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Complete best ways to gain muscle mass guide updated for 2018. No outdated bro science BS. You can skip looking around and build REAL muscle with our online course. Pennies compared to a personal trainer and a lot more flexibile.

The people in the gym thought I was crazy doing 6 sets of 6 squats with 6 sets of 6 stiff leg dead lifts. The squat and dead lift, in particular help with the release of hormones such as testosterone and growth hormone which help increase strength, build muscle and decrease body fat levels. You name it, from super sets to super slow sets, from high intensity training to high volume training, I’ve tried them, and all with one purpose in mind, to find a better and more efficient weight training program to build muscle and strength. You simply cannot build muscle without getting strong first. That is, the training program must force your body, over time, to work harder and harder with each training session. However, what if I was to tell you that you can build more strength, build more muscle mass in your biceps while at the same time, boosting your overall torso strength and mass.

best ways to gain muscle mass

Too Skinny? Need To Gain Weight?

Is there just one most effective take a look at a few of the factors that you should know about when looking for the best way to gain very first thing that you absolutely must do if youre going to figure out the best way to gain weight is to take into account what your body type is. You absolutely must have a higher calorie diet if you want to build muscle mass. Additionally, since youll be performing so many compound lifts when doing a full body workout or an upper/lower set-up, youll also be releasing the greatest amount of anabolic hormones as further enhances your chances of seeing muscle size the full body workout along with the upper/lower split program allows for three to four days off in total each week to recover, which is more than the body part split you only grow if youre recovered, thats one element that cant be overlooked. So if youre a hardgainer, or ectomorph who wants to add muscle mass, you should NOT be following the same workout plan as an endomorph or a you should be using a customized weight gain program for that you will need an overloading stimulus to be in place (weight lifting), plenty of rest, and good nutrition for any size gains to top of that, other key elements that you want to seek out (as they will help you gain weight faster) are the use of compound exercises in the program, the use of heavier weights in the 5-10 rep range, and enough rest days off each week to prevent overtraining and allow full recovery to take you can get all of those things in order along with the higher calorie diet and appropriate macronutrient (carbohydrates, proteins, and fats) level, youll be well on your way to building the muscular body you a certified personal trainer and fitness model.

Your goal is to gain muscle mass fast. No one wants to get lost in the long journey of minor improvements and ambiguous change. Inherent and inescapable changes to our physiology make the process of building and maintaining lean muscle significantly more challenging after the age of 30 or so. This, along with waning metabolism, contributes to the flabby and saggy phenomenon known as dad bod. But worry not, there are plenty of ways to push rapid progress. Its certainly also true of muscle building.

To be honest, there really isnt a best way, but some approaches are better than others. To do this, we will need to increase mass, without adding body fat. The best way to do this is to lift with a high volume of sets and reps, while eating a modest amount of calories. If they were really trying to help people their message would be to train more. You can eat your way to a larger body, but a lot of that will be body fat instead of lean muscle. This is the best way to gain muscle if you want that muscle to look great on your physique

Best Ways To Gain Muscle Mass

And while exercise is key to building muscle mass, overall weight gain starts with a healthy plate. That’s equivalent to more than three whole chickens a day. One study following slim non-dieting volunteers found that people struggled to gain weight for genetic reasons no matter how much junk they filled their systems with. “Along with an increase in protein, carbohydrates are also necessary for increased muscle mass,” says personal fitness trainer Jason Gee of Personal Fitness Consulting in Toronto. This is why proper rest days and sleep is crucial for the development of muscle mass,” Gee says. When you’re doing squats, remember to keep your feet shoulder-width apart, toes pointed forward and torso upright. When you’re lifting, remember to keep your core tight and push up through your heels and legs

what’s up champ I’m Vince del Monte and in this video we’re going to discuss three tips that I recently used in my last eight week training cycle to achieve this photo here I post this on my Instagram here as you can see I made some really awesome gains and I’ll be honest my nutrition I wouldn’t even have given it a c minus but what I did do really well are these three training tips that we’re going to talk about here alright so if you’ve got at least twenty pounds that you could add to your frame if you’re someone who doesn’t know what their muscle fiber type is you’re going to want to watch this video all the way through and we’re going to teach you guys how to get better gains in the next eight weeks then you have in the past eight months and you’re going to do it without living in the gym without flooding your body with tons of mysterious and silly supplements and you’re going to do it without bone crushing workouts that aren’t designed for your body type just in case you’re new to this channel my name is Vince del Monte I’ve been here on I kid you not since 2008 a lot of the Fitness rs they call me the og the Original Gangster and you know one of the things I take pride in is being really focused on helping the skinny guy build muscle because that was my story I used to be skinny Vinnie I used to be that guy that I mean I couldn’t build muscle for the life of me and man I was you know embarrassed a lot in high school I still remember when the hottest girl in school her name was Paula she asked me to arm wrestle the captain of the football team and the guy literally like snapped no I would have won if I went that way he likes snap my arm right off and like it didn’t even look like he was trying and she said Vince you’d be way hotter if you had bigger arms that’s what she said to me and I kid you not like that has bugged me ever since high school so when people make jokes about my arms you’re bugging me because it’s a sensitive area and I know what it’s like to be scrawny so this channel has been dedicated to helping guys like you build muscle the drug free way without the nonsense you know we take pride in making gains without the gear we own our bodies you know we don’t rent our body here on this so with all that being said over the last 10 years they get a lot of questions on you know how to build muscle and it all comes in different shapes and forms a lot of guys say you know should i do compound or show you isolation exercises events some people say I’m should be doing a full body or should I be doing a split routine other people say should I be going really heavy or should I be going really light and the big thing that I’ve learned over all these years is those questions depend on one thing what’s that one thing what’s your muscle fiber type it depends on how you’re built it depends on your genetic code if you will all right we’re all built different ways I was built as a long distance runner if you put me under heavy weights I’m beat up for days and vice versa you put like a heavy guy or big guy like a football player on a high rep program he shrivels up and he makes no gains we have different genetic codes if you will muscle fiber types if you don’t know your muscle fiber type before you go any further in the video click the link right above me they’ll take you to a page where you can figure that out if you’re on your phone click the first link in the description and it’ll take you to a page again where you can figure out your muscle fiber type and then you’ll go to another page where it’ll teach you how to train for your fiber type because there’s some key strategies that will help you get more from the same amount of time you’re currently spending in the gym alright and that’s why sometimes you see two guys they both have they’re both going to the gym they’re both training hard they’re both eating the same one guys making gains and one guys not making gains I explained that to me well one guys training force fiber type and the other guys not it really comes down to that so okay I’m kind of diversity but this is very important stuff and I want to come back to the topic here I want to talk about three tips I use for my best gains in the last 8 week training cycle all right so let’s dig in here some cool information ok point number one or tip number one is to use lower volume and higher frequency to build your body alright so what I did in the last eight weeks you’re not going to believe how much volume I did or how little volume I did depending how you want to look at it but the way the program was laid out was this I’ll get to that in a second don’t look at that so we did upper lower upper lower upper lower so six training sessions per week three on the upper body three for the lower body however each training session only had me doing one two all out ballbusting go to Lugo tell you blow sets dorian yates style all out go to failure using max heavy loads but it was only one set it was one of the toughest training cycles in my life because I kid you not like 75% of the workout is just spent doing the warm up sets to get you ready to find that right load for the first work set and then you chase the volume or the rep number whatever the day whatever goal whatever the workout goal was for that day which I’ll get into in a tip number two but I’m what you want to understand is that all I did was wanted to all out sets per body part per workouts over the course of the week I did three to six total sets per body part that’s it most people do like three to six times like five exercises per body part and they’re not making gains so they’re doing like fifteen to thirty sets for one body part and they’re not growing well what’s that all about too much volume write this down if you’ve never heard this before you are what you can recover from and I think one of the reasons this training cycle worked really well for me is because I just went through a very stressful last eight weeks I wasn’t eating that great we’re selling our home and it’s not selling we’re moving to a new city we’ve got a lot of paperwork and all this crazy stuff with you know the bank and even the business has to move on I got two young kids life’s crazy right now yet I’m still training so I have to you know consider all those things so I think the lower volume and the higher frequency what it did was it helped me stay in anabolic mode because I’m stimulating muscle I’m recovering stimulating recovering so my body spends more time in growth mode as opposed to somebody’s doing too much volume not able to recover so the in catabolic mode all right it’s very very important all right so that was a training cycle for some of you guys wondering what he doing next training cycle actually taking a very similar approach because it’s it was so effective but we’re training up we’re changing the training split and I’ll get into that in probably a future video let’s move on to tip number two all right so the next tip is that your workouts have to be dedicated to different goals all right what we know is that there’s three mechanisms a muscle growth muscle damage mechanical tension and metabolic stress I call it DTS training all right so my program remember the split upper lower upper lower upper lower well each workout had a different goal so these two workouts were dedicated to tension another way to describe this is peak tension peak tension is a concept we haven’t talked about in the channel but here before and it basically means a maximal load it means a heavy ass weight so we want peak tension we want to recruit as many muscle fibers as possible so reunite might not be recruiting them for a long time where there’s a lot of fatigue and cell swelling but that’s not the goal the goal of this workout these were my heavy days by the way so I got my squad some of you guys would be like that’s not very impressive Vince but for me it was very good I got my squad up to 33 55 raw with 4 5 reps I got my bench incline bench press up to 255 we’re off or 5 reps and that was the most I’ve lifted in 10 years so for me those were personal bests and that’s what these two days were dedicated to these two days were dedicated to muscle damage and that’s when we did um mechanical advantage drop sets over the last couple weeks we’ve been uploading a lot of videos from the muscle camp in Las Vegas and we were showing you guys how to do this technique so I won’t jump into it here and then on the last two days of the week we did that was our stress workout and this was my first introduction to occlusion training some of you guys may have seen the vlog I was doing the occlusion training with blood flow blood flow restriction training with the occlusion wraps and it was awesome a lot of you guys probably noticed in my arms and arms have got bigger over the last eight weeks and I swear that stuff is legit all right I’ve seen some bodybuilders kind of mocking and think it’s a joke but I did it myself and I loved it and I’m still using it so anyways those were the stress stage so these days were dedicated to distinguish I want you guys to notice the difference here so we’d peak tension days and here we had peak stress days alright so we really focus on maximum stress so that’s where we focus on not just recruiting muscle fibers but fatiguing the muscle fibers crazy high rep sets at two sets of fifty with thirty seconds rest and like really crazy high reps drop sets also anything you can imagine that was this day okay and that was the structure of the workout alright so your your tip number two is that you’re hot your workouts need to have different goals if you want to have this all a laid out for you done for you you want to experience this yourself just invest in any of my paid programs we lay this out step by step there’s no guesswork this is all figured out so you can actually experience it and be like ah now I see why he does it like this alright take that muscle fiber type quiz I’ll put the link here on the screen again and after it’ll also tell you about my program no nonsense muscle building 2.0 which is also dedicated to Fredi shredding fat if that’s your goal and you’ll get a customized 18 week program to your muscle fiber type all right and you’ll see how this stuff is applied with different techniques alright that’s a cool thing right everyone keeps why people keep buying Vince’s programs because I teach you guys different techniques in every program alright and they’re organized in a very skillful way so it’s not like well can I just get this for free on bodybuilding. com no this is something I designed step by step it’s organized in a specific way you can find the concepts and the techniques but you won’t find them organized in a step by step plan because it’s it’s proprietary to what I created so um anyways go check it out if you’re looking for a program for 2017 last tip here we go the program was customized can you guys see that let’s use a different color marker to my muscle fiber type all right so a lot of you guys want to know about the sets you want to know about the Rex the rest periods the temple well those things were unique to how I’m built like I was saying at the start of the video you know if I try and lift like a power lifter you know if I’m like you know what this year’s the Year Vince just gets strongly into a powerlifting competition I’m wise enough now to know that that would be a horrible decision I would get beat up and that would probably take more for me than give back now does that mean that I don’t do any strength training no absolutely not however my rep range is when I go heavy are customized to me so maybe on clusters I might be doing sixes where a fast which guy might be doing doubles so you would have saying so we’re going to tweak the rep ranges to how the body is built and vice versa you know I’ve got a buddy I mean put him on the leg extension he’s a fast which guy is actually competitive power lifter and you want to do some hypertrophy stuff so we were training together and I’m like okay we’re gonna do a set of twelve and I kid you not this guy was like quivering he was quivering like jello on a set of twelve on the leg extension because he never you know he’s not built for doing those are high reps for him for me at 12 reps I’m like I’m just like I’m and I’m starting to feel my muscles high reps for me are like 30 35 reps that’s like a high rep set for a slow twitch guy before a fast twitch guy I mean he’s going to be like she’s a man the leg extension shaking oh holy crap 12 rep sets is going to crush them all right so that’s I can’t stress how essential that is and this is where the entire industry is heading guys I mean if you look at some of the top researchers I mean they’re all talking about the closer we can get our programs prescribed to our genetic predisposition the better results you’re going to get and the first thing is just to get in terms with how your body is built I used to fight again I said I like watch other videos of guys we’ve got more viewers than me I’d go on Instagram and I’d see these big guys wearing shirts you know who I’m talking about lift heavy and I’d be like crap you know to get more views I need to start lifting heavy I need to start you know wearing a weight belt and start doing all this powerlifting stuff so I can you know impress people with how strong I am and I tried that and I got beat up and I got hurt I actually got smaller I actually because it kept me out of the gym ICP I had to pay more money on therapy to get fixed up because I didn’t want to admit what my fiber type was and I didn’t want to make small tweaks to my programming so that I could work with my body sorry I could work on my body no I was saying it right so I could work with my body instead of on my body a lot of you guys are going to the gym you’re working on it but you’re not working with it you want to work with your body in 2017 or you want to work on it if you want to work with your body you need to know your muscle fiber type figure it out and then take the quiz I’ve already told you guys that if you’re still watch I don’t know why you’re still here but here’s your final call to action take that quiz do it right now you’ll be taken to a page that will teach you how and why you need to do this and then you’ll learn about a program if you like to invest a few bucks less than the price of going to the movies I know that’s a big investment but if you want to invest in yourself bet on yourself take a little risk and see what it’s like to have somebody designed something customized to you that I think you’re going to be really happy with your decision and I’d love to hear how your results are all right again if you’re on your phone you can’t click that link click the first link in the description I think that’s it hope those tips were helpful and we will talk to you guys soon be sure to like that vid let me know what you want to see in future videos and if you don’t do anything else today take that muscle fiber type quiz and we’ll see you on the next page. .

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