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Do three rounds in total with a one-minute break between you try this workout, make sure you warm up with a series of upper-body mobilisers like lateral and front raises, half Turkish get-ups and arm cross-overs, says explanations for each exercise are for the full range of movement, so make sure you adjust them for the bottom half and top half reps watch the video above for demonstrations of all the variations. For each of these exercises you can increase the resistance in the band by looping it around your feet resistance bands on by standing on the resistance band with both feet and hold one end in each hand, says Capon. Pause at the top, then lower back to the starting on the resistance band with both feet and pick up both handles with your arms at your sides, says Capon. Keeping your back straight and chest up, raise your arms straight in front of you until your hands reach shoulder level, so your arms are parallel to the floor. Pause for a few seconds at the top of the movement, then return to the starting on the resistance band with both feet and pick up both handles, says Capon. Bend your elbows to lift the resistance band handles towards your shoulders. Pull the handles back and around so your arms move from out in front of your body directly to the side until your upper arms are pointing straight out to the sides.

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The Upper-Body Resistance Band Workout That’S All About Those Gains

Lower into a lunge with a 90-degree bend in both of your knees. Leading with your elbows, squeeze your shoulder blades together to pull the bands up. Lower back down and repeat 15-20 times. Place the band across your back, right over your shoulder blades, and hoist up on the bands so that you feel resistance when your arms are straight in front of you.

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bands, exercise tubingor whatever you like to call themare a great fitness tool to have at your disposal. Not only are they easy to use for all ability levels, but theyre an inexpensive, portable piece of strength equipment to take on the road or have at home when getting to the gym doesnt fit into your day. You can still get a full-body you put the band in your hands, below your feet, and sometimes around your body, and use the resistance established to build strength. If the movement is too easy, shorten the tubing in a variety of ways (typically move your hands, add a foot, or lengthen your stride) to challenge yourself more. They also come in a variety of band or tubing strengths (which is why they often come in many colors) that are easier or harder to pull from the start. Pick one and give it a go to figure out whats right for We recommend performing each movement in a slow, controlled way. #1 on Entrepreneur magazines prestigious “Top Global Franchise” list and #2 in the Franchise 500 list, Anytime Fitness is the fastest-growing fitness club franchise in the world, with more than 2.5 million members and 3,000 clubs worldwide.

Curious?. Then read on right here. Like anything in life, you get out of your workouts what you put in. The full-body workout can help you progress and is easy to fit into your schedule. It’s all about the quality of your sessions, not the quantity. They’re split into two sections: one for large body parts, the other for small one click here.

Repeat on left side. Move back to starting position, then kick your left leg up to touch your right hand, exhaling as you do. Lift both legs until they form a 90-degree angle with your torso. Bring your right knee toward your chest to form a 90-degree angle with your torso. Return to side plank.

e. , being able to perform a greater number of repetitions with lighter weight. To achieve the best results, you should perform this program 2 to 3 times per week, but not on consecutive days. Alternative exercises for some of the body parts have been provided to allow for variation in your workout routine. As a general rule, start with about 60 to 70 percent of the maximum amount of weight you can lift one time (i. e. , 1RM)

this workout is spit and sawdust and stretching let’s get running on the spot abs nice and engaged pumping the arms and the legs getting the body ready getting the body ready for what’s to come today in the spit and sawdust and stretch workout this is my type of a workout this is going to be hard work it’s going to be fun it’s going to be full of energy we’re also going to introduce immobilization flexibility in there make sure we’re not neglecting any area of our exercise routine of the results that we can achieve so just nice and like in our body warm pump in everything through hold it there three two one fancy equipment today we’re moving to a star jump relax push it too hard I fancy equipment but we do need dumbbells no you’re gonna need a towel you stay hydrated so you’ll need your water no fancy movements this is a traditional routine my choreography no dancing hard work old fashioned hard work I learnt back when I was a younger boy boxing three two one plant the feet and frozen punches here so you’ve got square legs on cause strong and throw good breathing nice and deep and that body get warm push it on now mind ready body getting ready love this in three two one pick it out become reach there we go pull through the shoulders here do that breathing go in never forget the core the core the core a hard core is built when we train the right way what we do today you know that’s what we’re going to do because this right here is team body project getting ready focusing in three two one okay good good little stretch here okay good stepping over welcome to the and up his abductors really focus here on opening the shoulders up to be very important a little bit of punching today important we’re working all through our body then it warm before we move into our first working phase the working phase is today spit greet up exercises sawdust is three tough exercises and stretch is releasing and mobilizing the muscles and joints in three two one back to one back to the run you’re feeling warm quite warm enough room 210 second sprint in three two one needs a little higher I’m pumping hard for you green roughing it bro come on three two one okay good March it out we’re going to move into our first exercise ready for exercise number one not it’s burpees two four punches in three two one come down barfi one two three four come down forty five seconds here cause got to be really strong working it on now be strong in that kickback be strong as you stand pushing through the legs good stuff let’s work now begin begin back ends always the tough a bit kick come we got this stay with me 3 2 1 oh that’s my mic a little bit there we’re moving into push ups get into position 30 seconds of push ups in three two one push at your speed fully engage remember this position here absolutely fine you might start in a more advanced position we decide the drip to move into the moderator and you can mix between them just like that in three two one there’s your 45 seconds of push ups come onto your back 45 seconds of sit and punch let’s go really focusing drawing those ABS in your body find that point attention breathing out on the way up throw the punches two punches when you get there good stay strong you’re working now here the pain barrier work for it come on let’s go stay with me stay focused do three to pull one that’s sawdust let’s move into spit first of all we’ve got our wait 45 seconds of straight punches three two one let’s go you can do this without weight that’s fine you might do a little bit and then put them down you see that I’m drawing my arm back to my face I’m never letting them shoulders drop low then hands are staying up you’ve got 45 seconds here you can pick the speed up like this if you want to you feel that strain now on your shoulders yeah feeling that good good feeling breathe three two one put them down into mountain climbers three two one this is hard work drawing those abs in stay focused can you take a quick second like this reset go again that’s fine ah come on stay strong now stay focused here five four three two one Oh standing up left foot forward double knee hook 45 seconds let’s go one two hook one two one one oh good stuff cores got to be tight keep working now good stuff come on eat with me what Korres really driving that knee up in three two one coming down onto the mat place the heels together shoulders root retracted feel the stretch here is your recovery open those hips out is how we never got more seconds so we’re now going to stretch those hip flexors and pop my towel down on the floor here just around 15 seconds each side you can see weights on the front leg back leg here stretched out toes pointed down towards the floor not tucked under I’m just going to hold around 15 seconds on this side I stretch this on my hands this side so you can see me which is fine well as the other way get a nice kick length of stretch and change it over so now the weight goes on to the front leg it’s back and stretch here on this hip flexor again you can lift through this position you feel a release or like this area here it’s too tight keep the hand on the leg so we’ll just release through the hips we’ve released through the hip flexor this was your break pop the towel down quickly get some water if you need it we’re straight back into Burpee punches in three two one four three two one good which is a little slamming out for punches and strong in the core as you do the Buffy been grave with it 45 seconds it’s not a long time but these are tough working core strong come on here we go great one thirty seconds of push ups into position stay strong here I’ve got to focus I’ve got a really focus that core nice and engaged not the drop but it might get me those burpees already to take me 3 2 1 onto your back 45 seconds on the ABS 3 2 1 sit up and punch breathe in on the way down huh breathe out on the way up try and keep a smooth movement only to the punch is required find that point attention if you can why thanks Troy sparrowmon stuff haha keep walking through 45 seconds there we go there we go come go on fire in three two and one grabbing those weights for the straight punches in three two one here we go 45 seconds here down the pipe spit and sawdust here we go mean it this is sawdust that was spent coming up is stretch come on come on fill that in my shoulders now oh I don’t know one it’s good burn ah come on sweat dripping off of me old school real school real workout real people real results I’m feeling it I want that buzzer ha I need that buzzer three two AH one don’t try this at home coming down 30 seconds of mountain climbers ah I question myself and why I do this 3 2 1 let’s go 30 seconds here keep working now cause got to be really strong hands under the shoulders five four three two one right knee forwards double knee right hook three two one one two hook good one two hook reset yourself make sure you’re nice and straight use the core to drive that knee up and use the body to turn into that punch that’s good good a fight to stay healthy to be healthy to be confident be strong to feel good three two one ah and stretch heels together shoulders back and breathe feel we open up through the a doctor growing maybe little through the hip the back shoulders drawn three two one remember this is your rest this is your rest okay good hold in this position now if you can pick it up really fear mixer back wad opening facing front leg your hands on the side hands on the leg hands above all good changing sides stretch is nearly done moving into our next set spit coming up literally I admit there no I stand up quickly get some water okay set number two coming down we got double push up to stand you’ll get the drift in three two one let’s go one two and stand nice and tall good 45 seconds star down as you can it’s okay to moderate the push up not a problem go in stay with it now almost there strong stay focused come on huh onto your backs sit up and twist in 3 2 1 we sit and twist and we feel that ah in the oblique the muscle that sits between the rib cage and the hip bone keep working now come on be strong ah be focused thirty seconds of these keep working come in three two one we’re going to move now into a double up and down and plank you’ll see how we go in three two one so we come up you come up and we hold the plank be strong there and again up up and hold the plank and of course it’s absolutely fine not a problem at all come up come up and hold in three two one stand up grab onto your weights store sawdust hands here we can do a sky punch core strong three two one that’s good keep working now cause got to be really tight here really tight breathe strong body strong core you need to just give it second no problems get back to it again keep working core strong you can slow it down that’s fine the continuous punches are very hard I get that I feel that keep working now all the way up stay with it now three two one bobbing them down running punches let’s go 30 seconds here now breathe in deep working hard come on knees up as high as you can core again really strong 45 seconds after this of sprints and punches you’ll get the drift keep focus for now come on with me ah three two one we’ve got Sprint’s and punches five seconds of each let’s go three two one five four three two one there we go three two one each one has got to be your maximum effort that’s good at your own pace but everything’s as fast as you can do it here you go now ah court gotta be tight five four three two one down onto the mat we’re gonna move here into a cat stretch let the shoulders close together point tailbone up to the sky verse that so the open the scapula and push the tailbone under it’s good Oh blades drawing shoulder blades opening tailbone tucking remember this is your rest come into this position sit nice and tall tuck the calf in towards the fire the heel towards the glute sit up nice and tall open up through the hips stretch through the core this is your break breathe deep get some water in a second the changing sides be nice and tall here okay make sure you’re ready set number two you need some water now is the time to grab it hey spit and sawdust three two one let’s go one two stand proud coming down one two stand proud one very good stand proud ah Stamper hat remember you can go into knees push ups not a problem there almost there what’s your back sit up and twist three two one let’s go and a nice twist feel the obliques feeling strong now at that Drennen flow through your body feel the work 30 seconds of oblique torture it was a strong call three two one tough transition now onto the up and downs to plank okay in three two one we come up one two and hold that plank moderating plank is fine for plank is fine neither is better just take it to your own personal limits and up one two and hold ok ready 1 2 and hole staying strong in that plank position one hammer to grabbing on to those weights but as always it’s absolutely fine if you do it without the weights it is particularly tough get into position shoulder drive to the sky three two one let’s go core really strong remember it’s okay to slow this right down speed it right up or even bring the weights down everything’s fine I’m mixing it up a little bit big drive now last ten seconds come on big drive now yes I let’s paint oh there’s the lactic I need it I know why I started why did you start come on you’ve got this I know you have this push let’s work come on come on three two one running punches let’s go cause still tight arms extending out knees up high let’s do this we can do this I know we can let’s push come on huh let’s work drive it 30 seconds 30 seconds core tight core strong here we go three two one five seconds Prince five seconds punches as fast as you can let’s go fire it’s all approximate you can stay exactly with me but you can do your own little count in your head but you’ve got to give everything with each section five four three two one onto the mat coming down into the cat stretch shoulders hands under the shoulders look up tailbone to ceiling shoulders retracted and tailbone tucked under and protract the shoulders open them out very good and tuck under really push that bum up just that tailbone out and up towards the ceiling attract the shoulder blades lift the head and reverse very nice now coming down we’re going to place the right leg the right ankle up against the bum we’re going to be nice and tall through the back we feel the stretch here opening out the hips it’s a good position to move in to be proud in the way that you’re set we’re proud of the way you’ve worked out so far today but you know this is a one of the tough things with body project as we change over there as we hold ourselves to certain standards standards of form standards of muscle activation standards of fanatics and today is no different the downright dirty finale get some water quickly it’s so simple it’s spit and sawdust just like the rest of today 45 seconds of burpees 45 seconds punches 45 seconds of Sprint’s couldn’t be simpler easy wrong get ready oh why do I do this in three two one more so 45 seconds here be standing nice and proud he’s standing prowling and shoulders back as we stand keep breathing good be strong this work come on let’s push getting the blue monster beating these three two one Sprint’s actually punches hey let’s go you can be here you can be here you can be here doesn’t matter just keep punching as hard as you can punch something punch me come on hey core strong core strong fast fast down the pipe down the pipe 45 seconds here let’s work come on let’s push let’s push three Hey ah one Springs let’s go it’s a real race it’s a real race in the Olympics they drink four gold medals me and you we’re training for results and progress but training for health trained for a long life we’re training because we love the way it makes us feel improves every area of our life come on pick it up now pick it up and how work it ah dryer dry it come on finish line is there there’s the ticker tape four three two one ah ah come on less team body project oh that’s the way we do it right here a team body project if you know already with us come and join us www dot DB per deck and train with us train with a team of people that love health love training but do so in a way that includes everybody we’re in it together real workouts real people real results real stretches let’s get kicking those legs out oh that was a real deal today I loved it that’s actually a bit of a lie I love it now it’s finished there were moments while it was going on I wondered which mad person put that together Alex wasn’t Alex might have been involved a little bit both of us of course you guys giving us that great feedback telling us what you love telling us about the way that you like to Train skill as hamstrings ah nicely strange man good sweat stretch the quads very good never skip the stretch use it as that period to really really think about what you’ve achieved the splits all of us work out didn’t get its name for no reason we didn’t it’s not an arbitrary name it’s real they’re old school exercises exercises that I did when I was younger when I first go into training in boxing the classics they were they still work sprinting burpees punches basic yes effective you bet you put one foot behind stretch up through the carpet every workout I lose my little car stretching across the back and the outside you open through the chance Oh feels good feet nice and wide and let the body and you can stay there as long as you like you won’t it you deserve it give me a high five great job today guys see you soon.

Hey guys, this is Christine Khuri and today.We’re going to be doing a band workout. So what you’re going to need is you can either get a resistance band with handles or if you just have one of those. Normal bands that you see at the gym. That doesn’t have handles either one will work , so first. We’re going stretch. You can use your band take it overhead take it to the right.
To the left so little warm up of here in Beautiful, California.It’s about 100 degrees right now. So we’re already warm other side. It’s true. back and then bring it forward and then shoulder. And if you really want more shoulder you can open up the band. Wrap it up, and take all the way back and all the way forwardso just just get it moving and.
Then bring it back forward keep the band top and then just side to side.So there’s not a whole lot of cardio in this but if you want to add it feel free then bring the arms down. Just stretch side to side. I’m going to hold the right sidetake the arm up you can still keep the band in your hand andthen other side. Stretch it up. Bring it up again. Bring it behind you just give a little pull open the shoulders and the front open up the back and then one more timeand.
Then front okay, so right now.So we’re going to start with back. So a few back exercises in a plie squat. We’re going to run through this two times on the second time. I’ll add something to make it a little harder unless I melt so bring it down one. Two so you’re just going to stretch it right across your collar back. So I don’t want to see it behind your back.
I want to see it right to the Then if your band isn’t tight enough, so I don’t want any slack, and we’ll see that at all okay, have eight morejust pull and.Then the last one hold that low squat impulses for fifteen two three four five six seven eightnine, ten five four three two onenice, then you’re going to bring it down so no legs on this one this one’s going to come right across your belly and. You pull it down some of you might need to tighten the band to make it harder. So you can pull it down. So if I show you from the back you’re really flaring your back muscles here. So really squeezing the shoulder blades, so you got about ten More ten nine eight?seven six five four three. Two and again we pulse so one two threefour five six seven eight and less five four three two one then all together you’re going to pull high pull.
Local and you can add a squat onetwo.Three four five six seven make sure pulling at the bottom. Give me five morefour morethree two. Add one shake that out. Bring the feet together move we’re going to a side lunge with a chest pull so again make sure your band doesn’t do this like andyou’re going to lunge to the right low lunge and pull ever do 15 of these and. Then make sure you stop right here. Don’t let the band goes black in the middleout to the sideso get lower.
And again when we go through this again going to throw in a few things if you want to make it harder because I know that you’re dying to make it harder.This is really. Okay, alright, so lastfive four three two and one. Right check that out a little bit same left side so across the bra line onetwo. Three and I like to land on the ball of my foot, so I kind of bounce backand pull. Good then get a little lower as you get warmer. And out all right, so wait five more four more three more twoand , shake that your sheet.
Take the band off.I’m going to put on the ground three in two Rows, so. The more you step on the band. The the lighter it is so you want to kind of take up some slack on this band?So I’m going to step on a lot of it because my back muscles are pretty strong. So you want to step on a lot to get resistance left leg back hopefully won’t fall in the pool. Pull it in alright, so you’re 15 in this direction. Which is straight back elbow in and.
Again, if it’s too light, it’ll look like this just so you know and you won’t get any resistance.So keep it slack and make sure on it or you’ll take out an eyeball okay, so five morefour morethree two. And one and then you can add a rotation so you can add abdominals. I’m going to turn my elbow out. So up into the upper back now, and I’m going to rotate a little okay some 15 of these. That’s threefourfivesixseven eightnine. Ten so five more on this one four threetwo all so then you’re gonna change it to the other side again.
Make sure you take up some slack where else would be to like especially with your back muscles your back muscles are really strongso step back.Make sure you’re on it. Make you fall in the pool and pull So this is the one with the elbow is in not too much rotation pull. So that’s sixfive. Alright last five last fourthree. Two and then right into rotation I’ll go out and opentwothreefour. Five so make sure that elbow stays out.
Okay, last five give me five more four more three twoand.Bring it up. I like to do a little stretch between so again. Just like we did in the just over and back open up the shoulders, and then we’ll move into some chest work. So you can take the band behind you this time and what you’ll probably have do again is take up slack you have a really heavy band, and then just hang your handles right so again. We’re just do squats. We’re going to add a chest press just going to press onetwothree foursix.
Seven and even though we’re focusing on chest here.Make sure those squats. Look good right heels back last four threetwo. One and then you’re just going to hold I’m going to take up even more slack for this one one two three four five six seven eightnine ten maybe six more five more four more three two one bring it in and then add rotation. So we’re going to move it into pivot punches, so we have 20 of these to turn on the back foot. Okay, five six seven eight nine. Ten give me ten More ten nine eight seven six fivefour three.
Two one.Remember you can always wrap it up one more if you want make it a lot harder right?So let’s take it off. Let’s move into a little bit of tricep and app work. So I’m going to need you to wrap it up if your band is too long or too slack. So we’re going to make it nice and tight so tight right here. You’re going to make an x so, I’m going to pull the band like this. I’m going to sit into a low squat so watch my torso.
going to make my even tighter.So my arms are engaged right so it’s isometric here triceps are engaged, and I’m just going to twist, okay. We’re do 20 of these one twothreefour fivesixseven eight nine. Now notice at no point does my band look like this, okay?Alright last five five four threetwo. One so more side bending. I’m going to take it up here. I’m going to squat really low pull it and you side to side all right?So onetwo threefourfive sixseven eight you want to make it a little harder you can pull all the way down elbow, but my band is still tight, okay?I’m even pulling it little all right, so that’s fivefour threeand two you’re going to hold center.
Keep the back really tight.We’re going to work the triceps so back of the arms all that flabby stuff right somers comment even wearing tank tops all right. So just going to extend make sure this left arm stays really really strong all right. So we have 10 these 10 which is 15 2?34 567910 hold it tight and again. We have 15 on the left keep this right arm really strongso the right arm is actually still working so 15 on the left 2 34 and the important part is the full extension right so you’d rather have toned arms and flabby arms. So make sure you really extend through that left arm, right?so keep going. Last 543 21 all right bring it down.
So now we’re going to do one more tricep.You’re going to wrap this up a lock. And then you’re going to turn around I’m going to send it behind you and creep this other arm up Just like that, so there’s a lot of rope behind you this is my favorite one arm in. Keep the band tight and then extend so we do All right, so this is threefourfive sixseven eightnineten so if five more four morethree more. Two more and then you’re going to hold up the top impulses so just extension is just going to burn one twothree four five six seven eight nine ten five four three. Two one my God that really burns actually. All right, so second side wrap it up once again.
Just drop it behind your back snake the other arm up elbow in so make this elbow isn’t way over here again.Draw this in elbow in and extend onetwothree four fivesix seven eight nine. Ten so last five of the slow ones four. Three two hold it to the top and pulses one two three four five six seven eightnine, ten last five four three. Two one alright, so now you’re saying well Christine. What if I’m not flexible enough to get my arm?Behind my back, so you’ll have to skip forward to the yoga video that. I’m doing right.
All right, so let’s move it into some legsso first when you’re going to stand on the band.Right here hip limit little more than hip distance. Right and then you’re going to bring the handles up to the shoulders turn your palms out so squatting back. Are you 15 of these right? So that’s 2 3?4567910 Give me five more 5 4 3 and then we’re going to add a shoulder press we do two ways your band is really tight. You’ll go single arm. All right some of them are really tight not we go 12 34567 8 910 okay last holy crap my , okay?And it was hard bring your right foot in tell me on home. Oh, it’s not hard.
That was hard all right lunges, so you’re gonna step you’re Gonna put the band.Under the arch of your foot again. Make sure it’s really under there except snaps you’re gonna get hurtleft leg backbicep curls with a lunge, so onetwo doing fifteen threefourfivesix. Seven and on this one. We’re going to keep the arms in front of you straight up for five four three. Two one it off that oneput it on the other one make sure they’re even. And we’re going to change out the bicep curl, so this time we’re flare out to the side.
So it’ll be one this was a little flare twothreefourfivesixseven eightnineten last fivelast fourtwoone, shake that a little bit.So we’re into a little outer thigh a little glue. So going to step on the band. Not so worried how far apart your feet are on this one, and you need to cross them okay?So you try to do without crossing it’s not going to work then arms working. Draw it in hold it tight lean to the leftlift up the right leg so 15 reps Straight up Plus nowyou’re going to bring the leg behind you you’re going to angle it out you know push it glute look behind you 15 1 234 567 8 910 Last 5 4 3 21 that really burns to bring this home lean to the right the leg Straight out to the left so not behind you 1 2 34 56 7 8910 Last 5 4 3 21 all right so I know you’re super excited. We’re going to totally run through this workout again because I know you can’t wait to do that. So we always want to do sets movie 3 if you’re really bored, so we’re going to start from the beginning.
So gonna wrap that band up again.I’m going to add a few things to it a little bit different a little. Bit so we started with back muscles right so we started with like a lat pulldown. And then the first one we add our heels down second one. You’re going to balance So down and up one and you might not be able to go quite as fast with your heels lift it 45sixseveneightcall. Really squeeze those shoulder , so this is back fat right right underneath that bra line that really stubborn spot last two. One now hold that balance impulse one two three four five six seven eight nine.
Ten five four three two one down straight legs.This time we’re going to take it. High to low pulse all right, so we’re not going to be on our toes for this one’s a little hard to do that. But I’m going to have you sit here. And we go low one two three four five six seven eight nineten last five four threetwo one pulses here. So it’s just a small squeeze in this position three four five six seven eight nine. Ten five four three.
Two one.So it even lower. Super mean lift your heel up like inch the other heel up and we’re going to go high low fifteen times one. Two now pull the band pull four. Oh five six seven hold eight whole nine11 12 1314 15 and bring and shake it off zoom a little stretch back and forth all rightnow your favorite. Maybe it’s my favorite. Side lunge for the chest Bowl, so this one is not going to be up or down.
It’s going to come straight across the chest and the first set we came through with a side lunge in a pullsecond set I’m going to make it worse, so.I’m pull out. Press it pull out press it pull out. So neat under the band all right. That’s fivesix. So there’s a little pull a little pull little pull little inout fivefour threetwo and. One , shake that out.
I don’t think we need to do the left side today because that was so hard.We’ll do that tomorrow, okay?All right, so seconds hide in his heart bring it out and under out. We’re just doing right side training todaythree. Four but again notice where my knee is here all right pulldown pullpull pull again back back back back back back last four threetwo andone okay rows, so that’s the one where you’re going to place the on the floor. Step on it you want to take up a lot of slack back muscles are pretty strong. So right foot left arm get on there and row elbow in one. Two so you kind of what you’re doing we’ve already been this once so just really get in there and pull.
All right.So elbow in on this one pullpull so last fivefour threetwo. Hi, row of the twist so I don’t need to explain it. We already went through it once. Now really give me rotation and those are in the core fourfivesixseven eightnine, ten last five four threetwoone all Step on the other side. Take up a lot of slack. So it should be a lot man left on the other side ground your right foot elbow in on the first oneonetwothreefourfive sixsevennine10 so 5 here 5 432right a high roller twist no break like in the first round 12 so look at the torso twist you want to make it harder.
You can always really stir their hand, okay?You do that on both sides so breathe bring it in and the elbow stays out pullpull 54321Nice job, so chest Gonna pull this around.Take it behind you and then hold those handles. So that they don’t swing around here. All right. Take it wide. So the first one is. We’re going to do it turned in squat, so we were plie.
We were turned out before so now let’s turn in.Peter Straight Hips Back 1 23 4 5 6 7 8 910 Last right into punches, okay 1 2 34 we’re doing 20 of these 6 7 8 9 10 10 9 8 7 6 5 43 2pivot 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 910 Last 10 9 8 76 5 4 32 1Take offnice, so the quicker we go through it, then it sort of becomes Cardio right, so. Let’s move into a little bit of core a little bit of tricep side bending all right. So you kind of like that Little V shape in here?So side to side and also rotation you know make this really tight. I’m going to sit pull your abs in nice and tight all right. I’m going to make mine even tighter. Hold the arms, so the whole time from the back the arms are engaged triceps it so tightso the first one is just.
Literally a side then holding that fan type over one twothree four five six seven eight.Nine ten so rotate rotate rotate rotate rotate. You have four more four three. Two one so I’m going to change the second one you’re just going to hold the hands here sit really low onetwothree fourfive six seven nine. Ten elbow to knee don’t bend over eight more. Cut six five four three two. One bring it up.
All right, nice job.So a little bit of tricep back the arm. I’m going to bring it wide here hold it ground the left arm bend the right elbow onetwo three. Four so really squeeze five sixseven eight nineten last five four three. Two one. Around the right arm bend the left elbow twothreefourfivesixseven eight nineten last five four three. Two one now.
I’m sweating like a pighopefully.You are to put 200 degrees just so you know bring the right foot forward left foot back again. This is the one where you hang it behind. I explain too much because we already did that bring it up one two four five six seven nineten four five four three. Two right into pulses one two three four five six seven eight nine. Ten five four three two one. Let’s switch sides.
So wrap it up on the leftsend it your back grab it so grab it first and then extend so 15 slow 1 2 4 5seven eightnine.Ten we have five more fourthree two. One hold it up here and last fifteen pulses one two three four five six seven eightnine ten plus five four three two one IAwesome job so let’s get out of the arms a little bit get into the legs. Going to stand on the band a little more than hip width apart the band is actually keeping my thighs and knees open again. We’ve been through all so let’s just go right into it this time. We’ll do those single arms. So we’re just going to press up onetwo three do 20 of these threefourfivesixseven eight, ten last ten nine eight seven five four three.
Two one.Awesome, all right. Now outer thigh glute. You know cross these make sure you cross them bring them up. So is your second round here?We go to the side fifteen took one two three four five sixseven eight nine. Ten we have five four three. Two one.
I turn it to the back so it’s like again like four o’clock o’clock one o’clock one two.And this is really good for your gluts. It gets right in there lifts it up nice and high. Seven Eight nine, Ten Eleven Twelve Thirteen fourteenfifteen awesome alright shift a little bit to the right. Left leg out one we have 15 one twothree four five six seven eight nine. Ten five four three. Two one.
Bring it to the back squeeze the gluts and make sure it’s in butt one two three four five sixseven eight nineten last five last four three two onegreat job.Alright, you can always run through that again if you really want to or you just completely crazy, so let’s get a little stretch, right?Here again, just like we did in the beginning take it over. Take it over to the other side. Bring it down, and you flex the left foot if you want to just hold the band. Bring it back to the other side bring it down plus the right foot if you like. Bring the arms in take them behind you really light just stretch through the shoulder. So that tricep here andthen other side.
Bring it in.And release just give me a big inhale up. Grab the left wrist stretch it up and over to the side. Other side grab the right wrist draw it up. Look up rotate. Nice bring the hands behind you clasp them open the shoulders look up. Bring it in Shake it out one more just lift up inhale exhalebring it down and.
That that’s it for today.I hope you enjoy your band workout. Thank youyou. .

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