Best Diet To Lose Weight And Gain Muscle

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So people just measure weight and assume that if they lose weight, its because theyre losing fat. but either way, all signs point to a Paleo approach with high-quality animal protein at every meal. Most of the subjects lost around 20% of their weight as lean mass and 80% as fat mass regardless of which diet they were on. The exercise and non-exercise groups lost basically the same amount of weight but the exercise group lost more fat and less lean mass. Exercise almost never affects weight without diet changes. If youre going to turn on the engine and start going 60mph, you better have a steering wheel to make sure youre going where you want to go.

best diet to lose weight and gain muscle

Another Tool To Lose Fat: Exercise

No reproduction, transmission or display is permitted without the written permissions of Rodale Inc. About Us. 5 hours per night, despite the fact that they followed the same diet and workout plan. In short, more sleep = less calories in your mouth and less fat on your body. Tackle this sequence three times per week and increase the weight and sets to keep making progress as you get stronger, he says. That means its very likely that you’re losing fat while gaining muscle, so dont stress, says Shore. For this, you’ll spend 20 seconds doing an intense exercise, like burpees, followed by 10 seconds rest.

Therefore, if you want to get lean, your first objective should be to build lean muscle. However, if your currently on a training program it would work to increase your daily caloric intake by 15-to-20 per cent. Another great time to do cardio is after an intense weight-training workout lasting at least 45 minutes. To change your body you have to make it a priority to eat your meals and to train. Eating and training cannot be an after-thought – they have to be a daily priority.

Follow them and you’ll consume between 2,400 and 2,800 calories every day. A high-protein diet makes you feel full longer and keeps your belly flat, whereas eating too many carbohydrates makes you feel bloated. You don’t need to cut out fat altogether – you’ll feel deprived. This is an excerpt from Men’s Health Best Turn Fat into Muscle (Rodale, 7.

best diet to lose weight and gain muscle

9 Ways To Lose Fat And Keep Muscle

Certain foods can actually help burn through fat and build muscle, making weight loss and muscle growth easier than ever. Choosing the right foods throughout the day will accelerate your progress and help you make the most of your workout routine. A bowl of oatmeal with almonds, strawberries and vanilla protein powder, a protein smoothie made with skim milk, frozen fruit, protein powder and yogurt, or an omelet with eggs, cheese and vegetables offers plenty of fat-burning power foods to kick-start your metabolism. If you work out first thing in the morning, try a banana with peanut butter or half a protein bar pre-workout, followed by breakfast after your workout. Try a whole-grain wrap with turkey or chicken, fresh vegetables, avocado and hummus, or keep it vegetarian with a veggie burger, tempeh or beans in place of meat. Round out the meal with a side of baby carrots or fruit dipped in almond butter. If you go out to lunch with colleagues, look for salads with lean protein sources such as grilled chicken and ask for dressing on the side, or opt for a sandwich on whole-grain bread and substitute vegetables or a baked sweet potato for fries.

Muscle Fuel Lose belly fat and build muscle with this quick six-pack diet Use this eating plan to double your fat loss without missing any muscle-building nutrients By Alex Harris Posted on 22, 2016 with vitamins, greens will balance out your hormones and transfer protein right where it’s asparagus handfuls handfuls bed500ml greens drink (Green Vibrance Powder, 25.75 from compensate for the calorie deficit you’re creating, you need a lot of protein. Split it across the day and aim for 1g per 0.5kg of your bodyweight. Below is a breakdown for the average 80kg boiled chicken rump steak1 handful kidney time1 protein protein: doesn’t actually make you fat. Refined carbs are to blame for the podge around your middle. Healthy fats fuel your training, encourage muscle growth and, crucially, teach your body to burn fat for handful cashews1 tsp coconut 1/2 handful bed1 tbsp almond fats: you need to cut back on these to build six-pack abs, but most of the carbs you do put away you’ll eat before bed.

what’s up homies I got to have your coffee in the morning today’s Sunday and Sunday’s the day I do meal prep now I’m just gonna say I’m not a food guru or a chef or anything like that I’m just a dude who knows how to cook some shit and it works for me and what I do might work for you so let’s check it out okay so we have three pounds of chicken breast about four pounds of white potatoes I think those are called white potatoes I don’t really know and we have some mixed veggies peppers of every color green and yellow squash an onion oh shit I forgot the mushrooms and some mushrooms those are already sliced and I always like to start by thoroughly washing the foods that I get at the grocery store because I don’t know where it’s been it could have been in a number of places I don’t even want to think about it I just watch it before I eat it I wash it before I cook it then I eat it I hate these fucking stickers man as always they always put these fucking stickers all over the shit I up peel them off and then sometimes I end up peeling off some of the actual food got damn it you don’t need to put stickers on every piece of fucking food all right I think all that shit’s pretty clean let’s move on okay so I start by slicing up all the veggies and I make sure I cut that shit up evenly you don’t want some pieces that are too skinny or some pieces are too fat because I want some of it cook too much and some of the won’t cook enough so cut that shit nice and even and I used half an onion and I sliced that shit up and that damn it this makes that shit up a little bit keep forgetting the fucking mushrooms fill this thing up with water I’m gonna boil the potatoes preheat the oven to 450 lay down some aluminum foil spray it with some Pam lay down those chicken breasts and just salt it you know you can season it I just salt it okay oven still preheating chickens ready to go in the oven once that shit’s hot enough water’s boiling gonna dump the potatoes in there soon and I’ve cut up a little bit too many vegetables so I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to cook them all at once I think I’m gonna have to do half of it and do the other half later I spray this thing I put the vegetables in there on a low medium heat spray it a little more salt pepper and I just stir that shit up a little I dump the potatoes in here you could actually put the potatoes in before the shit boils the ovens at 450 so I’m gonna pop the chicken in there and I’d do it for 17 minutes it turns out perfect but your oven might be a little different so you gotta figure it out it works for me the vegetables are cooked in there looking pretty good be covered up with a pan helps to cook a little faster tailors are boiling that’s good got about seven minutes left on that chicken and dumped out those veggies do another do the rest of the veggies now yeah that’s gonna be good the chickens done I I take a take that shit out and set it down and just just let them chill you know just let the limit chill the potatoes are done you know when the potatoes are done when the fork goes right through it pour that hot water out and dump that shit at me dump the rest of the veggies in there and then I like to cut my chicken up I cut it up in the world pieces and there we go there’s all my shit and then I’d like to put everything in a separate container so I just I have a meal you know and I’m making six meals right now making seven ounces of chicken breast about 250 grams of potatoes and about 150 grams of vegetables you could split it up however you want but there we go looks good and just put the lid on there put it in the fridge alright guys that’s it thank you for watching I hope this video helps you out and gives you some ideas when you’re making food might seem kind of time consuming to do this but it actually ends up saving you time so you don’t have to think about or worry about what you’re going to eat for lunch or dinner so I have all those meals and I feel pretty good so thanks again for watching please give this video a thumbs up if you liked it follow me on Instagram grow your meat I post pictures and videos daily and I will see you in the next video you.

what’s up guys and welcome to a video that I think need to be made to help some of you guys who are just starting out in the gym others who maybe hit some plateaus and some that just have questions they never quite got the answers to timelines let’s cover this out of the bat this is one of the most important things that you can set from mental positivity whether you’re gaining or cutting townlands are really important for understanding realistic goal setting that you’re going to have to give yourself so I’ll be able to monitor correctly and not become disheartened then give up which is often the case because people think that too much is going to happen in too short of a time cutting whenever you’re going to start to cut whenever you want to lose fat you are not looking at eight to ten weeks and know you’re gonna see a lot of videos on this but a lot of the time what you’re seeing is people dropping back into a cuts after already being in a cutting phase and only being out of it a short time and that is basically just a recon phase that’s what you saw you see recently my six weeks read that I did which people who only watch that video didn’t quite understand if you watch the series prior to it you included all the beginning this is me coming back into a cut as we were going to Vegas and I just come out I’ve been out of a diet phase where I’ve done a good 20 week diet prior to it I’d only been out four or five weeks now showing how quickly the body could drop back in and what you could achieve in a short time when necessary starting point of not being in a cut and from being in a gain or a maintenance you’re gonna need to set yourself sixteen weeks on average is a really great timeline but a lot of people will put that to 20 weeks now I know that sounds a long time but again you are looking for small changes week to week which is why you need that timeline creating large changes in a short amount of time means that your body is not optimizing what it could be doing if you’re dropping a lot of weight quickly it is not going to be for fat a high percentage that is gonna be water and lean body mass the easiest things for your bodies to drop quickly rather than the fat so by giving yourself a longer time not only do you allow your body to stay consistent for much longer and achieve a better result at the end secondly you allow yourself to maintain a high level of food and only adjust that very slightly over time which helps maintain a higher metabolic activity this is crucially important in having a successful cut and then being able to go into a gaining phase afterwards about negative rebound people who drop calories excessively from the beginning are going to plateau their body they’re going to have very limited results and they’re going to have a very bad rebound effect after which when they come out which often leaves them looking worse than when they first started gaining trying to put on muscle mass a lot of people again look at much much too short a time lapse for this cutting is easy and compared to gaining when you’re gaining you are looking not at 10 to 12 weeks you’re looking 10 to 12 months if not longer the reason for this is the body can only put on a certain amount of lean body mass in a monthly period and we are looking for a maximum of kind of two pounds weight gain a month to maintain putting on good lean body mass without fat so to do a decent progressional change from one stage to another you’re going to have to set yourself months and months not weeks it is really important than the standards when going to a gaining phase and also important to understand that you’re only looking for small changes over time so you’re not obsessing and looking at yourself day to day in the mirror like you made you with a cup because those changes are more noticeable over a shorter amount of time with the gains it’s going to be 12 months not 12 weeks nutrition the number one thing that you need to get right in order to change your body composition whether you are not training or training nutrition is still the number one go to factor the first point of call that you should be looking at so many people start looking at weird training methods supplements pills and all this nonsense before they even understand that they’re taken in day to day this is the most crucial factor in any goal set that you put yourself on food is fuel for the body without the correct fuel the body cannot go where you want it to go this means that you need to be eating a balanced day to day diet that you have control over and it needs to be at the levels required for your lifestyle activity levels age and goal sets without having a consistent day to day knowledge of what’s going into your body you do not have control it is a simple fact I’m not happiness you’re going to have variations and your weight you can have variations in the way you look and you’re not going to be able to sustain an affective progressional result week to week month to month year here what’s going to happen is you’re going to get some positives and negatives positives and negatives and what your end up doing is plateauing out you need nutritional control if you’re going to reach the goals that you’ve set yourself once you set those goals it’s important to understand there’s a lot of myths and a lot of nonsense out there and the main one I want to get out the way today muscle can turn to fat nonsence that’s like saying steak or chicken could turn to butter hell no fat macros let’s talk about the all mighty or knowledgeable macros macros is not the name of a diet macros is a shortened term from macro nutrients macro nutrients are the three major nutrients you take into your body from your food and they are proteins carbohydrates and fats there is also alcohol which is its own separate macronutrient but we’re not going to talk about that today macros and counting macros is not about eating pop tarts sweets and crappy food it is about controlling the food that you take into your body each day and having control of the levels of the food that you are taking in that food can be from whatever source you choose it does not have to be some crazy marshmallow pop tart chicken mix it they would just featured in a lot of people’s diets to prove that you could have fun foods within a diet still enjoy your food and reach your goals that was the only reason they were put in there and that is still a fad a proven fact if you meet your macronutrient targets alongside your micronutrient argit’s for health you can have any of the foods in there that would normally not be allowed within a diet the reason those foods are deemed inaccessible or not allowed within certain diets is because they are high in fat foods they contain a high volume of calories in a very small portion size and that means that people can go wrong with those foods very quickly and overshoot their caloric requirements without really knowing about it and that’s why those foods are removed not but you can’t have them but the fact that most people cannot control them by counting macros by counting calories you are able to control the food that’s going in now if you’ve count calories but don’t believe in macros understand this calorie counting is a remedial form of macro counting macro counting is a more defined way of counting calories your macros are derived from your calorie requirements if you’re hitting your macros you’re hitting your calories you can’t do one without the other if you hit your macros you get D calories if you’re hitting calories if you’re not monitoring your macros then you’re hitting your calories through some random variation of macros but you can’t eat it deadly on one on the same thing macros is just a better breakdown and allows you to control where certain amount calories go in terms of protein carbohydrates or fats so for those of you that find that you’re unable to hit your calories yet you fit your macros understand the whatever platform you’re using to monitor your food is likely they are not counting fiber in the calorie count so just double check that but the rule is you can’t eat your macros without hitting your calories cannot be done impossible so it’s very important to understand that you can hit your macronutrient targets utilizing clean foods or not clean foods in a healthy mix obviously we’re looking for a balance in whatever you do you’re looking to balance a healthy lifestyle and that means a healthy balance of everything if you’re an extreme clean eaten if you don’t touch refined sugars bread dairy gluten all these things you yourself are just the other level of extreme to somebody who might binge on just processed foods and sugars and other things deemed not allowed or dirty by being ultimately extreme in terms of all needs in chicken rice and broccoli etc you are no better than people that fill their macca nutrient targets with refined Goods and processed foods they’re equally bad and the point is to come together in the middle and find a happy medium you want to be hitting your micronutrient targets alongside Whole Foods and then also topping off those macros with whatever you would like to eat as long as you’ve hit your macronutrients and you machinations hit have by the end of the day you will achieve a positive healthy result back meal frequency do you have to eat every two hours or all your muscle will be lost no please understand a lot of time that you see guys who are following macros and seem to be still eating four to six meals a day it is not because the four six meals is more beneficial eating two or three meals it’s simple to the fact that other people don’t like having three huge meals and if you have high macronutrient targets chances are those three meals are gonna have to be pretty darn big to hit them so they tend to be broken down into four or five meals because it’s just more enjoyable to eat smaller portions allows the stem to gesture more easily you don’t feel as bloated and obviously being able to have more meals a day you tend to keep hunger away and be more satisfied but if you have to miss a time you would normally have a meal it does not matter there is no set requirement the times you have to hit your meal as long as your targets are hit by the end of the day and it is hit in a manner that is enjoyable for you and doesn’t cause you discomfort and isn’t excessive in terms of you just hitting everything within a three hour period it’s absolutely fine do not panic if you go from nine o’clock in the morning and can’t eat until three o’clock in the afternoon because of work commitments family commitments or travel it really will not matter other than feeling hungry the moment you start eating as long as you keep eating from there to hit your targets by the end of the day you are fine do not panic you can’t destroy in a day what was built in months and years salt can you add salt to food flavorings herbs spices of course you can salt yes it’s deemed unhealthy in excessive amounts again guys it’s only unhealthy if it’s done to an abundance where the body doesn’t need it taking salt in in excessive amounts in a single day will lead you looking a little bit bloated why because it causes a water overload is an acute reaction not a permanent reaction and no effect on long term results simply keeping the body hydrated fluid moving through the body through the day your body will regulate your body is a very sophisticated smart machine and it will always maintained a homeostatic balance for the best of its ability simply give the body the water it needs and it will regulate taking the salt that you like within your diet put those spices and put those herbs in and enjoy your food dancing and gaining or cutting and gaining let’s talk about these two factors because you’re going to be inborn malicious acid maintenance if you are doing a cut understand cutting is not about starvation it is not about sacrificing to win the goal of cutting is to feed the body as much food as you can while still maintaining consistent weight loss week to week do not starve yourself do not emaciate yourself this is not successful what it results in is a lower metabolic activity level and a very bad rebound you can end up looking worse after when you bring through backing then probably when you started the goal of a cut is to supply the body with the highest magnitude targets that you can while still dropping weight now you can cause a calorific deficit by either reducing food down until you see the weight loss required or upping activity levels through cardio or upping the volume of your training those are two methods that you can utilize there will be a point where you will have to probably bring food down unless you do excessive cardio which is probably not healthy again because you’re going to not allow the central nervous system to recover probably for the amount of cardio you would have to be doing to keep food at maintenance level but you do not want to drop food and do excessive cardio all at the same time you can give your body nowhere to go and you’re gonna plateau out your body is a smart machine like I said before it’s going to maintain homeostatic balance so if you are purging calories if you are burning a lot of calories during the day your body is going to lower your metabolic rate down to the level of the calorific intake that you are bringing in because it is trying to be efficient your body does not have a conscience it does not have eyes it does not know that you’re making a choice to not eat foods all it knows is what’s coming in what’s going out and it’s going to react accordingly the more you can give your body fuel wise and calorie wise the higher your metabolism is gonna be the more efficient your body’s going to be and higher rate it will work out and be able to work out into do not starve yourself feed the weight loss on the others flipside of the quarry we’ve got trying to put on sighs trying to put on muscle again this is not about bulking and getting fat gaining no matter what way you do it whether you do it through lean gain or bulking you’re still only gonna put on the same amount of lean mass underneath so why get fat on top of the muscle it makes no sense it’s inefficient it makes you have to work harder after it so lose the fat and it’s making your heart work harder every day carrying around unnecessary weight and extra fat on the body is also a health risk why risk that when you don’t need to guys who are getting 30 pounds on a dirty book compared to a guy gaining 5 pounds on a lean on a lean game they’re gonna end up with the same amount of actual lean body mass but the guy who’s getting a 30,000 25 pounds of a scrap is just gonna have the job of dropping an extra 25 pounds when he’s cutting back down again it makes no sense the goal of gaining is to gain nor point 5 pounds per week to 2 pounds a month is what you’re looking at that’s a realistic level of lean body mass production or progression even anything other than that anything greater than that if we’re talking like got guys getting like 6 5 6 pounds a week there is no way on earth that that is muscle mass it’s gonna be water and fat on top of that what is the point so you’re looking for small calorific incremental increases over time and as we said before usually it’s that time scales or put people into the wrong mindsets those guys trying to aim to put on 20 pounds in 12 weeks or obviously going to get fat the guys trying to put on 10 pounds in 12 months is obviously going to be much more successful in staying lean all year round and looking good member.

what’s up guys dip on my downs and welcome to a full day of eating these videos used to be such a staple on the channel I don’t know what happened but we’re bringing it back this is my diet to build muscle and lose fat in the video I’ll explain more how that works but if you guys enjoy this series and want me to bring it back in terms of how I’m going to go about lean bulking building muscle and then losing fat and maintaining my lean muscle gains that I’ve made over my cut it’s a video with a thumbs up but let’s jump straight into the video first thing I’m doing is intermittent fasting so coffee and water you’re loving you is perfect he that’s the best way to start a day I get the kick from the caffeine it is also no milk so it’s very there’s no calories in this at all and then I have half a gallon throughout the day and then I’ll have another half a gallon before I finish the day so I’m now ready to go to class let’s go and I’ll meet you guys for meal one today we are rocking the gym truck for our tracks live in sapphire blue absolutely love these because they actually make you look bigger than you actually are but I think we’re ready for class control guys meal number one this is a zero carb meal so anyway we have 100 grams of egg whites and then 50 gram of a whole egg and then 200 grams of chicken breast and I’ve thrown in my spaghetti now you guys won’t believe that this entire bag which has pumped up the entirety of this meal is only seven calories there’s 100 grams and if you’re dieting or if you wanna have a low carb meal is the perfect way to go so 342 cows and this is very very high in protein this is meal number one so I don’t feel slow and the protein keeps me safe she in it so I’m gonna have this and then we’ll go on to meal number two Midway video we ran out of supplies so getting set up some milk I’ll catch it all loving you is Paris my meal number typically this is my meal post workout exactly one scoop of the way and then I’ll put 250 milliliters of milk just like for the extra taste and then I’ll fill it up a bit more of water just for the volume here we have 250 grams of ground beef mixed with 400 grams of mix veg and these are like little potatoes so if I kind of like grits which is like you can see how it body Minds the meal so there’s great source of protein great source of carbs and then great source the fact I love them the ground beef so this is a very holistic meal and then like for my sweet tooth I will have 200 grams of strawberries so I’m gonna dig into this then I’ll meet you guys so as you can tell that these are my favorite bars by far like this thing is done already take a barb has 22 calories there is 6 grams of fat per bar there is 4 point 2 grams of carbs per bar and exactly 21 grams of protein so if you’re low on carbs Lord fat and you just want a high protein bar my posture like my go to hey I’ll catch you guys up in the dirty red oh she’s fucking basically my main meal and this is a thousand calories on its own and is also fucking Phil so it’s 100 grams of rice 200 grams of lean ground beef and I threw in some red peppers and green peppers just add some flavor and I absolutely love this meal for me when it comes to rice and lean ground beef and maybe action beans there for me this is the best meal or like one of my favorites and a typical bodybuilding meal classical the rice is cheap that mean ground beef is cheap and the red pepper is cheap so I’ll have this and then I’ll catch you guys for the final size and my diamonds video with no oreos involved so they’re salted caramel my protein pancake mix there’s 32 grams of protein in this pancake believe it or not there’s 4 grams of carbs in the pancake alone and then 3 grams of fat per serving and then I put 1 or E which is 45 calories and then sugar free my syrup and this is gonna suppress my sweet tooth for the rest of the day that is my full day of eating guys so that’s 2,500 calories and why I say is great for building muscle and burning fat that as you guys can notice it’s a low fat moderate carb high protein diet and you can have those situations in two instances if you’re a beginning trainer or beginner trainer oftentimes you will see yourself maybe maintaining a certain weight but you can see your fat go down and you can see that you have more muscle mass so that’s one condition that you’re in your first or second year of training the other instance is that when you’re doing a body recomposition gain back muscle mass that you’ve lost and you’re cutting down on the fat just adjusting your composition in terms of your diet can change the composition in your body so that is why I say that and it can also happen for those will just shred it down and then like me going back up to maintenance calories so you’re getting back your size but you’re decreasing the amount of fat that you gain so that is my full day of eating all my my protein detailed all the supplements that in this video is in the description below if you guys enjoyed this video I enjoyed making it leave the video a huge thumbs up if you’re new to the channel subscribe right here and if you haven’t watched the previous video this is the previous video right here it’s been here with my diamonds I’m gonna see you guys in the next one.

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