Beginner Workout Routine For Men

Complete beginner workout routine for men guide updated for 2018. No outdated bro science BS. You can skip looking around and build REAL muscle with our online course. Pennies compared to a personal trainer and a lot more flexibile.

I dont care if youve been training inconsistently for the last decade (or just in an incorrect way where your results were nonexistent). Heres what I mean. Someone else might just want to get stronger, and someone else might just want to be more fit and healthy. But, they are NOT the true goals of a beginner. This version is slightly different than the original Starting Strength program mentioned above, and I personally think the exercise selection is a bit more ideal for more beginners than Starting Strength is. Youll be happy you did, I promise

beginner workout routine for men

My Beginner Workout Routine

If your goal is muscle endurance, your routine will utilize basic exercises plus more concentrated exercises in the higher repetition range (12-15 repetitions). They simply do not have or make time to work out. Choose 2, 3, or 4 workouts per week. Whenever you have to workout in a limited amount of time, be sure to get the most out of each workout. Maximize your effort on each rep and each set. Body weight workout routines can be performed with little to no equipment. Your physician will determine your physical activity readiness and coronary heart disease risk

It’s important to start with what you ca.. more men’s beginner workout routine is a great workout plan for any man that is new to working out or hasn’t worked out in a long time. If you try to take on too much at once, it’s possible that you will start to feel burned out after just a few important to start with what you can handle, then increase your workouts progressively over time to avoid over-training and get the most out of your time at the don’t have to waste any time with planning or wondering what you should do simple combination of exercises will cover all the major muscle groups of the body. If you try to take on too much at once, it’s possible that you will start to feel burned out after just a few important to start with what you can handle, then increase your workouts progressively over time to avoid over-training and get the most out of your time at the don’t have to waste any time with planning or wondering what you should do simple combination of exercises will cover all the major muscle groups of the body. If you try to take on too much at once, it’s possible that you will start to feel burned out after just a few important to start with what you can handle, then increase your workouts progressively over time to avoid over-training and get the most out of your time at the don’t have to waste any time with planning or wondering what you should do simple combination of exercises will cover all the major muscle groups of the body.

Typically you should do a warm-up set or two of that movement before tackling more challenging how much weight should you lift?. Warm-ups are always done with light weight to get the target muscles working in coordination. As a beginner, you’ll choose light weights so you can do about 15 reps on each set. If you can do more than that number, the weight is too light. This usually takes 90-120 seconds, though larger body parts like legs and back take longer, and smaller muscle groups like arms and calves take less. Strive to do more reps with a given weight or increase the weight from one workout to the nextathat’s the progressive stimulus you need to keep making positive a beginner you’ll make noticeable jumps in strength the first two months, but typically gains start to stall when following any given program for too long. That’s when it’s time to make some larger changes in your the period, you can change your training split by re-arranging muscle groups and the number of exercises, sets, and reps on given days why not check here.

This routine is to be performed 3 days a week, as it is a beginner routine, and there are 3 separate whole body workouts that an individual can use on the days that they workout. Each exercise chosen targets and isolates the muscle that is being performed to help build strength and achieve muscle growth or toning (depending on what the individual is trying to attain with their workout) *** Notes : Make sure that each machine is properly wiped down and cleaned before use, you never know what the person before you has or if they cleaned it before use. Make sure that the weight is adjusted to what you would like to use or can perform to prevent any injuries from occurring

Thousands of men over 40 are transforming their bodies with this: guys, it’s Clark Bartram here and I’m with a new friend and client, Joe Barlam. Today, I’m going to teach him how to make the most out of his time in the gym.

Joe had an athletic background in his past and played a lot of sports. And still does.

hey dudes today we’re gonna be doing a team training segment we’re gonna be starting out with some upper body training so get ready because you’re about to get buff all right so I’m here with ian is a super Simon Jimmy oh yeah okay that’s perfect so we are starting from scratch here which is actually great because now it’s like a sponge and swear to soak up all the water all the information that we’re gonna throw them at them we’re gonna start off with some pull downs because this is a upper body program right here so we’re gonna focus just on this upper body start with pull downs get that strength up and then hopefully in the future he’s gonna start doing pull ups all upper body but first we just start with the bare essentials okay so now we’re gonna get adjustment right on the bench so go ahead and sit facing me nice under the pad is what you want to do is you want to be nice and anchored in so when you grab that weight you can pull all of the laughs you don’t have to worry about your lower body line up or down since I feel comfortable yeah let’s scoot actually everybody a little bit further in her lower body there we go perfect and we’re gonna start out with a nice light weight because we want to get that proper form so even if it feels too light we’re gonna it’s gonna feel like you want to do some momentum in there we’re gonna actually just control it with the muscles even though it feels a little light okay so we’re gonna drink down you want to get a nice overhand wide grip so bring it all the way out wider and shoulder right there perfect good so let the weight kind of pull on you it’s gonna give them a stretch in the last pull it straight down to the upper chest right past the chin and then pull it back up up up get a nice stretch good bring it down pull the shoulders back and down do it right there and then right back up nice control good pull it down squeeze and then stand up stretch good use a blast pulling it down squeeze good and watch the shoulder or get good okay pull down pull the shoulders down squeeze those traps together right not all the way back up good I’m gonna grab the weight awesome okay so here’s some tricks and tips you want to do so when you’re doing this exercise and you want to pull the weight a lot of times your shoulders want to stay in that position so it’s going to be your arms you’re doing it to see how my shoulders aren’t even move in they’re kind of pulled forward and it’s actually my scapular my shoulder blades are pronated this way so what you want to do is you want to retract the back so as you’re pulling down pull the shoulders down and squeezing the shoulder blades back together so I’m going to go a little bit lighter so that way you have to worry about the weight at all all you have to do is focus on form itself then you bring it down the same hand grip good so pull the shoulders yep so we’re actually come to the front stuff there we go yeah that’s okay good right there okay now squeeze my fingers you bring it down squeezing back chest up excellent see the difference my stretch pull it down chest up chest up squeeze good yeah see as our shoulders yep pull it down shoulders drop squeeze it right to the upper chest yep three down squeeze those shoulder blades back excellent good so now it’s the lots working right in here pull it down and squeeze good nice install on the way up okay you got it awesome it’s completed let’s move on okay and now we’re on to the bench press so to build that big chest number one exercise you need a bench press and of course of course in school right high school people are gonna be how much can you bench that’s like the number one question so now you’re gonna be able to do not only can i bench a lot I can do it in proper form and that’s the most important thing is right so you ready for this yep okay so you’d be lying flat good yep and you want to make sure those hips are nice and solved right to the bench when you defeat a little wider right they’re flat on the whole you nice and flat so it’s gonna stabilize it so you’re gonna grab it slightly outside shoulder just like so good when you lower the bar your forms can be vertical before pushing out so you get that nice straight up push right through the arms so let’s unwrap it and you bring it right down to your sternum keeping the elbows a little tight and then push through Oh give it nice and slow on the way down and then push up good that’s it down up good nice and slow control down to the sternum push straight through good yeah and up good yeah so it’s again that nice vertical motion that’s it keep it going perfect shortest ditions do destination is what straight line yeah that’s it good we’re gonna stop there perfect all right now that you got a little bit of warm up we got a good feeling kind of feel yeah it’s pretty easy yeah solid we’re gonna add some weight on here that way you get a little struggle but that’s what it’s gonna take so as you add that weight on there it’s gonna put more stress on those fibers and that’s what can force it to grow did they gotta get stronger because you’re actually making them stronger definitely do it if it happens sometimes obviously beginning outs of being the instabilities are still in the muscle so when you push it you can feel like once it’s kind of struggle here so and these clips on sometimes helps with that that way you don’t have to worry about slipping off is one side it’s kind of pushing more in the other so a lot of people when they first start now decide well what’s the problem is one such I mean it’s not necessarily true it’s just your body is learning kind of fly to the muscles so it’s like the fibers don’t really sure how to fire right so as you progress and as you do it the fibers actually learned from the brain on how to fire correctly all at the same time to get a nice bush gore so even though if it doesn’t feel that solid don’t worry about it because as you progress it’s gonna get better better okay ready yeah good lines here right outside touch on this one good okay I’m gonna give you a little atop let me know when you’re ready good yep and down put straight do puff good remembers a little or on the chest where did the sternum good mor this sternum right here Bri that’s it now push they do good nice and slow control and up good slow down and then push straight up up up up that’s are you good yup one more right Oh good racket excellent you ready move on yeah nice suit so what you want to do is make your whole body solid so everything’s gonna be locked out you need to be locked out your hips and to make it solid your feet are getting slightly wider than shoulder so that way you get that nice solid base because again your center of gravity is in your core right so this is what controls you held its balance see that’s why they say strong core is good because it’s gonna help balance you and it’s not only your abs it’s gonna be your back to you lower back so as it raises the weight your center of gravity is raising with it so when you’re up here locking out you can feel very unbalanced right especially because everything’s locked and you can’t like then didn’t go with it so when your knees are locked and we’re taking the weight right here about shoulder width that so yep a different so instead of flaring your elbows you can tighten your elbows going to here because you want to get again that nice vertical push straight up so you want to get a nice straight up so there’s gonna be no kind of motion and back and forth in your swing again with that guy when you push that bar straight up your your head is moving away right because the bars are under here so we’re gonna head back slightly push straight up and then push your through as the bar passes we’ll keep your chest don’t push it here just to cinch it out and push your the game the shoulder is going to be pulling back side there just walk it out just like that oh good squeezy tracks yeah yeah so we’re gonna throw the bar on a feeling go ahead in the face sometimes I look in the mirror so you can homage to judge your form by seeing yourself I’m gonna give you the bar it’s a good a position good right there okay right in the chest right there so it’s tight let’s go a little closer right there good okay these locks hips solid six which move the head out to excite late and then push the hip through I squeezing the traps good and remember use it for then bring it down nice and slow good right there’s good straight up pursue squeeze good nice it’s all the way down excellent all the shoulders everything long which is the filter squeeze traps together stabilize and Isis on the way down let’s get two more just like that that’s it walk nice one more one more squeeze luck nice and slow perfect good guys sorry okay in with a lot of the compound exercises out of the way we’re gonna move on to isolation exercises the difference between concentration or excuse me compound movements and isolation movements are going to be compound movements are the use of more than one joint in the body so let’s say with a lap full bounds that you started with it’s going to be shoulder it’s going to elbow is gonna be a little bit the risk with bench press same things when we shoulder elbow movement with the tricep extensions that we’re going about to do it’s going to be isolating the tricep it’s gonna be isolation exercise because it’s just the extension in the elbow joint right so it’s just that one extension that one move so that’s why a lot of people make a mistake of doing the exercise and they’re letting that shoulder move upwards so all of a sudden the elbow rises up and then they push down through there so what happens is they create that momentum through the shoulder right so elbows flare up and then use those shoulders to push down and then you’re extending straight through so these ones one to the elbows the only joint in the muscle moving in top 20 so that’s isolating that muscle now we’re gonna really light on this and just to get the motion down so you’re gonna be grabbing kind of closer grip here over again just like that yep and you keeping those elbows nice and tight to the body so that’s the only joint moving this elbow joint yeah ready so watch that don’t let it pick up yep sink straight down good straight up yep nice and slow control it slow slow right there stop and they write that back now squeeze good slow right there stand down and squeeze that elbow joint is the only joint working in this exercise meaning is isolating those triceps it’s build strengthen those so doing this is actually going to help build strength in compound exercises like the bench press because the tricep is the secondary muscle group worked in that there we go squeeze nice and slow down get two more up good keep it that was tight and then squeeze flex nice it’s on the way up and good awesome burn right there looks like a horse kick it oh that’s your tricep all right let’s move on so we’re moving on to the bicep curls again it’s an isolation exercise and it’s going to be just in the elbow joint just like the tricep but of course with the bicep instead of extending that joint the elbow joint is actually flexing it so if the flexion of that joint it’s gonna be again straight up straight down keeping the elbows tight no movement the shoulder right up and right down in here excellent good okay so we’re gonna give you the dumbbells here I’m gonna start with 12 pounds bring down just like that palms up straighten that out straight Meili’s good so that’s a perfect nice flex position it’s right there there’s no question it’s the stretch position so when your bicep is in that stretched position it’s stretched now this can take to pull that weight up to the top position bending right in the elbow okay so flex and elbow pulling up squeeze my mechanics is slower slow the device of control it so again concentric flexing go ahead up and I slowing down slow eccentric so it’s tearing this fiber stitch way and pull benefit nice and slow good yeah palms up perfect so another big mistake some people make is not going all the way down for extending there we go now you get the full stretch and now you bring up from there so from that whole stretch all the way down the bicep has to work harder to get that blade up to the top position there we go three down pull stretch the biceps good now nice and slow bring it up squeeze nice and slow on the way down advice of workmen’s we’re going to learn now it’s not used to this there we go yeah so these are gonna be fitting you for much longer that’s what you always got anything good visualize yeah there we go stretch redouble nice and slow on the way down excellent good that the bicep curl have to be it just you just keep it really simple and that’s what of course meet Hudson are all about its keep it as simple as you can not we’d have to overload your mind and all of a sudden you’re kind of thinking about this think about that and you’re like well if you know just now if you motivated I don’t even want to be here because I have so much on my mind I can cost around the damn human so when you keep it simple and all of a sudden your program your brain to fire the muscles like correctly then you just come in here is the matter just pushes much way as you can the proper form bring that nutrition in and then all of a sudden building a buck do disease yeah all right we’re gonna do some shrubs so if you know working on the straps if you thing by the traps is there a huge muscle group a lot of times people think the straps are just here in here so actually this is just the upper traps right here then you get the middle traps and then you get the lower traps that run right on it’s fine to build those traps you can build a lot of strength in the back to metal homing fur it’s gonna help pretty much stabilize the shoulder joint but it’s also gonna help obviously with that nice look to the back so who’s in charge they’re really simple so again a lot of times and once one grabbed the heaviest we’d be like all heavyweight equals big muscles but then that unit right and then all of a sudden the muscles are grown because of it they did and then they get upset because nothing’s happening and then they stop working out and then the universals so at this one we’re gonna go a little lighter or make sure you get that proper form make sure there’s muscles kind of as much they can so one thing is don’t roll it like if you want to roll it let’s put too much pressure on the spine I should put in jersey so you wanted to spring those imagine you’re bringing in your shoulders two years right there so just come up much and don’t bend up again don’t bend the elbows just straight up get a nice crease flex and then bring it down good slow squeeze like a muscle or you know nicer so good you want a nice burn in these we’re gonna try to hit higher repetitions at least about 20 reps at least start down here get a nice burn do that nice muscle activation squeeze for this exercise they’ll begin to concentrate a little bit more on the upper traps but that’s okay because there’s some exercises that you can a lot of pull downs you’re gonna put the traps as well but again this is isolating that muscle right there squeeze now nice and so high as you can let’s get a slight pull to talk to bring it up squeeze hold and then slow all the way down that’s it good yep you get that nice tempo you’ll just get a nice groove going right you get a nice 1 count to count down 1 count to count good up squeeze and down nice and slow let’s keep it going squeeze and good we’re gonna stop that perfect you go ahead drop those rights for the fuel it’s hard yeah yeah sorry harder but again it’s kind of like it’s a short movement but yeah it’s gonna be difficult obviously the amount of weight you’re doing and now you can progress a lot of times let’s say you’re you have a hard time with your grip yeah sometimes so you got to go to work up your grip and these are gonna help with that so obviously the more you use your grip the more it’s gonna grow this more strengthen to come through if you have a difficult time with grip sometimes you just use straps it’s that way you don’t want your grip to kind of hold you back but you never want to neglect your grip either there’s a lot of times people get one my grip can though your straps like your whole career like them in the gym but then their grip suffers because then they can never do without straps so now that you want to do you want to try to work through so let’s say even your forearms start burning out before your tracks do on that exercise try to work through it as much even if you have to just drop the weights because you’re good to go that’s gonna build strength in that grip in those forearms that way all the sudden now you don’t even have to worry about your grips you later in your trousers with all the benefits after that yeah so it’s again it’s that nice distraction okay question now we’re gonna answer this or en so how often do I need to come in and do this workout okay so since this is an upper body workout it’s depending on obviously training specificity or what you want to build so if it’s your goal to build a big upper body obviously you want to concentrate up your body a little bit more at this time so you’re gonna be coming in three days a week Monday Wednesday Friday constraint hug the upper body but what you want to do is not neglect your lower body even let’s say my legs are okay I feel good with them I don’t really need to build them too much but you still want to work them out because obviously you never want your upper body to outshine your lower body so you still want to do your lower body a couple times a week make sure you’re those heavy squats or heavy deadlifts because what happens is doing your lower body is going to help increase your upper body look as well right so three days a week hitting it nice and hard just start now continue this program for around a month maybe a little bit more and then slowly switch up the program and the little extra lifts in a little extra volumes more sets more wraps more weight again it’s always changing up making sure that body’s kind of guess and also keeps it interesting for you to write so you come to the gym you’re not bored at the same exercise they’re like well god I’ve done this like a hundred times what do I do now so I mean the slight change can add all the different world instead of doing barbell presses you can do dumbbell presses instead of doing flat bench and do incline so again you always kind of want to keep track of the muscle how it’s grown how it’s progressing and how the strength is progressing let’s say your lower muscles and your interview fibers and your chests are growing a little fast in your upper chest what you want to do is now clench down the incline bench which is getting constant more on the upper fibers of the chest follicular portion so it’s always that it’s kind of that’s what keeps it so interesting is he always kind of tracked everything didn’t take before and after pictures so you take pictures of yourself now you track your progression to that you do either weight body fat percentage obviously you don’t really worry about that but uh measurements your arm measurement shoulder chest legs and so then when you work through the program you can always log it and say years later look back and got a goddamn yeah I mean I made some major gains so that’s what the most prey again keep it simple alright awesome and good job go look at this is you’re actually not bending your knees you’re gonna keep the knees pretty stationary so you’re gonna be slightly bent but you’re gonna walk them out in that position and then you can take the bars or in this basement I’ll start out I’m just gonna keep it here and you’re gonna pull it from that motion back so your hips pushing it back it’s really flexing to bring the weight down and then you’re gonna be spending it in sports just like so.

it was so guys know a lot of you guys watching this channel might be new to weight training new to weight lifting and you’re probably wondering why you know my gains aren’t coming fast enough why aren’t I getting strong as quickly as I thought I should be why am i hitting plateaus so early on in my development and because strength training and bodybuilding and power lifting strength sports things of that nature have been so advantageous to me they have been such a blessing in my life have allowed me to become a you know stronger version of myself not just in the gym but through character and whatnot I really want to invite you to stick with it I really believe that who you become through the challenges that you’re going to face in the weight room are really going to support you in being an all around better person I started some athletic endeavors with my children recently you know they’re very young so they’ve been doing gymnastics and whatnot my oldest daughter has decided that she wanted to join a team sport in school next year she wants to do cross country right I mean go figure of all things you know I’m a damn power lifter and jumper and football player my daughter she’s built in a certain way and she has the inclination towards the activity of long distance running and we’ve been going out a few times a week running for one minute on one minute off we go for a little less than three miles and at first and she’s real excited really jacked up about it and she wants to go out there and and run as hard as she can during those minutes and of course we rest during those you know they’re in the rest interval but she hits a wall and in the beginning she started realizing that you know when I hit that wall it almost feels as if like this is never going to work this is not going to it’s not going to ever work out the way it should I don’t know why I’m doing this maybe it was a bad idea and I had to share with her the fact that everybody can get started everybody can get started doing something you know it’s really not that difficult to begin in fact most of the time people are very motivated vated or passionate about a movie that they see or a book that they read or something or somebody else that shares an idea with them and they want to get going that’s the easy part but the hard part or where the gifts come in is from continuing to go so I explained to her that look babe it’s going to be difficult in the beginning but think about and keep your mind focused on that which would be the fruit of your continuation imagine when you’re you’re running in your first competition and imagine when you get that medal imagine if you get a college college scholarship imagine that everybody cheering you on imagine the way you feel when you complete your first race you know all the things that are associated with the carrot at the end of the at the end of the stick keep in the forefront of your mind but then get busy doing today what needs to be done today and not getting discouraged with the circumstances as they are keep your mind focused on what you want but do everything that you can with what you have here today and if you keep that in your mind if you’re building muscle you’re building strength and you keep that carrot in your mind but you work hard today to do the best that you can and you keep on going you’re going to reach that vision that cloud that castle in the sky that you’re building for yourself so that’s it man I wanted to give you guys a little bit of extra motivation on your journey to continue going continue growing getting stronger done.

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