Body Weight Excercises

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Truly a total body exercise. Four sets of 10 seconds twice per week will be good for most people. This can be done upside down in the handstand position or it can be done in pushup position with your feet in the Power Wheel or on furniture sliders. If you are not used to crawling do WAY less than you can handle at first and give your body time to get acclimated.

body weight excercises

Top 20 Best Bodyweight Exercises For Building Muscle & Strength

Having a good arsenal of bodyweight exercises means you can hit almost any fitness goal without having to leave the house. Youll feel the benefit of in your everyday life and become more limber and less likely to pick up injuries. These can target body parts (like your biceps or your core) or sports (like building strength for cycling or running), or you can simply opt for a full-body, fat-torching HIIT circuit. If youre convinced but just starting out, browse the most essential bodyweight moves in the gallery above.

Lying on the ground with your knees bent, contract your abs to lift your body off the ground. Keeping the back straight, tighten your core, quads and glutes and hold the position for 30-60 seconds (or as long as you Feet-Elevated the conventional plank more difficult by finding a raised surface such as a chair or low table (you dont want the surface to be too Side your side, with just one foot and one forearm touching the ground, raise your body up and keep your body in a straight Feet-Elevated Side elevating your feet makes this plank variation more difficult. Place your hands at your sides and lift your entire body off the ground while keeping your legs out straight in front of Dragon flat on your back and hold on to something behind your head. Bend at the elbows until your chest touches the floor, and then quickly push back up to return to the starting position.

No Guesswork. And honestly thats great news because getting to the gym every day isnt always a reality. But its not just a question of convenience (although, yes, they are convenient). There are some effective bodyweight exercises for biceps and your entire upper body, as well as moves for your lower body and your core.

30-Day Bigger Leaner Stronger 30-Day Love Your Body Build Muscle Rapid Recovery Fat Loss Optimal Performance get asked three things all the time about bodyweight around on the Internet and youll find all kinds of guru says that weightlifting is better for looking like a hulking bodybuilder but not for building a sleek, Hollywood type of say that bodyweight exercises are better for fat loss because they burn more others claim that bodyweight workouts are the most functional way to train and best for building relative were going to get to the bottom of all this and more in this the end, youre going to know both the advantages and disadvantages of bodyweight exercises and whether theyre going to be right for you and your also going to give you an effective bodyweight workout routine that you can start right Lets get to it. While this is good for improving muscle endurance, its not going to get you very far in terms of strength or other words, building up to a hundred push-ups or thirty pull-ups in just one go wont result in as much muscle growth as building up to bench one and a half times your weight or deadlifting twice your weight for reps. (And it wont even be refer to this interplay between training modalities and muscle endurance and strength as the strength-endurance a tongue twister, but the concept is simple: if you want to be big and strong, you need to focus on lifting heavy isnt to say that progressive overload cant be incorporated into bodyweight workouts (well talk more about that soon), but its just not the same as picking heavy things up and putting them no bodyweight exercises can fully reproduce the effects of heavy squats, military and bench and four compound exercises form the core of all great strength and bodybuilding programs and for good train multiple muscle groups at the same time and they allow you to handle very heavy weights safely (maximum line: if you want to get the most out of your resistance training, you want to include the Big Four in your Are Compound Exercises Better Than Isolation can get by without them, but anyone that claims that you can match the muscle activation of an 85% of 1RM deadlift with a bodyweight movement is either ignorant or lying (to sell you something, present Exhibit are several things you have to keep in mind when you see someone like this, you see a guy with a great physique doing just bodyweight workouts, it doesnt mean he initially built his body in the same know quite a few people who gained a significant amount of muscle with traditional weightlifting before shifting their focus to bodyweight training (usually just to do something new and someone has been diligent about more or less any type of resistance training for a long enough period of time and understands how to diet, its a given that hell have at least a good doesnt mean it was the best way to spend that time and energy, people respond amazingly well to resistance training and others respond rather can do everything a high-responder does but if youre a low- to middling-responder, you wont see anything close to the same use is rampant in the world of muscle and strength, and steroids change everything. under the 6 Things Youve Always Wanted to Know About point you want to accurately evaluate the effectiveness of a diet or training methodology, you cant look only at need to consider a broad sampling of peopleold, young, genetically gifted, genetically stunted, and so bodyweight workouts into Google and youll quickly be overwhelmed by the embarrassment of riches that as with most things in life, you only need to eat a very small slice of the pie to get the majority of what bodyweight training has to principle the main focus of bodyweight training should be making improvements in a few key movement are many ways of doing these things, of course, and many ways to make them easier or harder, but theyre the foundation of any good bodyweight with that in mind, lets look at the best exercises in each category and then see how we can combine them into a challenging and effective workout start with your bodyweight workout wouldnt be complete without at least some kind of simple as it is, the push-up is one of the most effective ways of training your shoulders, arms and chest, and it doesnt take any special recommend adding several kinds of push-ups to your bodyweight the vanilla in case you arent yet at the point where you can that, heres how to get push-up variation heavily involves the youve conquered the pike push-up, the dive-bomber a total upper-body exercise, emphasizing your shoulders, triceps and chest at different points throughout the it comes to maximally overloading your shoulders with just your bodyweight, the handstand push-up cant be I want to focus on exercises that dont require special equipment, I have to mention the one of the most effective upper-body exercises you can do, bodyweight or why its found in my Bigger Leaner Stronger and Thinner Leaner Stronger programs, which are weightlifting can do two kinds of dips: triceps dips (or bench dips) and chest easier of the two are the triceps dips, and heres how to do there, you can progress to the chest dip. Last but not least, popular resistance program out there involves at least some form of just the simplest, most effective exercise for training your lower when it comes to bodyweight training, you start with the basic bodyweight progression from basic bodyweight squats injects an explosive element into your training youve mastered two-legged squats, you progress to one-legged shrimp squat is your introduction to this more difficult style of you can shrimp squat with ease, the pistol squat is a tough progression that requires significant balance and this is mainly a quadriceps exercise, all of the lower bodys significant muscle groups come into is an excellent exercise for your is a classic exercise for the whole body that develops your cardio as it for your main bodyweight we move on to the workout, though, lets not forget the precious is one of the best exercises to train the entire core (and in particular the rectus popular exercise for the abs/core is especially good for training the the plank is often called the ultimate exercise for the core, shows that this is a slight said, its certainly valuable enough for inclusion in your bodyweight know Im repeating myself here doing exercises isnt enoughthe key is progressing on them. My qns is, when we do the 8 week routine work out, for every of the excericse mentioned, the reps depends on how much we can afford to do til 20 reps or til example, it was mentioned: Day 1 2x push up 2x pike push up I do as many reps of push ups I can until 20 reps, proceed to do as many reps of pike push ups I can until 20 reps and etc.

Hey everyone, this is
The 10’s Beginner Workout.Basically, over the course of
the last four or five months. I’ve had a lot of people ask
me for a beginners workout. Basically a plan for someonewho’s never started working out,doesn’t have a gym,
doesn’t even have weights,so just body weight stuff. And this is great for people whoeither just wanna start
seeing their muscles increase,you know start getting like a
little bit of some definitionso you can get excited to go into the gymor for people who need to lose some fatcause you could do this as a cardio thingand lose a lot of fatover the course of a couple
months doing this consistently. So, I’m going to take you into
the first exercise right now. So the first exercise that we’re gonnastart with is pushups.
Now, if you have the ability toyou’re gonna do full form pushups.But if you don’t have the abilityto push yourself up 10 timesthen you’re just going
to do it from your knees. So instead of from your toesyou’re doing it from your knees. So it’s 10 pushups. All the way down. Make sure that you’re
contracting your chest. You’re feeling your triceps engaged.
I like to keep my elbows flared
in, not flared in, tucked ininstead of keeping them
flared out like this.About 10. I think that was eleven,
but we’re about 10. Then we’re moving on to the next exercise. So the second exercise
we’re going to do isreally actually to get
your heart rate goingand it’s going to be burpees. You know what these are, but
I’ll show you them anyways. Basically start standing, come
down, push your legs back,and come back up.
And because this is a 10’s workoutof course we’re doing ten of these.Woohoo, now we’re going
on to the third exercise. Alright, so now we’re
doing a third exerciseand this third exercise
is going to be focusingon your leg muscles instead of cardio. So what we are going to
do is alternating lunges. Each time you come up
on both sides is one. So you need to do ten of those. When you do these you
wanna to extend your footas far as you can forward
and comfortably land on it.
Not hard like I just did.Land with your heel, come down,push through your knee through your heelas you come back up and push back. This should be sort of,
you should feel your quads,your hamstrings and your glutes engagedbecause you’re pushing yourself backinstead of when you’re doing
a walking lunge forward. So 10 of these. And now we move on to the last
exercise of the 10’s workout. Alright, so as you can see I’m alreadystarting to sweat a little bitso this is pretty hard cardio for anyone,especially if you have
a little extra weightto throw around. And, you like my model pose?This last exercise is
going to be for your abs.
It’s kinda a crunch but
it’s like my own style.So this is what we are going to do. 10 of these of course. Lay down flat. You’re going to bring your knees upas you bring your torso up. So it’s just like this. Your hands are extended
straight to keep your balance.
Just like that.All the way up. All the way down. Keeping your shoulder
blades off of the ground,and your heels off the groundso that you’re abs are constantly engaged. We’re going to do ten of these. Whew, okay, so I’m pretty
sweaty, I’m pretty worked up. My heart beat’s going pretty fast.
This is a great exercise really for anyonethat’s starting out,
really needs to get a base,just start doing something.This is great because you can recycle thisand you can do this as much as you want. Also, if you’re ever on the
road and you can’t do anything,you know you don’t have
a gym that you can go to,you can definitely do this. Just to do a little bit of
something, some maintenance work. So you just saw the four
exercises that we didfor 10 reps each. Once you’ve done each of those one timethat is one interval. Basically, if you’re just starting,you haven’t done anything in
your life do one interval.
But you know, kinda judge
how you feel you can handle,and then every time you
work out with this try to,try to do another interval
if you think you can.If you think you can handle
it do another interval,and work your way up until
you can do this you know15 times no problem,because by that point you
could walk into a gym,and you know you could handle things. You’d have a little bit of musculature. You’d know a little bit
more about your body. Plus, if you’re someone
who is a little bit obesethis is a great way to lose fat,kinda get some confidence in yourself,realize what you’re doing,realize how to exercise and
then you can come to a gym,and just be completely comfortable. So there you go guys!You all asked me to
make a beginner workout. I know there are a lot
of people that follow methat aren’t even into fitness you knowso this is a great way to
kinda segue you guys into that.
And if you have any
questions about this workout,or any questions about anything reallyleave them in the comments below.You know I’ll answer ’em. It may take me a few days but
I’ll definitely get there. Thank you guys for checking out the video. I appreciate all the love and support. Please leave a like and
comment if you haven’t already,and if you’re not
subscribed please do that. Team Beyond the Weak,
Lift Heavy or Die Mirin.

hi everybody I am Amy from body fit by Amy and this is your body weight blast workout so in this workout we’re gonna work your full body using only body weight exercises so no equipment required if you have some dumbbells maybe keep them close by you can there’ll be some places where you can add them in but just make sure you have a mat or a towel that’s all you need we’re going to do three circuits of four exercises each a cardio lower body upper body and core will do each of those circuits twice and in between we’ll get a one minute rest where you can grab some water if you need it and I’ll be previewing the next circuit so during those rest make sure that you’re constantly moving if you can I’ll give you some options for what we call an active rest but if you need a break take a break each exercise we’re going 45 seconds work 15 seconds rest I’m going to be giving you options for all the way from beginner to advanced so just work to your own level and when in doubt just keep moving are you ready let’s do it here we go guys we’re going to start the quick little warm up just start marching roll through those shoulders as always if you need more of a warm up or a stretch you can get it on your own we’re just going to do a quick little dynamic warmup big deep breath in just to get the blood flowing and the joints moving and then we’ll get more of a stretch at the end let’s take our arms and legs out wide flat back down so we’re just rolling through our back warming up those muscles along the spine really important a lot of us sit at our desk sit at our cars so we’re tight so we just want to get open up those joints get everything moving just little twist side to side little torso rotations and then let’s add some arms reach across stretch long through those fingertips should already feel that heart pumping and then reach it over over your head bring those hamstrings up in the back just heels up and then we’ll bring those knees up in the front and then stretch those legs out little toy soldier kicks boom we’re tight in those hamstrings right I can feel that don’t worry about how high you get just stretching it out and breathe and big stretch over pull that hand over to one side and then we’ll take it over to the other okay first circuit the preview your moves really fast first one will be our basic jumping jacks low impact you have an option to go here then we’re gonna go on a step out squat beginners you can keep it small range of motion everybody else take it low we’ll take it down to a push up and then we’ll go into a little plank I’ll show you guys when we get down there all right ready for our first minute 45 seconds then we get 15 seconds reps starting with those jumping jacks here we go so nice and light on those toes again beginners you could always keep this low impact version totally up to you I just want you to be moving the very first exercise in each circuit is just designed to get the heart rate up and then we’ll keep it up with our other leg and arm moves up to you knees are soft landing light on those feet again you can always go here here somewhere in between you can maybe go a few full jacks and then take it to this low impact version totally up to you we’ve got about 10 seconds to go keep breathing almost there 4 4 3 2 and 1 so March it out just keep moving you can you got 15 seconds we’re gonna take it to that step out squat stepping out to the side get low and bring it in you got 5 seconds rest beginners you can go small range of motion to everybody else get low here we go step bring it in so if you can I want you to really work on getting super low really get that butt down my eyes stay up so that way I’m not rounding in my back putting pressure in that lower back beginners you can always just keep it small can even take it to just that step out as long as you’re moving if you have some dumbbells you can add that little bicep curl maybe think about it the second time we go through the circuit but we’ll just keep our arms moving this way anyway squeeze with those arms are still going to get the work still get low five seconds almost there one more tap it out you got fifteen seconds rest let’s take it down to the mat so we’re going on the mat into a push up you can be on your knees or on your toes I just want good range of motion ready here we go so we’re just here take it down nice and slow and control if you can be all the way up on those toes I’m a little tired today from teaching classes this morning so I’m going to stay on my knees to make sure a good form totally fine to have small range of motion here too but if you feel like you’re getting into your back or it’s too much for your wrist drop to those knees and just challenge yourself to get low with that range of motion we don’t have to go fast on these I want good forms strong arms and really think about your abs guys pull up with that belly button that’s really going to help we got five seconds and relax stretch it back we’ll stay here so we’re going to go into our basic plank elbows and toes watch me first we’re here we’re just going to hold it’s kind of a long hold if you need a break halfway through you can drop to those knees ready here we go 45 seconds everything’s pulled in we want to make sure that we’re not too far up or dropping down if you feel pressure in your back chances are you’re too far up or too far down so again beginners if you need to drop to those knees just make sure you’re still staying nice and secure in those abs everybody else we’re trying to hold I know 45 seconds is a long time I also want you to think about squeezing in your legs squeezing in your butt squeezing in your back that’s going to count help keep everything tight we got about 10 seconds you can do it beginners remember you can be here if you need to try to stay up if you can five seconds to go four three two and last good guys so go ahead and bring it on up slowly you got one minute in between nope I lied that’s coming up next let’s go this circuit one more time starting with those jacks and here we go whoo I got ahead of myself wanted to move to that next circuit so remember we’re gonna do each circuit through twice second time maybe try to push yourself a little harder cuz remember once we get through these exercises these four you got a break coming beginners you know always go to that low impact totally fine just keep moving here we go breathe excellent light on those toes and if you really push yourself the person through you need to go to those low impact versions second time that’s fine to do what’s best for you today and relax tap it out I want you to push yourself but I want you to get through the workout so modify is you need to push yourself when you meet you got five seconds rest second set of step out spots if you want to add the dumbbells for the curls you can here we go I’m just gonna get my arms moving this way pull those fists towards your shoulders nice and tight fist and that way we’re working the biceps even with just our bodyweight remember beginners if you need to make it small that’s fine let’s make sure you get those hips to the back or we don’t want to lean forward in that squat what hips back getting low driving through the heels lower the better on these squats better it is for your knees believe it or not when your lower just taking the pressure off and the more butt and legs you’re gonna get five seconds here we go and relax tap it out let’s take it down for our push ups so we’re down on our mat remember you can be all the way up on your toes or down on the knees I’m gonna give you a little variation if you want three seconds regular push ups here we go we love the push ups such a great upper body exercise that uses no equipment if you want guys add a little reach that we’re getting a little stretch more muscles in the arm working it’s gonna challenge your balance if you’re up on the toes especially and here guys nice and controlled try to push through we’re already halfway through we only have fifteen seconds to go you start to get tired though and fill your back may need a quick little two second stretch break whoa use those hats or balance stay focused hah here we go last one and relax stretch it back one more time with that plank then we get a break guys I’m going to give you another modification to engage those lower abs if you can be up on those elbows if you need to drop to the knees you can here we go guys so holding here everything’s nice and tight again tighten the arms tighten the butt tighten the legs and if you want to add a little baby taps down with the knees you’re going to feel that in those lower abs beginners again if you need these that’s completely fine but if you can all the way up we’re just about halfway there guys little knee taps everything’s pulled in and lifted again making sure that our hips aren’t up we’re dropping down right in the center we got about ten seconds to go you got this guy’s breathe for four three two and relax stretch it back good work guys all right bring it up you got one minute to grab some water if you need to but just try to keep moving if you can March it out step it out for jumping jacks grab quick sip I’m going to preview our next moves really important to make sure we’re staying hydrated in our workouts as well guys all right you keep moving our next moves are cardio we call it the Heisman so it’s going to be one two three one two three you want to land in that hip to the side beginners you can take it low impact one two three everybody else get low and quick feet second move is you’re going to be your regular lunge but we’re going to step it back so left leg going back staying on that right leg beginners you can take it small everyone else we’re gonna try to get low third move we’re going to go down into the plank plank press you know it up up down down up up down down so when we get down there and then we’re gonna do a basic crunch or a sit up all right you got ten seconds keep moving we’re going through this circuit twice twice all right starting with that Heisman here we go one two three one two three I can’t really get low and you’re gonna really activate those outer thighs and glutes again beginners one two three you can go slower just pump those arms bring that knee up whoo you’re just about halfway there football season that’s what we love this move two three every little side shuffle knee comes up land in that leg so even if you’re going low impact try to get low to the side ten seconds one two three two three and relax half it out great job guys hearts pumping right so our next move let’s go right leg forward we’re going to step that left leg back you can go a small range of motion or try to get deep but push you that front heel ready here we go step it back bring it it beginners if you’re feeling a lot of balance go ahead and grab on to a chair or the wall or the back of the couch that’s going to help and again you can keep it small if you feel that back knee just make sure you’re pushing through that front heel if you can guys touch it down and when I say touch I mean drop that knee low see how I’m staying upright I don’t mean this really get low drive into that heel you got this almost ten seconds whoo burn again I keep saying push through that heel so we can really activate the glutes three two one tap it out same thing other side so you can just flip it right around left leg forward right leg tapping back again front leg really push into that heel if you can drop that back leg down here we go and tell again beginners of your brand new to this and all you can do is step it back and push into this front one that’s totally fine if you’ve been doing this for a while guys drop it down bring it up embrace you get this we’re about halfway there and again when I want you to touch down I want that knee going down not your back not here right whew that’s a ABS here we go and breathe low to high five seconds breathe last one good guys you did it let’s take it down for some arms and abs while that heart is pumping so plank press if you can up on those toes we’re going hand hand elbow to elbow you need to be on the knees here we go so hand hand elbow elbow if you think about it really try to switch hands in between so watch me left right left right then I’m going to switch right left right left so we’re getting a lot of arms but as a bonus this is a lots of ABS too sometimes it feels more like an ab workout to me than arms I much prefer this to push ups I don’t know about you guys beginners remember you can always be down on those knees just make sure abs are in tight everything’s in place five seconds you can get one more each side and up and relax stretch it back guys all right flip over we’re going to go little crunch or sit up so you have two options either just barely lifting in a crunch or all the way up join me when you’re ready here we go so if you’re just in the crunch you can support that head if you need to just lifting the shoulders pulling the belly button in if you’re full sit up all the way up slowly down either way I want you to take your time and make sure you’re pulling from those lower abs if you’re pulling from the ABS this should take you a little while to get up it shouldn’t be fast we don’t want to use back or hip flexors if you’re here pull that belly button in and just barely reaching nice and slow we got about five seconds you can get a couple more and last one and relax stretch it out we’re going through that circle circuit one more time we’re halfway through the workout guys you’re doing it bring it up remember we can get through this again you got one minute rest to get water and here we go Heisman one two three one two three there we go so remember try to get low beginners low impact or if you just have bad knees or joints and don’t want to jump this is totally fine almost halfway there push out of that heel you got this guy’s so if you notice I think all my workouts are interval training where that heart is pumping the whole time but by getting this little cardio interval first we’re setting the pace to keep that heart rate up through the whole circuit five seconds you got this and relax tap it out guys remember that lunge so right leg forward left leg stepping back beginners you can keep it small touch it down if you can I’m gonna give you one more option if you want here you go step it back and bring it up you need to keep it small just make sure you’re pushing off that front heel you need balance grab a chair of the wall or drop it all the way down want one more option guys let’s power it up and a jump low you’re gonna feel that burn really get low and you can jump without touching to beginners so right here don’t worry about it jump is just an option if you’re used to lunges you want an extra burn because the last front lunge we’re doing for the day ten seconds low to high power we’ll burn there we go three two and one yeah leg right we felt that all right stand up same thing other side left leg forward step that right leg back breathe you got five seconds whoo here we go tap back bring it up beginners you can say right here either just with the lunge or the chat back everybody else if you want to touch it down push out of that heel and if you want even more let’s add that jump powered up so you’re not jumping super high we want to land soft so we’re light on those joints but the power is the important part so someone’s like your sprinter start right sprinting down power up oh yeah here we go ten seconds the users stay here if you need to sometimes I need to come back to that modification two and four three two and one shake it out take it down to that mat arms and abs and we got a break guys oh here we go leg press elbows you can be on your knees and toes or toes here we go take it up up up down down then try to switch up up down down so if I go left right left right and I can go right left right left like too much stay on those knees still pushing through the arms still having to stabilize with the ABS I promise you’ll still feel it I would much rather you drop to this modification then quit completely here we go we got about 15 seconds it’s gonna go fast breathe five to go you got time for one more each way abs pulled in and relax stretch it back guys we got that core move remember you can either do a small crunch barely lifting the shoulder or a full sit up I like to use those arms as my guide but you can certainly support your head here we go so you’re either crunch lifting the shoulders think about everything going up or full sit up nice and slow and controlled we don’t want to feel that back arch so if we’re here we’re crunching up your back is arching really pull it in think about the lower abs little lifts or full sit up maybe you didn’t pull set up on the first time through and you need a little break this time through just keep moving go to that crunch or do every other one doesn’t matter guys I just want you working here we go five seconds all the way through crunch up you need to last one and relax all right guys you got one minute to breathe bring it up grab some water tap it out if you can jumping jacks if you can move and breathe here we go I’m going to take a sip I’ll show you through our last circuit we made it alright guys so last time through we’re going to go speed skaters so low impact version you’re just tapping behind tap tap high impact it’s a little more of a jump that’s our cardio legs side lunge so we’re going to drop it down step it in straight leg and then the leg you’re stepping out to fit leg push out of that heel we’ll go right and left then we’re going to go down for a little tricep dip so be here I’ll give you lots of options starting with beginner all the way up and then we’re going to go to a last little plank with a plank twist all right guys you got 15 seconds keep breathing I’m going to steal one more sip of the water keep moving starting with that speed skater in five whew you can do this here we go tap behind tap behind so beginners just tap you’re crossing the leg behind don’t worry too much about the movement just move everyone else little jump you can touch it down if you want extra it’s gonna give you a little bonus in those legs right outer thighs I know we’re tired by this last round but you can do this breathe we’re here sir your mid level version little jump or beginner just tap long as you’re moving guys that’s what this cardio interval is about five seconds breathe one more each way and relax right legs are tired from those lunges and squats alright side lunge stepping out to the side remember you’re gonna sit into that hip straight leg bent leg right here we go take it down push off beginners you can keep it kind of small just lean into that leg bring it up everyone else I want you to try to sit low we need this lateral motion we don’t do it enough in our everyday life if you can touch it down bring it up and again by touching down notice I’m not dropping in my back and my head and dropping into that hip so low to high there we go and breathe you want to add those dumbbells to these leg moves you can you would just be holding them to the side so second time through you want to hold those dumbbells totally fine and breathe March it out we got 15 seconds same thing other side left side or right side probably for you step it out in that side lunge abs in tight here we go beginners you can just keep it here really small there we go everyone else and when you really try to sit low so remember you don’t have to really reach word I want you to get in your back but it’s not this try to lean into it that’s where we’re getting those hip joint actions and outer thighs glutes all the good parts if you want power it up low power it up good job guys push and breathe you notice nothing in this workout is crazy complicated not giving you a lot of extras because no when you focus on good form you’re gonna feel it either way one more and relax good guys take it down for that tricep dip so we’re here beginners all I want you to do fingertips pointing here is lean back and push up just focus on those arms if you’re able bring those hips up here we go little Bend little push so I want I want you to think about is the arms doing the work you’re obviously getting a little hamstrings and gluts because it’s a bridge motion but push up for those arms Bend those elbows push and Bend so legs are working but I want you to focus on those arms so we really get that if you notice we’re also opening up the chest while we get the tries we’re getting back and a stretch for the chest here we go 15 seconds push up hips come high beginners totally fine just lean into it push it up lean into it push it up here we go five seconds you get time for one more right you don’t need a chair chair is nice but we feel it that way too last time with a plank guys and they give you some options to add obliques and a little bit of extra arm so we’re here hold it here guys and then if you can you can be on your knees to beginners here we go join me we’re going to go out to the side out to the side so what I’m doing you keep going is activating a little bit of those back muscles activating those obliques on the side if you want to let out a little extra twist open it up and twist back to Center open it up and twist if you had some dumbbells you could add these here you can even be up on your hands but this would get a little extra back totally fine guys to do the same motion from your knees you’ll have a little less range of motion or to just open to the side for the back still getting obliques laughs one relax stretch it back bring it up guys we got one more time through all these exercises and then we’re good breathe starting with that speed skater here we go tap behind breathe you want to get low I love it just watch that back don’t round on that back you’re starting to see the floor bring those eyes up trust me you’ll feel the difference in your back if you can get really low trust me you’re gonna feel lots of extra legs here we go breathe halfway there our last cardio you can do this and breathe guys there whew five seconds right here beginners fine here you can do it last two and March it out huh breathe side lunge starting with this side I’ll give you an extra option you need a little extra if you want to grab those dumbbells totally fine here we go step it out bring it up beginners just sit to that side everybody else if you want to touch it down you want a little extra option bring that knee up and power it up or a little jump to all those options work so regular tap it in touching it down power off that leg add the knee a little bit of balance and abs or add that jump whoo here we go Shh and breathe you can add more cardio five seconds last one good guys got that other side lunge lose them a headband here and we’re taking some of the mat abs and arms and then we’re stretching it out okay guys here we go side lunge other side step it out bring it in beginners keep it small just lean into that side everyone else if you can take it down remember to leaning dropping in the legs not in hips you want to add that knee power it up power there we go or jump totally up to you gonna throw your balance a little bit so really stabilizing those ABS you can do it low to high we got 15 seconds then we’re down on the mat so close to being done guys and breathe and five to go hook and relax have it out here we go down on the mat last two starting with that tricep dip remember beginners you can just do a little bend lean back everyone else bring those hips up triceps elbows put it back here push it up here we go and push remember even though your hips are dropping in you’re squeezing in those glutes little bonus legs focus on those arms bend those elbows point it to the back open up the chest arms back chest stretch hips and glutes as a bonus also stabilizing with the ab everything’s working here guys we’re so close then starts to feel like too much you need to break for your wrist drop those hips go here to here guys still tricep motion push out of those elbows here we go last by and breathe it’s their last one good stretch it up here we go flip it over laughs clink remember we’re going to add that twist if you want to have the dumbbells and be up on the hands you can or down on the elbows hold that point first here we go guys join me and either open up to the side just with the arms or rotate here we go breathe amber excellent job guys remember beginners you can do the same thing from those knees that rotations gonna be a little tougher or you can just open up here we go 15 seconds so this workout is done you guys did it and breathe breathe last one and relax good guys Child’s Pose stretch so hips to the back reach those hands forward and breathe really think about reaching fingertips long letting your head and neck drop here we go Maxim or guys just turn into a little seated position you work so hard let’s let those knees drop to the side open it up breathe I’d reach let’s take those hands forward chin to your chest and as always guys get more of a stretch as you need it if you know you’re tight you need a little extra you can hang out here for even longer reach those hands up let’s take those feet out in front this is tough we’re all tight reach it up fold it over you might only get here that’s about how I feel today but if you can reach into it take a couple deep breaths take a little deeper one more hold it here excellent work guys I’m tired I don’t know about you one big deep breath in and out and that was your body weight last workout great job everybody.

E se ti dicessi che hai bisogno di solo 3 esercizi per allenare l’intero corpo,incrementare la forza e migliorare mobilità, flessibilità, stabilizzazione ed equilibrio nello stesso momento?Troppo bello per essere vero, giusto?Per provare questa affermazione, adesso ti mostreremo tre dei migliorie più completi esercizi a corpo libero che puoi eseguire.Cominciamo con il pull 360Questo movimento è un esercizio di trazione e di spinta a braccia esteseed è il più difficile di questi tre. L’esercizio consiste in 4 fasi:All’inizio abbiamo un front lever in concentrica,seguita da un back lever in eccentricae termina in una presa ‘dead hang’ da una posizione di back lever. Da qui, esegui un back lever in concentrica,per tornare indietro nella presa sottosoprae terminare con un front lever in eccentrica. Questo movimento coinvolge molti muscoli differenti.
Quando esegui il front leverattivi gran dorsale, le tre parti del trapezio, romboidi, e il capo lungo del tricipite.Durante il back lever, attivi grande e piccolo pettorale, il gran dentato,deltoide medio e anteriore, e il capo lungo del bicipite. Ovviamente servono anche altri muscoli per stabilizzare il corpo intero durante tutte le fasi del movimento. Per tenere il corpo sotto tensione, devi attivare posteriori della coscia, quadricipite,muscoli dell’addome, erettore della colonna, e tutta la cuffia dei rotatori. Un beneficio aggiuntivo è il miglioramento della flessibilità delle spalle.
Stare nella posizione di partenza, o di arrivo, migliorerà la flessione e l’estensione della spalla.Se questo movimento è troppo difficile per te,puoi aggiustare la difficoltà cambiando la leva. Questo può essere fatto tirandosi una od entrambe le gambe. Più vicino ti muovi al fulcro della spalla,più facile diventa il movimento. Puoi eseguire il pull 360 con presa supina o prona.
La presa supina allungherà pettorali e il capo lungo del bicipite, più della presa prona,ma è più difficile eseguire il front lever in concentrica.Il secondo esercizio è il muscle up agli anelli. Il muscle up agli anelli è un movimento di trazione e di spinta a gomiti flessi. In termini di bilanciamento, il muscle up agli anelli è superiore a quello alla sbarra,perché le fasi di trazione, spinta e transizione, sono molto più divise tra loro. Il movimento consiste in tre fasi:Prima la trazione con falsa presa,seconda la transizione, e terza la spinta.
Molta gente ha difficoltà con questo movimento,data dalla transizione, o da una falsa presa debole.Devi tenere la falsa presa durante le fasi 1 e 2o non sarai capace di compiere il movimento. Per la prima fase, è necessario tirarsi più in alto possibile,tira gli anelli verso il petto, con i gomiti vicini al corpo. Nella prima fase, attiverai i muscoli dell’avambraccio, specialmente i flessori,bicipite, gran dorsale, e trapezio inferiore. Dopo la trazione, vai in transizione.
In questa fase, porta i gomiti dalla parte anteriore, a quella posteriore del corpo,il che richiede mobilità e forza.Durante la transizione, concentrati nel tenere i gomiti più vicino possibile al corpo. Più si allargano i gomiti, più difficile diventa l’esercizio,e più stress crei sul gomito, che può portare ad infortuni molto rapidamente. In questa fase, avambracci, romboidi, e trapezio medio devono fare gran parte del lavoro. Una volta sopra gli anelli, devi spingerti su per stabilizzare il movimento in cima,e finire ruotando le braccia all’esterno.
Qui ingaggi pettorali, deltoidi,tricipiti, e trapezio inferiore.La rotazione esterna alla fine, è ottima per rafforzare i bicipiti e la cuffia dei rotatori. Per cominciare l’allenamento per il muscle up, devi essere capace di tenere la falsa presa,di fare almeno tre trazioni alte con falsa presa,e un paio di dip molto profondi. Se volessi saperne di più su questi esercizi, dai una occhiata al nostro video sugli esercizi agli anelli per principianti. L’ultimo esercizio riguarda la parte inferiore del corpo, conosciuto con il nome di pistol squat.
Questo movimento non è solo questione di forza,ma anche di mobilità ed equilibrio.Il pistol squat allenerà quasi tutti i muscoli della parte inferiore del corpo,come quadricipiti, glutei e polpacci,avrai bisogno anche di addome ed erettore della colonna per stabilizzare il movimento. La gamba flessa deve bilanciare tutto il corpoquindi avrai bisogno di sufficiente mobilità della caviglia e flessibilità dei polpacci per farlo. Se le tue caviglie e i polpacci sono troppo rigidinon avrai modo di andare giù fino alla fine senza cadere. Per migliorare la mobilità delle caviglie e la flessibilità dei polpaccipuoi tenerti su un oggetto,e avvicinarti ad esso.
Tieni questa posizione per un po’, rilascia, e ripeti.Prova a contrarre il tibiale anteriore quando sei in questa posizione. Adesso potresti dire che il ginocchio non dovrebbe arrivare oltre la punta delle dita,ma in realtà è normale avere bisogno di arrivare un po’ più avanti finchè i piedi poggiano a terra,e non si hanno problemi a carico delle ginocchia. Per quanto riguarda la gamba estesa, avrai bisogno di buona mobilità e forza,per tenerla estesa nella posizione più bassa. Puoi cominciare con un pistol squat elevato, se la tua gamba estesa non è abbastanza mobile e forte,ma l’obiettivo dovrebbe essere eseguirlo a terra.
Come sempre, mira alla forma perfetta.Non eseguire questo movimento se pecchi di forza ed equilibrio,il tuo ginocchio dovrebbe essere stabile per l’intero periodo. Per sviluppare stabilità, puoi eseguire il pistol squat con un supporto,o sedendoti su una panca od un blocco. Come puoi vedere, allenerai l’intero corpo e quasi tutti i muscoli con questi tre esercizi. Se volessi sapere come assemblare esercizi differenti in un programma utile,sviluppare forza di base per imparare questi movimentie migliorare le tue prestazioni,dovresti guardare i nostri programmi d’allenamentoo iscriverti per un personal training online sul nostro sito.
Per qualsiasi domanda, lascia un commento.Grazie. Alex. . .

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