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Assuming that it didnt require any calories to do the work of building these thats only the small end of the theoretical number, because muscle is more metabolically active and has a high energy cost of building (no one can gain pure muscle either, you get other tissues/fat along with it..), when you look at the practical amount of food a person needs to eat to get a pound of muscle its probably more like 22003500 kcal in excess; With a great deal of that energy being lost during the process of youre doing everything right and eating a ton of extra food, lets say you eat 100500 extra kcal a day youre lucky to get a pound of extra weight a week, unless of course youre retaining water, which is a completely separate issue. Keep in mind that weight and lean weight are not the same just want to provide perspective because the reason people often struggle with weight gain is simply because they underestimate how many calories they burn in a day (Typically because of NEAT – Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) and/or completely underestimate how much food they actually You probably have to eat a lot more than you think, or youd gain the weight youre trying to gain, right? Keep that in mind, as you gain a pound here or there, you will actually need more to continue gaining more, it is not a static simplistic terms, you have to create a pretty big calorie surplus in order to gain weight, and to do so healthfully you want to minimize fat gain within the appropriate lot of people tend to do what bodybuilders might call bulking followed by cutting whereby you have generic attempts to gain weight, and then cut fat, rather than trying to build to exclusively muscle and other lean tissues preferentially over fat. Also what specific foods should I be do I decrease my fat percentage without reducing muscle can I gain muscle without using can I lose weight and gain muscle without much can I gain muscle on a low protein are a variety of scenarios already written about this topic, to a point where I don’t think it really needed to be asked (but especially not without any specifics on the people who ask these questions are not already hulks, so the simplest answer for you is to start strength training hard and eating a lot of high quality need to stimulate muscle growth with some kind of load, then use food to help it rebuild. Keep doing that over time and you’ll gain muscle.

best way gain muscle mass

What’s The Best Way To Gain Muscle For Me?

That really like your I have a question, as Im not sure where to start. Im getting about 130g of protein, but only about 55g of fat, and only 1500 calories throughout the day. do I lose body fat but still gain muscle and get big? Im 21 about 57 140lbs and dont really workout. So, I usually eat around 1,500-2,000 calories a day. I do strength training every other day and on the days I dont do strength training, I do cardio.

85% whey protein isolate plus fat-loss aiding stimulants. You have to eat a really good breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, with healthy snacks in between. 8g of protein per kilogram (kg) of body weight is sufficient to maintain muscle mass. 8g of protein per kg of body weight. 7 = 136) of protein daily to maintain existing muscle and achieve further muscle growth.

Here’s the truth: weight training is the best way to effectively build muscle mass, which in turn burns fat for you all day. If you’re really serious about muscle building, you down one third of your post workout shake prior to your weight lifting. About 40 minutes later, have another small snack, this time have 2-4 rice cakes and another half of a protein shake. Make sure you get some every time you eat.

I weight 200lbs and am 510 and have a 42 waist. at my age could I get to 180lbs and have a low body fat? Start by walking (treadmill, elliptical, street whatever makes you happy) at normal pace for 2 min then during the third min all out as fast as you can for either 1 min or until exhausted. Im 61 and have been lifting heavy for a couple years now. Back and hamstrings are and have always been tight. I am a single male so dont have much time or really the energy for working out since the job drains me so much. but have seen little muscle gain.

hey we’re back here with a very very important training lesson one that could be the very most important training lesson that you ever get and it’s something that we come across over the years time and time again that we see killing guys games and to set this up properly we want you to think about something for a second because every time that you go to the gym I guarantee you if it’s not today tomorrow maybe a week from now or maybe a week in the past you’ve come across more than one guy that lifts a lot of weight that looks very very strong because of the amount of weight that he’s lifting but yet his gains do not show it his gains are not indicative of the amount of weight that he’s lifting there might be a very very different looking guy that has a lot more muscle on him standing right beside him that’s lifting a lot less weight and we want to expose why that is for you today and give you the choice as to whether or not you want to be the guy that has the muscle or the guy that has the strength okay there’s they’re two different things they’re not 100% related okay and we’ll explain why and I think you’ll have a lot better understanding about how to train for muscle and how to train for strength you know pass it on to Aaron here to explain a few concepts to you so basically when you’re in the gym and your goal is to actually pack on a lot of size you want to stimulate the muscle so that means you want to be explosive keep tension on the muscle the entire time control the negative all the important key things they’re going to break down the muscle fibers and trigger muscular growth so the problem is all these guys just lifting heavy weight you’re using momentum momentum to actually move this way you need to let your muscles do all the work complement them so you’ve seen these guys or they’re slugging around you know twice as much weight as anybody else but they’re just swinging you know they’re balancing the weight doing things like this just you know train their ego rather than their muscles well the problem is these guys get further and further away from actually building any kind of muscle because any time they want to lower the weights to actually train test you put on sighs it’s a huge shot to their ego so the thing is is to start off now and if your goal is to pack on size take a step back and watch Oh Freddie the key in Theatre’s they’re going to show that you’re training with melania rather than using your muscles one of the key terms that we have to talk about here is time under tension okay meaning that the actual amount of tension and load that’s put on the muscle is the most important thing for actual muscle size if you had to choose one particular factor not the amount of weight that you’re moving the fact is is that you can make a lighter weight for instance a thirty five pound dumbbell feel a lot heavier to your muscle then a fifty pound dumbbell if you’re just swinging the fifty pound dumbbell your muscle doesn’t know the number that’s on the dumbbell your muscle only knows the stress that it’s under so there are a lot of tips that we can go over with you here that is going to help you choose the correct weight and help you understand that you’re working the muscle property to trigger growth okay just as Kyle said you want to make sure that your first indication is that you’re engaging the muscle first to make sure it’s firing properly and that the main focus is all on that muscle so in regards to what muscle you’re doing make sure that’s the one that’s the focus and you’re engaging it first second indication is making sure that you can control the negative if you can’t control the weight on the way down it’s too heavy you know basically using momentum to control the weight instead of your muscles so you always want to make sure that you can control the negative one great tip that I usually give to all my clients is making sure that during the negative they’ll do a one or two second count that’s to ensure that they’re using their muscles to control the way the entire time so the third indication that you’re working the targeted muscle group properly and that you’ve engaged it from the start that you’ve chosen the right weight is after your set you need to evaluate the all revered muscle pump okay you need to understand that the muscle pump okay is an indication that adequate and sufficient blood flow is entered that working muscle to help trigger growth if at the end of for instance a working set of bicep curls like we have here or triceps if you’re doing arms or whatever and you’re done you’re set and you don’t feel that muscle engorged with blood and you don’t feel skin stretching as you’re moving your actual arms like that you know you haven’t engaged I don’t care if you have two plates of 45 on either end if you don’t feel that to the set you’re not triggering maximum growth it doesn’t matter how strong you are that’s why some guys look very very skinny that lift a lot of weight where as a guy you know that maybe lifting 30% less looks bigger fuller and more muscular that’s also the reason why certain power lifters look the way they do when they’re throwing up tons and tons of weight but their results don’t indicate that amount of weight so there is a conscious decision that you have to make at a certain time in your training career whether or not you want to train for physical muscular development and size or if you’re going to be one of those guys that is completely concentrating on strength there is a there is a combination in there and yes muscle size does help with strength but they’re not 100% related so you do have to be conscious of that and you do kind of have to make that decision for yourself if your overall look and your overall size is more important than the number on the barbell if it is then these are tips that are really really going to help you get to that goal that you’re after so as an example Kyle’s gonna be doing barbell curls here now his goal here is to put on size so he’s going to be choosing a weight that’s going to put the maximal load and force those muscles to grow the appropriate stimulation on the muscle of Kyle could easily do you know two 45s on each on each side but that’s not going to stimulate growth he’s choosing a weight that’s going to put the maximal load and you can see them here applying all the three tips that we just gave you awesome I hope you apply these three tips and I hope these three tips are very very useful for you because you have to use them if in fact you want to reach your maximum physical development goals if you know you so choose that strength is the most important thing that’s cool too but at least now you have the choice and you know exactly how to go after what you want cool hope that helped.

yo what’s going on guys crisp on here power training TV everything power related I just had a couple my football players in here and I’ve been getting a lot of questions from you young athletes talking about how to gain weight properly as you know I did it and I’d retain some fat from the combine trout I had but I have a special guest actually for you a guy that I really want to share with you who’s got he best tips for you so without further ado mr.Kali muscle here he’s gonna share with you yeah so yeah weight gain for athletes I had a problem because I was 99 pounds my freshman year of high school I went out for my football team they you know felt sorry for me so they said I could be a part of t get a uniform but I didn’t play a single down the whole season because the coach said I needed to get at least up to 100 pounds so after the football season my ego was bruised I just had to my state of a beast at that point like I knew my heart was there but they didn’t give me the opportunity to prove it so what I did was I started reading on how to gain weight I read every magazine book I could so what came to fruition was I wasn’t eating enough calories you know and especially doing all the training I was doing I wasn’t getting enough calories so I had to start and not only that I didn’t have a good appetite I wasn’t hungry like I was used to the three times a day you know eaten program and that wasn’t sufficient so what I did was I had to start force feeding myself and once I started doing that I was taking in a lot of dairy fat foods things of that nature when you have a fast metabolism you could get away with that type eating you know if you have a slower metabolism you want to get it in cleaner like you know the yams rise and your meats and keep your sodium level load and so in 90 days of me force feeding myself up putting on 40 pounds of muscle you know it was kind of like nobody could believe it but I mean I was a key and so my hormones was high and I was just eating whatever I could you know I mean I would eat until I get nauseated as well as water I learnt that I wasn’t drinking enough water so if you got driven enough water your muscles are staying deflated and so when you hydrate your muscles they expand and you weigh more and you look bigger you feel stronger every day so my advice is Upton calories you know if you don’t feel hungry but you look and you like I got to put on some weight go get you a hamburger or a doughnut is up so that right there is the information on the lifetime yeah you guys have man this guy’s no joke he played football Fresno this guy knows what he’s doing he was laying the wood back then yeah ladies laying a hat on people a strong safety switch over to focus on Saturday yeah running back so there you have check it out try it out crisp owner power training TV. .

what’s up champ I’m Vince del Monte and we’ve got a brand new video here for you it’s called how to build muscle for woman and in this video with the help of margarita and Erica we are going to bust some big female fitness myths they’re going to help me because they are both Fitness competitors they have heard a lot of silly things being said in this Fitness world and not to blame anyone not that you know it’s their fault there’s a lot of bad information out there but this video isn’t just for the females either this is for the men as well so what is the word on the street when it comes to building the female body building muscle what are some of the things that you guys hear over and over again and by the way before we get into those myths who are you where you’re from and look what are you working on these days I’m margarita I’m from Toronto and I am a Canadian national fitness competitor I’m headed to internationals again in eight weeks I’ve been a competitive dancer my entire life so I do compete in the category called fitness where you’re judged by not only your team but your physique as well and I own a women’s boot camp hourglass workout Etobicoke so I’ve been in the fitness industry for a pretty long time cool my name is Erica I’m also a personal trainer and a group instructor at the hourglass workout I just competed in a regional show qualified for provincials hopefully tackle that next year until then just continue training sweet so I just want to give you guys some context to the questions we’re working on a top secret project we can’t tell you it’s coming out very soon that we were filming today and we thought hey before we go home let’s film some great value for you guys so myth number one what do you think definitely ask to grass spots apparently if you’re not getting your bum Alona you’re not doing a proper spot I love that one because that’s the whole myth of that you have to go through a certain range of motion to do something properly which is a load of BS the only people that need to do an exercise a certain way are power lifters who are subjected to a set of rules by a sport the rest of us who have nothing to do with that sport we can do anything we want we can break all the rules our range of motion your range of motion in the gym has to be dictated by what you can control what you can contract and what you want to get out of the exercise isn’t that a fascinating thing what do you want to get out of the exercise there’s a lot of ways to contract the glutes with squats that don’t require going ass to grass so that’s your first lesson you got to write that down range of motion is subjective to what your goals are and what you want to get out of the exercise and the first thing you ask before you do the exercise is this what is my goal what do I want to get out of that and that will then dictate what range of motion you go into and it might not be what somebody you know says oh he’s not going through a full range of motion who cares if he’s not in powerlifting it doesn’t matter what’s the next one guys we’re saving the best one for last what’s the second one though are a lot of women tend to think that just by hitting the exercise you’ll build that muscle without taking into things such as form contraction and stuff awesome so because the squats such a big exercise in the female community let’s pick on the squat a bit more so a lot of people think that the squaw is going to build a better button and what we’ve learned today what you guys haven’t seen you’ll see soon is that the squat can really be manipulated for a lot of different things the squat depending on me angle and trunk angle can be manipulated for a quad exercise based on what’s happening at the hip we can really manipulate it and turn it into a butt exercise so so what we have to understand is that exercise doesn’t do something to us we do something to exercise a true understanding of exercises that you need to modify it to your body to your contract eye abilities into what you can control does that make sense so there’s nothing magical about any exercise in the gym the names that you hear in the gym squats deadlifts some random dude gave those names to those exercises decades ago and we’ve just associated certain benefits with those things which is BS we can manipulate exercise to get what we get what we want and that’s a really key consideration does that make sense margarita got another one yes apparently you have to go heavy to build a butt or other body parts which is not necessarily true you want to look for the contraction in the muscle because that’s really where you’re going to get the benefit and it doesn’t have to come from a heavyweight I love that so heavier is better is heavier better well let’s look at what the research says when it comes to the physiology of building muscle there’s actually been research done on this and there’s three mechanisms to muscle growth so three things that we can do in the gym based on the reps we do the sets the rest periods the tempo that will the range of motion we go into that will dictate whether you create an environment for muscle growth and those things are mechanical tension which is heavier lifting moving heavier loads into our muscles the second one is metabolic stress and that’s when we do higher reps shorter rest periods the good old fashioned pump you know that’s when we chase the pump and that’s when we create a lot of cells swelling and the muscle burns and you got that lactic acids and like oh my god that’s killing that burns that’s cell swelling and then there’s a third one which a lot of people don’t know and that’s muscle damage and muscle damage is when you overload the length and position of a movement and that can really make you sore a lot of people say wow I’m sore today it’s probably because you incorporate a lot of muscle damage stuff so the myth is that you have to go heavy to build muscle you can build muscle don’t get me wrong by going heavier if it’s being directed into the working muscle the problem as you suggested with lifting heavier is that the brain always chases the path of least resistance so as soon as your brain looks at something it’s like okay it immediately tries to find a way to disperse the load through your entire body it doesn’t care about you getting a better but it doesn’t care about what your hamstrings look like in a bikini it cares about just getting that thing off the floor without hurting yourself so to disperse the load everywhere through your body maybe it’ll go everywhere but the body part you’re trying to work so sometimes going heavier can take away from building that awesome and sexy body you’re trying to build does that make sense so it’s all about quality not quantity all right start with quality if you can’t feel it you’re not engaging it what’s another big myth I feel like a lot of girls think that doing excessive amounts of cardio it’s a cardio five times a week starting off at an hour is one of the better ways till now hmm so what do they do after they’ve maxed out five times a week go to six or seven there’s eight other thing you don’t want to get up that high right right you benefit more off of climbing at a slower steady pace so you can make your progress here once you’re here you make your progress again here it’s better to go up then little steps you have one big jump where you stress your body out and then you might not necessarily lose the weight that you intended to so the that’s an awesome that’s an awesome point I fully agree and the way you want to approach adding cardio to your regime is the same way you would approach getting a suntan if you wanted to get a Sun Tan weight and you hadn’t been out in the Sun all winter would you have to go out there for hack for an hour the first time to get some form of response no you get what’s called a sunburn alright you’re going to get a sunburn you’re going to look awful what you would do is you go into the Sun for five minutes and you get the benefit from just that minimum effective dose and then you’d come back next week and you maybe go to ten minutes and then the week after you maybe you go to 15 minutes so the equivalent of that is to do exactly what margarita said you’re going to add cardio but you’re going to start with the minimum effective dose you’re going to take as many steps as possible or else what you’re going to do is back yourself into a corner you’ll get benefits for a week and then the only way to go to lose more weight with more cardio is to strip muscle mass off cardio is very catabolic and your best friend is muscle all right so anything that’s anti muscle is your worst enemy you know those girls that can go on vacation and they can eat whatever they want for seven days and then they come back looking just as good as when they left what do those girls look like when they leave they’re typically muscular they’ve got muscle on their body that’s working in favor for them they don’t strip all their muscle off so you’ve got to protect your muscle you’ve got to avoid cardio and you just do in the minimum effective dose so you start with the day a week then you maybe go to two times per week but you’re trying to get to your end goal with as little cardio as possible does that make sense and I also think that cardio should be exactly how you said it’s different for everyone it’s not necessarily a one subscription sure for everyone I mean I might be starting off at a certain number Erica might be better suited at another amount of cardio so it’s very individual and you should never go with what everyone tells you to just go hammer out an hour it’s not going to work you’re going to get better results working really hard for five minutes to begin and then building it up to six minutes and then to seven minutes focus on getting more from less avoid junk avoid quantity focus on quality the more you can get towards quality the better your hormones are going to work as well and the better lifestyle you’re going to have as well so yeah always focus on the side of quality and only increase the quantity if you can maintain that it might start off with yeah there’s a lot of different shapes and forms we’ll save that for another video but that’s great do we miss anything I think we’ve covered a lot thank you guys so much for watching if you enjoyed that video be sure to give it a big like we really appreciate that and if you’re looking for a way to customize your workouts to your body type then click the annotation above me it’s going to take you to a page where you can determine what your muscle fiber type is which is the key to working with your genetics instead of against your genetics this applies to men and female equally alright once you defer once you figure out once you define once you figure out what your muscle fiber type is you’ll be taken to a video that will teach you how to train for your muscle fiber type because we didn’t get into that kind of stuff in our in our video here today and that will start teaching you how to manipulate what you’re doing in the gym in terms of reps and sets and all those details if you’re watching this video in your mobile you’re Clint can click that link click the first link in the description box below and you can take the quiz as well alright if you haven’t subscribed to the channel yet click that link right over here and you’ll be first in line when I upload videos next thank you so much we’ll see you next time.

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