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We have train our abs to get the look we understand why, lets quickly review the anatomy of the core people talk about abs, theyre talking about the *rectus how it when people talk about the core, theyre usually including several other muscles such as the obliques, transversus abdominis (or TVA), and those rectus abdominis gets the most attention, but these lesser-known muscles play an important role in achieving the overall look we example, heres what a semi-developed rectus abdominis and under-developed core looks has a better core than most guys, but if you look closely, youll see theres very little v-taper at the waist, no serratus, and no TVA can go the other way, too: too much core development and too little rectus in thick-waisted look is due to overcooked obliques and poorly developed abs, TVA, and goal is something more like Plitt had far better genetics than the other two guys, but he also has a far better developed the major players are balanced and proportionate, which gives his torso that tight, integrated, interlocking own body is a good example of how addressing a lagging core can improve the overall a picture of me taken a few years you can see, I was lean, had rectus abdominis development, and my obliques and TVA were at least that to these pictures, though, which were taken a couple years you can see, Ive worked hard on further developing every aspect of my core, and I think the results speak for this lays out everything Ive now that we know exactly what were going for, lets look at how to get youre like most guys, you dont just want want thick, blocky abs with deep cuts that pop when that means youre going to need significantly more muscle development in your core than you currently if youre a woman, you probably want something a bit more elegant, but even thats going to require more muscular core than you might that isnt complicated, but you need to take a different approach than most can work up to a tremendous number of crunches and tremendous plank times and still have rather underwhelming reason for this is you want to build muscle effectively, you need to progressively overload your muscles, and the best way to do that is with resistance is, bodyweight training can build muscle up to a point but it cant deliver anywhere near the results of resistance training (and weightlifting in applies as much to your upper chest as to your abs. The muscle tissue covering your stomach functions like all other muscle tissue in your this means for your abs and core training is you must do weighted exercises if you want a great six not only that, but you must progress on the exercises over time (by getting is why, as youll see, I recommend that every ab workout you do contains at least a few sets of weighted we get into workouts, though, lets talk are hundreds of ab exercises out there and thousands of opinions as to which are effective and ineffective, best and worst, and so going to keep it simple only need a handful to develop a tight, chiseled core. Its to progress on that means in this context Adding weight to your weighted exercises over do this by adding weight once you hit the top of the rep range youre working instance, Im going to recommend that you work in the 10 to 12 (or 12 to 15, if you prefer) rep range on your weighted if you get 12 or 15 reps of cable crunches, increase the weight on the stack (most go up by 10 pounds), and work with that new weight until you can crunch it for 12 to 15 reps, move up again, and so Getting more reps on your bodyweight exercises over goal in your bodyweight ab exercises is to simply get as many reps as you in time, you make so much progress on a bodyweight exercise that you can do what seems like an endless number of reps (50+), you can increase the difficulty by adding resistance/weight or moving on to a more difficult exercise or cant overstate the importance of progression, so make sure to track your workouts and always strive to beat your last you continue in this fashion and eat right, you will get that you know which ab exercises you should do and how to get the most out of them, lets look at how to put together an effective ab how I like to do found that this gets superior results to just weighted or unweighted training muscle groups can recover faster than larger ones, which means the abs (like the calves) can take more of a beating than a larger muscle group like the legs and I recommend you do 2 to 3 ab workouts per week in addition to your compound seems to be a sweet spot for most people for maximizing results without adding too much additional stress on the body (which increases the risk of also recommend that you separate your ab workouts by 1 to 2 I do Tuesdays and Thursdays and sometimes Saturdays as with those rules in place, lets look at how to structure your ab best ab workouts involve doing circuits consisting of several exercises done back-to-back, without rest. And this means you will recover faster from your workouts and experience less muscle shows that supplementation with CDP-choline improves attentional focus, and I included this in FORGE because most people find fasted training more mentally draining than fed training and CDP-choline can help counteract bottom line is FORGE helps you lose fatand stubborn fat in particularfaster, preserve muscle, and maintain training intensity and mental formulation is quite a bit different than FORGEs and is actually made to be stacked with it (taken helps you burn fat in three different accomplishes this through clinically effective dosages of several ingredients, these mechanisms, naringin also works synergistically with synephrine and hesperidin to further accelerate the basal metabolic has show that supplementation with forskolin accelerates fat loss and increases testosterone bottom line is if you want to lose fat faster without pumping yourself full of stimulants or other potentially harmful chemicals..then you want to try pack abs are the biggest honeypot in the fitness someone is in the gym or watching what they eat, one of the reasons is they probably want if someone trying to sell you a product or service, one of their big promises is probably a chiseled you now know what it are no shortcuts or secrets. for getting back to me, Mike think Ill keep the direct ab training in my routine for now but will look to remove it if my waist starts to expand too much, as you have another question regarding the BLS workouts that Im hoping you might be able to help it normal for some people following the BLS workouts to experience some added fatigue in the beginning which goes away after a certain adaptation the past 2-3 years, Ive mainly been following a workout routine thats low to moderate volume, employs concurrent periodisation and focuses on progressive overload in the 4-10 rep range. I also hadnt taken a deload or week off since starting my cut as I never really felt fatigued (also the program I was following doesnt have any planned deloads or even suggests to include sleep issues and fatigue only really became pronounced a few days after starting the 4-day BLS 1YC Weeks routine.

build abs muscles

The Single Best Way To Build Your Abs

Get abs and build new muscle 365 days a year you want to get ripped 6 pack abs and build muscle too, but youve been told that you need to bulk and then cut to do it? Its time to pull up a seat and get ready to hear the truth about getting abs.

My name is Fahrice and this is Animated Anatomy.In this video I will showyou the abdominal muscles,the six back. I will show you each muscle,
what they do and how to train them. There are three layers of the abdominal wall, from
the outside, the inside those are theexternal oblique, the internal oblique
and the transvers abdominal.
These muscles extend from the lower ribs,
vertebral column over there,iliac crest of the ilium bone here, all
the way to the pubis of the hip bone.Immediately, however, all of their fibers
merged towards the midline and surroundthe rectus abdominis. They surrounded in
a connective tissue sheet before joiningup again on the Linea Alba. On the left
side you also have the rectus abdominis.
Rectus abdominis muscles are long and
flat.The muscle is crossed by three fibrous
bands here, here and here calledthe tendinous intersections. They
originated here at the pubis, and theyrun up to the abdomen on the either side
of the Linea Alba, they insert up here atthe cartilages of the fifth, sixth and
the seventh rib. The last muscle I willmention today is the muscle that can be
found here and that is the pyramidalis muscle.
Now if your medical student I know
you’re interested in details and youwant to know about everything because
small things can be really importantin medicine.You’re a bodybuilder, you might say, well,
it’s such a small muscle,why do I have to know anything about it?
Well, normally when you get want to getthe six back here,what you do isyou train these muscles without actually
thinking about this muscle right here. But the function of this muscle is to tense the Linea Alba right here whenthis muscle is able to tense the Linea
Alba good. The six back becomes more prominent.
Linea Alba is the fibrous structurethat runs down the midline of the
abdomen in humans all the way down, and youcan see that this muscle attaches right
there.However, this area has a lot of
variations in different individuals andsome people don’t even have this muscle. So that was it. Now you know everythingabout the abdominal muscles.
So that
was you know everything about theabdominal muscles and the six pack. If you want to watch my next video about
the brain ventricles, you can click here,you can also watch my previous video
here, if you like my lessons and want topurchase my software, you can go to my
website animatedanatomy. com.
Ff you don’t want to purchase it, then at
least you can subscribe here for newfree content that I release regularly
on my channel.Thank you. . .

What’s up guys?Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. I’m literally down here on the floor in the
middle of my Ab Workout when I got the ideato shoot this video for you. I think the best, hands down, the best Ab
Workout tip that you might ever come across.
And the reason why is two fold.Number 1 it can be done at home. Here I am training at home. There’s nothing around me.
I don’t need, no elaborate equipment,I can do this on every single exercises as
you’re going to see here soon.And secondly, it’s something that you can
actually do right away as soon as I show youwhat the most important thing is. So, we have to think about one concept that
I’ve talked about before and that is,when you’re doing your Workouts, it’s never
just about getting from point A to point B. It should always be about, contracting the
muscle that you’re trying to work to get youfrom point A to point B.
To put a purpose behind what you’re doing.And I think there’s no place more that this
rears it’s ugly head than in Ab Training. And it makes a huge difference as to the type
of results that you can see from your Ab Training. So here’s a perfect example.
When we’re doing our home Ab Workouts again,
and we’re going to use a traditional Crunch.Exercise. And we know that in order to do a Crunch,
you should get your shoulders up off the ground,right. So you clear your shoulder blades off the
ground and you have a posterior tilt goingof our pelvis, that we’re doing a well executed
rep, right?So we know that this, for all intents and
purposes, would be a well executed rep ofa Crunch.
I can tell you that that may look right but
there’s not enough effort being done behindthat rep to make it that effective over the
long term.What we have to start doing is really start
contracting the muscles that are supposedto be doing the work for us,and that is the Abs and Core. So look at the difference between the muscularity
when we do a well executed rep versus theone like I just showed you, getting from point
A to point B. The point A to point B is here.
And now the one where we really well execute
the rep by contracting our way through,looks like this.You breath out, contract and come up. You can see, same thing, I’m getting up off
the ground but the degree of contraction andmuscularity in here through the Core is amplified
immensely. And that’s what we’re going after guys.
You want to make sure that you’re actually
making the muscles do the work.I could do this all day long, that’s fine. But if I want to make the work actually much
more results effective than I have to makesure that I’m making the muscles do more work. And that’s the thing, we try to shy away in
favor of rep count intensity.
Same thing can be applied here at home with
a Reverse Crunch, again.We know that to perform a Reverse Crunch,
you’ve got to get your Pelvis and Hips upoff the ground,ok, as you bring your legs back up towards
your head. That’s fine. But if we want to make it a more effective
exercise, forget counting, forget if we coulddo 30 or 40 of those and try to focus on the
quality of the contraction.
Every single rep, contract as hard as you
possible can with the muscles that you’retrying to work.So here, contract the Ab and come up. Breathe out. And you can not only see the work actually
being done, but you’ll be able to see theresults of your hard work over time,if you start to implement this workout after
workout into Ab Training.
Guys this is just one of the principles that
we talk about all the time of Training likean Athlete.Start being in control of your muscles instead
letting your muscles be in control of you. It’s a big difference of trying to just Coast
your way through a Workout and Work your waythrough a Workout. And that’s what I try to teach, it’s one of
the things that I try to teach you in our.
ATHLEANX Training System, guys.There’s a lot of things that go into Training
like an Athlete. This is just one of them. But I know if you start implementing this
right away, you’re going to see much moreeffectiveness out of all your Ab Workouts.
And I want you to try it and let me know.Make sure and leave a comment and thumbs up
below. And like I said, if you want me to Coach you
through all of your, all of your Workouts,not just your Ab Workouts but every single
Workout you do,then head to ATHLEANX. COM right now, get our
ATHLEANX Training System and allow me to dothat.
I’d love for the opportunity.I know I can help you get in the best shape
of your life, no question about it. Alright guys, I’ll be back here in just a
couple of days with another new video. In the meantime I’m going to get back to my
Ab Workout and get the rest of my work done.
I’ll see you guys back here soon.. .

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