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This will result in a permanent growth of the muscle fibers while also helping you see great strength gains. per day. This will help you reach your protein goal of one to two grams per pound of body weight per day. A quality Creatine supplement will provide you with five grams per serving. Same with your supplements: Make sure they are pre-packed and ready to go.

build muscle naturally

Part 3

Building Muscle At An Older Age

Remember that any exercise regimen takes time, consistency, and keeping to a healthy diet with the right nutrients. Building muscle also changes as you get older, so make sure to do exercises that work for you — there is no exercise routine that is perfect for everyone

This is obviously step number one, because if you dont follow some sort of nutrition regime, you either wont build muscle naturally or youll just keep gaining fat. You need to eat proper food! If you are trying to put on muscle naturally, sleeping is probably the most important factor. Most people head straight to the gym dumping pre-workout supplements into their body without even considering hydration. Most people have no idea the level of dedication and consistency required in order to grow.

build muscle naturally

Gaining weight can be equally difficult as losing weight. Youre genetically geared to be naturally thin because your metabolism is fired up. By this I mean have more that 24% body fat even though youre rocking XS sizes. In order to build lean muscle mass, choose a weight that is heavy enough that the exercises are hard. Whatever weight you choose the last 1-2 reps Should. Eat every 3 hours, weight train at 4-6 days a week.

Also, is this about muscle or fat as well?. Im 45yo. But Im still seeing gains. Im up to 165 now at 13% body fat, and I dont really look big at all. If I had 5% body fat with the muscle I have now I would already be 205.4. Im 5 10, and am still around 15% body fat. Im also at about 10-12% body fat right now.

Without proper resistance training any form of nutrition and supplements will do little to nothing for muscle growth. 4 grams of protein per kg body weight each day manages to maintain a positive nitrogen balance in strength training athletes (Lemon, 1995). 8 grams of protein per kg body weight each day is therefore the recommended amount of protein intake for strength training. For strength training you want to consume a surplus of calories so that your body has something to work with after resistance training. 03 grams per kilo body weight each day after that. There is no recommended daily amount for betaine, yet supplementation of 1 to 2 grams a day is considered safe. W. R. Do athletes need more dietary protein and amino acids?

They do not eat much protein or fat. only you know when you really over training your body. If you are natural it will be hard to become big if you dont rest at least one day between each muscle workout. Im not exactly FAT but Im not exactly in shape either. I dont like eating all the time. Or do I have to do eat all the time?

The how to gain muscle question has a relatively simple two-step process: 1) Increase your caloric intake, and 2) Workout. You CAN have the body that you strive to achieve. In gaining muscle mass, the caloric intake must be increased. You have to take in more calories that your body is used to: take in more proteins and fats-your body has no choice but to gain weight. A muscle mass building diet includes plenty of protein and enough calories to promote weight gain. A good suggestion would be to eat several small meals each day rather than three large ones.

If you do the right things, its possible to build muscle and be in the best shape of your life after 35. As a natural physique athlete over 35, and a coach to many lean and muscular people who are 35 and better, I have a vested interest in the ideal way of building muscle in the middle years. Any form of exercise can reduce muscle mass loss, but it seems likely since weight training builds more muscle than jogging or tennis, for instance that weight training is the best choice because it optimizes muscle growth. Your muscles need rest in order to recover and grow. The chest and neck muscles can also become tight from exercise and poor sitting posture, and benefit from stretching at the end of a session when muscles are pliable.

What’s up, guys.Sean Nalewayj here, www. Sean. Nal. com www. Body.
Transformation.Truth. com
and today I want to discuss one very importantprinciple that natural lifters really should
be aware of and understand. I did touch on this in the previous video
but I wanted to expand on the concept a littlebit here. And that is the law the diminishing returns
that you’ll experience as you progress fromone year of training to the next. In other words, it’s the simple fact that
the longer you’ve been properly trainingand the more muscle you’ve gain, the more
your rate of muscle growth will naturallyslowed down.
And the longer it will take to continue building
additional muscle.Remember that your body doesn’t actually
want to hold on to all these excess musclethat you’re trying to build. Muscle requires a lot of energy and resources
to built and maintained, so your body hasgenetic limits in place to prevent you from
gaining too much. And as you get further and further away from
your natural set point, and your body is holdingon to more and more of this extra muscle,
the harder and harder it starts pressing onthe brakes to stop things from going to an
excessive level. So it’s not going to be a linear process
where since you gain, say fifteen pounds ofmuscle mass in the first year, that you should
then expect to gain fifteen more pounds inthe second year and another fifteen in the
third year. It’s not going to work that way.
And expecting that it is going to work that
way is not only going to set you up for disappointment,obviously, but it can actually be directly
counterproductive to your results.And that’s because if you’re expecting
to just continue replicating your rate ofmuscle growth form all the previous period
up to this point, because you think that processis supposed to be a straight line, but then
the scale isn’t going up in the way youexpected or you’re not seeing a visible
gains in the way you expected it makes youliable to start pushing the envelope with
your training and your diet in a way thatcan actually have real negative consequences. Getting carried away in the gym in terms of
volume and intensity is one possibility whichcould lead to injury, but the other more common
one is that you’ll go overboard on yourfood intake trying to maintain that linear
rate of muscle gain. And you’ll end up putting an excessive amount
of fat as a result. You’ll think you’re putting on muscle
but the actual ratio of muscle to fat gainwill be far less than ideal, let’s say. And this is something that happened to me
personally as a beginner/intermediate because.
I just didn’t understand this concept and
I way over estimated how much muscle I wasactually capable of building within a certain
timeframe.So I was literally just stuffing myself with
food all day long, thinking that I was supposedto just keep building more and more muscle
at the same pace all the way through. And as you can guest, I ended up putting on
a very significant amount of body fat as aresult. And then when I did cut later on, I realize
that the amount of actual muscle I have buildrelative to how much weight I have gained
was way less than I thought it was. So always keep in mind that your muscle building
journey will be a game of diminishing returnsand it’s very important to understand this
so that you have realistic expectation abouthow the process works, and so that you can
stay patient and so that you don’t do anythingcrazy with your training or your diet to try
to excessively speed up the process and endup fat or injured as the result of that. Or fat and injured, which would be quite a
sad combination.
When you first start out lifting, you’ll
make gains relatively quickly because weighttraining will be a brand new stimulus for
your body and because you won’t be carryinga lot of muscle to begin with.And as your body becomes more and more accustomed
to training and it’s being forced to divertits resources on to building and maintaining
more and more muscle, the process will naturallyslowed down. I did cover this in another video and this
just a rough approximation, but assuming you’refollowing a proper training and nutrition
plan and you’re remaining consistent withit. And you’re starting once you’re fully
grown and from a normal healthy body weightthen you’ll probably reach about 50% of
your noticeable genetic muscle building potentialwithin the first year of training. And then from there it will decrease by about
half for every year after that. Again, this is just a ballpark figure, so
don’t put too much stock in it.
It could be 40%, it could be 55%, no one can
say for sure.But when you consider that most natural lifters
will max out the vast majority of the totalnoticeable muscle mass your body is capable
of building within about three to five yearsof proper training and nutrition that would
be a reasonable guideline to go by. So in other words, out of a hundred percent
of your genetic potential you’ll reach about50% after year one, maybe around 75% after
year two, 85 90% after year three. And then after four years and beyond you’d
be right up near your natural limit, whichfor guys with average genetics would probably
be somewhere around thirty pounds of totallean muscle mass give or take. Maybe twenty pounds for those slightly below
average, maybe forty for those with good geneticsbut somewhere around that thirty pound mark
for the average lifter. And for women, take those figures and cut
them by toughly half.
It’s not that you can’t build more muscle
after four or five years of training.You certainly can. But it’s just that the rate of growth will
slow down very, very sharply. Now, I know that some people don’t want
to believe this or they think it’s justa negative limiting believe, and you can achieve
anything you set your mind to, but this isjust a fact of how the process works. And it’s a fact of how the builds muscle. There are genetic limits in place that influence
how fast you can gain muscle and how muchmuscle you can build in total as a natural
And you’re going to be far better off both
physically and mentally if you maintain realisticexpectations with this.Otherwise you just going to end up feeling
constantly disappointed and you might endup doing things in the gym or in the kitchen
that are actually counterproductive to yourphysique. By all means, set big goals if that’s what
you’re after and train hard and focus onyour nutrition to maximize your own potential
if that’s what you’re trying to do. But at the same time, maintain a down to earth
outlook and understand that the more progressyou achieve the more your overall rate of
progress will slow down. And as a natural lifter, once you’re passed
that three or four year mark, assuming you’vedone things properly and have made a significance
gains by that point, it’s best to reallyallow your patience to kick into gear, be
proud of what you’ve achieved and then startthinking more in terms of a slower, gradual
long term approach for continued progressover the longer term. So I hope this was helpful, guys.
If you want to get a complete step by step
plan to help you maximize your genetic musclebuilding potential in the most efficient way
possible.Including fully structured workout plans,
meal plans, supplement guides and one on onecoaching, make sure to head over to www. Body. Transformation. Truth. com
and grab my complete Body Transformation Blueprint.
System.You can do that by clicking up here at the
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com for all of my latest updates.And you can follow me social media here if
you aren’t already. Thanks for watching, guys. And I’ll see you in the next video. . .

hey guys it’s avec how you doing I wanted to talk to you today along the lines of visualizing the physique that you’d like to have because you probably know right now that i think that the mind is the most important thing in developing the body and when we tend to think of the physique that we’d like to have we think of usually a still image we see someone’s body and we’d love to insert our head on that image and have that be us but i think a much more powerful image would be to see the physique that you’d like to have operating during your daily life driving your car sitting in your chair going to your job doing the things that you already do and I think that believe it or not I actually think that the still image idea that you have in your mind would actually change if you thought of the physique that you’d like to have in motion and I’ve done this technique with other people and of course it does change and I think that that idea is a lot more comprehensive and it certainly seems a lot more attainable and generally that’s a great place to start when you see the body that you’d like to have in a functional sense not just in an imaginary sense but in a real moving picture you’re more likely to create the physique that you’d like to have in chances are that’s the body that would be much more appropriate for you given the amount of time that you’re allocating to try to attain it so obviously when you want to keep progressing you have to do it in steps and maybe when you get to that point of you actually have the physique that you imagine in the moving picture then you’ll have another idea or another moving picture but that’s a great place to start forget about the cutting out a photograph and sticking your head on it think of the body that you’d like to have in motion moving and doing the things that you would normally be doing in your life and I think that that’s a much more powerful image and I hope you enjoyed this video wish you guys all the best peace love and muscles visit me at vic’s natural calm and say hello on facebook take care.

what’s up everyone back today we have another video on a subject I’m very passionate about and I think is widely misunderstood within the gym community especially with beginners even more so with people who aren’t into fitness looking in from the outside and that is realistic natural progression how much muscle can you build how long does it take obviously when I say natural I mean drug free being the opposite to steroids it is an elephant in the room but we got talked about it a lot of natural lifters get tired of the same brush and is obviously using drugs so that takes me back to the muscle building progression board which are touched on last week when you start training your body is very responsive to the training stimulus you build muscle very quickly over the years your body will adapt to it and the progress the gains just slowed down so let’s have a look at this in your first year year one you can easily build 20 to 25 pounds of muscle in just that first year alone you’re still insane amount 10 to 15 pounds of muscle per year drops down a lot five six pounds of muscle for years over only 2 to 3 pounds of muscle which is very slow this is just what we call the grind you’ve got plod along with that said I found some very interesting before and after pictures I say before we’re talking years now of myself and my friends Jack GAD was kind enough to send me some pictures of his progress as well so let’s have a look at them so here we have young Dan Yolo Dan back in the day back in the glory days BC before curls and seven years later knew Dan got into gains obviously bulked up quite a lot making progress have a look at another one once again seven years ago before lifting as you can tell I did think I was the absolute man here I don’t have an excuse for this this was just Halloween for his funny picture seven years later after lifting and a bit leaner on stage as well so let’s have a look at Jack so young Jack he’s got twinkle in his eyes he’s ready to make some gains and one year into lifting Jack’s got a great Instagram page and then a link in the description and four years later this is Jack in offseason and stage condition got pretty impressive physique if you ask me okay so you’ve seen those pictures you’re thinking okay cool but how is that possible it’s very simple really it takes a long time a lot of years that first picture I was 21 when I first died seven years later 28 now I’ve put on an average I’d say 50 to 60 pounds of muscle in that total time so it’s a long time as cumulative gains pound after pound after pound over the years all right now some of you might be surprised some of you might be disappointed thinking it takes such a long time I want to show you Eugene Sandow Eugene Sandow was one of the first bodybuilders in history in lanier his companions came from circus strongmen they hosted the first ever contest which was based around the statics of the human physique now something very important is Eugene was around in the late 18 hundreds early nineteen hundred’s steroids were not invented until the 1930s 1940s the very latest so there was absolutely no doubt the Eugene was natural this is a prime example of what you can achieve naturally even without being able to train properly now this is the point here is some of you might say okay well a lot of people have much better physique even if they’re natural these guys didn’t have so they had no way to train in any way like we do they didn’t have benchpress they didn’t have a squat rack they didn’t even have a gym they would just use circus dumbbells any heavy things they could find to pick up there’s stories of even for Lake training all they would do is carry jabber up and down the stairs every night so that’s why you think about there’s also a lot of confusion when it comes to fat loss what’s attainable naturally how quickly there’s a lot of confusion as to how much fats you can lose in a period of time I’m telling you now is very doable once you know how to do it not easy but very very doable I’m going to show you a couple of examples here this is the last time I competed with NPA in 2015 offseason I was 198 pounds and on stage 170 pounds now that’s a loss of around 28 pounds and it took me 10 weeks I did a 10 week cut so that is something you can do naturally I’m going to show you Jack’s pictures again now I’m not sure if Jack’s exact weight but I do know he did a much longer cut and I did and I think it shows he’s incredibly lean it’s probably why he beat me at Nationals coming for you next time brother I had start shooting again guys ran out of memory I really need to sort myself out of a proper camera so while I’m here doing cardio I had one last note always putting on this video and I was to reach out to anyone considering using drugs and you’d be surprised it’s pretty commonly known that a vast percentage of people that use drugs are new people guys or girls to the gym they believe they need to take supplements certain supplements to attain a good physique as I’ve already shown you can get it pretty impressive for seem pretty strong body naturally pretty easily with dedication and effort now let me tell you how first of these people are misled by in the fitness industry magazine cover models for those of you don’t know what a fake natty is is basically somebody who uses drugs fair enough each to their own but they will claim to be natural which I don’t agree with I believe you should be honest whatever path you choose let me tell you how the best bodybuilders in the world get to where they are they will spend a good ten years powerlifting they will build a strong natural foundation and once they’ve stopped making progress they will take a small dosage of drugs to advance their career and when those drugs stop working they take another small dose of drugs to continue to keep the trainer keep the train moving and at this point those athletes are happy if they make 1520 pounds muscle gains in a year okay so we know back what we spoke about earlier you can easily do that naturally in your first couple of years you’re already getting steroid like results naturally just through proper training eating food and getting sleep if you take drugs from day one to attain a very average physique what happens when the drugs stop working you haven’t built your strong natural foundation and you can’t go back to that so what do you do take more drugs at some point you have to consider your health and think about what you’re putting in your body anyway that is it guys round over thanks for watching as always like share and subscribe preciate the support peace cut fish love in everyday that’s the bread at a country laundry.

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