gaining muscle you know adding weight I just see so many times like people just don’t get enough protein in their diet so if you need more protein you can definitely take a protein supplement again this is one of my favorites is the one that I enjoy there are tons of other ones out there I might have a shake in the morning with some almond milk so like 8 to 10 ounces of almond milk and then a scoop of this way and then I’ll also have it post workout so post workout I have again one scoop and then I will have a teaspoon of this creatine monohydrate and then I’ll also have two tablespoons of dextrose before I get into what the dextrose is what does because I get a lot of questions on that that is you know how I take the protein and that is it for the protein supplement moving to the creatine like I said I take this in my post workout shake 5 grams which is a teaspoon of creatine monohydrate they have several different styles of creatine out there some people will say this you know bloats them sometimes there is a difference there’s like kre alkalyn and I think there’s a couple other styles the way it’s chemically made or whatever not getting into all that not scientist I’m not gonna break all that down but yeah I take the free to monohydrate it doesn’t bloat me but again if you do see bloating there are other styles of creatine out there you could take that they say reduces the amount of bloating you might get and this is another product it’s gonna be huge for for gaining muscle it’s gonna help build new lean muscles so again if I had two supplements like if I could go back and you know start taking them when I was 18 I don’t know I didn’t take supplements before I was 18 I don’t really know if that’s you know if you want to I guess you could I’m not gonna recommend it but I could take them right away I would say protein and I would take creatine I think there’s a lot of benefit to those two supplements right when you’re starting out and even ongoing right like again I take it now I don’t cycle off a bit some people say you should cycle off of it I don’t think a lot of it I don’t have any problems people say it’s hard from the kidneys you know stuff like that I don’t have those problems I make sure I drink plenty of water yeah that’s another good point if you’re taking creatine you should making sure that you’re getting plenty of water in a day I drink like a gallon to a gallon and a half of water a day in my new water took fitness jokes moving on to the deck surface I’m probably the one I get the most questions about was like what does this do why do I take it so I take this sometimes in my pre workout shake so my pre workout shake would be the pre workout down yeah and then I take about two tablespoons of this it’s gonna give you a quick energy boost it gives my body those carbs it helps get me into the workout or get started into my workout and then post workout your body your muscles are depleted other glycogen stores and light and stuff like that and this stuff is just rapidly absorbed right into your muscles so it just starts the repairing process start you know moving that protein into the muscles and starts to again help you build that lean muscle by supplementing it with the protein and the creatine as well this is something though that I didn’t you know this is a newer supplement for me as of like two years ago like I was talking to some guy in the gym and that’s how a lot of these products have kind of came into my life as I would talk to people in the gym other gym goers like bigdhaas I was like well what’s that guy doing like he looks like he knows what he’s doing let me talk to him let me see what supplements he’s taking and he was like oh I take dextrose I was like whoa what does that do and he kind of told me about it and you know I just started incorporating it I started to feel you know good throughout my work got a little better through my workouts I should say have better pumps have more energy so I just kept including it I mean that’s again that’s gonna be a big key for you guys like some stuff doesn’t sit well with certain people the way that one product affects one person might not affect another person the same way so you just kind of have to base some of these things off of you know your personal experiences and trial and error I’m not saying these are all the best supplements out there I’m just saying these the ones I taken the ones I think helped me now for the pre workout right now I’m taking the optimal nutrition gold standard whey pre workout this is green apple I will take one scoop of this in my pre workout shake again with one to two tablespoons of the dextrose and I will sip on this about 10 minutes before I start my workout I’ll start I’ll keep sipping it you know probably 10 to 15 minutes into my workout I don’t chug my pre workout I definitely don’t dry scoop it some people do like shin if that’s it that’s you if that’s what you want to do go for it I put my pre workout on some ice and I got a sip on it and it tastes so good so and this stuff actually does taste really good the green apple flavor so it does have 175 milligrams of caffeine in it though which some people are a little more sensitive to the caffeine they do make for crafts without caffeine so again it’s something that you will want to keep in mind or look at the more you know about your body and how they react to certain ingredients it does have to review three grams of creatine monohydrate as well 1.5 grams of beta alanine in it another question I do get a lot though with the pre workouts is also like when should I start taking a free work and honestly the longer that you can go without a pre workout be better I mean it’s not good to to take these things on a consistent basis without ever you know cycling off of them probably that’s me saying it I do I cycle off of them or do I stop taking them a lot of times no I’ve been taking these things for probably you know two and a half years now pretty straight regularly or regularly it’s a hard word to say I don’t know why but yeah I mean you will read places where they say you should definitely cycle off of them you’ll see people talk about them in a more real aspect than they a lot of times will tell you they don’t I mean I I don’t have had any issues have any problems but now it’s one of those things right like it’s it’s a supplement that I buy that it doesn’t always have it doesn’t have the same effect when the first time you take prove God was glorious it’s like you can’t go back to that feeling it’s still good mind you now today but like it doesn’t hit you it doesn’t kick in like it used to like you go find people up beating the amounts of scoops that they take a pre workout because it just doesn’t hit in the same way that’s not what I do like I still stick with the recommended scoop just cuz I don’t want to overdo it now moving on to my last supplement that I’m taking right now are these amino build next gen is just aminos there again are many different brands of aminos out there that you can get these ones are just on sale so I got them this is watermelon flavor they are delicious they’re gonna help with endurance reducing muscle fatigue building muscle repairing muscle preventing catabolism it’s one of those things though you know you’re not really gonna notice it until you don’t take them again aminos have something I’ve been taking for probably two to three years now on a pretty regular basis and they all might be dosed a little bit differently with the amount of BCA blend that’s in them but I don’t really look at that too much I usually just buy one that’s on sale probably not the best but yeah these ones are actually pretty good so if my aminos i mix one scoop or 1 to 2 scoops i mean this is one scoop some containers are played to some might say like 2 to 4 but this is one scoop so I will mix one scoop no the aminos with about 3/4 full of the water and if I don’t drink all my water throughout the workout then I’ll just take this and I will dump it in my protein shaker when I’m done and then add the protein and that will be used for my protein shake like yeah it’s watermelon flavor and that’s vanilla ice cream or french vanilla team whatever it is like it tastes a little bit funny but it’s okay you just chug that oh yeah so I don’t always finish it like all throughout my workout but I start drinking at about 10 to 15 minutes before my workout just like the pre workout and then it usually takes me about two the time I’m done with my workout a little bit after to finish it all and that’s it my supplements I hope you guys found this video helpful again I just wanted to share what supplements that I’m currently taking how I take them and kind of the benefits that I see you know from taking them I know this wasn’t like a deep dive into it but hey I’ll put some links in the description with a little more information about these specific products and you can make your best judgement on if you want to take them or not again if I was a beginner and you were thinking of what something is do I need to take you know right away I would go with the protein again there many different styles brands whatever but I like the optimal nutrition go standard whey protein and then I would go crazy those are just two of the ones that as soon as I started taking those I started seeing you know much quicker results make sure to let me know you guys thought about this video feedback is always helpful to make them better and also please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for deals like this amount you. .

What’s up, guys?Jeff Cavaliere, Outside of the gym today because I don’t
live in there. I actually have other things I have to do,
too. But today it’s still going to be to try to
help you because supplementation is sort ofthat other aspect of lifting and most of the
time people want to know more about supplementationthan even the training.
There’s a reason for it.I know. I get it. I understand because it takes a lot less work
to take something than it actually does togo into the gym and do something. But no less important because so many people
do it.
Now, that being said let me set the stage
for how this whole video is going to shakeout.First of all, I’m going to review a supplement,
but don’t ask me to review other supplementsbecause I’m not going to do that. We have our own supplements. I created my own supplements for a very important
reason, because I feel like I’ve addressedsome of the shortcomings of the industry in
the first place. Secondly, I don’t want to get in the habit
of trying to go over somebody else’s productbecause I don’t really want to speak about
their products.
However, to underscore a very, very important
point for you, I am going to do that heretoday.So that being said, the name of the company
is USN. The product is called Hyperbolic Mass. More important than that is the individual
who wrote to me and asked about this becausethey were – from what I gather – a high
school student in the UK. I think this is a UK company because I really
don’t know who they are.
But they wanted to know if this product would
be great for them for packing on mass fast.They want to know how they could pack on mass
as fast as possible. Right away I have a problem with the fact
that they’re relying on supplementation andeven thinking and having the expectations
of packing on mass fast because anybody thatwill sell you that bullshit should not be
listened to, okay?First and foremost. I don’t care if that comes in the form of
a supplement, or whether that comes in theform of a workout. Hard work is always going to be that nagging
little step in the middle that you have tomake sure you figure out if you want to pack
on mass.
But that being said, he wanted to know what
he could do because he was on the very, verythin side.Now pointing to this supplement, we actually
had responded to him first by saying “Hey,check out the video that Jeff already did
on weight gainers, and why he called themhorseshit”, because that’s exactly what I
called them. One of the reasons why is because they’re
just loaded with sugar. They’re nonproductive calories. They’re not what you need.
I try to discourage anyone from relying on
them for packing on mass, even back then.But it wasn’t enough because he said “You
don’t understand, this particular producthas excellent reviews. It’s got all the protein that I need, it’s
not loaded with useless sugars; everythingthey’re saying about it is really good. “Let me show you why I feel like this is an
important video for us to go over to illustratewhat’s so deceiving about all this nonsense. So we look at this, and if I look – Jessie,
take a look at the label.
First thing I see is “All in one gainer”.So if I’m looking at this, I’m thinking, as
a kid who’s actually really desperate to puton size, this is all I need to gain mass. It’s Hyperbolic Mass. It’s everything. All the buzz words are there.
51g of protein here.That’s very clear from this. Then it’s in really faint white, but it says
“40 scoops”. So, wow!That’s a lot in one bottle. 51g of protein, and 4.
7g of creatine.So I’m like “That actually has high levels
of intrinsic BCAAs and glutamine. It’s got everything. “Okay, now let’s see how truthful that really
is. We look at the price.
45.99 And that is for pounds. We do the conversion and it’s like $56. So it’s not cheap. Then we come down here and look at the supplement
The first thing I want you to be educated
about and realize is there’s two columns here.There’s 100g serving which provides only 409
calories, and there’s a 300g serving thatprovides 1226 calories. Well, when we’re talking about a weight gainer,
obviously he’s interested in the 1226 calories. He’s focused on this. I know he’s focused on this because he referenced
the 51g of protein, which here says 53g ofprotein, okay?He also referenced the creatine in it, which
is 4.
7g, but only if you’re in this columnover here, which is the 300g serving.So the funny thing is, he also tells us that
in the literature it bragged about only having17g of sugar. Which, for a big weight gainer that’s packing
all those calories, man; that would be prettyimpressive unless it was loaded with fat. Well, we take another look. The 17g of sugar here are in this column.
So why are we cherry picking and going back
and forth between the 100g serving columnwhen we want to do sugar, and then the 300g
serving when we want to do the creatine andthe protein and everything else?Which, by the way, 24g of fat here, 15g of
saturated fat.I don’t necessarily have anything against
fat, but I always said that these things arelike candy bars. You either get your flavor from fat, or sugar. That’s really about it. So now that’s what we’re looking at.
So let’s see why it’s worse, why this is really
– this is what pisses me off.If you look at it, look at the serving size
of the bottle here, Jessie. 2kg. Now, I don’t know if that was done intentionally
or not, but 2kg. A kilogram is 1000g, so we’re looking at 2000g
in this bottle.
Well, fi we know that with the benefits that
we’re looking at and what this young man islooking for is 300g we know that if he takes
that – 300g a pop – my math wasn’t verygood, but I do know that’s not even seven
servings.That’s not even a full seven servings. So if he’s taking this every day, this wonderful
mass gainer is going to last him less thanseven days. Not even a week. So he’s paying 45.
99 in pounds, or $56, per
week.You multiply it – he’s actually going to
need more than that. That’s only going to give him 28 days. He’s going to need about 2. 5 bottles – I’m
4.5 bottles. So he’s spending well over $200 for this impressive
mass gainer, okay?I say that very loosely. Now, we haven’t even gotten into the quality
because now when we get into the quality wego down and we start looking at the actually
ingredients more and we realize when theyclaimed about the sugar, first of all that
wasn’t the right claim. There’s actually 51g of sugar in that 300g
serving, but that’s not even truthful becausethere’s 195g of total carbs, 51 of which are
I’m not buying it guys, because if you look
into the actually detail of the breakdownhere, the number one ingredient here in this
whole thing is their carbohydrate matrix – whichsounds really good, but it’s not – which
is filled with dextrose monohydrate whichis high fructose corn syrup and fructose.So they’re loading up on the latter two there
loading up, and they’re underreporting drasticallyhow much sugar is in this. There’s got to be well over 100g of sugar
in this and that makes it really, really shitty. Really, really shitty. On top of that then they get into the protein
They have a bunch of soy protein.The bottom line is, guys – look I’m losing
my voice because I’m getting all friggin’worked up here – but the bottom line is,
I have no axe to grind with this company. If you think this is in any way a commercial
for my supplements, guess what the punchlineis for this young kid?Don’t buy my stuff. It’s not appropriate for you. As a matter of fact, our RX2 – which is
our protein powder – only has under 200calories for a serving.
It doesn’t even have that many calories
in it.It’s not meant to bulk up. What he needs to do instead is, he needs to
get dedicated to two things. Number one: proper nutrition. Meaning he has to start eating a lot more
My stuff won’t cut it.It won’t. This stuff could, but it’s loaded with shit. This is not going to be productive for him. We’ve talked about it all the time.
I’ve got Jessie here.I’ve got my own, personal hard gainer. He’s pretty thin and he makes a habit out
of eating tons, and tons of calories of awful,sugary, nonproductive calories. It doesn’t equate to more size. He happens to be blessed with a fast metabolism
that just churns through that without issue.
If he wants to start putting on productive
muscle he’s going to have to start feedingit more productive calories.Meaning, he’s going to have to start eating
a lot of good foods. A lot, and higher qualities of better foods. That’s what he needs to do, too. This guy has to – this young kid here – has
to start eating high quality foods first andforemost before he ever starts looking into
The second thing he needs to do is go back
a little bit and say “Maybe it’s not all aboutsupplementation.It’s about the hard work, too. I have to start committing myself to the hard
work. “Now, before I would run and recommend “Oh,
just do all the barbell lifts. Get stronger in your deadlift.
Get stronger at your squat.”Sometimes that’s not even an appropriate place
to start because I’ve seen kids get underthat bar that don’t belong there. Flat out don’t belong there. Their body structure is not ready to handle
it. Their form doesn’t – they don’t even know
how to handle the bar.
That is not the first place, necessarily,
I would start.It’s a good place he’s got to get to eventually,
no doubt. He’s got to get down that path where he starts
doing the compound lifts and get strongerall the time. But it might not be the best place for him
to start. But there is going to be – there’s no equation
where he’s not going to be somehow gettinginvolved in hard work and dedicating himself
to that, and allowing time for this to occur.
It ain’t going to happen fast, guys.Not with supplements. Not with my supplements. Nobody’s stuff. Hard ass work is what it’s going to take.
If he got all that in place then certainly
at that point, that’s when I recommend “Yeah,ATHLEAN RX2 is going to give you a far better
quality than this without all the excess BS,and without all the sugar.Far better than that. “Again, this is not about boasting about myself,
necessarily, or anything about that. It’s about making sure that you understand
where this deception lies and where thesegains are being played, and how, hopefully,
you don’t become susceptible to those yourself. So as I said, hopefully it’s a helpful video,
even though we’re not in there, in the gym.
There’s still so much more that plays into
the whole equation here, and a lot can belearned, sometimes, just sitting behind your
desk and reading what you read online.So guys, if you found this video helpful make
sure to leave your comments and thumbs upbelow. In the meantime, again, don’t ask me to
start reviewing other people’s supplements. I don’t do that for a very specific reason. I just want to illustrate here, this is a
major problem that we all encounter – meincluded.
I was in the same boat, but hopefully now,
with more dedication, you’re not going tobe susceptible to that either.All right, guys. I’ll be back here again soon. See you. .

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