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Complete build muscle fast supplements guide updated for 2018. No outdated bro science BS. You can skip looking around and build REAL muscle with our online course. Pennies compared to a personal trainer and a lot more flexibile.

Using muscle building supplements to build more strength and muscle mass can have great advantages. You have to know exactly what you are buying and learn to find the best ones. Having said that, we still recognize the importance of whey protein, particularly after a workout due to the fact that it absorbs quickly. It is the naturally occurring beta amino acid that makes you feel tingly all over your body when you consume it and is usually found in pre-workout supplements. Im here to help you get results, the fast and easy way. Period. The reason why bodybuilders make dieting look so easy, in fact normal guys even get shredded without dieting.

build muscle fast supplements

Supplements Worth Taking: The Top 5 Best Muscle Building Supplements

The stronger your muscles become and the more overload placed on them (more heavy training volume), the more your body will respond and hypertrophy (muscle growth). A full clinically effective dosage of creatine monohydrate is contained in our pre workout supplement: Altius, as well as our post workout supplement: Redemption. The amino acids present in whey protein help your body initiate protein synthesis and recover quickly from intense training. It is also effective at increasing strength and endurance, as well as decreasing muscle soreness and necessary recovery time following a strenuous workout. 5 grams of betaine per day for optimal results. Both Altius and Powerbuild (our delicious pre and post-workout supplements) contain 2.

build muscle fast supplements

That would just make them gain even more weight. The is very clear that having carbs and protein after working out is great for people who are trying to gain weight and build muscle. It has 5 grams of creatine from CreaPure, 3.2 grams of beta-alanine from Carnosyn (which is similar to but less effective than creatine), and 150-200mg of caffeine (which is quite a lot!). So without lifting, that extra calories mainly go to fat.

Here are 15 of the best muscle building supplements available, so you can find out which one does a good job in enhancing your own muscle growth. After all, nitric oxide or NO is a type of molecule that facilitates proper blood flow in important areas in your body. Consequently, carnitine increases IGF-1 levels in your body, which aids in muscle building. It increases protein synthesis rate and lead to greater muscle mass gains, making it among the best muscle building stack in the market. It helps release growth hormones in your body, which could help build muscle mass.

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a look through our best selling Anabolic Monster Calories Whey Soya Protein Powder Nutrition has a very simple mission. single ingredient is of the finest quality, no matter what the product. We’ve got Rage NO Pump Xtreme, the epically potent Rage 2.0 and the synergistic Hyper Cutz; a fat burning pre-workout for those looking to get seriously shredded. We carefully test and verify their quality before we introduce them into the production and packaging Matrix XL High Protein Flapjack – & Anabolic Matrix Protein Gold BCAA High Protein Flapjacks x Anabolic Protein Whey Hardcore Bulgarian Tribulus Test Creatine Ethyl Ester Tablets CEE 0844 871 up for deals, news and Matrix Nutrition, part of BVG Group LTD. *Calls cost 13p per minute plus your phone company’s access why not try here.

A Weight loss pills are a big DO NOT USE. A Your muscles need that protein, and can get that protein from either a protein supplement or from real food like chicken, steak, eggs, nuts, youre getting enough protein in your diet, there is no need for you to also take a protein supplement. If you dont know that, aim for .8 grams per lb of total the benefit to protein powders: if you are very busy or trying to build muscle, finding a way to consume enough natural protein every day can be a challenge (which is where a convenient protein shake can come in great Steve, Im busy! A Eat real food. Head over to to find out is the best option to lose extra body weight by proper exercise and weight loss pill of natural formula. Im very new to all of this supplement stuff.

6, Protein, Supplements, Testosterone to pack on more lean muscle mass?. The more testosterone you have, the more muscle youll build its that will naturally start to see a decline in testosterone into their 40s and beyond as noted a study in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, so its normal to see rates of muscle growth start to that is, you do something about this TestoFuel. Clearly, no house would be getting same goes for building muscle. You can lift weights (or swing hammers) as much as you like, but no end result will be high quality protein will digest faster than food protein, so ideal for right after the workout session when your muscles are in dire need of rapid repair, as noted by a study in the Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism Gainer protein is like a high powered protein powder that has more protein that regular protein powder as well as more clean carbs and calories for those who are looking to add some serious muscle are currently recommending ProteinSeries Mass Gainer as the top mass gainer on the market today, not only does it have 53 grams of organic whey protein per serving, on top of that it also features 3 grams of creatine monohydrate in each serving making it a superior muscle builder. That product is fish oil. Best Muscle Building Supplements.

What’s up Champ! I’m Vince Del Monteof Gene.Expression. Training. com andwelcome to my kitchen. In this videowe’re going to look at the top threesupplements that actually work and thatare safe to help you build muscle faster. The supplements we’re going to look attoday are in the category of situationalsupplements. Alright.
So these arespecific to specific goals.Alright. I categorize supplements into two groups:staple supplements and situationalsupplements. So if you ask me whatsupplements did you use Vince when youfirst got started, by the way that wouldbe a way better question and whatsomething to use now, unless you’recurrently where I’m at right now, itwould give you a better context to what. I’m about to recommend. When I firststarted back in 2002 I was 22 years ofage when I first got introduced toweight training in a serious manner, Iuse three things: fish oils, proteinpowder and multivitamin that did allright. You can ask my brothers, my parents who Ilived with at the time the supplementcupboards were very bare.
Alright.My mom actually thought my proteinpowder was steroids and she threw it inthe garbage. True story. So today, 15 years late,r thesupplements I use are in context to alot of experimentation over the years. A lot of evolved research and to justhaving different goals alright. So I wantyou guys to understand that becausewithout context you don’t have clarityalright. And I don’t want you guys tothink that I’m trying to shovesupplements down your throat.
I honestlycould care less.But I will say this. Youneed to be open minded right. You don’twant to be on either extreme because thetruth is almost always somewhere in themiddle right. You don’t want to be thatguy that thinks you can get all yournutrients from food because that’s justnot a fact and you don’t want to be theguy that is taking everything blindlyand not even knowing what’s actuallyworking all right. So we have to beopen minded and I want you guys toalways also know that the supplementsthat I share with you guys have to passa personaltest of mine. I call it the four yeartest.
Alright.So these supplement, theingredient has to have passed four yearsof time. Alright. Time always prevails. Right. Supplements that are just BS don’tlast that long. Alright.
They just theycome and go quickly.Alright. So thethings that I’m about to share with youhave passed my four year test. For me I’mvery comfortable recommending anythingthat passes my four year test. There’s alot of supplements in that cupboard I’mpersonally experimenting with. I’m happyto experiment with stuff alright, but Ihaven’t shared it with you yetbecause I don’t have enough data. I sharewith my clients some of the moreopen minded guys, or like you I’ll givethat a shot but we don’t have enoughdata yet, feedback yet, to say you knowwhat guys I love to tell you about thisso I want you guys to make sure you havecontext.
Does that help? Before we go intowhat’s in the the cupboard.So let’s coverthose three supplements. Again, these areall situational supplements. The firstone I want to talk to you guys about iscaffeine. Alright. Caffeine is probably themost, it’s a drug by the way,caffeine is the most powerful drug youcan put in your body when it comes toperformance that would be still legal. Alright so caffeine, I have found, has tobe dosed properly.
I used to only justtake like 150 milligrams you know.200milligrams could be like a large coffeeand I never got as much out of myworkouts until I actually discovered theresearch that shows more optimal dosageswhich is four milligrams per kilogram ofbody weight alright. So if I’m 100kilograms times four that’s 400milligrams of caffeine. A lot of you guysare saying that’s a lot of caffeine Vince. It is a lot of caffeine but that’swhere the research has shown for thecaffeine to really get the most out ofyour workouts. Now what I like aboutcaffeine is that it gives you a level offocus that you can’t replicate any otherway alright. So I preserve my pre workout,my caffeine, for my hard training days.
Alright.I sometimes don’t take it when Igo train arms or shoulders because it’slike if you need a pre workout to getthrough twelve sets of armsyou’ve got bigger issues alright. Butwhen I’m going in to do heavier stuff,you know when I’m trying to really beatwhat I did last week, when I’ve got moreperformance based workouts, where I’mreally trying to like you know crushthrough you know unchartered territory,that’s when the caffeine comes in, alright. Now you only get 250 milligramsfrom this so what I do is I addedsomething else to it. I add a productcalled Java Stin which is two hundredand twenty five milligrams of caffeine. So this gives me quite a bit of caffeinewhen I combine it together and why alsotake a lot of caffeine is because Itrain early in the morning and then Iwork all day and this amount of caffeinegets me through my whole workday too so. I don’t take this just for workoutperformance, but for business performance,for workplace performance too.
I have waymore focus, way more concentration, waymore productivity, alright.So this is akiller combination. I also like thisbecause you get the full dose ofbeta alanine which helps. 3. 2 grams whichhelps you in train harder and longer. Alright. Lots of research on beta alanineand I’ve noticed the difference allright.
There’s also a cool product inhere called peak ATP which is verysimilar to citrulline malate.It has asimilar effect as citrulline malatewhich helps increase blood flow whichhelps bring nutrients into the muscles,helps with recovery, helps with energy. Soall things like, I want you guys want tohelp you understand how should I buy mysupplements. Just simply ask yourself, ifyou’re not present, if you’re not focusedin your workout, are you going to have agood workout or not? You have to befocused and you have to be present sothis has a lot of stuff that helps alsopromote blood flow to the brain. So againyou’re present when you’re in the gym,you’re focused on your set, what you’redoing, getting those extra reps, gettingthat extra weight ,having a good qualityworkout. That’s why these are an easyjustification for me. Alright.
When wemove over to ummm Creatine, Creatine isobviously one of the most effectivesupplements according to the research.Alright. There’s virtually piles andpiles of evidence to show that creatineis going to help you perform longer,harder, you’re going to get more reps,you’re going to make your workouts countalright. So I like taking this type of. Creatine. It’s a buffered form whichhelps you absorb more of it. I’ll put aresearch link, a link, sorry, a link to a researchpaper below that you can learn moreabout the specific creatine in thisproduct and why I pick it over othercreatine products.
Not all creatineproducts are created equal.I’m sure you already know that okay anda lot of people ask me when should I takemy creatine? Putting creatine in yourbody is kind of like putting gas in thetank. Does it matter when you put gas inthe tank as long as the tank doesn’t getempty? Iit’s there if you want to put gasin the tank in the morning at night inthe afternoon. As long as the tank isfull the tank is full. Same thing with creatine. There’s nobenefits to taking it any particulartime in the day as long as you take it. That’s what matters alright.
The lastthing I like is a test booster.I knowtest boosters are controversial and alsoknow someone’s going to say in the commentsbelow, you know test boosters don’t work. Again test boosters are not all createdequal. There’s a lot of bad test boosterson the market. 100 percent Itotally 100% can’t disagree with you. Alright. There’s a lot of bad test boosters onthe market.
So the stuff in this productis all backed by research on humans notanimals.Again I’ll put a research paperfor you guys in the description belowbecause I don’t want you to spend yourmoney until you’re fully confident andwhat’s in the product. I won’t gothrough the whole product. There’s twothings I want to point out in particularand that’s zinc and magnesium. So zinchas been shown to help increasetestosterone levels and people that havelow test levels, so zinc is very powerful. You get a full dose of zinc and you alsoget um you get thirty milligrams of zincso if you take it twice a day you’regetting 60 milligrams of zinc which isreally really good. You get 450milligrams of magnesium and this isexcellent because magnesium has beenshown to reduce stress, reduce cortisol,and when stress levels are high,testosterone levels are low.
Alright andmagnesium also promotes sleep qualityalright.So here’s how you know if thisproduct is working for you. If there’s anyone watching this videoright now from my family, please stopwatching right now especially. Yeah, juststop watching right now okay especially if you’re apart of my immediate family alright. So Ihave what’s called the hard on test. Alright. So ifyou’re getting a hard on six to seventimes a week.
You’re pitching your sheets.You’re waking up above a teepee,underneath a teepee every single morning,you don’t need this product. Your testlevels are most likely very very good. Alright. Again this is a way to kindof get a gauge on your testosteronelevels without getting blood work. Obviously that’s what’s going to tellyou whether you need testosteronesupport or not, but that’s a really goodgauge. If you’re only getting a hard onfour to five times per week you probablybenefit from this product.
If you’re noteven getting a hard on one to threetimes per week then you definitelybenefit from some testosterone supportokay.Minerals like zinc and magnesium willhelp you sleep better, and testosteroneis replenished while you sleep. I don’t know if you guys know this, thetestosterone is what makes your penishard alright. So if you don’t get a hardpenis, you don’t have enough testosteronein your body alright. That’s why theseguys, these bodybuilders, who inject tonsof testosterone, yeah I talked to them,and like like how you doing man with allthat test in your body’s like dude I’mfreaking ridiculous man. Oh my god. Walking hard on man.
I got too much.Bitmore than it’s good for me. Like my godright. It’s already hard enough to be aman how the heck do you inject all thisstuff in you, like oh my god, the poorgirl. The guy’s eyes are probablybouncing 24/7. It’s. .
.anyways I’mgoing off tangent but testosteroneis what makes us men alright. So it’s whatmakes your penis hard alright. So if you’refine like hmm so here’s your test. Takethe product. If you’re not noticing animprovement in that one area, it’s anineffective product. Ask for your moneyback which you can actually do withthese uh blue star supplements.
So Ithink that’s it.Those are the threesupplements I wanted to introduce you toand again if you don’t want to go withthis company by all means doesn’t matterto me but I recommend these guys becausethey have extremely high quality controlstandards. All their stuff is made in thegovernment regulated facility. I know theowner personally. I know the lengths hegoes to ensure that everything is aboveboard. Alright I’ve been promoting these guysfor eight years straight and in theposition I’m in I have the luxury topromote any supplement in the industrybecause they’ll all offer me a certaincommission. So it’s not like.
I have to promote them.I get to choosewho I promote so I only promote stuffthat I personally use. It boggles mymind cuz a lot of people ask me do youactually use the supplements. A thousandpercent. If you’ve been following me forany length of time I’ve been promotingthese products for over eight yearsunlike a lot of guys they just bounce tothe next supplement company to offerthem more money and hey it is what it is. But I take pride in using the stuff that. I share with you guys.
I would not expectyou to spend your own money on stuffthat I don’t personally invest in andthat I use and that I share with my topclients, family members, and myselfalright.So I just wanted to put a wordof what would that be. A word ofreassurance. There you go. That’s the word. I was looking for into the back yourmind. All the links to pick this stuff upare in the description below so you guyshave any follow up questions tosupplements, let me know in the commentsection below.
If you enjoyed this videobe sure to give it a thumbs up and ifyou haven’t subscribed to the channelyet, be sure to do that right now and.I’ll see you guys next time. Bye bye. . .

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